Is there an over the counter cat constipation medication that is safe?

Is there any safe over the counter medication that i can give my cat for constipation?

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    By: Erin Broersma El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    There are a few options available over the counter to help with constipation in a cat. Laxatone, or something similar, contains mineral oil, molasses, and flavoring. The thick syrup substance helps push bowel movements through. Squeeze a 1 inch strip into the mouth once a day for a week, or as symptoms persists, then you can use this long-term 2-3 days a week to keep things moving. Canned pumpkin also works if the cat will eat it, add some to canned cat food. Canned food by itself also adds extra fluid to the diet, offering a small amount a few times day.

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  • My cat is having bowel troubles

    my cat is having bowel troubles for the past three days and her stool is entirely liquid. i have not changed her diet and she appears to be fine otherwise. she does not go outside. is there anything you can suggest?

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    My two kittens have been born and raised in my house and when they switched to hard food, their mom quit eating their feces. The problem is that they only like going in this one corner. They know where the catbox is and will use it when you place them in front of it, when you catch them right before they go. we have cleaned that area and checked for things that might draw them back there but we found nothing. Their stool is a golden color and is always pudding consistency. What else can we do?

  • What is the reason for off and on feline vomiting?

    Adult Cat (weight 5 lbs) has been for the past few days. No change in food,activity.She was in heat one week prior to this. She is about 3 years old. The vomit does not contain blood or bile. What could be causing this? What do I do to treat her?

  • My 10yr old indoor cat vomits in cycles

    my cat vomits alot..... she is over 10 years old, an indoor cat only and seems to vomit in cycles. She will vomit everyday for a week or so and then vomit at all for a week or so. Today I woke up to see tat she had not used her litter box for excrement and then also began vomitting alot about an hour later. She is terrified of the cat box and I can't get her in it to go to teh vet. Any ideas what is wrong? Or any tips on hwo I can help her?

  • My kitten is 6 wks old he has had bloody diarrhea

    blood in my kittens diarrhea my kitten is 6 wks old he has had blood diaherra for a week, i gave him some plain chicken he then had more solid stools but today he has blood in his diaherra and his stomach is very very swollen and has been getting bigger each day

  • Why does my cat puke this yellow/clear mucus?

    My cat eats normally and goes to the restroom normally, however she usually pukes.

  • Cat with diarrhea. Is it okay?

    My cat is 1 and a bit and has had diarrhea for 2 days now. He's not been sick, is still eating & drinking as normal and is as active as normal. Do I need to take him to a vet?

  • I have 3 cats with yellow diarrhea and multiple negative fecal exams

    Hi.. In May I introduced a new cat into my house.My original 2 kitties had healthy,normal feces. The new kitty had yellow,funny smelling cow pie like diarreah. About 10 days later the other two had yellow diarreah. 7 fecal exams (various types) all come back negative. Treated w/ Metronidazole & then Albon, neither cured. Sensitive stomach/low fat dry food results in firmer poop,& tho brown on outside yellow in center and sometimes soft or diarreah. No other sypmptoms, energetic and seem healthy.

  • I found a stray kitten and it has really bad diarrhea

    kitten diarrhea i found a stray kitten and brought it home and it has really bad diarrhea I think it may have eaten some mums what do i do?

  • Why would my cat start defecating on my bed all of a sudden?

    Why would my cat start defacating on my bed all of a sudden? The liter box is clean always. The last month, my cat has started defecating anywhere he pleases. The middle of the living room or on my bed. I have 2 cats and they have 3 liter boxes in which they can use. They are kept clean. HELP!!

  • My cat ate some grape vines now he has been getting sick

    My cat was eating grape vines a couple of times now he has been getting sick, just liquid what can I do & will it have a longtime affect???? Is there any thing I can do to help him. Does this have an affect on his liver.

  • My cat has small specks of bright red throughout her stool.

    My cat has small specks of bright red throughout her stool. She is still eating and drinking normally, and seems to have no other symptoms. Originally the stool was rather hard, so we started her on an over-the-counter laxative. The stool has softened, but there is still a small amount of blood (although less than before).

  • My cat has been throwing up more than usual

    My cat has been throwing up more than usual lately. Maybe once every other day or two. Sometimes it's a hairball, but sometimes it's a clear to grayish liquid. She used to only have hairballs rarely, but now she has them more often and she's throwing up too. Could something be seriously wrong? Or might it be normal?

  • My 2 yr old cat has been vomiting, looks like water

    my 2 yr old cat has been vomiting lately it looks like water sometimes looks like food could you tell me what could be wrong with him

  • Our adult male cat routinely throws up his food shortly after eating.

    Our adult male cat routinely throws up his food shortly after eating. No other symptoms - seems fine. Have tried using ball in bowl to slow him down, and have tried feeding in small amounts. Do we try sensitive stomach food next? If so, what should we look for in selecting one?

  • My cat started dry heaving last night, he won't eat or drink

    My cat started dry heaving last night, he won't eat or drink, and today he threw up something that is red and long. It's not a physical object like string or a piece of plastic, it has an inner lining consistency. It's red on the inside and has mucous on the outside, and it's not liquid Last year he ate a piece of plastic and dry heaved, didn't eat or drink. But he never threw up anything like this.

  • Our new kittens have upset stomach how can we stop this

    Our new kittens have upset tums how can we stop this they are still full of beans Our 2 kittens have had upset tums and are in and out if the litter tray quite often I mix wet and dry food for them, but I'm now changing it to just dry to see if it will go harder, they are still full of life but their bums seem sore and have passed a tiny bit of blood, they are drinking water and kitten milk

  • Is this cat IBS?

    My cat has gas and the most awful smelling poop. My 2 other cats do not. He has no parasites; he was tested. I think he has IBS. I feed him Blue; just changed to Wellness to see if it's better and am giving him more wet than dry food now. He also has teary eyes. Is this IBS?

  • Cat with constipation followed by diarrhea

    My cat is 9 years old. She's had intestinal problems since she was a kitten. She used to just have diarrhea but now she's constipated followed by diarrhea. She has some blood in her stool and she leaves bloody mucus around the house. She is also leaving stool around the house. It's as if she doesn't even realize what is happening. I'm not sure if she is urinating. The past few times my husband or I have seen her use the litter box she didn't.

  • My cat vomits frequently and is becoming more of a problem?

    My cat has been vomiting up his food more frequently lately. He's 10 years old. My previous cat did the same to the point we had to put her down. I can't seem to pinpoint the problem. Please advise. Thank you

  • Is Cat throwing up a cause for concern?

    My cat is not normally a puker, but in the last 4days she has thrown up 6X. My husband and I were away for the first 3 days (my old roommate who used to live with me and Minnie stayed with her). I thought it may have been us leaving her, and she has only thrown up once since we got home yesterday, but I'm still a bit worried. Other than vomiting, she is her regular happy self. She even woke me up at 6am for her wet food feeding, but I'm holding off and took the dry away too. Should I be worried?

  • Our cat wants to eat constantly, is losing weight continually

    Eats constantly Loses weight continually Pees on the floor now

  • Why does my cat have bloody stool?

    We have an 11 year old Persian that on occasion would have a little blood while defecating. We recently got another kitten and very slowly and gradually changed their food and introduced wet along with dry food as we have read it is better for them . The kitten is fine but the older cat now has extremely loose stool with mucous-like blood mixed . Could this all be food related ? Should we get a hill's special diet product to see if the loose stool stops? Thank you .

  • Why is my cat losing weight?

    I have a female Maine Coon Cat. She is 10 years old, lethargic, with slow but constant weight loss, some vomiting & some diarrhea, always hungry, with a high white blood count. The vet has been treating her for worms, tapeworms, and diarrhea with two types of antibiotics for about 5 months now.

  • Why is my 10 year old cat vomiting bright yellow bile?

    Hello doctor, I have a 10 year old cat and she's started vomiting almost everyday day, but today she threw up bright yellow. Until now she was in great shape for her age, still active. What could it be the problem? It almost looks like urine. Thank you. A. Lambert.

  • My cat who is just over a year old is leaking in the butt

    My kitty who is just over a year old is leaking poo out of her rear. You can tell sometimes she doesn't even know it because she'll turn around and look at it like "Where the hell did this come from?" Most of it is runny but has substance to it, but sometimes it's clear goop. She's gotten her appetite back and still drinks enough water and her spirits are def. in check. I've tried switching her food and that's what made the leakage have more substance to it, but it's still happening.

  • Wht do I do for my cat with vomiting diarreha problems?

    My cat is almost 6 years old and she has been vomiting at least once or twice a day and she's been also having diarrhea. I don't see any blood in either the diarrhea or vomit and she seems to have a lot of energy. I don't know what is going on. I can't take her to the vet, cause there is no vet where I live. Is there anything I can do that would help?

  • Could you use a little lime dust for a cat litter box for odor?

    Is it safe to used a little lime dust for a litter box to keep odor away?

  • How can I fix a cat bowel problem?

    We just found a stray cat, a kitten, in our yard a few days ago. He is sweet and seemingly healthy except for his bowels. His anus looks very strange and he is constantly leaking poop that is runny. You can just pick him up and it drips out. He is eating, drinking and is playful and healthy looking. What could be the problem? He is constantly covered in his rear area with loose poop. Like I said, he is a stray and affording medical care from us is not an option. Just wanting to see if I can do anything.

  • Are these cat constipation symptoms?

    I recently brought a kitten home from the farm my daughter rides horses at. They said she was three months old but is very tiny, supposedly 3 months old, but the definite runt of her litter. She has weepy eyes and her belly is bloated. I assume she has worms which will be treated shortly. She had been taken home by another family but returned because they had dogs that scared her. She apparently had a visit to a vet who said the weepy eyes may be caused by stress.

  • What is causing my dog to vomit?

    My 5 year old blue pit bull has been throwing up for 2 days now, about 7 times in total. Just yellow bile yesterday, and a big pile of food this morning. He does eat grass, but hardly ever throws up after. I am worried that he might be sick or something. Do you know what could be causing this?

  • Have a question about my Persian cat with digestive problems

    Hi! Have a question about my Persian, Female-Fixed, 10yr old (8lb) Cat....... HI! My Cat started having blood in her urine on Sun P.M. Took her to Vet immediately w/ urine sample (she uses toilet & sometimes litter box). Cat started Clavamox 62.5mg tabs, 2x daily. I requested subcut. fluids (tho't it would help keep hydrated & maybe dilute what was going on in bladder). Monday A.M. Cat started having diarrhea 2 x daily. Asked Vet about switching antibiotics-said Baytril was an option but warned me that it has caused eye problems& blindness in cats !!!!

  • Is there pains with kidney failure?

    My 18 yr old cat has kidney failure he spent a few days at the vet for fluids. He has had cancer of the thyroid and has had some removed. My vet told us that the next visit will probably be his last can I do fluids at home and is he in pain? He just lays around in his water bowl I give him water with a syringe through his mouth.

  • Cat throwing up undigested food. How to make it stop?

    I have a 7 year old Siamese cat. We've had him about 3 years now, we adopted him from a family friend who had developed asthma. He has done this since we got him, it is not very frequent, but we seem to be cleaning up undigested food. It usually happens after he eats, but it isn't every time. It can happen two days in a row or happen twice a month. We never have drawn much concern to it due to the infrequence of it. However we would like to know what would we should do to help the issue.

  • My cats stool is soft and has blood in it. Why?

    My 1 year old cat has been passing blood in his stool for the past 3 days. I don't know whats wrong. There is no visible worms or things in his stool. His stool is soft so I know he is not straining. What should I do?

  • Transferred infectious feline disease to older cat causing bloody stool?

    We have noticed over the past few day that our two year old cat has bloody lines running through his stool. We have adopted a kitten over the past few weeks who has not seen a vet yet. My older cat is up to date on all his shots. Could the older cat have caught something from the new kitten that would cause the bloody stools?

  • chronic diarrhea, underweight kitten

    I have a male domestic short-hair kitten 11months who is having chronic diarrhea. Every bowel movement is small and he has 2 or 3 throughout the day and most of the time they have mucus and a dot of bright red blood at the end. He's had numerous tests and nothing really comes out conclusive. He's had liquid Metronidazole and Tylan Powder both have made no difference. His most recent test came back positive for feline corona virus and c. perfringens enteroxtoxin.

  • my feline just ate a slug, are there health concerns?

    It was really small and olive color.. she was so frisky and attacked it, we tried to get in out of her mouth but she swallowed before we could do anything. I read online that she could dehydrate really fast so we gave her water and made her eat hoping it would just digest. Will she be okay.

  • Cat with IBS: ok to feed small amounts of food to prevent vomiting?

    My 6 yr old cat was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Pancreatitis, skin infection, and allergies back in May. Since then, she has been treated for everything (6 meds or more) and is now on claritin and pepcid daily. She is def. doing better; however, for years, she has had an issue with throwing up mins after eating. While on prednisone for the probs prev. mentioned, this stopped. Now off prednisone, it has returned. Is it okay to make a lifestyle out of feeding your cat small amounts of food to prevent vomiting?

  • Loose stools in rescued kittens

    I rescued 2 feral kittens(approx 3 months & 2 months)two weeks ago.I am feeding them Purina Kitten Chow. Their stools are soft but not watery. They've been de-wormed, and fecal tests are negative. One suggestion has been to feed them chicken and rice and another has been to give them Metamucil, which seems unusual as it helps with constipation. Is either of these ideas sound? What else do you suggest? Please help as I'm really tired of such frequent cleaning of a very smelly litter box! Thanks

  • Loose stool in cat with white specks

    My male cat (~7 years old) started having loose stool a few weeks ago. Some days it is just loose, other days it is diarrhea. When looked at closely, the stool has a lot of tiny white specks in it, like it's been mixed with cornmeal. The specks are dry and hard. His behavior is fine, and he does not seem stressed at all. Any ideas?

  • Causes of persistent diarrhea in kittens?

    Our cat had three kittens 2.5 months ago, and two of them are sick with very watery diarrhea. One of them is getting better, but the other is losing weight and just sleeps all day, with no interest in play. He has tried to vomit several times, but without success. Is there any antibiotic or medication that we can give him? We are working in West Africa, and there is no vet here. Thanks much!

  • Mucus discharge from cat rectum

    We had a cat show up at our door. She was very skinny and intimidated. We eventually gained her trust and have been taking care of her for the past week. She is gaining weight and looking generally healthy. The problem is yesterday I noticed white mucus discharge from her rectum. Is this a sign of something serious?

  • Cat with diarrhea after Panacur use

    I gave my cat 6 years old male a dose of Panacur as a routine preventative. 24 hours later he had diarrhea. I didn't notice the diarrhea, and gave a second dose. Is he sensitive to the drug?

  • Why is my cat constipated and what can I do for him?

    Recently my cat has become constipated and the colour of his stool is dark brown and grey. Is there any sort of vegetable I can give to soften his stool?

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