Is white vinegar harmful to dogs?

Is white vinegar harmful to dogs?

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    By: Shawn Haubenstricker El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 07/29/2011

    How are you using it?   Some people use a 1:1 dilution of vinegar and water as a cleaning product.  This is not likely to cause a health concern for your dog or cat.  Natural cleansing products are typically safe for use in homes with pets.  However, you should always read label warnings and follow recommendations on any product, natural or artificial, when using around animals and/or people.

    Some veterinarians will use a 1:1 dilution of vinegar and water as an ear flush, to help eliminate yeast growth in the ear canal. It is believed that the vinegar creates an environment that yeast are unable to flourish in, and therefore helps with treatment of chronic yeast infections in the ears.

    If your dog has consumed white vinegar, it will likely cause gastrointestinal upset.  Ingestion may result in vomiting and/or diarrhea, and/or gas problems for a 24 to 48 hour period.  The biggest risk to your pet under these circumstances would be the concern for dehydration during this period. If you dog is vomiting/diarrhea and lethargic, you should consult your closest veterinary hospital for further recommendations on treatment.

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  • My puppy ate my high blood pressure medication

    She's about 25lbs - 30 lbs. The medication was a 80mg Diovan (valsartan)pill. What should I do?

  • Dog has eye discharge after killing a snake, could this be serious?

    Two days ago my 11 month old shiba inu killed a snake and now his left eye gums up within an hour, not to the point where he cant see, but it is significant. Due to the fact that it's just his left eye, I don't think its a grass allergy. Should I take him in to a vet or can I just wash his eye gently with a wet cloth? Is this urgent?

  • Can my six-year-old beagle recover after severe kick to the back?

    My six-year beagle was kicked in the back by a donkey; she was still able to walk after. I took her to a local vet and she showed no broken bones but was given a prescription of pain killers. After the day progressed she was unable to walk but capable of wagging her tail. She could pull her back legs under her, seemed to stand on one leg but not the other. On day 2 she was unable to move her backside. On day 3 she was not walking and the vet found that the last vertebrae was broken and swelling. He wants to put her to sleep; are there other options?

  • Leaking odorless fluid after dog pancreatitis treatment

    My female miniture pincher was hospitalized for a week with pancreatitis. She was released yesterday and seemed to be fine. However, several hours ago, she began to leak a clear odorless fluid when she sits or lay down. It does not appear to be urine. The vet hospital is closed.What can this be? Should I take her to the 24hour emergency vet hospital?

  • Dog shakes and throws up, is this an emergency situation?

    I have an 8 yr old jack russell. he always shakes a little and throws up from time to time. i just got home today and he is shaking more & has some blood in his stool. he is usually very excited to see me but is very sluggish & wants nothing to do with his food. it seems like he needs to throw up but when he tries it ends upstarting to come out the other way. what should i do er vet or appointment

  • Did my dog get chlorine poisoning?

    I think my dog drank the water when my husband was backwashing our that much chlorine toxic to him? He seems okay just acting a little different.

  • My dog ate chocolate, can't afford vet. What to do?

    My 75 lb 7 year old mutt (supposedly at least part pointer) digested around 2 lbs of semi-sweet toll house chocolate chips approximately 12 hours ago. He has the symptoms of chocolate poisoning: fast heart rate, vomiting, abnormal behavior. Some muscle twitches have happened, but they are not constant. No seizures have happened yet. I just wanted to know how long do you think my dog has left to live, and do you think there is a chance he will make it through?

  • How long will seizures last after a dog ingests toxins?

    I have a 4 month old black German Shepherd that just started having seizures 3 days ago. Results came back normal for organs but toxins were evident. What I think may be the possible toxins are either fertilizer stakes that were well in the ground around our trees even before we got him (he is a digger), OR a hornet's nest that he apparently got into the night before. How long will these reactive seizures last with those kind of toxins? Is this something that he will live with for now on?

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