Kitten diarrhea

I have a kitten 7 weeks old (not sure of age). He is eating solid food (Purina Kitten Chow). Issue is he has diarrhea. Is he too young for deworming? It does not look like worms is the issue. He eats well, drinks well, and is very energetic. Any suggestions?

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    By: Kara McCarty El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    Parasites in kittens are the most common reason for diarrhea. Most parasites cannot be seen with the naked eye. I would submit a fresh fecal sample to your veterinarian to make sure that isn't an issue. If he hasn't been wormed at least twice by a good general worm medication like pyrantal or Drontal he should be anyway. Protozoal parasites can also lead to diarrhea so make sure you discuss these with your veterinarian as well. Another cause of diarrhea in kittens is an immunosuppressive virus like Feline Leukemia. If he hasn't already been tested for it he should be.

    That said this case of diarrhea may be caused by a change in diet. Did you change his diet when you got him? If that's the case feeding a bland diet of boiled chicken mixed with boiled plain white rice (2/3 chicken & 1/3 rice) may help settle things down. Feed this for 4 to 5 days to settle things down and if the diarrhea resolves gradually add his original food back in increasing amounts over 4 to 5 days until he's back on his regular diet.

    You can also give him Kao-Pectate at 1ml per pound every 6 hours for 3 to 4 days to slow down his diarrhea.

    It's unlikely he's developed anything serious because he feels so well but if he starts vomiting or stops eating then a quick trip to his veterinarian is warranted.

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    I have a kitten. It seems a little small. It was born 3 days ago and at first it was meowing a lot and moving around. But the mother refuses to care for it. So I have been bottle feeding it. And now he doesn't move around as much, doesn't meow and doesn't wanna eat like it used to. He just sleeps. Doesn't move very much and I'm getting worried. Is it possible it will die or is it normal for this to happen sometimes? Will it eventually want to eat??

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    hi there! i just adopted a kitten today and she has what looks like URTI. do i need to show her to a vet as soon as possible or can it hold off til' next payday?

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    My kitten is weaksleeping alot. Won't eat and is throwing up. What's wrong?

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    Our 8 month old kitten (who lives with her mother) seems to suddenly have tenderness in her low back/base of her tail; when we touch the areas, she meows in pain. Was she bitten in a fight with her mother? They do play rough. Could she have fallen? We intend to take her to the vet but are worried about the costs of x-rays, extensive tests, etc. She doesn't seem to want to play and seems depressed. Still eats and uses litter box normally. Any advice/ideas?

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  • Growths on upper kitten lips and sides of mouth

    Hello! A kitten outside our house has visible brown growths on his upper lips and sides of his mouth (they are expanding). The only tumors in cats' mouths I've heard about are cats of advanced age. This kitten is only 6 months old, what does he have?

  • Hyper kitten with diarrhea and red thing coming out of anus

    I rescued a small kitten (she is probably about 12 weeks now) about a month and a half ago. She was a barn cat that was covered in fleas, and had a bladder infection. I took her to the vet and the doctor put her on an antibiotic. The kitten had her last dose about a week ago. The last couple of days, I noticed that she had diarrhea (ice cream like poo). As I was trying to clean the poo off her tail I noticed a red/pinkish thing coming out of her anus. I thought it was blood so I panicked and got a tissue to wipe it up, whatever it was it went back up inside her! Can you tell me what is could be? She is not lethargic and is hyper all the time.

  • Kitten has diarrhea after deworming?

    My kitten was dewormed about a week ago but is still having uncontrollably diarrhea and her anus is inflamed. Is there something more serious wrong with her?

  • Why would a kitten meow be weak and raspy voiced?

    He has a clean bill of health from our vet and has had 2 rounds of shots, very playful, seems perfect, but when he meows it is weak and raspy. He was a stray that just showed up, so I do not know his background.

  • Eye discharge 12 week old kitten?

    Hi my husband and myself have a 12 week old kitten. She's very active plays a lot there's no problems, but about a week ago she started having eye discharge. She squints a lot and she sneezes at times. It's only in her right eye the other one is fine. What could this be ?? Thank you

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    We found a kitten. The past 2 days it has had very runny stool and throwing up. I have other cats in my house and very worried he may give them something. Can you tell me if I should be worried?

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    My 9 months old kitten smells my face @6am for a bit then bite my forehead, hair or hands if I dont wake up n aknowledge him. I've tried to pat him but he keeps wanting to bite my arms until he settles a bit then get off the bed. After a while he comes back and this time goes straight to my arms and his bites are more painful then.Funny thing is that he just does it to me even though I am not the one who feeds him but my husband.How can I stop this behaviour n would it mean he has a bond with me?

  • Kitten shampoo?

    We just adopted a 4 mo kitten from an agency and she is biting and scratching a lot. What can I use to wash her?

  • 5 week old kitten without a tail

    my cat had kittens 5 weeks ago one kitten doesnt have a tail or nub at all when she runs she hops i just seen that around her rectum is bulging just wondering if she could have spina bifida and could the bulging be from that? she eats canned food drinks water fine

  • Kitten feed: How do I feed a kitten? What can I use?

    How can I feed a kitten with things I probably have in my house?

  • Kitten eye: My kitten was born with no eyelids

    What can be done about this? How much would it cost to correct? What age should it be fixed?

  • Kitten constipation- when does it become fatal?

    I have four two week old kittens and 2 of them have cat flu so I have been keeping them away from the other 2 kittens that don't have it. They've been away from their mom too. I've been bottle feeding them and rubbing their bottoms so they can poop and pee but they only pee not poop. I'm afraid they might be constipated. I've put them back with their mom now so hopefully they'll poop. How quickly can constipation become fatal and how can I help them become un-constipated?

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