Our dog has a huge tumor on the top of his back

Our dog has a huge tumor on the top of his back. It doesn't seem to bother him, but it looks scary. (approx.4"Hx6"Lx3"W) Tumor on spine He is a sweety, a rescue dog, and it's always been hard for him to get up from a laying down position since we got him last fall. He's 2 years old. Since the tumor has grown from zero to where it is now in a month, we don't have much hope for him. We are also people of limited finances. We just would like your opinion of what it could be, why is growing so fast, etc. Thanks

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    By: Erika Raines El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    There are many different kinds of tumors that can grow on and under a dog's skin. Some of these tumors do not cause much problem other than their size and if they are in a bad location, whereas others are very malignant and can spread all over the body. Regardless of how fast this tumor grew, it could just be a benign fatty tumor. Even though you say you have limited finances, I would recommend you look into having a needle biopsy done of this mass. This small test will give you a pretty good idea of what this mass is and what to expect of it. Erika, DVM

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  • Infected sebaceous cyst on dog's neck

    Healthy 11 year old Bernese Mountain Dog has a ruptured cyst that is oozing a lot of fluid. It has a very bad odor. The vet checked this cyst about 2 months ago while it was intact. She drew fluid and said the best course was to leave it alone. Now that is has burst it feels very large under the skin. I would like to avoid surgery because of her age. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • What's the difference between benign and malignant tumors in dogs?

  • My dog has a Mast cell tumor, is it ok to use aspirin for the pain?

    My dog has a Mast cell tumor..im gonna start giving her cansema black salve and I heard that is kind of painful...is ok to use aspirin for the pain? My doggy has mast cell phase 2...she got surgery 1 month ago to remove tumors but now like 10 little tumors came up..i don't want to torture her again with surgery plus is so expensive and before that she got her leg operated. I spent almost $3000.00 in almost 3 monthsThat's why I decided to try something different and I read about that cansema black salve that may be cure cancer but is painful so please..is ok to use aspirin for the pain? my doggy 8 years old female mix around 58 pounds.THank

  • My mix small breed dog has a tumor on her leg

    Could you please advise how we can help her or how to tell it's time to put her to sleep? Thanks a million. My mix small breed has a tumor on her leg (back upper portion). It was soft & large & now it's hard & solid (as of this wk). Tumor bleeds & pussy if licked. She now wears a cone. Surgery not an option due to age (15 yrs old) she has lost weight, 70% of her sight. Tumor size of 2 Golf Balls (looks more like a pair of men's "balls". She doesn't appear to be in pain. The doc wanted to run test, scans and x-rays ($1000). Can't afford & we don't want her to suffer or stress. We have her since 4yr

  • My lab dog developed seizures at 8 years old and had a tumor

    why does some dogs get seizures My lab developed seizures at 8 years old and had a tumor. How does a tumor develop

  • Dog Cancer; Mammory gland

    My mums dog has just been diagnosed with mammory gland cancer. The vet has removed the lump but there is another one growing and several pea sized lumps. My mum doesn't want to make her go through any more ops. How long is she likely to have left? She is 11 years old and weighs 12kg.

  • Dog cancer; won't eat

    My dog might have cancer and he won't eat...what can i do? Our vet isn't giving us much info.

  • Is yogurt safe for dogs to eat, can it help for cancer?

    My dog has bone cancer and I heard that daily small amounts of yogurt might help him. Is it true? Will it help him? Will it hurt him? Right now we give him Benadryl and Rimadryl. He is a silver doberman and has lived for 1 1/2 years longer than the vets said he would live. They recommended amputation of his leg and shoulder and chemo for dogs. We could not afford the treatments and did not want amputation. The vet nurse told us about the benadryl and remadryl. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Hoping for infection vs Cancer on my 4yr old lab dog

    about a month a go my 4 year old chocolate lab was straining while having a bowel movement and I noticed excess red skin hanging out. They took x-rays and all was clear no tumors or signs of cancer. For the past month she has been under the care of a friend. To my dismay the excess skin had never gone back in and now she has fist size swollen lymph nodes!!! Her eyes are blood shot and her local vet said it was lymphoma and only gave her 3 months of life left. could it be an infection?

  • My dog just got a tumor removed on his abdomen

    PLEASE HELP ME! My dog just got a tumor removed on his abdomen, he is now having diarrhea and throwing up. what is wrong? the diarrhea came before the vomiting. the tumor had split open and we therefore had it removed. We were told that there was no problem having it removed. coughdrop was fine throughout the 2 weeks until we had the stitches removed. that day he had diarrhea. But i do not understand why this would happen. The problems have been going on for about 3 days now! i am very scared!

  • My dog is 14 years old, she has a lump in her breast

    My female dog destiny is 14 year old. She had a lupm in her breast cwthe size if an inch 4 years ago but it had not spread. the vet said she was too old for surgery. Her lump is now abot 9inches, on physical examination has not spread and she is eating, walking and cheerful. Except that in the mornings she cannot walk, slips and I have to massage her legs to get her going after which she is fine. What should I do? the local vet said to wait and watch as she is to old for surgery.

  • Does my 17 years old bichon dog have a brain tumor?

    Does my 17 y/o bichon have a brain tumor? She had her first seizure at age 12. It was violent and she "screamed" a loud and high pitched yelp. At the vet hospital, she had another of the same about 2 hours later. She was put on phenobarbitol and has not had another seizure since then. She is now 17.10 years old. Her gait has a skip of the front legs and the back legs are weak and unsteady. She has a wide stance, like Bambi when he was born.Her appetite is good, vision and hearing has been impaired since her seizures. Is this a tumor?

  • My dogs tummy is looking really swollen and tight.

    Pot Belly in older dog My 13 year old span x lab had an operation two months ago to remove large lump between front legs on tummy.The vet thought it was cancerous,she also lost a lot of blood during the operation, which they thought may be due to the disease. She recovered well from the op, but has since steadily got fatter and fatter 2.5 kilo since the op, on the same amount of food. Her tummy is swollen looking and tight. She is always hungry, mostly bright in manner, but has some quite days when she just sleeps.?

  • My dog has a spot on his leg, been there for 3 weeks

    cancer? Hi, my st bernard/brittany mix has a spot on his leg maybe 1 1/2 inches across that almost looks black and I keep putting bitter apple on it so he stops chewing at it. It has been there for about 3 weeks that I have noticed and has not healed. Any ideas of what this is? He is an 11 y/o healthy dog. I feed him Blue Buffalo, clean water and give him lot's of exercise. He has never had a hot spot. Should he see a vet? thanks! Theresa

  • Found a lump on my 5yr spinger spaniel dog

    found a lump on the side of my 5 yr old springer spaniel, she is not like her usual self, and starting to growl at the kids, its not frequent growling she is fine 5 mins after the come in the house. really concerned for her and cant afford high vet fees.

  • Can a tumor in a dogs mouth be biopsied aside from being removed?

    I was wondering if there is anyway to biopsy a tumor in a dogs mouth aside from removing it. The tumor is growing on my dog's top molar. My dog is 13 years old and is not acting like herself at all so I am concerned if it is cancer that it has already spread. My vet said it has to be removed to determine if it is cancerous and I do not want to pay $1,000 for no reason. Thanks for your response.

  • My 13 yr old dog with MCT, best treatment for the dog

    Mast Cell Tumor stage 3 I have a 12-13 year old (she was a rescue and her age was unk but I've had her since oct 99) German shepherd/collie mix that had a MCT removed from her elbow. It came back stage 3 but thankfully the margins were clear. Radiation is not an option due to cost and get age so we are going the Prednisone/Tagamet route. The research I've found on this is spotty and contradictory. Can this actually help her? What is her life expectancy with this treatment? I need to prepare my kids and myself.

  • Best treatment for canine lung cancer

    Our 120lb almost 9 year old Great Pyranees/German Short-haired point mix has a dry cough-starting 3-months ago, more consistent the last 4-6weeks. CBC was normal, but chest xray led to ultrasound guided biopsy-diagnosis of carcinoma-origin in the lung-estimated size 9cm with "lots of dead cells too." He wants the best quality of life (regardless of time.) He's asymptomatic except cough. What do you suggest? He's on piroxicam and doxy now. Would something different help his quality later? Thx.

  • My dog has cancer, is this a sign of his condition worsening?

    my 7 1/2 year old briard threw up a large amount of yellow phlegm My briard is dying of cancer and it is now in his lymph nodes and they have grown froma mable to a oblong plum in two weeks. He just threw up this morning before eating. Is this a sign that he is getting worse. I know he will have to be put down pretty soon. He also takes a pain pill and Neurotin for pain so he can eat. He had not taken his pills yet.

  • Dog osteosarcoma on rib: Can Tramadol help with heavy breathing?

    Our 12 year old boxer has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma and the tumor is on the rib cage, pushing against a lung. Only palliative radiation is an option and we are undecided. Our dog is breathing very heavily and this is most likely due to the tumor pushing on the lungs as there is no fluid build up..(yet). We were given Tramadol in case our dog has signs of pain. Would Tramadol provide any help with the heavy breathing or is this simply a symptom of the lung being pushed upon?

  • Our dog is undergoing Chemo, anyway to stimulate her apetite

    Our dog is undergoing Chemo for Lymphoma. Some of the treatments really affect her appetite. Is there anyway to stimulate her appetite? What's the best way to keep the weight of a dog undergoing chemo from falling? We are trying our best to get her to eat but sometime after her treatment she just won't eat. She's dropped from 70lbs to 58 lbs.

  • Dog with tumor, and metastasis to the lungs and rib bones

    Dog with fibrosarcoma tumor, and metastasis to the lungs and rib bones should have surgery or not? My 8 year old dog was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma. The tumor grew very fast and it was about the size of a half lemon when my vet removed surgically a piece of the tumor for biopsy. The tumor is now, 15 days later, the size of a mango, and it covers the last for ribs on the left side of my dog... After an x-ray was taken the vet discovered that there are about 7 spots in the lungs that are affected by cancer and three of the ribs. He suggested that no surgery should be performed on the dog...

  • My dog has an internal tumor

    my dog has an internal tumor right up against his anal wall. It's getting bigger. The vet told us it could be cancer, but without a biopsy there's no way of knowing for sure and we don't have that kind of money. Could you give me any sort of idea.

  • Are there other alternative to chemo treaments for my dog

    Are there other alternative less expensive chemo treatments to the 20 week CHOP treatment? I have an 12 year Golden Retriever with stage III Lymphoma. I am struggling with wanting to do the most/best for her and the reality of the cost of $3,500 for the UW19 Chop Protocol treatment. Is that my only option other than prednisone? I read about single agent chemo treatments. What is that? Is that a viable option? Is the survival rate greater than prednisone? What happens if I start chemo and can't continue? Will it be at all affective or damaging? Thanks for your help.

  • Possible Sarcoma cells in aspiration with my dog

    Hi, I have a beagle, Betty that I have had now for 3 years. She goes for nail clips, ear cleaning and anal glands squeezed every 6 weeks. A few days ago the Dr performed the anal expression a said she felt a hard mass and that it was deep in between her rectum and anal glands. She had to try 3 times to get an aspiration but did . Today I was told the result indicate " suspicious of sarcoma cells". I was referred to a specialist for a consult/biopsy. Is this always terminal? I am so upset.

  • Cancerous tumor and sebaceous cysts. What is this?

    My 11 year old Golden retriever had a cancerous tumor removed several years ago. Since them she has developed several sebaceous cysts until now have not bothered her. Recently two of the cysts have become inflamed. For the past two days she has had a loss of appetite and is drinking more than normal. Could this be the cancer spreading and causing problems with the blood stream and should we start to prepare for the worst?

  • My dog has fatty tumors and I am afraid about neurologic problems

    Hi, I am looking for any treatment for CTX (cerebral cholesterinosis Can be replaced missing enzymes -Hydroxylases? My Great Dane have fatty tumors and I am afraid about neurologic problems.I see also this problem have so many dogs and nobody knows what to do! Can you help with your knowledge? Thank you! Jane

  • My 14 year old Lab mix has large lumps all over

    My 14 year old Lab mix has large lumps all over all over her. Some of them have been there for at least 3 years. There seems 2 be more of them than there were. I'd say she has at least 5. Most of them are golf/tennis ball size but for one that is marble size on top of her head. What, other than the obvious cancer, could they be? The vet that saw her last year didn't seem 2 concerned but said we could run tests. We don't have the $$ to treat cancer so I would like to think it could b something else

  • What is the cause of a lump under my 2 year old dog

    what is the cause of a lump under my 2 year old shih tzu chin with thicken mucus like saliva my 2 year old shih tzu just developed a lump under her chin. decreased appetite, thicken saliva that feels mucus like and drooling that hardens on the hair of her chin with a slight odor. just noticed yesterday. vet closed today for holiday. pls advise if this is an emergency.

  • My dog started showing some very disturbing behavior

    I have a 3 year old Manx started showing some very disturbing behavior which I think might be symptoms of something worse. I thought it was due to the fact that we just moved recently, but we've been in the new house a month and she still hasn't gotten better. She has massive hair loss, an extreme loss of appetite, and I'm not sure if she's losing bladder and bowel control or if her legs are just too weak to get her inside the covered litter box. Concerned that it's cancer or possibly FIV, and because I just got laid off and don't have the money to do a long term medical regiment. Any advice? Laura Smith

  • My dog may have a tumor, what are my options

    Hi i really need some options hi i have a 9 year old german her name is chey enne i spend almost every hour with that dog since she was 3 weeks old , i recently took her to the vet and he said that she has cushings i think my vet is not telling me all my options for treatment . what are some good treatment options , there running test to confirm the disease they THINK its a tumor on the gland in the brain is it removable and am i better off treating her or getting the surgery done if they do that also how much cost?

  • My dog is 12 years old suddenly has lumps

    My chihuahua is 12 years old, never spayed. All of a sudden one day there was a lump under one of her nipples. I watched it and waited, while then suddenly there appeared 6 other lumps under other nipples. They grew so fast and I only discovered it when picking her up to give her a bath. Is having so many foreign lumps removed dangerous for her? She acts and eats normally and runs around. No behavior changes. Please advise.

  • Is this an autoimmune disease or possible cancer with my dog

    My dog was diagnosed with cushings disease about 6 months ago and was started on trilostane. We have increased the dose to 60mg since his initial diagnosis. About 2 weeks ago he his ACTH test was checked again and showed his levels to be within normal limits, but he has progressively started to feel bad again. He has developed lameness in his back legs, fever, lethargy and decreased appetite. These are the same signs we saw before he was diagnosed with cushings, Is this an autoimmune disease or possible cancer with my dog

  • How can I tell if my dog is in pain from a malignant tumor on her adrenal gland?

    I do hospice care for old dogs and my 15 yr old shih tzu-cocker mix has an adrenal gland tumor that is malignant. She also has non malignant tumors on her adrenal gland. The tumor has begun to spread. I want to know how I can tell she is in the final stage of this disease. How will I know she is in pain? She is such a sweet dog I want to keep her as long as I can.

  • Is it possible for a mammary tumor in a dog to disappear?

    About a month ago my 7 year old border collie was diagnosed with mammary cancer in one of her hind most breasts. The tumor was quite large, however, when I recently looked at it, its about half of the size. What happened?

  • Does my dog have a cancerous tumor?

    Hi. I have a 2 1/2 yr. old male Boston and he has a growth just above his "wrist" on his front right paw. It started out looking like a zit which he has gotten on his muzzle before, but 2 weeks ago it started growing rapidly and looked more like a cauliflower, wart-like growth and is now the size of a pea. It's white and crusty on the surface but pink at its stem. It doesn't seem to bother him. He doesn't lick at it. We recently moved to New York City. What could this be?

  • How to prepare for end of life due to lymphoma in a canine?

    We have been going through chemo on my dachshund who has T-Cell mediastinal lymphoma for almost 4 months now. We got a remission within the first month, but that only lasted a week and a half. After changing the chemo drugs around, we are now starting the MOPP chemo protocol. The oncologist said this would be the last best hope, afterward would be pain management and prednisone. What should we expect to see as the lymphoma gets worse?

  • How do I treat canine liver cancer?

    I have a female spayed 9 year old Chow Chow with liver cancer. Two surgeries performed with liver lobe resections and tumors biopsied as hepatoma. The tumors have returned and now a diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by fine need aspirate. She has unsuccessfully had chemotherapy and Palladia treatments. Now only on Sam-e and other supplements for the liver with alternate therapy as our only option remaining it seems. Any thoughts?, and are high dosages of vitamin E thought to help or harm when advance liver disease is present.

  • My Weimie dog has tumors again, what are my options?

    My 7 year old Weimie had several mastocytoma removed Nov. 09. . We got clear margins on the biopsy and a Grade II result, (just barely a Grade II, almost a I) We followed with 4 months of chemo and prednisone just to be safe. Today, I just found another lump on her back under the skin, it feels very much like her previous tumors. I am at my wits end. We have basically just ended chemo this March! What could this mean?Will she keep having these tumors? Is chemo even an option again? HELP!!

  • Dog mast cell tumor removed, should radiation be considered?

    Hello,My 6 year old German Shep mix recently underwent surgery to remove a mast cell tumor.The pathology report describes it as:Excision appears complete.The closest that neoplastic cells extend to a natural margin is 5mm. This is at the deep specimen margin.There is no attachment of tumor to muscle.Low chance of recurrence.Is well differentiated like grade 1 but invades subcutis like grade 2.Low chance of metastasis due to low miotic index.Should I consider radiation in addition to op?Thank you

  • Malignant dog melonoma removed from leg, what now?

    My dog had a lump removed from his leg and turns out its malignant melonomna. What happens next and how serious is it? Thank you. The lump has been removed from his leg.

  • Tumor blocking dog anal gland, operation needed?

    If my pugle has atumor blocking his anal gland does it have to be operated on ? will it cost a lot of money to fix?

  • Does neutering prevent these dog tumors?

    My 8 year old, male, unneutered Pekingese just had a benign tumor removed from his tail. The Vet said he did not get all the cells and it may grow back. My question is if it is possible that this or other tumors he may get in that area are due to him not being neutered.

  • Info on canine lymphoma chemo treatment

    My dog has lymphoma,early stages .Do you have any idea what the price of chemo would be and if so does that come in pill form? How many treatments are required and does this pull drop energy level way down?

  • Dog testicular cancer treatment options: chemotherapy or surgical castration?

    We have a 14.5 yo white german spitz who had enlarged testicles & was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Otherwise he seems to be in quite good health. It is hard to do biopsies or x-rays where we live. The 2 options are chemotherapy and surgical castration. Does his age make surgical castration especially risky with anesthesia-related complications? How long will he take to recover? Is chemotherapy safer? Will it make him feel very sick? Thank you.

  • Dog Mammary Cancer?

    I have a female beagle mix who is 7 years old. 4 months ago she developed at least 12 tumors in her mammory glands from top to bottom of her. She has a tumor also on the front of one leg, looks like its full of blood and very hard. I am taking her in for bloodwork and chest xray to see what is going on. In the past weeks she is doing some reverse sneezing and it gets to where she gets weak and takes about 10 min. to quit, this happened 4 times. Also around this time she started looking puffier.

  • What can help cancerous tumor in dog liver and intestines?

    Took dog to vet. Lost weight, white blood cells jumped from 35k to 42k within week of them giving antiobiotic. Clavamox was treating for uti, also red blow low. Ran xray said he had tumor kind of by liver/intestines, can't really tell. Dog was getting around fine basically happy until those antiobiotics. Now they prescribed prednisone and zeniquin. Dog shows no pain but since then he lays around will get up to eat and does still get burst of energy.

  • Chances of survival for dog with cancer that may not have been fully removed

    My dog had a growth removed from near his paw - he is a 9 yr. old rotti whose is greatly loved. I don't want to lose him. Per the vet he took as much as he could and still be able to close it with stitches but it i tight - hopefully the stitches won't break - but the vet told me that the skin inside is still black around the edges and it doesn't look good - but the lab takes up to 2 weeks to get the results back on the biopsy - if it is melanoma cancer - what chances does my dog have for survival? What treatments are available - I am not rich so please advise me as to where I could get him the best care for not much?

  • Dog cancer: hemangiosarcoma or chemodectoma?

    My 11 year old Westie has been diagnosed with a tumor on her heart. The vet has said it is either hemangiosarcoma or chemodectoma - both very uncommon in her breed. $3000 surgery is one option, but I've been told this may only prolong her life by 6-12 months anyway. If I do nothing, she'd have to be continually monitored if the sac around her heart fills with blood (which caused her to collapse before and how she was diagnosed). Any thoughts?

  • Tumor on dogwith discoid Lupus

    I have a 9-year-old Husky with discoid lupus. For the past year, we have been treating it with predisone, to which he has responded. We recently found a small tumor on the bottom of his right paw (I've read tumors are common in dogs with lupus). Our vet wants to biopsy it to see if it is cancer. B/c of the location she cannot remove it. Sadly, we cannot afford chemo. Should we still get it biopsied? If so, and if we find out it's cancer, what are some cheaper alternatives for treatment?

  • Saw palmetto for dog cancer?

    What dosage of saw palmetto is safe for a 35lb dog? He has a prostate tumor and I heard saw palmetto is good for that.

  • hamangioma vs hemangiosarcoma in dogs

    Hello, My 11 yr old lab had decreased appetite. Took her in for blood screen. Vet determined she had a temp, anemic and had an abdominal mass near the spleen and liver consistent with a hemangioma. In our conversation I am almost positive he said he thought the tumor was malignant,however, when I researched hemangioma (vs hemangiosarcoma) there seems to be a significant difference. She has an ultrasound scheduled first thing Monday. Will both result in rupture and subsequently acute bleeds?

  • Is it dog lymphoma or something else?

    On Thursday we realized our dog had swollen lymph nodes in the neck and chest. On Friday we took him to the Vet and he said it was lymphoma. We decided on prednisone treatment. By Saturday, the nodes were completely unswollen (is that a word?) We had no other test done, since the nodes are normal. Could it be something else?

  • Great appetite with liver cancer in dogs?

    Is it possible for a dog with advanced liver cancer and liver three times its normal size have great appetite for food, shiny coat, and no body odor?

  • Follow-up dog chemotherapy after tumor removal?

    My 12 year old female black lab recently had the middle toe on her right front paw surgically amputated due to a small tumor that pushed out the claw. My vet sent the tumor for analysis. It came back that it was a malignant melanoma, however, the tissue that was connected to the tumor showed about 2cm of clean healthy cells, so my vet is confident that he got all of the tumor. Should we pursue any follow-up chemo or radiation? She is otherwise in excellent health and very active. Thank you

  • Dog cancer diet: flax seeds ok?

    My beagle had a stage 2 mast cell tumor removed from her foot a couple of weeks ago. I would like to start putting fresh ground flax seeds in her food. Are chia seeds ok, too? What other foods help fight cancer cells?

  • Are these lipoma dog tumors?

    I have a middle aged, mixed breed dog that has several lumps under the skin around the under chest area. They are soft but rather large and don't seem to hurt when touched. Does this sound like lipomas? I've been massaging the places when brushing, is this good? What else can I do to help?

  • Dog lymphoma that burst? dog chemo?

    My dog had 4 tumors removed. 3 turned out to be lipomas but one was malignant (on his leg). The vet suggested to talk to an onc. re: chemo since that particular one had burst and possibly sent cancer cells to other parts of his body. I'm not sure I understand the "burst" and whether chemo is the right next step. He's an 8 yr. old Golden. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

  • Pain management - dog with bone cancer?

    My rottweiler/australian shepard mix dog has bone cancer and I would like to know of other types of medicine that could be used for pain management? He is currently getting pallative radiation treatments and takes Novax twice a day but what else can I do to help him?

  • Do dogs with lymphoma have bowel trouble?

    My dog has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma. She started having trouble with bowel movements. Is this normal?

  • Is a parathyroid dog tumor dangerous?

    My dog needs a parathyroid tumor removed. Is this an invasive operation and is it a difficult recovery?

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