Erika Raines

Location: Courtenay, British Columbia Canada

Qualifications: DVM

Veterinarian Profile

Dr. Erika R. earned her D.V.M. degree in 2010 and has started her career as a holistic veterinarian. She enjoys traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, a system of medicine practiced in China for thousands of years that involves the use of acupuncture, traditional herbal forumlae and lifestyle considerations to help promote a patient's health.

She is a strong proponent of natural, holistic foods and raw feeding, when done appropriately. She has a strong interest in geriatric and palliative care.

Dr. Erika loves taking care of pets and their people in her practice in British Columbia, Canada, and thoroughly enjoys being able to share her knowledge on the Internet for the benefit of pets and the peace of mind of their people.

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Answers from Erika Raines

  • How long after a pregnant cat loses her mucous plug should the first kitten arrive?

  • Anesthesia Complications with Collapsed Trachea with my dog

    My dog is a corgi/blue heeler mix. In a few days she is going to have a small mass removed from her rump/tail area. She also has a collapsed trachea. It is not too severe, however I am wondering if the trachea tube they use for anesthesia will be more risky for her because of this. I am in a tough spot because obviously the mass needs to be removed, but I really do not want to make her trachea condition any worse.. the vet didn't seem to think it was a problem, but she is not the surgeon.

  • Is it possible for dogs to be mentally ill?

    My husband and I have a 4 year old mixed breed (Rhodesian Ridgeback possibly)we adopted 2 years ago. He's always been strong willed but in the last 6 months has occasionally become aggressive to the point of lunging at us. We have no idea what prompts this behavior as it seems to come from out of the blue. He seems to recover quickly and then is back to his regular lovey self. I'm not willing/ready to give up on him but am unsure how to handle it. Can you help?

  • Is a small amount of tablet antacid bad for my dog?

    my dog's stomach is gurgling a lot. I've heard that a small amount of a tablet antacid, perhaps 5 mg might help her out. Is this bad advice? Is a small amount of tablet antacid bad for my dog? Her stomach is doing a fair amount of gurgling right now. Will this hurt her? There is no vomiting or diarrhea. she is just acting a bit sluggish.

  • What doseage of vitiman C or licorice should I give a cat with a cold?

    I want to use a natural remedy. Cat is sneezing with runny nose.

  • Is ingesting ants toxic to cats?

    Cat is ingesting ants along with its usual food. During day when no one is home ants seem to invade food dish.

  • Dog coughs when excited, sounds like croup in a child

    My chihuahua is coughing, it sounds like the croup in a child. It just started today, and is only happening when he gets excited. This happened once before, but it passed.

  • My dog has cancer, is this a sign of his condition worsening?

    my 7 1/2 year old briard threw up a large amount of yellow phlegm My briard is dying of cancer and it is now in his lymph nodes and they have grown froma mable to a oblong plum in two weeks. He just threw up this morning before eating. Is this a sign that he is getting worse. I know he will have to be put down pretty soon. He also takes a pain pill and Neurotin for pain so he can eat. He had not taken his pills yet.

  • Relief for sexually frustrated male dog

    My male lab is sexually frustrated and I don't know what to do. He whines all day long and he's driving me crazy! My female lab is in heat but they are brother and sister. So what can I do to solve this problem without them humping??

  • Dehydrated dog food safety?

    Do dehydrated dog foods have risk of bacterial or parasitic transmission?

  • Dog osteosarcoma on rib: Can Tramadol help with heavy breathing?

    Our 12 year old boxer has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma and the tumor is on the rib cage, pushing against a lung. Only palliative radiation is an option and we are undecided. Our dog is breathing very heavily and this is most likely due to the tumor pushing on the lungs as there is no fluid build up..(yet). We were given Tramadol in case our dog has signs of pain. Would Tramadol provide any help with the heavy breathing or is this simply a symptom of the lung being pushed upon?

  • What can I do about a dog eye infection?

    My dog has green stuff coming out of one eye. The eye is red.

  • My dog just ate a piece of paper with 409 spray on it. Will he be ok?

    My dog just grabbed a paper towel out the trash can that had 409 kitchen cleaner on it not even 10 minutes ago, I'm just concerned because he ate a piece of it before I could get it from him. Will he be ok?

  • What happens if a dogs penis is too large?

    His penis gets about three times larger then normal and he is unable to move when he humps things.

  • Why does my dog shake when she breathes?

    Recently we have noticed our dog shaking like she is cold inside, but now I noticed it really is only when she takes a breath in. She is Jap. Chin. I don't really have the money to take her to the vet, but would like to know if this is dangerous.

  • How to clean my dogs ear after Hematoma surgery

    hematoma cleaning post surgery my dog just had hematoma surgury. im wondering because im worried. how to give the ear a good cleaning? the vet said to dap it but i dont think that it's getting it clean cause there's pus all over the tip of his ear. the vet said he had a big infection aswell as the hematoma the vet said it would still have to drain but his surgery was tuesday and its saturday and still has moderate pus coming out of it. how is it clean if the inside of ear is soaked with pus? how do i know if the ear is clean enough?

  • My dog is rubbing her butt on the ground what can I do

    my dog is rubbing her butt on the ground what can i do other than take her to the vet? i can't bring hwer to the vet that often are there other ways i can help her

  • What could be causing my 10.5 yr old dog gagging when awake

    dog had surgery for an enlarged lymph node & inflammation in her throat. biopsy was neg. she still gags throughout the day. could this be something serious?

  • I have a ten year old pitt bull dog who is having many problems

    I have a ten year old pitt bull who is having many problems please help.... I have a ten year old Pit Bull who is usually in good condition. About a year ago I brought him to the vet for a uti and found that when he was fixed they didnt remove everything, I haven been able to do surgery. But a year later now I have noticed that my dogs tail is limp doesn't move at all, also he has a hard time sitting while going down his back legs shack, but even worse when I let him out he tries to have a bowel movement and i find he is at it for almost ten minutes at a time and barley anything comes out?? What is wrong Oh im sry I forgot he also lost weight but only in his back end his bones are sticking out??? why please help me???

  • What treatment do you like best for flea and tick for dog

    Why? Drops Shampoos or tick collars.

  • Why is my dog lethargic cold and shivering

    why is my dog lethargic cold and shivering out of nowhere.. i don't know if he ate anything i'm just so worried i just noticed that he was on his bed sleeping but then he got under my bed and didn't want to come out.. i don't know if he ate anything and if he did maybe an avocado from the neighbor.. please help

  • Can a vet fix my dogs hip and leg


  • My dog took an extra 5mg of Enalapril by mistake

    Too Many mgs of Enalapril given. My dog takes 5 mg of Enalapril. Today he had an extra 5 mg by mistake. Will he be ok? He is about 26 lbs.

  • My dog wont eat and drink and is very lethargic

    Ive been giving my dog antibiotics and hydrocodone for kennel cough, now he threw up and wont eat and drink and is very lethargic what do i do? I bought my puppy from the pound last week and brought him into the vet. They told me he has kennel cough and gave me antibiotics and hydrocodone. Hes been fine until today, he threw up on the couch and wont move and wont eat or drink anything. What should i do? He also had a little foam at his mouth.

  • Does a dog digest a aspirin completely?

    Do dog's digestive juices break down the coating on an aspirin more effectively than a human's? I just gave my large husky/wolf/retriever/everything mix a single sr.'s coated aspirin with some cream cheese. Now on this site I've read that the coating may mean that some or most of this aspirin may show up in her stool, do no good. I can't help wondering if the coating is much more easily dissolved by a dog's digestive juices than by a human's. For now, I'll just watch what comes out.

  • I have a puppy and when it stands it shakes and staggers a lot.

    I have a puppy 3 weeks old and when it stands it shakes and staggers alot. We have sprayed it with flea spray to treat it for fleas and wondering if the spray has affected her. I have checked for ticks on her back bone, but have found nothing. I treated her sibling puppy the same way but it does not stagger around like her. Can you please help me?

  • What do I do if my dog ate paintballs?

    not sure how many paint balls my dog ate She weighs 30 pounds

  • My dog has been going in anxious circles biting at her butt

    rectal bleeding i have a 3 year old boston terrier. She has recently been going in anxious circles biting at her butt. Also she has a little bit of rectal bleeding when she has a bowel movement. i need to know the possible causes of this. thanks so much. Erin

  • My cat has patches of hair missing, and it smells bad

    Hello. My cat is an indoor cat, never been outside. Periodically, she has patches of hair missing, and it smells bad. This has been going on for a whi Hello. My cat is an indoor cat, never been outside. Periodically, she has patches of hair missing, and it smells bad. This has been going on for a while now, but before her skin looked fine, and now I noticed it has dark red dots where the hair is missing. ...

  • Are tomatoes toxic to dogs

    my dog likes to pick cherry tomatoes and eat them

  • My 6yr old Bernese Mountain Dog has been sick for a month

    What is the problem with my dog? My 6 years Bernese Mountain Dog is sick for nearly one month. First, he stopped eating and had fever. The first vet we saw told us he had liver infection, following a blood test. He was given antibiotics and medicine for the liver. Then, after a week, he could not get up. The second vet we saw, gave other antibiotics and injection of vitamins. Now he eats again and tries to get up, but his front limbs won't carry him. Please help us. We live in Mauritius and don't have all the new technologies to heal our dog. Thanking you beforehand. MGPGD

  • Constant licking and biting with my 10 year old cat

    10 year old cat who is constantly licking herself from belly to her back legs. She's and indoor cat with no flees. She's done this on and off her entire life but it's recently gotten worse, doing more damage to herself. She's gotten to the point of open cuts and is making them worse everyday. She rips the fur out and I'm worried about infections. We lost our boxer (her best friend) and got a new puppy. She antagonizes the pup and he chases her. She doesn't seem stressed by him.

  • My 16yr. old dog has a dislocated hip, cataracts in both eyes.

    treat or admit defeat? My 16 yr. old poodle has a dislocated hip. He has cataracts in both eyes, is incontinent and sleeps most of the time even before this happened. Is it worth trying to fix this or would it be more humane to have him put down?

  • My female dog is having problems with her hind legs.

    female dobermann hind leg problems my female dobermann is 8 years old and she is having problems with her hind legs. she can hardly move them. when she tries to get on the couch or try to go down stairs she will fall if you do not help her. the vet had her on NOVOX 75 mg and she seemed to get even worse. like she would lose her faculties. so we stopped giving it to her and she is getting a little better. her blood work checked out all good with the exception of her tyroid was low ( he put her on meds for that also ) but what is going on with the hind legs?

  • My kitten has stopped eating the food that she ususlly eats

    My kitten has stopped eating the food she has been eating for the past 3 months! Why? When we're at my mom's house she tries to eat the adult food her cat eats, but when I bought that food and fed her back home again she's not eating it! If I give her some wet food she eats it though. What's going on with her? My vet said just leave her food there she'll eat it, but she isn't and I'm concerned. I've never had a cat before this so is this a cat behavior?? What do I do?

  • Can ivamectin for dogs be purchased on line

    I have a 3 year old collie that has demodex mange. He has had the dna test that confirms he can take ivamectin which he has been on for 2 years. My vet wants to see him every outbreak which gets expensive. Can it be purchased online and what dose would he need. He weighs about 60 lbs. Thanks, Chris

  • My pitbull dog which was diagnosed with heart worms

    please help me i love my dog i have a four year old pitbull named nina which was diagnosed with heart worms on 5-11-10. i started interceptor due to the vets advice. and had no problems till 6-23-10 when she started coughing up blood and became lethargic like. i took her back to the vet and he gave her a celestone, and dexamethasone shot, put her on antibiotics and temaril p. she returned to her normal self, except for a few rare coughs until today when i noticed some blood on her mouth. what should i do?

  • My female dog has some recurrent skin infections

    My 10 year old spayed female bichon Other than some recurrent skin infections, our dog exhibits no obvious symptoms. She had a bad reaction to K9 Advantix about two months ago; could that have anything to do with this problem? Are there any other possible causes of Stud Tale? Thank you. Burt

  • Can I use bactine on my dog for his itch

    My dog is very itch and has scratched all of his fur of of his hind legs. The dog does not have any fleas

  • My dog suddenly stopped eating her food and treats

    she is nine and otherwise active as stated above she will not eat

  • My dog is shaking and panting and cant lay down

    My dog is 10 yrs old and he is shaking and panting a lot. He runs around the house and doesnt know where to lay down it last 1hr or 3 hrs depending on the day then once he comes out of it he fine for few days then it starts all over again what can cause these symptoms?

  • My 2yr old boxer dog was just diagnosed with CHF

    CHF & Neutering for a 2YR Boxer ? My 2yr old boxer was just diagnosed with CHF, would getting him Neutered help at all with the STRESS on his heart ? Please let me know, Thank You , Louis

  • What could cause small bumps around the dog's vaginal area?

    What could cause small bumps around the outside of a dog's vaginal area? I have a red-bone coonhound/bassett hound mix. She is roughly 9 months old. I have noticed that she has a couple of small bumps around the outside of her vaginal area. They are pinkinsh (same as her surrounding skin) in color. They kind of look like a pimple that is not ready to be popped. To me, they do not not favor a wart because they do not have a rough texture. They do not seem to bother her; I never see her messing with them. Is this something that would need immediate attention? Also, I ha

  • New puppy, are these symptoms of Colitis.

    Hello, about 3 weeks ago I got a new puppy (Boston Terrier). Ever since I got her she has had diarrhea. At first I thought it was being caused by the stress of a new home, along with the fact that she got a parvo vaccination the same day I got her. It hasn't cleared up yet and I am starting to get worried. She shows no signs of pain or discomfort and is as playful as ever. She strains as she defecates, and sometimes there is fresh red blood in her stool. Can this be Colitis?

  • Is my dog pregnant or is she in heat?

    is my dog pregnant or is she on heat? she will not let my male dog mount her but she tries to mount him. they also keep biting each other on the neck my twelve month old female chihuahua's genital region is swollen and dark.(i first noticed this 2 weeks ago, however it could have been like this longer) There is no vaginal bleeding. her nipples are also enlarged and are getting bigger quite fast. I am not sure if she has ever been on heat before, however she has been alone with my male undesexed dog before. she is licking her genital region quite a lot and is wanting my male dog to also. She has also turned of her food. please help me

  • Three year old black lab dog who has a bad skin condition

    Can you help confirm my dogs condition I live in Spain and am looking after an abandoned 3 year old black lab who has a bad skin condition. She has been seeing a vet for around 8 weeks now and has been diagnosed with a fungal infection. She has been treated with antibiotics, antifungal shampoo, vitamins and is on a tablet called ketoconazol ratiopharm 200mg. She has very dry flaky skin, hair loss, bald lumps on joints, smells awful and is very under weight but eats and drinks extremely well.

  • Our dog is undergoing Chemo, anyway to stimulate her apetite

    Our dog is undergoing Chemo for Lymphoma. Some of the treatments really affect her appetite. Is there anyway to stimulate her appetite? What's the best way to keep the weight of a dog undergoing chemo from falling? We are trying our best to get her to eat but sometime after her treatment she just won't eat. She's dropped from 70lbs to 58 lbs.

  • Severe hip displaysia with incontinence with my 6 year old dog

    I have a 90lb 6 year old mixed bread (spayed)dog that has had severe hip displaysia since she was two. She recently developed the incontinence issue after having a really bad UTI. She can't squat all the way down to urinate so she constantly has urine on her hind quarters. She is on Proin and a glucosomine supplement for dogs. Is there anything else we can do to help her? She is still in pain and I can't seem wash the urine odor off of her.

  • Our dog Mocha may be getting invasive surgery without cause

    Mocha Is 9 now and has healthy life. We have noticed a small increase water, and food intake, he pants and a little more than usual he sneaks out of bed to lay on the wood floor by the window. We brought him to the vet the other night because he looked distressed and the vet did a xray, said heart was large maybe heart disease, blood came back with liver not being 100%. Ultrasound=no cushing.they want to do liver biopsy now but no symptoms of liver disease are there.I dont have faith in this dr

  • Can tetracycline cause heart problems in a dog

    Can tetracycline in a large amount cause heart problems in an miniature pinscher? My 10 year old min. pin was staying with my parents while we were on vacation. They put tetracycline in the water for their chickens and my min. pin drank most of the water. He vomited and was very uneasy overnight then better the next day. He now has developed a heart problem and is on Enelapril, Lasix and Vetmedin. Can the heart problem have been caused by ingesting the tetracycline? Also, with his diagnosis of heart problems, how long can I expect him to live? Thank you so much for an

  • How can I test to see if dogs have better light or dark vision

    I need help for my science fair project, how can I test to see if dogs have better light or dark vision? Hi! I am an 8th grader doing a science fair project about dogs. Our focus question is "Is the lack of color perception in dogs compensated by better light/dark vision?" Can you tell us a way to test for that?

  • Wht is causing sores on my dog?

    He has scabs on his hind end and over his eye and now a raw sore under his neck. What could cause this?

  • My dog sneezed and blood came out onto the pillow.

    the first 2 drops were fresh blood and the rest seemed to be watered down.Since then he has had about 6 drops on his pillow. He has had 3 lumps this year on his body too. 1st was cancerous and removed, 2nd a fatty lump and 3rd removed as wasnt cancerous yet but would have turned that way if left. He has been licking his legs a lot the past few days too. Is this all related maybe? If not what should I do? I am starting to feel a pain at my local vets as we seem to have been there loads this year!

  • When a dog is neutered, can they breed

    when a dog is neutered if they get tied to a female dog can they breed her I have a little chorkie and she came in heat earlier than expected I also have a little chawinnie that has been neutered The were in the back yard and i looked out and they were tied together can he breed her after he has been neutered

  • What would cause my dog's skin to turn bright red all over?

    Last night, our six-year old dog, Toby, was extremely lethargic and his skin (belly, inside of ears, gums, etc.) was a deep red, almost purple color. No rash or signs of itchiness. He didn't eat all day, but drank his water bowl dry. He also vomited once. I took him to the vet and they're not entirely sure what it is - possibly vasculitis. Any ideas or possible causes for this reaction? Thanks!

  • Cracked and splitting nails with my dog how to fix it?

    I have a one and a half year old half jack russell and half cocker spaniel and I usually try to keep his nails clipped. He eats Purina puppy chow and is about to start the transformation to purina dog chow. Lately I have noticed that his nails seem to be splitting and cracking along the sides. How do i fix it?

  • My dog is going into heat already after 2 months after giving birth

    my pomeranian had a litter of puppies about 7 months ago. she had her first heat cycle since giving birth about 2 months ago. Now she seems to be going into heat again already! why would she be going into heat already again? Is there something wrong? we have a male pom. too (her mate). its very easy to tell when she is in heat because she is all over him to the point of scaring him a little.

  • Is Revolution the best choice for dog mange?

    I have used Heartguard Plus and K9 Advantix to protect my dog but recently I was told that my dog have mange and change the medication to Revolution. The vet recommend to use it every 2 weeks. Is Revolution is effective for mange rather than the combination of Heartguard plus and Advantix Also it is not too strong to give every 2 weeks?

  • Is paprika okay to use on soil to avoid dogs in plants

    i heard using paprika is okay to use on soil to avoid dogs in plants dog is digging using paprika safe

  • My dog has discolorization with his stool

    14 year old dachaund feces had a coating of mucus looked very similar to the intestine wrapping on sausage. is this a dangerous problem for the dog. 2nd time i have noticed this, the 1st time the area was green

  • My dog that just got spayed, she is eating less and less

    They also drew blood. So my question is once she takes pills prescribed will she start eating on her own cause is been 4days n she's still not eating. I have a 7 year old female shihtzu that just got spayed and about a week and a half later I started to notice she kept eating less and less and I also notice her stool getting more and more watery and she stop eating all together and getting real skinny and was still drinking lots of water and started urinating in my carpet then I notice blood in her stool and I got worried so I took her to a vet 2 weeks after she got spayed and they put an iv on her keep her 2 days and told me she has addisons

  • Why does my dog yelp when he eats?

    We have a 2 yr old lab and for the past few days when he is eating he will stop walk in circles and yelp, all the while hanging his head.Also he seems to be losing weight and he is not as active as he was before. Thanks for your help

  • Why is my cats urine dark?

    I have 4 cats, male & female, all spayed & neutered. One of them has taken to urinating on the couch. Not spraying, but right in the middle of a cushion. The urine was very dark, like a dark orange color. Any ideas of what could be cause this ?

  • My great dane dog has lost her crazy appetite

    great dane with blood in regular stool, but no vomiting My 1.5 y/o great dane have lost her crazy appetite. She always had sensitive stomach. She now has bright streaks of blood in her stool, however she has no vomiting or loose stool. She has been treated for stress induced collitis but the blood came back as soon as the meds finished. she started refusing food now, which she never did before. Her labs and samples r fine. The vet can't figure out what it is if its not collitis. She doesn't even eat the half of her food.and really worrying me. Pls h

  • The cat has inflamed throat and is very congested

    kitten who was said to have Rhino I rescued a very abused 4 month old kitten, he was starved and dehydrated, he had a labored breathing problem, so I took him to the vet, the first vet gave him amoxy, i decided to get a second opinion, and that vet said he had Rhino, so there fore I started doing research, The kitten has inflamed throat and is very congested, but he doesnt have runny nose, or watery eyes, he eats like a little pig, and plays like there is no tomorrow, do you think this could be something else?

  • My dog got into a raw cookie dough (chocolate chip)

    My cockapoo just got into my husband's raw cookie dough (chocolate chip). How concerned should I be? She seems fine now.

  • My dog has some discoloration on her fur on her back

    Is it mange, or something else? I have a female Beagle, roughly 3 years old. Just recently I noticed some discoloration on her fur on her back near her hind quarters. When I looked closer I realized it was dried blood, and that quite a large patch of her fur was thinning. I also found dried blood on her stomach, and the skin there was red and irritated. She has been scratching quite persistently to the point of making herself bleed. I first assumed it was fleas, so I gave her a bath and treated her with Advantage. It calmed somewhat, but the itching persisted as the days went by. Now she has a few scraps on her legs, not scabs, but small scraps caused by her claws, and a small bald spot near the original thinning hair. And I've been noticing a stronger odour than normal (not the rotting flesh that they claim is associated with Mange, more like she's been outdoors for hours) but it's almost cloying at times. After searching the internet, I realize this has all the signs of mange, but a part of me remains sceptical (and hopeful) that it really isn't. The reason being, that I also have 6 other cats and a dog and none of them are displaying any of these symptoms. My mother claims that it could be allergies causing this, and dry skin. It seems that the problems started after I put a flea collar on her. Is it possible she had an allergic reaction to this? Will allergic reactions cause these symptoms? Is there any way to really tell the difference? I would take her to a vet, but unfortunately money is tight, so it's really not an option. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • My dog was spayed she is oozing liquid

    is oozing from spay site normal my dog was spayed she is oozing a liquid from the site where her stitches are is that normal. or is there cause for concern.

  • Is it safe to feed oranges in small quantities to dogs?

    Is it safe to feed oranges in small quantities to dogs? I was thinking about putting some in a batch of homemade dog biscuits. I make biscuits at home for my dog and wanted to know if its ok to add some oranges to the dough for flavoring. i.e. one orange in a batch of 40-50 medium biscuits. I know they are acidic but wanted to know if a small quantity would do any harm.

  • My dog got pregnant a month ago when will she have puppies

    My dog got pregnant a month ago when will she have puppies When do we take puppies to vet

  • Can yorkshire terrier dog see much??? in color??

    can yourkshire terriers see much in color???

  • My cat got spayed and is now blind

    My cat Muppet got spayed on Monday and after the surgery she was acting a little weird but we chalked it up to the drugs used. Come Tuesday morning she could not walk on the tile floor and when put on the carpet flooring she kept walking into things and falling over. We took her to the vet tuesday morning and the vet informed us Tuesday afternoon that Muppet is now blind and then this morning she had a seizure. Could the anesthesia have caused this?

  • Can puppies be tested for cushings like adult dogs

    Cushing's Prognosis Dr. Richards Is Cushing's hereditary? I agree with your view of medicinal treatment of Cushing's as a means of enhancing the pet's lifestyle, rather than as a cure. Our beloved Scottie, Rascal, was diagnosed with Cushing's 3 years ago at age 7, and has received excellent veterinary care and been under good control for much of that time. Keith Gray

  • We have a terrier breed dog who has a skin condition.

    The condition causes EXCESSIVE itching, her hair gets an odd odor when we itch for her, and the hair area gets moist and warm. She gets pus pockets and the area affected is the side of her legs, her lower back and the base of her tail. I have taken her to our local vets who are unable to diagnose and treat her. She has been given Temaril-P to treat the condition, which helps with the itching, but not the other symptoms. Do you have any idea what this could be and what medication she needs?

  • My dog has ecoli can we catch it from her

    my dog has ecoli can we catch it from her and can my other dog catch it from her about ecoli what causes it in pets and is catching

  • My cat ate some grape vines now he has been getting sick

    My cat was eating grape vines a couple of times now he has been getting sick, just liquid what can I do & will it have a longtime affect???? Is there any thing I can do to help him. Does this have an affect on his liver.

  • How long after a dose of prednisone can u give your dog an aspirin?

    I have an 8 yr old miniature wired dachshund that weighs three pounds. She recently was diagnosed with knee displasia and was put on prednisone. She is given 5mg twice a day & I was told I could give her aspirin as well. During my research, I have seen articles stating not to mix these too drugs. She is extremely small & I need to be very careful! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • My adult pomerarian dog has a wound on her back for 7 months

    my adult female pomerarian had a big bump on her back filled with pus which we got it removed from the vet,.the vet removed the pus by slightly slitting the skin and cleaned the area and did not stitch the slit part.he said that he would give antibiotic tablets for the wound to dry up.after 10days of givin her those tablets,the wound did dry but my dog keeps scratching there till it bleeds and its been 7 months after that and her wound is still not dry.even after repeated visits to the vet

  • My cat has small specks of bright red throughout her stool.

    My cat has small specks of bright red throughout her stool. She is still eating and drinking normally, and seems to have no other symptoms. Originally the stool was rather hard, so we started her on an over-the-counter laxative. The stool has softened, but there is still a small amount of blood (although less than before).

  • LIke to know if my 6 months old puppy is coming into season

    my bitch is of her food bled for 3 days urinating alot no swollen vulva is she in heat would like to know if my 6 months puppy is coming into season

  • My dog has this black lining under her nose and around her mouth

    My dog is around 14 yrs old and has the black lining under her nose and around her mouth but lately it is losing its color and turning pink mainly under her nose, is there something wrong or is this normal?

  • Worried about viral shedding after vaccination with my dog

    I have read that dogs shed parvo virus after they are vaccinated. My 4 year old dog got her parvo vaccine 4 days ago. Is it safe for her to visit with my friends 14 week old puppy, who has his shots at 8 and 12 weeks. I am worried about viral shedding from my dog from her vaccination, and if the puppy can get parvo this way, even though he has his shots. Can it be transmitted if they are just playing and I make sure my dog doesn't poop there? Thank You

  • My dog has runny nose with blood what can i give him

    started today has had mucus for a day

  • My dog Billy has been suffering from liquid diarrhea

    is parvo a threat to an almost 9 yr old dog? My dog Billy has been suffering from liquid diarrhea and will only eat his food when I put egg on it. He seem happy as normal, but this has gone on for over a week! Please help me figure this out. M. Lawrence

  • Trying to breed my two Labrador dogs

    Trying to breed to registered Labrador retrievers. Male dog is small frame, female is very large frame dog. Male dog is doing everything he can but can not seem to reach female long enough to tie. Female is standing fine.

  • My dog is weeing a lot in the house what can I do

    hi my dog is weeing a lot in the house, even if the back door is open even if the back door is open he has had a urine sample and it shows blood and the white blood cells are high what could be the problem he has been give antibotics and a aintinflamtiry is the any else i could do to stop it he is drinking a lot more thank you!!!!!

  • Swollen enlarged vulva on my female dog

    I have a 2 year old spayed lab mix, and recently we took her into the vet because she was experiencing some discharge leaking, and the vet gave her a shot of estrogen. Since then (about 2 weeks ago) I havent noticed any discharge but now her vulva looks very swollen and she keeps licking down there. Her nipples also look a little swollen. What could this be? She's fixed so she can't be in heat can she? I am a little worried about her! Thanks!

  • What is the recurrence rate in a getting a buldged disc with a dog

    What is the recurrence rate of a Puggle getting a buldging disc on the neck? Just turned 4 y/o - 3 weeks of pain/muscle relaxant/steroid/ antibiotics have not improved symptoms. Sometimes ok, sometimes times still in pain/ yelping. Considering cost of MRI or Catscan and surgery (approx. $3,000.)Is there a recurrence rate for buldging discs on puggles? Trying to determine if it's best to put her through surgery or put her down.

  • Is a pink lump on my dog anything to worry about?

    I have recently noticed a pink lump on my dog's lip. In my opinion it looks like a water blister, as if it needs popped. It is approximately 1cm in diameter; my vet advised we should get the lump removed and sent for biopsy but failed to say what it could be causing it. He has not been showing any other symptoms at present and it does not seem to bother him at the minute. I am reluctant to put him through surgery if it can be avoided, any advice?

  • I have a male 13 year old mix dog with restless leg syndrome

    I have a male 13 year old mix with restless leg syndrome? or something like a nerve firing continuously only recently. No accidents to our knowledge, 13 year old large breed with phantom desire for rear leg(s)to move in a scratching motion towards belly every minute or so though not making contact-though he is able. Bathed-and not a skin issue-seems to be nerves firing at a continuous erratic pace-24 hours daily. Also much more tickleish in the last weeks on belly. Dog getting little rest & frustrated-family wants to know what vet or selves can do & what it is that this may be so that we can be able to make it better. Thank you, B:)

  • I have a neutered male kitten who has peed on my bed 4 times

    I have a 5 month old neutered male kitten who has peed on my bed 4 times I was allowing him to sleep with me at night however he is now banded from the room. The last time he peed on my bed he also peed on a floor pillow. I have taken him to the vet, no uti problems. He has 3 litter boxes, two in separate rooms upstairs and one on the main level. I use attract litter. He uses the litter box but also the bed. I have soaked the mattress with natures miracle. I've done the feline plugs, getting a new one tomorrow. Should I try bus par? Please help while he's young

  • In a matter of 3 hours my dog had some sort of a fit?

    My dog looked like she was just tired, did her business ok this morning, now shes at the vets, being cared for, and all her obs are good, they cant seem to work out whats wrong? They say she could be brain dead, but heart is going strong. She also has a breathing tube down her throat, to help her breathe. What do you think??

  • My dog has a lump on her stomach what could it be?

    Hi my dog Bella is 9yrs old and she has a large grape sized lump on her stomach by one of her nipples. It is not too hard, kind of fatty, it doesnt seem to hurt her at all. We rescued her about a year ago and she had been used for breeding, we assume a lot. Do you think that the lump is dangerous? Thank you.

  • Retired stud aggressive to my other male dogs

    Hi! I have a six-year-old retired stud dog. He is very sweet, but he is still not housebroken (never was by the breeder, who placed him with us) and more importantly, he is aggressive to my other male dog. Any advice is appreciated.

  • Regarding my 4 month old kitten with abcess

    Recently developed at her lower lip/chin area, about size of a large pea and red. I would like to try a home remedy first, due to our situation of being a foster for her and her 3 brothers (feral) with limited resources for non emergency health issues. With thanks for any help you can provide us.

  • My Boston Terrier dog ate a Chocolate Energy bar this afternoon

    My Boston Terrier ate a Chocolate Energy bar this afternoon and has been throwing up yellow bile since then. When my husband let him to go to the restroom before bed just now he tempted to run and hide the woods. When we brought him back in and ran and hid underneath our bed. What should be do? Why is he hiding?

  • My dog has slight fever, diarrhea, and severe hind end weakness

    Mysterious fever, diarrhea, and hind end weakness Have a boxer who has slight fever, diarrhea, and severe hind end weakness. Antibiotics got rid of the symptoms. It spread to my min pin and now my other boxer has it. I had to carry her to bed. What could this be? These are the only symptoms displayed.

  • My akita dog is not eating for the pass day ...

    my akita dog is not eating? my akita dog is not eating for the pass day ...

  • What is the best way to decrease injection size bumps with a dog

    what is the best way to decrease the size of injection site bumps. We have a show coming up and it needs to be gone

  • How much ativan can I give my 7 pound yorkie dog?

    I have a 7lb yorkie, just over one year old...I want to trim her hair and need her to relax, how much ativan can I give her?

  • The 12 year old is biting, digging, and mounting the new puppy.

    What should we do? e recently bought a 7 week old male mini dachsund and we already have a 12 year old mini dachsund male. The 12 year old is biting, digging, and mounting the new puppy.

  • Are raw beet greens toxic for a one year old dog

    Our one year old Cairn Terrier grabbed a leaf off the floor when I pulled the beets out of the fridge. He chewed the leaf and spat it out before I even saw it! I turned and saw a chewed upon leaf lying on the floor- he is such a chow hound!! Should I be concerned and what symptoms would be present if there is a problem? Thanks!!

  • My 2 dogs has a problem with their fur falling out

    Skin turning black black crusts covering body we have 2 rescue inbred cats from the same parents one has a problem with their fur falling out their skin turning black and thick black crusts which started round their eyes and are slowly covering their body we have spent thousands in vet bills with tests to find out what is wrong we have lost count on the number of tablets they have been put on it is nothing to do with fleas. now the vets say its because they are inbred and nothing can be done advice on what it could be greatly appreciated

  • Is there something wrong with my dogs testicles

    if something is wrong with a dogs testicles can it make him keep his tail down? My 1yr old frengle always has his tail up and wagging. Today I came home to find that it's down still wagging but down. He keeps biting his testicles and crying. I can touch his tail and he seems fine

  • My cat is only 6 years old lately he has been losing weight

    losing weight and lose bowels my cat is only 6 years old lately he has been losing weight and everywhere he sits he leaves a #2 stain. he had a hernia fixed when he was 6 months old but other than that he has always been fine, please help.

  • Does my dog have a shaking disorder?

    My dog is a full-blooded Jack Russel and he's pure white with no spots. Just recently he started shaking really bad and I thought it was because of the thunderstorms that went through, but it's been a day since they've stopped and he hasn't stopped shaking no matter what I've tried to do. Is there something I can do to find out what's wrong or how I can fix it?

  • What should I do with my dog's testicles, it has a pus. Please help.

    I just noticed it this morning, but i think it doesnt hurt at all because when i clean it, it's okay with my dog. It doesnt look like he's in pain, i need your help please. What does the pus mean?

  • Lymphomas on a 13 year old dog, what should I do

    Hello, I have a 13 year old coon hound of about 95 lbs. He has several lymphomas, one of which is getting very large on his side just below his right front leg but still is not impacting his movement. I'm worrying about it growing and impacting his movement which seems to begin to be happening. At his age, I'm wondering if I should just let nature take it's course or is it cruel of me to not have it surgically removed.

  • My dogs acting strange, showing sigsn of weird behavior

    i have a 13 week old blue nose pitbull shes been dewormed and has gotten 2 of her parvo vaccinations but lately shes been showing signs of weird behavior its almost like shes having an attack one ear always is bent back strangely and her tail curved and she seems to not recognize me and becomes all jumpy and skiddish and her breathing becomes fast paced and sometimes she shakes and whimpers she eats and drinks but does consume a lot of water pleas help me whats wrong with her ?

  • My dog cries in his sleep and chews on his feet

    i have a 9 month old mix breed dog and he was a rescue and he cries in his sleep and chews on his feet what could be the cause? what can i do for him? it took us a long time to get him to play. could these symptoms be a side effect of the abuse from his previous owners?

  • My dog is infected by something similar to staph or fungal infections

    Fungal infection or similar how to cure? The last two years my dog is infected by something similar to staph or fungal infections. She has itching under her all over belly and on feet. Losing hair and red/black skin. I tried antibiotics, antifungal, cord, pills and went over 10 vets but cannot help the dog. Please if possible to help me or advice would be appreciated. ( i can send photos)

  • My cat is biting her fur out

    my cat is biting her fur out, on the sides of her body, and I'm not sure why. I've noticed that she always shivers after she pulls out the fur. I've tried itch creams, and shots from our local vet, but she isn't making any progress. Her master is on a vacation for a long time, so could this be a psychological problem? (no itching involved)

  • My dog suddenly has breathing issues

    Does my dog have an elongated palate? My 11 yr old pug was always an excellent breather and all of the sudden she is having issues. She was reverse sneezing/coughing and the vet thought it might be allergies so a wk ago he put her on Temaril p. She didn't respond to the meds and to me she sounds worse. An emergency clinic said she is not under respiratory distress. She can breathe and eat, but she sounds worse to me. She is snoring loudly, sounds very congested and coughs sometimes. Could it be a soft palate issue? Thank you, Susan

  • My cat has been sneezing and has watery eyes

    my cat has been sneezing and has watery eyes for about a week now. what can i do to help her? do i need to call a vet or maybe go get something at a pet store

  • Trying to move my dogs and cats away from grain based diets

    Regarding feline kidney diets, is a higher level of protein acceptable if it is meat protein instead grain/plant protein? Or is it all protein that should be reduced, regardless of the source? I'm trying to move my dogs and cats away from grain based diets to meat and vegetable based diets. One of my cats eats a kidney support diet that contains exclusively plant protein with minimal meat product of any kind. Aren't carnivores genetically evolved to deal with meat proteins not grains?

  • Is there a way to stimulate Dog's appetite

    Is there a way to stimulate a dog's appetite? She is undergoing Chemo for Lymphoma.

  • My dog has a bald patch on his foot

    i have noticed recently that my male husky, that is 4yrs has a bald patch on his foot that he keeps licking and it seems to be wet looking, and not getting any better. I have put a anti fungal cream on because i have heard that dogs can get ringworm an thought it could be that, can you help

  • What can we give our cat (16) for arithritis?

    Can we give our cat something to ease the pain or help her move with less pain. Aspirin or other??? thanks

  • Seven week old puppy started to pee blood

    Blood in puppy's urine 7 week old puppy started to pee blood 3 days ago. Vet put her on an antibiotic for a UTI but she does not seem to be getting any better. It seems to me that she is getting worse. It looks like just blood - no urine. Is this normal or am I not being patient?

  • My dog has a swollen right ear

    my germane shepard right ear is puffy. we thought maybe he got stung by bee because he loves to chase we drin his ear we get infection and blood what else can we do

  • Kitten can't use rear legs, can this be nerve damage

    I found a kitten appearing 6-8 weeks old yesterday abandoned along a dirt road. She appeared healthy, just very skinny. I slowly introduced her to my four basset hounds. They were very good and calm around her. One of the bassets ran to get a toy and hit full force into the kitten. The kitten since cannot stand. She eats, drinks, sleeps, but can't walk and hasn't pottied. She has feeling in her toes. Could this be nerve damage, broken spine? She's alert and happy. What's her possible recovery?

  • Four month old maltese dog and her vulva is swollen

    hi i have a 4 month old maltese and her vulva is swollen is she close to heat also,i need some breeding advice about a female maltese 4 months old unspayed want to breed her in the feature contact me at

  • My dog has problems with her hips. She can't jump up or down

    Could this be a neurological disorder or spinal injury? I just adopted a dog.She's been in the care of the shelter's vet for a couple months being treated for mange. They say she is 9-12 mos old but I think she may be older.She's mini poodle and possibly terrier mix.She has problems with her hips. She can't jump up or down and has trouble squatting.She has a two inch tail,don't know if it was docked.When she sits still her head bounces up & down with her heartbeat. I can feel her heartbeat in her cheek to touch. Also shakes when nervous or upset.

  • Does Murphy oil soap contain any ingredients that is toxic to a cat

    Does Murphy oil soap (wood floor cleaner) contain any ingredients that would be toxic to a cat? Does Murphy oil soap contain any ingredients that are toxic/poisonous to a cat?

  • My dog has a staff infection and started to throw up

    My dog has a staff infection and is on baytril and amoxicilin. She has started to throw up. Are these two medicines the cause? My dog has a staff infection. She is also on thyroid meds as well as hydroyzine for itching. She has now started throwing up. Would these drugs interacted and cause her to throw up?

  • Puppy has a mole looking bump on his stomach

    my 7 month old puppy has a mole looking bump on his stomach i just noticed on sat. i plan on taking him to a vet on mon. but still worried

  • I have a kitten with Hypoplasia, how to care for him

    I just adopted a kitten yesterday with Hypoplasia. He came as a "free" adoption as he was buddies with the Chihuahua puppy I had arranged to adopt. Seeing this kitten (Seamus)struggle to mobilize I am anxious to do everything I can to help him grow and hopefully strengthen! I need information and a "What to expect"! He has a good home with us, 2 adult Shih Tzu/poodle, the puppy and 3 adult cats, all knowing he is special and all very caring! Can you help us with info?? thanks! Teresa

  • My dog who lost 9lbs in 6 weeks and has blood in her urine

    I have an 11 yr old Irish Setter who lost 9lbs in 6 weeks and has blood in her urine. Tried 2 doses of antibiotics which did not help. I am trying to understand what might be wrong...working on getting her scheduled for an ultrasound

  • How much cipro should I give my dog for allergies

    how much cipro should i give my 30 lb pit i have looked up for a few days now what my blue pit might have and it seems to narrow down to contact allergies from the grass how much cipro should i give him

  • I have a 3year old dog, developed blister like sores on her paws

    i have a 3year old pit bull. She recently developed blister like sores on her paws between her toes & between her pads.they started on her back feet now they are on her front also. Any idea what this would be or what could cause this?

  • My 2 yr old cat has been vomiting, looks like water

    my 2 yr old cat has been vomiting lately it looks like water sometimes looks like food could you tell me what could be wrong with him

  • Our Dog has low red blood cell count and her blood looked clear

    Kidney infections how serious are they? My boyfriend's dog went to vet today and was told she had a very low red blood cell count and her blood looked clear with a little red in it. Vet didnt give her a good outlook trying to get a second opinion?

  • 13 yr old Dog becomes delusional and can't walk on back legs

    I have a 13 year old male Australian Shepherd who recently had surgery to cut his nails (he is very volatile). After the surgery he started to have problems with his back legs. Also, In the mornings he is very delusional, and he can't stand up. Once I get him standing, he is able to walk very slowly with a little limp, then after about thirty minutes he returns to himself. I can understand if he has arthritis, however; I don't understand why sometimes he acts so delusional. Could he have h

  • Lump on a 10 week old male kitten's back, getting bigger

    lump on kitten's back for 1 week; seems to be getting a little larger; outdoor cat and found as stray; Had his 1st two set of shots 2 weeks ago and also dose of revolution and dose of oral medication for worms; Anything I can do for him at home?

  • My dog is limping should I take him to the vet

    my dog is limping should i take him to the vet or wait and see it it gets better? we were playing outside and he started limping. touched his leg and he doesnt seem to have much reaction.

  • Is a raw hid bad for a dog?

    We have used regular raw hides and now have the dingo munchy sticks. We don't want to feed our dog something that will hurt it.

  • Is dog skin pigmentation loss normal?

    My dog is around 14 years old and has a black lining under her nose and around her mouth. Lately it is losing its color and turning pink mainly under her nose, is there something wrong or is this normal?

  • How do I know if my cat is in labor?

    She has had a red discharge in the last 3 hours (blood?). She is staying very close to us, and has been sleeping on the couch on her side next to me for the last 45 minutes (she never does this). She seems exhausted. She isn't panting or showing any anxious behavior.

  • Should I give my rescue cat shots?

    I rescued a cat off the street. He was in really good shape and was definitely domesticated. I want to know if I should have him get shots, as I don't know if he's ever had them. Also, he is on the skinny side. How much are shots?

  • Is stainles steel safe for a dog bowl?

    Can stainless steel bowls cause puppy diarrhea, if kept clean?

  • What can I do for a cat throwing up and bleeding fromt he rectum?

    My older active cat is throwing up, bleeding from the rectum, and will not eat. She is in the hospital getting fluids. What else should I do?

  • My dog is licking its urinary part many a times, is this normal

    my dog is licking its urinary part many a times.He is 6mnts old.What can i do?

  • Can I use a veterinary diet indefinitely for my kitten?

    My 9 Month old Selkirk Rex kitten was recently treated for severe diarrhea and a slight temperature - she was advised to be fed the sensitivity diets (Hills id & Royal Canin Sensitive) and gradually wean off - we tried to wean and she went back to having diarrhea. She seems to really enjoy the prescription food and seems totally satisfied and full on it - before she would constantly cry for food. Would it be safe for her to continue having this food for an indefinite time?

  • I have a dog with cushing disease is there anything I can do

    I have dog with cushing disease is there any thing I can get or do to help him with the hot spells he has i have a dog with cushing,s disease is there any thing i can do for him to help with the hot spells that he has thank you

  • My dog keeps licking herself and her nipples are swollen

    my dog keep licking herself and her nipples are swollen and she's still spotting my dog is vagnial is bleeding, swollen,nipples swollen ,and keep licking her self

  • My cat started dry heaving last night, he won't eat or drink

    My cat started dry heaving last night, he won't eat or drink, and today he threw up something that is red and long. It's not a physical object like string or a piece of plastic, it has an inner lining consistency. It's red on the inside and has mucous on the outside, and it's not liquid Last year he ate a piece of plastic and dry heaved, didn't eat or drink. But he never threw up anything like this.

  • Does my cat have asthma, has been coughing and wheezing?

    I adopted a Persian cat from a purebred rescue two weeks ago. He has been having coughing/wheezing fits several times a day, seemingly for no reason. We took him to the vet when we found blood in his stool and after testing his stool for parasites, the vet determined that the coughing and blood were stress-related. She also said that Persians cough a lot because of their smashed faces. Teddy has a very open face for a Persian. What do you think?

  • Our new kittens have upset stomach how can we stop this

    Our new kittens have upset tums how can we stop this they are still full of beans Our 2 kittens have had upset tums and are in and out if the litter tray quite often I mix wet and dry food for them, but I'm now changing it to just dry to see if it will go harder, they are still full of life but their bums seem sore and have passed a tiny bit of blood, they are drinking water and kitten milk

  • My dog has developed an open sore on his back

    I have a three year old mixed breed (jack russel and beagle) named Toby. He has developed an open sore the size of a small button on his back I first noticed it a few days ago and it was just a little lump, but now it is a hairless scab that opens up and bleeds. Any thoughts?

  • What do you do for constipated in dog?

    My dog seems to be having constipation>

  • My female dog of 11 years. her back end is going out

    do i need to be worried and take to vet? hi there, my dog is female and 11 years old. her back end is going, but just lately she seems to be walking on her knuckles at the back. she doesn't appear in pain at all though, just a little unsteady.

  • Can I feed my pregnant dog canned tuna and rice

    Can I feed my pregnant dog canned tuna and rice along with her high quality dog food? This dog found me. I began taking care of her. I don't know anything about her, except I believe that she is pregnant. I am an old past breeder of German Sheppard, and she is showing signs of being pregnant. Also, how do I create a place for welching as she is not familiar with me? She has been staying in the house at night. It's been a while since I've assisted puppies with birth, so anything you can share with me I would appreciate that.

  • My Bulldog is showing aggression due to new pup

    we have a three year old american bulldog who is wonderful around everyone. he always love to play and never aggressive. just recently we got another bulldog pup,(female). we took them both to the dog park and this time our large older male went haywire. totally aggressive towards every other dog out there. never have we seen this in him. could this be due to the new pup that he has taken as his own or could it be something else. thanks

  • My 2 year old Shelty dog has been limping for 3 months

    My 2 year old Shelty began limping in the left leg about three months ago. she was xrayed by our vet and there was no apparent structural damage. Her limping has worsened and it appears that as she walks it seems her elbow moves laterally a bit. The strange thing is this limping never dissuades her from running. If this is a sprain is it normal for healing to take this long? Do you have any other suggestions?

  • My dog has become constipated and has become lethargic

    why would my dog be constipated My 12 year old dog has become constipated and has become lethargic. 3 days duration.

  • Why is my puppy throwing up, having trouble breathing and lethargic

    My puppy (7 months old), has been throwing up, breathing hard, not really wanting to eat and lethargic. However, this will go on for half a day and then she is fine. It has been happening for a couple of weeks now. She is an english bulldog. I read that when they are about to go into heat this can happen. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks!

  • My kitten has blood on his anus, what do i need to do for it?

    i just noticed blood on my kittens anus. i think it looks sore and irritated also. what causes this and what do i need to do for it?

  • My dog broke her tibia 3yrs ago, had 13 screws and rod removed

    Could this be something else??-couldn't fit all the details below. Broke her tibia 3yrs ago, JUST had 13 screws and rod removed.Got her home she started vomiting yellowish foam, we stopped the deremax(they thought it was the meds)She got worst,didn't think she was going to make it.The vet kept her for observation and testing. Inflamed intestines-xray, NO diarrhea, BUT really odd fecal w/very bad odor,NO eating,NO drinking,lethargic,depressed,dehydrated. Now,she'll drink water if she's coached, but will NOT eat anything, force feeding made more vomit.

  • My dog has a red bump on his lip.

    Shiba Inu - Male - 3 years old Bump is round, smooth and red, where the upper and lower lips meet. it doesnt seem to be bothering him. noticed it yesterday Looks like it got a little bigger since i noticed it. Looks like a little dried blood on tip. Maybe a pimple? I have a picture.

  • Why does my diabetic cat seem so tired after a shot of insulin?

    Shortly after giving my cat her insulin shot, she just acts exhausted, and sometimes goes under the bed and sleeps for a long time.She gets 4 units of insulin twice a day.

  • My dog has discharge in his eyes, nose running, glazed look in eyes

    My dog has discharge in his eyes, nose running, glazed look in eyes, shallow breathing,and bloody stool. what does he have?

  • My dog has a cut that seems to have attracted translucent bugs

    my dog has a cut/wound that seems to have attracted thin-long reddish/brown translucent bugs. What are they? How do I get rid of them? I am located in Thailand, and so when I say 'my' i really mean the stray-ish dog i feed and considers this land home. I also don't really have access to real vet meds.

  • What does it mean when a dog licks or bites his feet?

    what does it mean when a dog licks or bites his fee?t

  • We have noticed one of our dogs nipples is enlarged

    We have noticed one of our dogs nipples is enlarged, why would that happened? She is a spayed 8 year old Golden Retriever. The nipple looks fine except it is twice the size it should be.

  • Trying to make homemade cookies for my dog

    homemade dog treats hello, I have been trying to make homemade cookies for my dog. But I dont want to hurt him from my cookies. Is this recipe safe enough to feed to my 7 years old papillion??? hes weights is around 11-12 pounds. thnx makes about 40 little cookies olled oats; 1.5 cup unsalted butter;0.5cup Whole wheat flower; 2.5cup 1 tsp; Baking soda cup; buttermilk 1 egg 1 cup; brown sugar

  • My cats drinking a lot of water and excessive amounts of urination

    I have two older cats and just moved. I used to have city water and they would drink about 16 oz of water combined over the course of 2-2 1/2 days. At their new home, they have softened well water. They are now drinking 16 oz a day and are urinating in large amts. A clump of urine is about the size of a womens partially closed hand. Should I be concerned?

  • My moms morkies dog ate some pillow stuffing

    and now seem to have trouble breathing what can we do? can't afford a vet at this time

  • My chow dog suddenly developed a limp in her right foreleg

    My chow/ spitz? mix suddenly developed a limp in her right foreleg which has mainly subsided.Eats well, but has lethargy and struggles to stand and can't jump up on a bed. The strange thing is that she will chase her ball and leap up at the hose as if there's nothing wrong! The vet has ruled out Valley fever and any tick borne disease. She had a seizure some months ago where she seemed paralyzed and when she came out of it she staggered for a few moments. We have scorpions. Could she have been stung? Any ideas?

  • Can feline leukemia be spread to other animals?

    We are thinking of getting a ferret and one of our cats has feline leukemia. Can the ferret catch this?

  • Itchy dog ear problems. What is it?

    My dog is a husky/collie mix. She is 10 years old. For the past couple of months she has been begging for us to scratch her ears, and lately she has been scratching them with her foot, yelping sometimes when she does it.

  • Do dogs have glands in their throats?

    Do dogs have glands near their throat that swell when they are sick? I adopted a puppy and he has a very congested sounding cough, green eye boogers and he seems to have lumps of some sort in his throat. I don't think it's kennel cough, and I'm wondering if they are like humans and have glands that swell when they are sick. I'm going to the vet today but I am worried.

  • Can you give a dog aspirin, how to determine the correct amount

    can you give a dog aspirin, if so how do you determine the correct amount. I have a 8-1/2 year old corgi/bloodhound mix who is favoring back left leg. Ex-ray showed no arthritis in knee or hip, no swelling or temperature. He seems to have some knee pain and I wondered if a mild pain reliever like aspirin would help. He will use his foot more when he has walked some but it just doesn't seem to be getting better.

  • My dog has an internal tumor

    my dog has an internal tumor right up against his anal wall. It's getting bigger. The vet told us it could be cancer, but without a biopsy there's no way of knowing for sure and we don't have that kind of money. Could you give me any sort of idea.

  • My cat tested positive for feline lukemia and her fever is 105

    has a fever of 105-already had 2 rounds of antibiotics for a urinary tract infection-it seemed to go away the first time but came back 3 days later -now last pill from 2nd round was Sat- so far so good but within a few days may come back - i'm seeing a vet again Thursday but if still has fever can anything be done about fever?

  • What is this liquid poo and blood oozing out of my dogs backside?

    my 8yr old staff has been having small liquid poo and blood oozing out of her backside, she could be just sitting there and it oozes out, and it stinks, what could this be? the liquid is dark brown, and when she has a poo the first part of her stool is dark brown, then it goes to a normal color. the liquid just oozes out of her though when shes sitting, laying, anything really. what could this be?

  • Are these symptoms of dog allergies?

    My boxer is three years old and I have been dealing with this since she was a year old. Her feet smell like Fritos; I have her on a grain-free food and she is still licking her feet. Her paws are red underneath and in between the web area and; the fur is also gone. I have tried so many medications like bacteria meds and it did not work. Anti-itch meds also did not work. A food trial from the vet made it worse bathing her more often. The area gets clean but the problem is still there.

  • What causes a loss of appetite in dogs?

    My dog eats only once per day now and it's a very small amount. He usually waits and eats around midnight. Other things I have noticed that I'm not too sure are anything to worry about: he has urinated twice inside the house (he is house trained) and sometimes urinates a lot, sometimes plays with his food (throws it around) & I noticed a small yellowish discharge from penis occasionally. Not sure if that's normal since I have never owned a male dog. He is still active but just not himself. HELP!

  • What are causing these dog bumps?

    My dog has bumpy scabs on his left shoulder after being in OBX. They don't seem to itch and started when we were at the beach, more keep popping up in same area.

  • What dog medicine should I use?

    My dog fell down the stairs and I need advice on pain killers. Hi, I have a 13 year old Scottish Terrier. She has had many surgeries in the past, thus I have left over dog pain killers. She has Osteoarthritis, and today she fell down the stairs. She's in pain, not sever, mild to maybe moderate. The two dog RX's i have are: quantity 1, tramadol 25mg, and quantity 4, deramaxx 12.5mg. Which will help her with mild pain & which is better for sever pain?

  • My dog is drinking a lot, breathing heavily, and yapping at night

    My small 6 year old yorkie is drinking a lot, peeing more than normal, breathing heavily, yapping through the whole night My small 6 year old yorkie is drinking a lot, peeing more than normal, breathing heavily, yapping through the whole night... (she recently was bloated too) i dont know what is wrong she isn't being herself. What could be wrong?She got into the neighbors trash a couple days ago since they moved out an she recently ate a dead bird (she came back with a part of it)

  • My Chihuahua dog is shaking and his head wabbles

    He is one.He seems to have been sleepy today,but ate good.All of a sudden he began shaking. And when he lifts his head it wabbles side to side.What is going on?Should I take him to vet ER?

  • Why does my cat have her togue exposed at all times?

    My kitten is 9 weeks old and she has her tongue out all the time. Her eyes look pure black. She is a pure white cat with only a little bit of gray on the top of her head. Is this normal for my kitten to do this or is there something wrong with her?

  • Is there an alternative to putting a dog to sleep?

    Hello, my dog had a huge surgery for cancer removal from his front leg. The doctor also scrapped his bone and the wound is open and deep; he keeps itching it. The vet says cancer is growing back and it would be better to put him down as he does not let the wound heal. We would rather not put him down; what can we do?

  • Can my dog gain weight?

    My lab was recently diagnosed with Diabetes after a sudden drastic weight loss. After monitoring, she was regulated with one injection a day. The Vet recommended two dog foods, one fed once in the morning, and the other one late afternoon. Both are weight management formulas. Both of them are restricted of fats or sugars, mostly grains(fiber). I am concerned because she is so thin (she has not gained since first diagnosed). Given her condition, will she be able to gain weight/eat more?

  • Why is my dog bearthing slowly?

    My 12 year old silky terrier has become very lethargic and his breathing is very shallow and rapid. What does this sound like?

  • Why does my dog have bad nails?

    My Black Labrador is 6 years old. He had his nails cut by the vet in January and they cut a couple of the nails too short (they bled on and off for a week) he was given antibiotics and his feet were washed in Hibiscrub. His nail condition is now awful - they are soft and break easily. My vet has suggested that the keratin is not forming correctly. I have been feeding him a biotin supplement for approximately 3 months with no improvement . Anything else I can do?

  • How can I help my cat who seems to have burned the pad of her paw?

    My cat stepped on the stove top last evening while I was cooking and seems to have burned the pad of her right front paw. She won't let me get near it and she licks it frequently. Is there some salve that I can get to try and put on her burned area and/or is she at risk for infection?

  • My dog has a large blister between his toes can you help.

    IT has blood in it not pus so I dont think it is a abscess, I think he got bit or stepped on something, he walks fine just looks bad/

  • My dog has a sore back leg. What can I do?

    My Jack Russell keeps lifting his back leg when he's walking or running. Do you have any idea what this could be? 1 of his testicles is also bigger than the other could this be anything to do with it?

  • How accurate are liver levels tests for my dog?

    my 5yr old lab had low thyroid discovered. The vet checked her liver levels, which were fine and put her on thyroid meds. 6 weeks later he rechecked her liver levels and said all was fine. The next day she vomited. It spiraled out of control and after tons of emergency vet work & surgery, she was gone 6 days laterliver disease, they said hepatitus. Liver was "a little small" and firm. Did not show striations.

  • Can yeast infection in my dogs ear have side effects

    Hi! I have an 11 year old shih-tzu, Casey. In the past, she has been treated for yeast infections in her ear. She has been very anxious, little to no appetite, clingy to me. Found a nasty yeast infection in her ear. Began treatment with cleanser and antibiotic. My question is can the yeast infection be causing her anxious behavior? She had blood work done on Monday and everything checked out fine. No temp either. Thank you.

  • My 15 year old cat seems to have trouble walking

    Hi, About a month ago my cat seemed to have balance problems and was leaving blood from his penis whenever he sat down, I took him to the vets and they gave him antibiotics and did several blood tests on him. The blood tests came back clear and after the shot and the medication he seemed to get better. He lost weight over the last 6 months or so, but not drastically. Today he has woken up and he seems to have trouble walking. His left leg seems very weak, but he doesn't cry if I touch it.

  • My Pit mix dog has developed a golf ball size lump or cyst

    9 month old with burst cyst 9 month old pit mix, she has developed a golf ball size lump or cyst near her teats that burst last night. She is no pain, and the goop coming out of it is not stinky (blood mixed with clear pus), but close to old scars from being fixed about 3 months ago and she had split her stitches and had to get restitched then, and just seems too close if you see what I mean. Other wise healthy happy, no loss of appetite and treating with doxy. Anything else I need to worry about, I live in a place where

  • Does immunoregolin have negative side effects in breeding cats?

    I've been told that cats having used immunoregulin can't be used in a breeding program. Do you know anything about this?

  • My dog has 20 bites, looks like ant bites

    ant bites i think my dog has like 20 bites on him they look like human ant bits on us swollen what do i do i put some itch cream on him..he is not scratching at all

  • My dog keeps sneezing, anything I can do to help

    we have just recently adopted a 5 year old mini dachshound from the kennel she keeps sneezing..we took her to the vet yesterday and he said that she was ok as long as she dosent have stuff coming from her nose... today she is sneezing worse sounds stuffy and i have noticed her breathing from her mouth... the stuff coming from her nose is clear .. is there anything i can do or get to help her, i have noticed she isnt sneezing when she is asleep..shes had all her shots, HW negitative, weight 10lbs

  • Sudden Lameness with my dog, can I give him any medicine

    I took my healthy 6 year old Kelpie for a small run, yesterday morning, which he seemed to enjoy, then in the afternoon he was lame in his left back leg, There are not cuts to his paws or any other signs of injury, he seems to be very sore in the hip area, it is quite cold at the moment which isn't helping, We are a long way from a vet and I was wondering if I could give him anything to see if rest improves the situation I have Mefenamic acid 250mg would this be o.k not sure of dose he is 22kg

  • My dog separated her shoulder. What would the treatment be?

    My 15 week lab separated her shoulder. What would your treatment be? She had it x-rayed. Was given Tramadol for pain(5 days) and 2 supplements. Pet-Tabs and Pet-Cal. Was instructed no exercise for 6 weeks. Nothing else. Anything else I could do for her?

  • My cat has turned aggressive towards my other kitten

    Aggression and Vomiting My cat is 5 years old and she was the only pet I had until May this year in which I adopted 4 more kitties. My cat has turned aggressive, hissing and slapping the other cats and even started vomiting her food sometimes twice a day. I treat her nicely and try to do things to make her realize she is still #1 at the household.What can I do? I love my kitty so much and I don't want to see her in such pain.

  • My dog has a deep, infected corneal ulcer, Will it heal?

    my 9 yr old boston terrier has a deep, infected corneal ulcer . Will it heal? We were told by our vet it may not heal and he doesn't recommend surgery due to his age.

  • All of a sudden about 8 days ago my dog stopped eating

    All of a sudden bout 8 days ago my dog stopped eating but will drink. She is very weak and can't stand. She appears to be in no pain and is coherent. My dog won't eat as of 8 days ago and was fine before. She is 11 and very active for her age. She is so weak she can't stand up. She isn't vomiting or pooping. She appears to be in no pain. She will eat cheese but when I tried steak she ate a couple of small pieces but refused more. What could be wrong with her. I'm scared and don't have funds for a vet.

  • My puppy has swollen genitals and is bleeding, is this normal

    hi i am a little worried my puppy has got swollen genitals and is bleeding wanted to know if this is normal for a puppy of about 6 months. she has been bleeding for a few days now. what do i do

  • Is the end near with my 13 year old lab beagle mix dog

    I have a 13 year old lab beagle mix. He seems to be doing fine health wise but lately has been having really bad shedding issues. He normally has in the past had a few "tufts" on his backside but this time he is shedding like mad and brushing doesnt even help much. The only other thing is he has been losing weight over the past year, which the vet says will come with age and not eating as much.

  • My dog has been vomiting for the last few days

    a my dog has been vomiting in the last few days like twice a day, the vomit is green and sometimes has some hairs my dog had been vomiting in the last few days like twice a day, the vomit is green and sometimes has some hairs

  • My dog has a noticeable red bump right by his nose

    my dog has a noticeable red bump right by his nose and it looks like it is getting bigger. what is it? My dog has recently developed a red bump by his nose. It is red and looks like it has gotten a little bigger. What is it? He is a 1 year old miniature schnauzer.

  • Cat with constipation followed by diarrhea

    My cat is 9 years old. She's had intestinal problems since she was a kitten. She used to just have diarrhea but now she's constipated followed by diarrhea. She has some blood in her stool and she leaves bloody mucus around the house. She is also leaving stool around the house. It's as if she doesn't even realize what is happening. I'm not sure if she is urinating. The past few times my husband or I have seen her use the litter box she didn't.

  • My male dog has a dark grayish blister like bump on the outer skin

    my male dog has a dark grayish blister like bump on the outer skin of the penis. It was not there two days ago. What could this be? What could this be. How do I get rid of it. Could it be contagious to my other dogs?

  • Could my dog have something serious?

    For the past couple of months my 5 year old chihuahua has been licking her paws a lot. I thought it may have something to do with her long nails (she doesn't let me cut them) but I'm worried it may be something more serious. I have felt the are for lumps and I can't feel anything, nor do I see anything stuck in her skin.

  • Pink skin and stomach issues with my American Bulldog

    7 month old american bulldog sick? She has pink around her eyes and mouth and also has the runs. She's a little mopey and all this has been going on for almost a week. Could the pink skin and stomach issues be related? Either way how can I help her feel better?

  • How do I get my dog to stop peeing in his kennel?

    We rescued a 17 wk old weimaraner. He hasnt had many accidents in the house but he pees in his kennel EVERY day. We literally have to wash his blanket once to twice a day. He was very jittery when we first got him and was kept outside. We werent sure if the kennel scares him and makes him feel isolated or if he may have a medical condition thats causing it. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you :)

  • Critically Ill puppy what can be wrong with my puppy

    Ask A Vet?I have a 12 week old poodle mix puppy. Had parvo 2 weeks ago but was successfully treated. However she still has low liver values, anemia, low TP. She is retaining fluid in her abdomen. She also cannot maintain her glucose. She has been given a transfusion, multiple antibiotics and tried many types of food. Radiographs and Ultra sound showed no significant findings. What could be wrong with my puppy?

  • My dog just killed a squirrel, can there be issues with that

    My dog just killed a squirrel. She sleeps with us regularly, is it safe to sleep with us tonight? Also, is this safe for her?

  • Why would my dog stop eating, lay around a lot and high ck levels

    I had a 4 year old lab that stopped eating dry dog food and started laying around a lot. I took him to the vet and he was treated and tested. No Lyme, but his CK level was over 5000. The vet kept him and gave fluids but nothing improved him. Now I have another one acting the same way. This is odd. The Vet had no clue what it was. Could it have been a mouse that ate poison and one stumbled into the dogs? Bad dry dog food? I am trying to figure this out. But, need somewhere to start.

  • Can a diabetic dog use novolog mix?

    Currently have a 10y or beagle that was recently diagnosed with diabetes and currently receives 6 units of Humulin N every 12 hrs. To reduce cost, is it possible for my vet to try Novolog mix that I have to regulate my dog?

  • What antibiotics to treat staph infection for my dog

    What antibiotics would you suggest for treatment of a staph infection (resulting from flea bite dermatitis) OTHER THAN CIPRO? Dog: 11lb, Vet gave another cortisone injection & Rx = 125MG CIPRO BID FOR 2 WEEKS. Don't like the side effects or the high dosage!Not thrilled with cortisone concurrent with antibiotics. Also can't give yogurt with Cipro. Would you suggest another round of chlormycetin? Or any other antibiotics?

  • Why is my puppys having issues with her back legs

    Why is my puppy, (laborador) having issues with her back legs. It just started the last 2 weeks, my vet says it is a middle ear infection but the medicine does'nt seem to be working. She stumbles and fall down.

  • Puppy and his penis has not fully grown outside

    Puppy penis problem I have a 4 week old jack Russell puppy and his penis has not fully grown outside. When he urinates it just drips out what do u think is the solution?

  • What is the bump on my dogs leg?

    My dog is almost 2 years old and about a month ago I noticed she had a bump on her front leg and I thought it was a bug bite but it did not go away. She asks like it is really itchy and it has a scab on it. I was wondering what it was.

  • Beagle dog with spasm in rear quarters and uncoordination

    my 6 yr old Beagle, has just had a short lived period of being completely unbalanced, like the rear legs couldnt support him, wasshaking ,tail between his legs and seemed 'drunk' in behavior, seemed to have no coordination or control of his rear legs. It lasted maybe 5 minutes. this is not the first time I have seen this behavior. What could it be?

  • My dog has a subcutanous lump on his right shoulder near the joint.

    a few years back he had dislocated the same shoulder could this be a late onset degenerative perhaps osteoarthritic lump maybe a calcified ligament? it is relatively new and has not gotten any larger

  • Why does my beagle dog have a blister on the back of his neck?

    there is a small bump on the back of my beagle's neck. It almost looks like a human blister. It is about the size of a pencil eraser tip and it's clear. It doesn't seem to bother him unless you try to part his fur to see it.

  • My cat has a hot back legs and tachycardia but otherwise normal

    my cat has very hot back legs and tachycardia but otherwise seems to feel normal. What can I do to bring down this I have two other female cats with this mysterious "radiant heat" over and under the body with some weight loss and fur loss. Where I thought one female would have a high temperature, her internal temperature was totally normal for her size. This cat, a male, won't let me take his temperature internally but his legs are really hot on the inner thighs which is resulting in fur loss. He is also hot on the ribs. What herb or homeopathic remedy might you recommend? My vets refuse to remedy this!

  • My one year old Tabby dog has developed fecal incontinence.

    Our one-year old short hair tabby has developed fecal incontinence. She urinates normally in the litter box but her defecation attempts tend to go: dig hole, squat without apparent straining, look back, shrug, walk off. Once or twice a day there is a trail of stools (usual two-three small pieces, several feet apart) someplace in the house. Several times I have seen stools drop out while she is walking without her noticing. Stool sample tests were negative, our vet has no idea as to cause.

  • Why is my potty trained dog not using her pads anymore?

    Is she stressed out from all the changes or is there a medical issue? She used to pee and poop on her pads now is pooping and peeing in various rooms in the house. This is completely unlike her.WE took out carpet in her room where the pad is. Could it be she doesnt like the hardwood floor? Or could it be she is upset that I left for 5 days and Im her main caregiver. She is a 2yr. old maltese.

  • Using NeoPolyDex drops for preventive treatment of canine glaucoma?

    My dog has had surgery for glaucoma in one eye, and is on a combo of NeoPolyDex drops and Timolol drops to help prevent the problem in her good eye. Because NeoPolyDex is an anti-bacterial/anti-inflammatory, I question why is useful for the prevention of glaucoma (I do understand why the Timolol is necessary: to keep the eyeball pressure down). Do these two meds have to be used together? Do I have to use NeoPolyDex at all? Why?

  • My cat vomits frequently and is becoming more of a problem?

    My cat has been vomiting up his food more frequently lately. He's 10 years old. My previous cat did the same to the point we had to put her down. I can't seem to pinpoint the problem. Please advise. Thank you

  • What are the clusters of bugs on my dogs ear?

    my dog has small reddish brown bugs on the back of his ear. i dont see any inside but he does scratch and shake his head. they almost resemble tick eggs but i have yet to find a tick on him and these bugs actually seem to suck the blood they dont leave any dirt like fleas and they do not move around. i have to scrape them off to remove them and it appears like there are thousands of them. i have tried flea and tick baths and sprays and they do not come off. what can they be?

  • My spayed, 9mo dog has a minor rectal bleeding

    My spayed, 9mo GSD has minor rectal bleeding exhibited by a frank red streak on some stools. She is eating and drinking well, has lots of energy, and does not appear sick. Her BMs are fine. What do you think?

  • Question on scheduled Vaccinations for my dog

    I have a female Maltese who is 12 years old.She is in excellent health. I rescued her when she was 2. She has received all her vaccinations every year since she was a pup. I have just received notice that she is due for her DA2PP and Parvovirus vaccinations next month. After doing some lengthy research, I have learned that she may not need these vaccinations so often as she has had in the past. I have not had her vaccinated for Bordetella in the last year. How should I proceed?

  • My Yorkie Maltese Dog 5 years old developed a sore on her back

    My Yorkie/Maltese mix dog just developed a sore on her back. It seems to be getting worse as she keeps licking it. It's in the same place where originally I thought it was scare tissue from where she was vaccinated 4 years ago. It was a tiny bump which I thought was no big deal. Now it's gotten bigger and looks bad since she keeps licking.It hasn't changed her activity or eating habits. However, it seems to be bothering. What could it be? I am unemployed and can't afford a vet bill.

  • My dog has skin irritation and bad order.

    Hello. I currently have a 6 month old lab mix with boxer. I had gotten her in a rescue center about 2 months ago, and right away i noticed she was gnawing herself tremendously! I've taken her to a vet that gave me oral medication, that didnt help at all! I'v even put her into a cone for a month and she still found a way to either bit herself or scratch. Now am trying to find sprays, ointment, shampoos, dog foods that can help her. She is getting bald spots, and some of the spots are getting really bad to the point that there is dry blood. Not only does she have a skin disorder but she constantly smells! I give her a bath once a week with a shampoo with oatmeal included, and within a day she smells. What can that be? Please help.

  • Started noticing swaying gait, particularly when my dog walks slowly

    Awesome site. I recently rescued a 7 month old Australian Cattle Dog / Lab mix. I have had him about a month. A couple of weeks ago I started noticing a swaying gait, particularly when walking slowly. He also seems to sit a lot and isn't as hyper as I expected him to be. He will occasionally bunny hop but does not bunny hop when climbing stairs and sits normally. He also does not do the frog sit (sometimes he will sit with one leg off to the side or to the rear). He also seems to favor either the right or back leg, especially after exercise. Just a note - we have been very active. Walking, dog parks, swimming at the lake. Rough housing with other dogs etc. I am scared cause I recently had to put down one of my dogs after an unsuccessful disc repair surgery. Thanks Kevin

  • What human foods can Siamese cats eat?

    I want to know what human foods are safe for Siamese cats

  • My dog is throwing up, should I take her to the ER

    Should I take her to the ER? She threw up what looked to be tennis ball pieces and some was stuck in her anal whole,but i got it out with tweezers.Her cheek swelled up and her back has what looks to be air bubbles, she also threw up like 10 hours after the first time she threw up. She is eating but not drinking a lot of water. She appears to be energetic like normal,she is 5 years old and she is kept in shape. Her stomach is still very upset and im not sure what to do.Her breed is a chihuahua.

  • Think my dog swallowed a zyrtec tablet

    I have a one year old female shihtzu/bichon mix. I think she may have swallowed a zyrtec tablet that fell on the floor

  • My puppy (4.5 months) chewed on his Biospot flea collar.

    He vomited already, but his body is emitting the odor of the collar. It's been 2 days since the incident occurred. So far, he's lethargic, but eating and drinking water ok. How long will the collar chemicals stay in his system? Should I still take him to the vet?

  • Is Cat throwing up a cause for concern?

    My cat is not normally a puker, but in the last 4days she has thrown up 6X. My husband and I were away for the first 3 days (my old roommate who used to live with me and Minnie stayed with her). I thought it may have been us leaving her, and she has only thrown up once since we got home yesterday, but I'm still a bit worried. Other than vomiting, she is her regular happy self. She even woke me up at 6am for her wet food feeding, but I'm holding off and took the dry away too. Should I be worried?

  • Is my kitten's 3rd eyelid showing due to being relaxed or infected?

    My kitten is 3-4 mo. She has been on antibiotics for a week for a URI. Anti fungal for 3 days. Yesterday her 3rd eyelid started showing. I cant afford to take her to the vet for another 2 weeks due to her last bills. I have only noticed it when she is sleepy then it goes away when she is hyper or alert. She eats apx a cup of food and a cup of water a day or more. Plays and acts normal. I am worried about her new eye problem. She is still sneezing and has a runny nose after 6 days of antibiotics.

  • How long does it take to clear an anal gland infection with my dog

    How long does it take to clear an anal gland infection with oral antibiotics? My dog was diagnosed with a right anal gland infection almost 4 weeks ago now. He was on Cephalexin (250 mg/2x per day) for 3 weeks then switched to 68 mg of Baytril 1x/day after the last check-up that still showed some blood in the anal fluid (although the sensitivity was better). After 2 days of this, I see no improvement, perhaps he is even worse. How long does it typically take an AG infection to heal with antibiotics? Can the fluid be cultured to narrow the antibiotics that are tried?

  • There is a possibility that my cat has irritable bowel syndrome.

    I'm really worried. Is it something I did? Did I do something wrong in taking care of her? I'm worried I won't have the money to take care of her. then what do I do? I'm so sad. I just want her to be better. The vet has her on probiotics for 14 days to see if it clears up her problems. If it doesn't.... back to the vet she goes. I love my cat but I don't have the money since I lost my job.Will IBS kill her?? What causes it, why did she get it, did I do something wrong? can it be cured?

  • What to expect with the first heat with my dog

    my pitbull is going through her first heat and the bleeding has stopped but her nipples are still a little big and she threw up a small amount of filmy yellowish liquid. does this mean she could be pregnant or is that normal?

  • Why is my late pregnant dog dripping blood?

    my dog is pregnant and due very soon. but a few days ago she started dripping chocolate colored fluid and is now dripping blood. what does it mean?

  • Our cat wants to eat constantly, is losing weight continually

    Eats constantly Loses weight continually Pees on the floor now

  • Loss of pigmentation on my dogs mouth and paws

    I have a chocolate lab. The skin around his mouth is dark but I noticed the other week he has developed light spots, like freckles, around his mouth. This morning I noticed he also has them on the pads of his feet, which were all black. I don't know if it's related but he has had loose stools for two days & his back leg is bothering him(I think he pulled a muscle- we are keeping a close eye on him & giving him Deramax) Is there anything serious that can cause the pigmentation change?

  • Should I feed my dog cooked or raw carrots?

    I cook for both my dogs. Each day they get a mixture of brown rice, cooked carrots and boiled chicken with perhaps a bit of grated yellow apple. Sometimes I will grate the carrot in raw. Is one better, cooked or raw? I am trying to get my 6 year old Doberman mix to gain weight. Also, what else can I add as filler? I recently started boiling string beans and adding them also. Any suggestions on what else I can add to bulk up my dog in a healthy way? What about something crunchy?

  • I have several bichon rescue dogs with hot spots. How do I treat it?

    They came from a breeder. She had another dog that had it on 3/4 of its body. She had it PTS. One dog has a spot on upper ribs 3-4 inches across. The other dog has one on each side just below spine about quarter size. They do not appear to have fleas. They are eating different food than they had at breeders. I had fed my bichons the same food she was feeding and they kept scratching too. I have only had these dogs a few days. I have them separated from my dogs. Any suggestions?

  • What could have caused a liver failure with my dog

    This is what happened to a healthy 8 mo female Bassett Hound. 1 - 2 days of vomiting, loose stool, Lethargy alp 892, alt >2000, glucose 42 & platelets 66,000. Gave 3 units of plasma and no improvement. What could have happened to have things so bad so fast..ate something toxic? Leptospirosis? Thanks Sue

  • Could my dog be having seizures?

    My dog woke up in the middle of the night running in circles looking for me or my husband. He is normally quiet and sleeps through the night but he was excitable and had little if no control on the right. He would try to scratch but would miss and his breathing was labored. He was acting high or drunk. In the morning he was lethargic but otherwise seemed fine. His jumping has been off lately too. I looked around and wasn't able to find anything he may have gotten into. Please help. Thanks.

  • My Australian Shepherd dog has dental problems

    I have a 6 year old Australian Shepherd, and recently noticed that all her upper back molars were cut down and missing their points. I do not allow any chew material other than dental strips and dried ostrich meat strips, and definitely no play with stones or sticks. What has caused the immense wear on her teeth? I also clean her teeth once a week -admittedly not wonderfully because she fights,but I do try. I am really desperate because I want stop this heavy wear. Can you help?

  • Arthritis vs. ligament damage with a pit-bull mix dog

    I am dog-sitting a 2.5 yr old rescued pit-bull mix. I took him to the vet for a limp and she said it was a stressed ligament and prescribed pain meds and limited activity. He never quit limping. It's worse after a long rest and he seriously favors it after playing off-leash at the beach. It's been two days since the last major beach "injury" and he seems to be less stiff, but still won't do more than walk lightly on it. The next step is a cast and I don't want to commit if this is arthritis.

  • Are there any long term effects if my dog uses cephalexin?

    My dog suffers from bad allergies and has been on cephalexin daily for over a year and I was told she would be on it forever. Are there any effects for being on this drug for so long?

  • My black lab dog has bowed hind legs

    I have a 9 month old black lab. I got her several months ago from some one who couldn't take care of her. I didn't notice at first but she has bowed hind legs. she has no problem running, but has a hard time getting up on higher places, like the sofa or my bed.

  • My kittens may have worms, any over the counter meds to use on them

    my 1 kitten has a potbelly appearance and is bleeding when it poops.and has a bad other kitten seems fine except i noticed a white worm ha what kind of worms do they have and can i buy over the counter pet meds

  • Could a urine soaked bed give a dog the sneezes?

    A week ago my boyfriend and I tried to get a new addition to our home, sadly the chihuahua that we chose I ended up being highly allergic to. Before we figured this out the little snot peed all over my yorkie-poo's bed and I just discovered this last night when I moved it. So that I could make my bed. My dog Skooter has been sneezing a lot for 4 days now which is very odd, could the urine soaked bed be to blame?

  • What is the best way to fly with my dog

    Dear Sir/Madam, I have been flying with my dog form berlin to the usa and now i have to fly back again. unfortunately on she was very anxious on the flight-she kept scratching the bag she was in so the she lost a few nails. She is my everything and I don't want to cause her any further stress on the flight-I am not a fan of sedating her for the trip-what do you think would be best to keep her calm for the flight? Thank you very much for your help

  • Cat Food. Dry & Hard what is a good choice

    I have been feeding my cats IMS (2 year & 4 months, and 11 months) I would like to change what they are eating to something higher grade. Something with no corn/rice/Fillers in the food. What is my best choices?? Thanks

  • What sedative to use before cutting my dogs nails

    i need a sedatives to put my dog to sleep before cutting the nails what do you suggest ace doesnt work thank you i had tried ace that doesnt work .happy traveler and melatonin doesnt work either. she has to be put a sleep to do this. i love her to death its hurting her feet to walk.

  • What is going on with this dog's heat cycle?

    I have an 8 year old bitch and at the end of her heat cycle i have noticed brownish coloration and some puss as i change out her diapers. What could be the cause of this change? She is about three weeks into the cycle.

  • Crating a puppy, where should the crate be placed

    Good afternoon - when crating a puppy when we're out where should the crate be placed - any ideal location? Second, how long usually does the crying last :)

  • How can i get the smell of my dogs anal glands out of my car

    my dog has expressed his anal glands in my car what if anything how can i get the smell out?????? i am about to suffocate please help me thank you kim barksdale

  • The anal region on my dog smells especially bad. What can I do?

    My dog has expressed his anal glands in my car. How can I get the smell out?

  • Does my cat have Leukemia?

    My 3 year old cat has been urinating outside the litter box with difficulties along with vomiting. Are these signs of Feline Leukemia?

  • Where can I buy calcium carbonate?

    Where can I buy calcium carbonate made from "egg shells" to add to my dogs home cooked meals for kidney failure? I have called everywhere and can't find it!

  • What is this lump on my cat?

    My 13 week old kitten has a lump on her right side where I assume her stomach would be. I only just noticed it when stroking her. It's about the size of a 10 pence. Is this normal?

  • Why does my cat have walking problems?

    Our cat is having some slight difficulty walking, as he seems to lean slightly to the right. Same as when sitting. Vet says it may be a severe inner ear infection/ear mites, and has prescribed Clavamox and ear drops. Some background history - 12 years old, f.i.v. positive, and taking Phenobarb for seizures (taking it for the past 14 months). Eating, drinking, bathroom habits - all are normal currently. If the Clavamox and drops don't improve his condition, what else could be causing the symptoms?

  • Why does my dog's blood panel read this way?

    My dog just had a pre-surgery Blood Panel and everything was normal except his Alkaline Phosphatase is off the charts. Registered 1496 normal range is 20-150. He is a perfectly healthy 39 Kg mix breed dog about 8 years old. Any feedback would help.

  • What is the best meat for dogs?

    Which meat is best to feed my dogs; chicken, lamb, or whitefish? What are the pros & cons of each meat?

  • Why is my dog peeing blood?

    I have 2 concerns. Just noticed the pee this morning when he messed in the basement along with a BM. He also suffers a swollen joint above the front paw and is limping constantly. Previous to this he had been treated for a hip injury with liquid dog Aspirin to no avail. He threw the medication up after 3 days of treatment. Will contact my vet but would like your opinion.

  • Is my rescue dog spayed?

    Hello. I just brought home a rescue dog (w/ unknown medical history) who is a 4 year old female Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. Is she spayed? She has a pretty long scar, completely healed; however, she appears to have had a litter in the past, as her nips are medium size and her vaginal area is a bit swollen. Her stomach area seems to be intact and normal size; she's not guarding herself, there's no leakage and she seems to be a normal, happy dog. Are you able to give me a preliminary opinion on if she has been spay (she has an appt next week)? Also, how would a Veterinarian know if she has been spayed with such an appearance?

  • Are there creatine dangers for dogs who eat it?

    My dog just consumed some creatine supplement powderaprox 40mg pot. What should I do? Is this toxic to animals? my son takes it as a muscle building supplement.

  • Can a blood test dectect if a cat has diabetes?

    I recently took my fourteen year-old cat to the vet. I asked the veterinarian to give him a complete blood test. The results came out excellent, but the vet suggested I give my cat electrolytes because he was slightly dehydrated. I was wondering if the blood exam done on my cat would have been able to detect something more serious, such as diabetes.

  • What are the causes of blood in stool and vomit? What's wrong with my puppy?

    My 6 month old puppy is throwing up blood, and making bloody stools. Is it parvo and he is not eating or drinking?

  • Dog snoring sounds. Is my dog having trouble breathing?

    My dog makes this snoring type sound (like he's having difficulty breathing) throughout the day, and especially when he's sleeping. Periodically throughout the day he has these rapid episodes which is like when a child is so upset they almost sound like they can't breath through their nose, and have this repetitive sounding inhale/exhale/wheezing. I'm a little concerned and wondering what it could be. He had it 4 years ago and the vet thought it was from a foreign object, but found nothing.

  • My dog has a Heart, Kidney problem with seizures

    A week ago, we took our 15 years miniature poodle to the vet for a mild cough problem. Turns out she has a cardiac murmur and a kidney problem where all indicators are higher than normal. The vet prescribed cardiac medicines, antibiotic and diuretic. For 4 days she didn't eat, so we took her back again to the vet and He prescribed a medicine for her gastritis. Last night since 4:30 am she had 3 seizure episodes (never before) and now she is hospitalized fighting for her life. What went wrong?

  • I have a 4 year old cat with constant nail bed infections

    I have a 4 year old cat with constant nail bed infections (paronychia) Initially he was given antibiotics, which did not clear it up. He had x ray's of his toes and his chest to rule out cancer, my vet said that a certain type of lung cancer can show up as paronychia. X rays were clear. My vet then wanted to do biopsies, but due to the condition of the skin, he could not really do it, so instead he opted to declaw 2 toe nails. Samples were then sent out to determine what could be causing it. I am currently waiting for results. My cat is otherwise extremely healthy, is an indoor cat, gets his vaccinations yearly also. What are your opinions on this issue? Thank you

  • Concern on using topical flea control for a child's service dog

    Concern for use of topical flea control for a child's service dog I have a child with a service dog for seizure alert and she is very delayed-she is constantly putting her hands into her mouth. I am considering switching flea and heart worm medication (we currently use Sentinel) however am very concerned about the use of topical spot treatments for fleas as my child will handle the service dog then put her hands into her mouth. They obviously can't be separated to allow the topical to fade from the fur and you can't bathe a dog right after application. Am I over-reacting to using a topical or do I have valid reason to be concerned?

  • Is there a chance my dog is pregnant or is it a false pregnancy?

    my golden retriever is nesting and carrying a stuffed puppy around and has lost her appetite. the vet couldn't find anything wrong with her and could feel any signs of pregnancy. if pregnant she would be due in the next couple weeks. she hasn't shown any of these since until just a few days ago.

  • My cat has a greenish vaginal discharge, what could it be?

    she doesn't seemed bothered by it unless it leaks a lot, and then she licks the area. her habits haven't changed at all she is still happy and playful, and sleeps no more or less than usual. I thought it might be a yeast infection, but read the symptoms and that doesn't seem to be right.

  • Are there other alternative to chemo treaments for my dog

    Are there other alternative less expensive chemo treatments to the 20 week CHOP treatment? I have an 12 year Golden Retriever with stage III Lymphoma. I am struggling with wanting to do the most/best for her and the reality of the cost of $3,500 for the UW19 Chop Protocol treatment. Is that my only option other than prednisone? I read about single agent chemo treatments. What is that? Is that a viable option? Is the survival rate greater than prednisone? What happens if I start chemo and can't continue? Will it be at all affective or damaging? Thanks for your help.

  • My bulldogs has a polyp in the corner of her eye

    My bulldogs has a polyp in the corner of her eye. Is this something I should have checked by a veterinarian? Female 4 year old spayed female bulldog with red polyp pinhead size in inside corner of right eyelid.

  • Can you wash the vectra 3d off a dog after 24 hours?

    will vectra 3d work even if i wash my dog he has had it on him for over 24 hours now and i would like to wash him

  • I have sick puppy who is suddenly throwing up

    my puppy (2 year old malteese) just started having diarhea and vomitted a couple of times today. what can i do?

  • Can I run with my labrador retriever dog on a bike trail for 2 miles?

    Can I run with my 5 month old labrador retriever on a bike trail for 2 miles? I have been running with my dog at a slow pace this past week on the bike trail for about 2 miles. I have heard that his bones are still growing and should not be doing this. He is five months old. At what point can I run with him?

  • My shepard lab mix has a split pea sized bump

    It is at the crease where his ear meets his head. what are the possible conditions/diseases this could be, and is there a way for me to differentiate them?It has been there ~ 2 weeks that I know & is clearly defined. It seems to be hard with just the 1 lesion, though I did want to apply a lot of force. No change in behavior and he does not seem bothered by it.

  • My dog is reacting negatively to arthritis medicine

    I have a 9 year old 90 lb mixed breed dog. He has arthritis in My dog has arthritis in his hind legs, he has been take Bufferin once a day for a couple years, Vet recommended, two weeks ago he slipped and tore a ligament in his back leg the vet put him on pain medicine. After 10 days of pain meds he was vomiting and diarrhea, he has eaten his food in 4 or 5 days, still drinking some, he loves cheese so I gave him some cheese and he ate that, now he is shivering. What could possibly be wrong?

  • My beagle dog has a lot of neck pain what should I give him

    We took our 4 year old male beagle to emergency because he looked deathly ill. The vet told us since he was tensing around his neck he has something going on with his neck. She gave us meds and he was doing great. The meds ran out and he started getting back to where he was. Can I give him aspirin, he is 42 pounds.

  • How many puppies can a dog have

    how many puppies can a dog have

  • Whats the best diet for a dalmatian puppy?

    I just want to be ready for when I get a puppy. I am not sure what brand of commercial dog food to get or give my new puppy a raw food diet. Either way I don't want my dog to choke on the splinters of a bone or get sick from food recalls. Please Help!

  • Balance problem in cats plus showing signs of disability

    My friend's cat gave birth to 4 kitties this spring. they stated to grow normally until they reached their first month. One of them stated walking and running, but the other three showed some kind of disability. They couldn't keep their balance properly. They were taken to 2 veterans and both of them diagnosed lack of vitamins but none of them helped. I'd be grateful if you watch these movies and tell me your idea. Thank you so much.

  • Cats plucking other cats for dominance issue

    I have two cats a Bengal that is 6 months old and another cat that is 15yrs old. The younger cat has been testing dominance as expected but has recently started plucking the other cat. what could be the reasons for this?

  • My dog has nibbled himself raw

    My dog has been very itchy lately, but I haven't seen/felt any bumps. This morning I looked and it seems like he has really nibbled himself raw in a particular spot. What should I do? Itch/Skin Wound?

  • Should I purchase a puppy with a luxating patella

    Does a small knee adjustment=luxating patella? Should I purchase this puppy? I have put a deposit down on a 5 week old Yorkshire Terrier. When the breeder took her in for her healthy puppy check the vet felt a small adjustment when testing for Luxating patella. The vet tried to recreate it but could not. The vet said that since she couldn't recreate the little adjustment that she would just retest in a couple of weeks.The breeder said she had Luxating patellas in her line. Does a small adjustment or click of a puppy's knee = luxating patella? What should I do now?

  • My german shepherd puppy, we believe is partially blind.

    My German shepherd puppy, we believe is partially blind. What could partial blindness be from? We do know she was the runt of the litter. She weighs only 32 lbs at 9 mos.

  • My dog is taking sentinel can I also use frontline plus

    my 5 year old jack russel terrier is 15 pounds and takes sentinel can i use frontline plus also she just had her sentinel dose 3 days ago she has been having a flea problem

  • Is it safe to use a cat flea shampoo 3 days after applying frontline?

    I applied frontline to my cats but they are still scratching. Is it safe to use a shampoo as well to kill the fleas?

  • Worried about the unpredictable response with our dog

    I bought an English Springer Spaniel from a Rescue Center. The dog was believed to be 12 to 18 months old and under weight. We noticed it would roll on its back in a submissive response or roll on its back to encourage stroking of the stomach and once the hand touched the chest the dog would snarl and attempt to bite. It also has very red eyes and has no enthusiasm for playing with toys. It seems it may have come from a home in which it was abused. We are worried about its unpredictability

  • Neurological disorder with my ten year old chihuahua dog

    about a week ago my dog started getting shaky when started getting worse so i took him in to get looked at. he is a ten yr old chihuahua. They ran all kinds of tests and xrays and said it was neurological but weren't sure what it was. Many of the other questions about neurological disorders deal primarily with the hind legs but he struggles more with the front. All his vitals are good. Any thoughts? Thanks!!!

  • My dog was diagnosed with Anterior Cruciate Ligament rupture

    5year 5 month old Cocker Spaniel with diagnosed Anterior Cruciate Ligament rupture of Right hind Leg. Dear Vet, I have a 5 year, 5 month old cocker spaniel who is suffering from a freshly diagnosed rear ACL rupture. I was at the vet yesterday and was told that it is completely ruptured and he will have to undergo surgery. I am at a loss and super confused as to what to do about this. I want the surgery if it is going to make him better. However I have so many questions about his recovery and how difficult and painful this will be. Any advice? I greatly appreciate any info you can give me.

  • Our cat woke up this morning with slight, is this the end

    PJ is only two years old so this is not an issue of age. She has always been "challenged" in that she doesn't appear to have normal coordination and balance of other felines I've had. She overcompensates on her jumps in order to make certain that she lands on something. This morning is unusual ... and when we pick her up she cried loudly as if it hurts but we can't tell where she hurts. We cannot afford "tests" so we just don't know if this is the "end" for her or not. Thanks for advice

  • Why are part of my dogs nails red like blood?

    Why are part of my dogs quicks (nails) red like blood? my dog tonka is a red nose pitt bull male . its a little weird and i dont know why but his skin under his nails is like a blood red at the top and hes always licking his feet, what does this mean and is he ok ? what do i need to do?

  • My Golden Retriever dog has osteosarcoma

    (R Shoulder and knee) It is Sunday night, we are out of his Tramadol but I have some (not expired) 50mg tabs. Is it OK to give to him tonight until I get his refill in the AM? I am a nurse and am pretty conservative with meds but will not let him suffer if at all possible. Karen Lucas

  • I have a pitbull puppy, 4mo. who is having difficulty moving around

    I have a pitbull puppy, 4mo. who is having difficulty moving around. When he gets up he seems to have pain . What can the cause be. My 4mo pitbull puppy is having problems with his hind legs. Started having problems moving around on Saturday. When he does get up seems to be having pain with his hind legs..what can be causing it.

  • My chihuahua gave birth to 4 puppies, can there be more

    my chihuahua gave birth to 4 puppies,but she is still pushing like if she has another puppy to come,but nothing seems to be happening.What can i do or how can i know if she still has a puppy inside?Its been 3hrs from the last puppy. What can i do?

  • What Is Antibilrg treatment for my dog

    I adopted a black lab from the pound.On there papers I received with her it said that she received a antibilrg treatment.Can you tell me what this is?

  • Is my dog in pain?

    I have an eleven year old, 35 lbs sharpei/pittbull mix that has CHF and is taking Enapril 5 mg (two in the am and two in the pm), vetmedin/pimovendan (1 chewable tablet twice a day), theophylline 100 mg (two a day), and furosemide 50 mg (three times a day). I am noticing fluid build up in her abdomen even though she continues to eat well. Some days she coughs and wheezes occasionally and other days she does this all the time. It varies by the day but other than that she is a very happy and loving dog.

  • Why is my dog acting nervous?

    We have a three year old Cockapoo considered to be in excellent health. Yesterday the behavior of our very happy dog changed. His tail went between his legs (which has never happened) and he was shaking. When we went outside he would sniff the air and head back to the door to go back inside immediately. Inside or out he now has no interest in any play time. Today has been more of the same, even though we have tried not to make a big deal of it. What could be wrong with him?

  • What is this lump in my dog?

    My one week old puppy has a lump in his throat and is having trouble breathing. The knot formed about 3 days ago it is extremely hard. he is eating a little and moving around a little.

  • Why is my cat losing weight?

    I have a female Maine Coon Cat. She is 10 years old, lethargic, with slow but constant weight loss, some vomiting & some diarrhea, always hungry, with a high white blood count. The vet has been treating her for worms, tapeworms, and diarrhea with two types of antibiotics for about 5 months now.

  • Can I give Ibuprofen to my dog for arthralgias?

    My dog is an adult poodle weighed in at 4 KG; can I give it Ibuprofen for arthralgias?

  • What can I do for my dog now for pain until I can take her to the vet?

    My 6 yr old Boston/Shih tzu was running and seemed to have maybe sprained her back leg. She will not walk on it. It does not look swollen. She yelps a little when extending and flexing the leg. Her vet will not be available until Tuesday Sept 7th due to the holiday weekend.

  • My dog has liver problem with phenobarbital

    HI MY VET TOLD ME THAT MY DOG IS ON PHENOBARBITAL lhasa apso/maltesse has low protein 1.5 gm/dL and vet told me that my dog will die soon ,because her liver is small .She prescribe Metronidazole and Denamarin WHAT IS DANGER PROTEIN LEVEL ?CAN MY DOG SURVIVE?What about Metronidazole why?when metronidazole should'nt be used with liver problems nor seizure. Thank you Jerry

  • My doberman dog was spayed and she is bleeding from the vulva.

    My doberman was spayed and she is bleeding from the vulva. My vet assures me that everything was done correctly and that her ovaries and uterus were removed but she may have been close to being on heat and that is causing the bleeding.

  • Coughing and vomitting dog with blue streaks on his stomach.

    My 4 year old Border Collie has been coughing and vomiting for about a week. We have seen the vet and are giving her prednisone and clavamox. Coughing is not quite as frequent, but she now seems to have developed 2 blue streaks from her vagina to midway up her stomach. I am not sure if those streaks have always been there, but in light of the vomiting, I am concerned. Any thoughts?

  • My dog mini-yorkie needs another ear ablation

    Dog mini-yorkie (14) needs another ear ablation after succumbing to 3 serious ear infections in 2 yrs since the original op.My vet now didnt do her orig. surgery,he hasnt done repeat ear ablation surgery be4.I understand the extra risks due to scar tissue and the poss of him severing the facial nerve or of hemorrhage.Penny had a severe cough before the ear infection which has now cleared up since she had an injection of antibiotics.cud cough b linked to ear infection?what questions should i ask?

  • My dog is still bleeding due to penal trauma

    my dog has penal trauma My dog is already on meds but my question is will he stop bleeding and will his penis ever look normal again?

  • My female cat is having her first litter

    If a female cat is having her first litter, is it possible she may only have a couple kittens, and not gain much weight until week 6 or 7? We have a 4 year old cat who has never had kittens. She was in heat the last week of June and it only lasted about 2 days (normally 7-10), she got outside and we saw a male cat around the house. Her nipples are only slightly pinker, but she sleeps MUCH more, and her abdoment area is only slightly larger. Her mood has also changed from major mean kitty, to cuddley lovey kitty within the past two weeks. Pregnant, or not?? Can you feel kittens in the abdomen or are they too protected?

  • Possible Sarcoma cells in aspiration with my dog

    Hi, I have a beagle, Betty that I have had now for 3 years. She goes for nail clips, ear cleaning and anal glands squeezed every 6 weeks. A few days ago the Dr performed the anal expression a said she felt a hard mass and that it was deep in between her rectum and anal glands. She had to try 3 times to get an aspiration but did . Today I was told the result indicate " suspicious of sarcoma cells". I was referred to a specialist for a consult/biopsy. Is this always terminal? I am so upset.

  • Can Adequan cause bleeding tendencies with my dog

    Can Adequan cause bleeding tendencies, could it be harmful to her spleen mass and/or kidneys? My dog has had three Adequan injections now, over the course of 1 1/2 weeks. She is old and also just started taking a course of Acetaminophen for gum disease. About a year ago, we tried Metacam for her arthritis but it caused problems with her kidney. We also know she has a mass on her spleen about the size of a small grapefruit. As I said, she's had three injections and seems "out of it"; sleepy. One of her rear legs also seems to be "giving out" on her at random moments. Thank you, Cath

  • Cancerous tumor and sebaceous cysts. What is this?

    My 11 year old Golden retriever had a cancerous tumor removed several years ago. Since them she has developed several sebaceous cysts until now have not bothered her. Recently two of the cysts have become inflamed. For the past two days she has had a loss of appetite and is drinking more than normal. Could this be the cancer spreading and causing problems with the blood stream and should we start to prepare for the worst?

  • Is it a good idea to ration water for my puppy?

    We recently adopted a 4 year old yorkie puppy mill dog and are having lots of trouble housebreaking him. We gate him in the kitchen at night and during the day but he is still having accidents. My husband thinks that we should be rationing his water, a drink and meal at 6:30 when we get up, nothing while we are gone, another drink and meal when we get home at 4:30 and then a final drink at 9:00. Is this a good idea or should he have water available to him all day?

  • My dog has a reoccurring swollen back leg

    My dog has a reoccurring swollen back leg. He also has some scabbing on the bottoms of his ears and one on his face. Any thoughts- my vet is stumped. The condition began two weeks ago. He was running a temperature initially and given an antibotic and an anti-inflammatory. It seemed to get better, but a few days after the regiman ended, it came back. Lab tests do not show any major symptoms other than a slight elevation on liver enzymes, but nothing that our vet felt was alarming. He has also lost some weight. He acts his normal self and is not limping or acting as though the foot is tender. All other extremities are fine.

  • Does my kitten have an infected nail?

    Hi i have a female kitten who is around I think 8 weeks old. I figured it was a female, though it was hard to tell because its sort of young! I was looking at its paw and underneath it it looks like the pink part has black on it? Is that normal? And also on 1 of the back ones I think she has somehow lodged a piece of rubbish next to her nail.

  • My dogs rear left leg gave way and unable to walk

    2 days ago my 13 year old Golden Retriever's rear left leg gave way completely and he has been unable to walk since. I'm trying to get him to pee but he is very uncomfortable with me holding him up, plus it's hard for me to hold him more than a few minutes as he's a big dog ~99lbs. Vet said his white cells are elevated and gave him Gabapentin 100mg, Baytril 136mg, Deramaxx 100mg. He's very alert, but just lying there resting.

  • My kitten may have a infected paw??

    hi i have a female kitten who is around i think 8 weeks old.. it was given to me and i know absolutely nothing about it. more to the point.. i was looking at its paw well rather underneath it, and it looks like the pink part has black on it?? is that normal? between 1 of the nails it has lodged rubbish there, i would have took it out but it looks infected? what to do? oh and it seems extremely healthy and stays mostly indoors, thanks miss confused ?_?

  • My 14 week old puppy is sick please help

    hes dewormed and he was perfectly normal 2 days ago and today he cant eat or drink anything with out getting sick ten minutes later. help please

  • My cocker spaniel may have a fungus from playing in the snow.

    WE live in AZ but went up to play in the snow in UT. Ever since we came back our little Cocker Spaniel has had red skin and itching. My boss told me that fungus can live in the snow in some places. What can I treat his poor skin with?

  • My dog is swollen, including his genital area

    what is wrong with my dog he is swollen around and including his genital area he had an accident he was chasing a ball and ran into a horse shoe peg but it was several days ago and his semtons just started in this area the original area of the wound was more in the area of his inner leg he has a couple of scratches there is this an infection and how can i treat it at home i dont have money to bring him to the vet can i give him a low dose of antibiotics meant for humans and can i use a topical solution if so what please help me his is a part of our family and needs help

  • My dog has age wart on top of his back right foot

    My siberian husky seems to have a age wart on top of his back right foot. What can be done about that? The wart like spots are raised about the size of a large pin head and pink.

  • My three year old cat is walking off balanced

    all of a sudden yesterday after noon my cat started walking off balanced and with his head tilted.It almost looks as though he has pulled a neck muscle, but not sure. I have felt all bones and he doesn't seem to be in pain. He sort of has a limp but still puts weight on all legs and paws. He is a 3 yr old Egyptian meow

  • Why is my 9 week old puppy limping?

    My 9 week old Pitbull puppy has been limping periodically for two days now. She will let me touch and rub anywhere on the leg with no signs of pain at all. Her paw on this leg has no damage so I know that's not the issue. Her leg shows no swelling and she can run and play as usual. Sometimes she will go for a few hours with no limping but when she stands still she will take pressure of this leg(right front). What could the problem be?

  • Do boxers have a problem with kidney failure as young dogs?

    I have a 6 mo boxer pup that lately seems not able to hold his urine.....but more importantly is the fact that today his urine is very dilute.....

  • My pug has only one eye do I need to take him to the vet?

    he was like this when I adopted him at the age of two. Before, his missing eye had the appearance of winking, being more sunk in. Now it seems to be bulging out. the swollen area feels hard to the touch. Is this something I need to take him to a vet for, or is his normal? Thanks, Django.

  • Dog with Panceatitis taking enrofloxacin. Can i give aspirin?

    Can I give my dog aspirin if she is taking enrofloxacin for Panceatitis?

  • Dog wart like growth. What is this?

    My 7 year old male dog is a rescue. He usually has a longer coat. We had him clipped as the weather has been so hot. When we first got him, he had a wart like growth on his right flank that the vet tested cells on and said it was nothing to worry about. I have felt it at times and know that it has grown over the last 4 years, but now that he is clipped, I am able to see that it is the size of a ping pong ball, and very wart like in appearance. He is due for a check up in Nov. Should I get it looked at sooner? Should it come off?

  • Why is my 10 year old cat vomiting bright yellow bile?

    Hello doctor, I have a 10 year old cat and she's started vomiting almost everyday day, but today she threw up bright yellow. Until now she was in great shape for her age, still active. What could it be the problem? It almost looks like urine. Thank you. A. Lambert.

  • Dog dry skin question. Why does my Chihuahua have itchy skin?

    My chihuahua has dry skin (per the vet) and has been biting the same spot to the point that he has no hair left there. There is not a sore there, and I don't want him to get one. So I have a 2 part question: 1. How can I keep him from biting the area? 2. Can I use hydrocortisone cream on him (and if so, keep him from licking it off)?

  • My dog hasn't eaten all day, what should I do?

    shes a collie and is 12 years old! she has eaten the same dog food her whole life and now she wont eat it!

  • Found my 15 pound chihuahua hooked to a 105lb black lab

    I came home and found my 15 pound chihuahua hooked to a 105 pound black lab will she be okay I don't really know what to do. I came home and seen that my kids left my chihuahua outside and a big black lab/rockweller was hooked to her. She is very cold now and just lays around will she be okay. She is not bleeding. made her a comfortable bed, and I know that she is really tender in the stomach area, she just cries when she moves to much. I plan on taking her to the vet, but it is really late and there is none open tonight, so what else should I do.

  • Whats the best supplement to prevent Kennel Cough?

    My 1 year old boxer recently contracted kennel cough from the dog park. What is a good supplement or vitamin that I can give my dog to prevent her from getting it again?

  • My dog suddenly has back and leg problems

    my cocker spaniel woke two mornings ago and was in a lot of seems she has trouble getting up once up she can walk but not go up stairs of or get on couch.she is about 4 years old. seems to be in her back or her ribs maybe legs,when i pick her up to bring her to bed or go outside she is in a lot of pain and whines very loud.this all happened at once went from jumping in the back of our truck one day to not being able to go up a stair the next morning.thanks

  • How can I get my dog to eat after it was caught by a rope?

    How can I get my dog to eat after it has been hung by a rope? My pitbull got hung by its chain and will not eat or drink. When he drinks water he will throw it up. He is also having diarrhea.

  • Why does my dog have jaw problems?

    I found hardness under the lower jaw of my 7 month old spaniel. She is not eating and has a mildly elevated fever with saliva running through the left side of her mouth; she is lying down alot. What do I do?

  • Lameness in 5 mos old terrier mix dog?

    My wife and I recently adopted a male terrier mix (maybe brussels griffin?) puppy (approx. 5 mos old) from a shelter. When we take the dog outside after having him in the kennel for a period of time he appears wobbly in the hind quarters and has flopped over on his rear end. He seems to run fine and can even stand on his rear legs when interacting with our much larger greyhound. Could his legs just be falling asleep while he is in the kennel or is this something that a vet should examine?

  • The white part of my dogs eye is all bloody, what should I do?

    We woke up this morning and the white part of my dogs eye is all bloody. He had some white left in his eye but as the day has gone the whole white part is bloody, what can I do?

  • My 9 year old chihuahua is losing weight

    My 9 year old chihuahua is losing weight she eats but almost nothing and she has lose some hair but other than that she is happy and normal do I need

  • Can I give a dog dicloxacillin antibiotics for the infection

    Has infection

  • How do I stop my dog eyes from being swollen

    my dog was outside and when i came back ants were all over her and than her eyes start getting swollen and closing what can i do

  • Bernese Mountain Dog could be allergic to grain?

    I have a 11month Bernese Mountain Dog, we have been feeding him a combination of Royal Canin and Innovia both are the Large Breed puppy food. Lately his fur on his back is getting coarse and spotty, also his coat has a reddish tinge to it. He seem to be ok other than that, maybe a little less energy than normal. We have had mix opinions, could it be an allergy to grain? We have currently switched his food to a grain free food.

  • Will frontline plus kill feline ear mites

    will frontline plus also kill ear mites?

  • My dog has fatty tumors and I am afraid about neurologic problems

    Hi, I am looking for any treatment for CTX (cerebral cholesterinosis Can be replaced missing enzymes -Hydroxylases? My Great Dane have fatty tumors and I am afraid about neurologic problems.I see also this problem have so many dogs and nobody knows what to do! Can you help with your knowledge? Thank you! Jane

  • 18 yr old male cat is wheezing circling and disoriented

    cat has history of kidney problems (failure). We administer IV and he is now wheezing and then swallowing frequently, circling disoriented, running into furniture, stepping in his food bowl. Fortunately, he is still eating and drinking. What could this be? Should I take him to the vet or is this just a continuation of his illness?

  • Abdominal Swelling of a Cat

    I found an injured kitten whose back leg is fractured/dislocated at the hip joint. It has little appetite and part of its abdomen closer to its back legs is swollen. I live in a country where it is difficult to take it to a vet and afford that kind of money. what could be the cause of the swollen abdomen and is it fatal?

  • My dog got into the garbage earlier and now he has swollen lips

    My dog got into the garbage earlier and now he has swollen lips/cheeks/ around nose area..whats wrong??? My dog got into the garbage...i noticed a chewed can and clam chowder..he threw up a few hours later and now he has a swollen face..lips

  • My dog came out of the kennels last week and is sneezing a lot.

    my dog came out of the kennels last week and is sneezing a lot. He is sneezing and licking his nose, but there is no discharge just a bit wetter than usual. Do you think he needs an antibiotic? or something else?

  • Best dog food to give who is suffering from kidney failure

    what is the best dog food to give my dog who is 14 1/2 and suffering from kidney failure? what can we feed our dog? we just found out he has advanced kidney failure. Our vet recommended chicken and rice. He threw it up. Our vet gives him days to live and we want to make him comfortable. Should we feed him just beef, chicken and lamb or is there a good dog food out there for him?

  • I have a 18 pound pekenese dog who has an absessed tooth

    I have 500 mgs. of amoxicillan and Keflex 500 mgs. can I give her the amoxicillan or is to too strong

  • What can I do for a dog with diarrhea?

    My dog is vomiting and have really dark liquid diarrhea and she's not acting herself we maybe thought it was something out of the trash but we realized she tore open one of her toys. I really don't have the money for a vet but maybe I can make payments. What can I do for her?

  • Male cat had a fight with another cat, my cat is near death

    my 7/8 year old male cat had a fight with another cat, was pretty badly injured at the back, gave her a bath an applied piodine, have been giving him velocef, silver (jondus - second attack in 3 years), tried few other antibiotics (amoxil) but his fever is not subsiding. As a last resort doctors have advised vibramycin and say if this does not work to kill the infection or decrease the temperature then they don't have any thing else. Please advice

  • How does a cat react to being biiten by a black widow spider?

    How does a cat react to being biiten by a black widow spider? Can't fleas cause massive swelling on a cat? found a cat under my porch, young maybe 6 months. Started feed it 2 days ago noticed a bump on it's shoulder. Can't find any scratches or bite marks, but yesterday it had grown to the size of the palm of my hand. Noticed bumps on the lump and hair starting to come out. This morning it had spread across it's back and it is running a fever and having balance problems. I treated it for fleas because it was covered in them. There are spiders under the porch do you think it bitten by one?

  • My dog had a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine

    my dog had a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine. the vet gave her what he said was a "mass" dose of steroids. She then produced milk for 3 weeks and she was due to go into season on 08/26. she has not done so yet. Can a "mass" dose effect her cycle?

  • My siberian Husky dog has a line of scabs

    Through the thick double coat of fur there is a line of scabs about four inches long from behind his ear towards his shoulder blade. I brushed them thinking they were flea bites and found nothing. But surely not in a line, right? when I brushed all I got were small scabs of skin. He doesn't seem to be effected by them at all. What could cause a line of small scabs?

  • Why does my dog have skin problems?

    My dog breaks out on his leg every summer. It looses hair and then it is bumpy, red, and sometimes drains. In the winter it clears completely up and goes away. Would Neem skin oil be a good choice to fight this? We have taken him to the Vet and he was put on antibiotics that helped but now it is still itchy. They want to do tests for mange but our other dogs do not suffer from this condition. Please advise.

  • My puppy breathes extremely heavily when she sleeps or at rest

    i have a four and a half month old pit terrier mix. she was malnourished as a younger puppy, until i adopted her about a month ago. she breathes very heavily when she sleeps or is at rest. what could cause this? i've heard of heart defects and other things and i am not sure since she was malnourished, anything could be wrong. help!

  • Can an X Ray show if a cat has already been spayed?

    If a cat has already been spayed at an early age, thereby not showing a scar from surgery, can having an x-ray done show that the reproductive organs have been removed?

  • Why is my dog drinking excessive amounts of water

    i have a jack russle and lately she can't seem to quench her thirst. she will take lots of water in one go , its frightful..i have always given her hard food and tinned ( not mixed )..she seems to have gone off the tinned otherwise she's ok

  • What are the signs of hip problems with golden retrievers

    What are the of hip problems with golden retrievers

  • Why is my cat shedding?

    I have a cat that is approximately 9 years old. He came to us as a wild cat. The problem is that he seems to have no hair under neath his belly all of a sudden. Its hard to tell if he has been licking it off or the hair has just been falling out! Now he has started limping on and off for the past 3 weeks. I checked his paws for prickles, there was nothing. He doesn't act as if he is in pain, he still seems happy.

  • Please give me a few recommendations of dog food to feed my dog

    can you please give me a few recommendations of dog food to feed a 100 pound 10 month old bloodhound? I have read so much contradicting info that I give up.

  • Dog has smelly eyes and what can be done to fix it?

    What causes smelly eyes and what can be done to fix it? The dog is a bishon cross with big eyes. There is a constant odor similar to stinky feet or vomit. We are dog-sitting this little one but interested in an answer.

  • Found few lumps on my 7 month old lab dog

    Hello. In the past two days I have found a few lumps on my 7 month old lab. There is one on the lower part of her right front leg and one on the side of her face, just above her lip. They are both just a bit smaller than the diameter of a quarter. They are hard and raised. They don't seem to bother her but she does not like me trying to touch them. A friend of mine is a vet assistant that removed them said that she may have been stung. Do you think that is possible? What else might it be? Thanks

  • Puppies developing raised bumps on their skin

    my puppies are five weeks old..some of them are developing raised bumps on their skin that are rather large ... it doesn't seem to be uncomfortable. what do i do?

  • My kitten is having trouble breathing

    he kind of acts like when a person hyperventilates sometimes

  • My cat can't meow, What can I do?

    My cat came home from being outside for a few hours and now she can't meow. She is physically trying to meow but nothing comes out .She is normally a VERY vocal kitty. What should I do? How can I check if it is serious BEFORE going to a vet?

  • Kittens eyes or eyelid have gone bad

    our 14 week old kittens eyes have gone funny i think its his 3rd eyelid its coming over half his eye and staying there is this bad

  • Dog rolling on his back and barking, is this dry skin?

    my dog started to roll on his back and starts barking. is this dry skin? bathed him but he still does this

  • What are the first signs that your female dog is pregnant?

    i found 2 dogs, female toy poodle and a male yorkie. the yorkie and female mated yesterday and became stuck together. neither have been spayed or neutered. i know this because the poodle gets her monthly every 6 months.

  • Shephard Akita mixed dog has gone from healthy active to weak

    Our 14 year old Shephard/Akita mix has gone from healthy active to weak, drinking water in access, frequent urination, hearing loss and sleeping. She has trouble climbing 3 steps to get in and out of the house. Her latest blood test show ALKP=1745, LYM.46, EOS=.05, AMYL=402, all others in normal range. The vet recommends ultra sound or liver biopsy which we cannot afford to have done. Is there anything we can do to make her more comfortable? What to do when you can't afford the tests

  • My cats fur on the end of tail I think was ripped off by the door

    My 1 yr old Siamese tries to dash out our doors and I think he was waiting near our back door and sometimes our door slams. We noticed his end of tail my cats fur on the end of tail I think was ripped off by the door

  • My dog was stung really bad by bees, what should I do?

    my Yorkie just got into a bee hive of like 80 bees and was stung really bad..and now he is vomiting, diarrhea and urinating blood. what should i do??

  • My 3yr old daughter fell on top of our 3 month old kitten

    My 3yr old daughter fell on top of our 3 mo old kitten, she is limping and seems to be favoring her left hip. She can walk and run but again she uses her leg gingerly and keeps laying down after moving. I do not think anything is broken and she does not seem to be in pain when I palpate her leg but does seem uncomfortable when I palpate her hip. Does this sound like just a bruising or does she need to go to a vet?

  • My dog has a cut on his chin, how should I clean it

    my dog has a cut on his chin how should i clean it scabbed up but it doesn't look to healthy can i clean it with hydern

  • My cat has red circles around his eye lids, what does this mean?

    My 8 month old cat has been acting differently for the past couple of days. He has lost his appetite most of the time, he uses the litter box more frequently and the smell is very odorous. He is also less playful and acts more distant. His appearance has also changed. His eyes have gone a little swollen at the bottom, he also has red rings around his eyes and the grey parts are coming out more. I am very worried and the vets are fully booked, should I call emergency, what does this mean?

  • My dog has kennel like cough and very lethargic

    my mini daschunds is throwing up, diarrhea, sneezing and sounds like kennel cough. She is boarder line lethargic s this urgent. She has urinated once today and that is all. She feels hot and definitely isn't herself. She is just laying around. Please help I don't know if maybe she ate a lizard in our yard or what. We live in south Georgia.

  • Wheaten terrier dog throws up within 15 minutes of eating.

    My five year old Wheaten terrier dog throws up within 15 minutes of eating. If he only drinks water, he vomits it within 5 minutes. He drools a lot in his crate at night. Urinalysis showed a high bilirubin level and blood work showed slight hypothyroid but the vet said that he doesn't act or look like a hypothyroid dog. He is on a medication to get his food into his system faster, but he is still throwing up liquid and food (about a fourth of what he has eaten)shortly after he eats. He also sounds at times like he is short of breath.

  • My 14 year old Lab mix has large lumps all over

    My 14 year old Lab mix has large lumps all over all over her. Some of them have been there for at least 3 years. There seems 2 be more of them than there were. I'd say she has at least 5. Most of them are golf/tennis ball size but for one that is marble size on top of her head. What, other than the obvious cancer, could they be? The vet that saw her last year didn't seem 2 concerned but said we could run tests. We don't have the $$ to treat cancer so I would like to think it could b something else

  • What is the cause of a lump under my 2 year old dog

    what is the cause of a lump under my 2 year old shih tzu chin with thicken mucus like saliva my 2 year old shih tzu just developed a lump under her chin. decreased appetite, thicken saliva that feels mucus like and drooling that hardens on the hair of her chin with a slight odor. just noticed yesterday. vet closed today for holiday. pls advise if this is an emergency.

  • Why is my puppy gagging and vomiting?

    Hi, Lately my 8 month Yorkie mix puppy has been making what I believe to be a gagging sound and then about ten minutes later throws up. He is energetic and plays all day but it worries me that he is doing this. Also during the day he will sometimes throw up but when I feed him dinner he only makes the gagging sound. Also he is only pooping once a day and it worries me because he usually goes twice a day and only goes in the morning. What could be the problem?

  • Why does my puppy keep having loose stool

    shes 4 months old and has had diarrhea on and off since i had her at 8 weeks after changing her food to hills science plan. shes been to the vet twice, a stool sample was all clear. she had antibiotics for 2 weeks this stopped it straight away and stools were normal but within 24 hours of finishing antibiotics loose stools came back. she is on hills id prescription food the vet said to keep her on this.

  • My dog is oozing a brown discharge from rear end

    bullmastiff bitch 9yrs 6mths oozing a brown discharge from rear end has become fussy with food, drinking plenty but looks unwell - still able to get up and cleaning herself. Thought she was coming in heat but color has not changed

  • How much solution to treat eye discharge from my dog

    How much contact solution should I use to treat yellow discharge from eyes My little dog has a yellow discharge from his eye! It was really bad this morning

  • My Wheaton dog that ate two corn cobs

    I have a 2 yr old Wheaton dog. He ate two half corn cobs on Sat. nite. Acting fine & doing his usual pacing around mail time on Sunday & he spit up some blood. Called ER & told me to bring him in. Said they should do surgery to remove the cobs before they went into his intestinal track. They couldn't really explain the blood. He was still acting fine and in no pain. Then they were busy & by 11:30 decided not to do it & want to keep him there all day today to watch him. I feel like I should just go get him. Should I?

  • My six month old dog has urinary problems Wht do I do?

    In the last day or two, my puppy has started squatting frequently and trying to urinate. She passes a small amount of urine each time-sometimes only a few drops. She seems to have no pain when passing urine. When I palpate her lower abdomen, there is no sign of pain or swelling. She is eating well and acting normally except for the urinary symptoms. Thanks for your feedback on this.

  • My dog may have accidentally taken a Vetmedian 1.25mg tab.

    My boston terrier may have accidentally taken a Vetmedian 1.25mg tab. Should I do anything? My boston terrier is about 26 lbs and is 1.5 years old and has not shown any symptoms.

  • My mixed dog seemingly pulled a muscle

    My energetic 1 year old lab mix seemingly pulled a muscle while chasing down a Frisbee. He cried when it happened and now doesn't move very much. When he does move he's pretty much using only three legs. He still has an appetite and wants to be around the family. What can I do to treat him?

  • When a small dog is bitten how serious is it?

    Lilly is a yorki and was bitten by a larger dog on the neck. Now the wound is just a small puncture to the underside of her neck on the right. We have cleaned the wound with betadine scrub and applied antibiotic. She has thrown up repeatedly now, should we be worried and take her to a veterinarian?

  • My dog is throwing up white foam.

    She had a piece of burger last night at a BBQ. I'm worried something is wrong.

  • I accidentally cut my dog while I was trimming her

    I was trimming my 2 1/2 yr. old bijon shitzu yesterday, and I accidentally cut a 1/2 This has happened before once, and it did bleed, but scabbed over and healed. I'm wondering if he needs stitches to close the hole? He seems to be in pain, and not interested in his normal routine, play, eat, outside etc.

  • My dog suddenly changed his behavior, should we be worried?

    My 7 yr old male has suddenly stopped jumping on bed or chair. After some coaxing he will do it. He normally slept on bed or chair. He still chases hi Should we have him examined. Should we try to coax him or just leave it

  • My cat who is just over a year old is leaking in the butt

    My kitty who is just over a year old is leaking poo out of her rear. You can tell sometimes she doesn't even know it because she'll turn around and look at it like "Where the hell did this come from?" Most of it is runny but has substance to it, but sometimes it's clear goop. She's gotten her appetite back and still drinks enough water and her spirits are def. in check. I've tried switching her food and that's what made the leakage have more substance to it, but it's still happening.

  • My dog has been vomiting and has zero energy since we went camping

    My dog has been vomiting and has had 0 energy since we went camping yesterday, I think she drank some stagnant water, what should I do We had been camping for the weekend and she was fine. my father said he seen her drink from some standing water that was definitely stagnant. The veterinarian is closed till tomorrow. She has been very sick, vomiting and no energy since yesterday, I was just wondering what I should do and what other problem signs to look out for. Thank you.

  • Can a dog take over the counter pain medicine for arthritic pain?

    11 yr old female jumped off of the sofa now limping on all fours she has a slight arthritis But two days ago she was running outside after Her ball as if she was a puppy.

  • My dog has fungal infection, what are the causes

    my basset hound has a drippy nose, and also has been treated with no results for fungal under her leg areas. these areas definitely have a fungal odor. she scratches and chews at this area. also her belly is red any suggestions what is the cause

  • What will stop the eye discharge in my dog?

    My dog is 15, she is almost blind and we have to wipe a green discharge from her eyes daily. The vet said we can't stop it as it's just her body fighting infection. Is there any product that can help?

  • My dog is acting strange, hides under the bed

    my dog is not acting like himself and he just wants to be under my bed when he always sleeps on the bed and also doesn't have much of an appetite my dog is is acting strange he just wants to be under my bed and doesn't really want to eat please help

  • My dog is getting hind leg weakness

    my dog is getting hind leg weakness, his spine curls and his leg also curls inward as if he is about to sit down but doesn't he curls at the back end as if he were to sit down. it seems like hind leg weakness but his spin is curling into a sort of "u" shape.

  • What causes hair loss and weight loss in dogs?

    I have an 8 year old boxer who started losing his hair. About 1 month later he started losing weight rapidly. Do these symptoms together suggest a specific disease?

  • Wht do I do for my cat with vomiting diarreha problems?

    My cat is almost 6 years old and she has been vomiting at least once or twice a day and she's been also having diarrhea. I don't see any blood in either the diarrhea or vomit and she seems to have a lot of energy. I don't know what is going on. I can't take her to the vet, cause there is no vet where I live. Is there anything I can do that would help?

  • My puppy has eye problems. What do I do?

    My 10 week old puppy has a red eye infection, she was unable to open her eyes. I used pink eye medication for humans, and I let her sleep with that overnight. Now her eye opens half way but its gray; is that a good sign? Do I take her to the vet?

  • Why does my dog have digestive problems?

    Our lab Max has developed a problem eating. We noticed a lot of food would end up outside of his food dish and noticed when he was chewing the food would fall out of his mouth. He now will not even try to eat and we have been forced to feed him a slurry. He has also been vomiting bile. We have had blood work come back normal, full x-rays and barium trace that showed no irregularities. ME has been ruled out. No other muscular symptoms, gate is normal. This has been going on for about a month.

  • I have a (chic) small dog she is very listless

    I have a (chic) small dog she is listless and has an extended stomach or hard to the touch. She refuse to eat and she breaths like she has bad sinuses. Right now she can hardly stand we have to carry her out side to potty but she has had times she cant help her self. And she has been throwing up looks like flem. Pls help Wayne i am retired and cant afford the expense of a vet.

  • How long can my puppy be sick over eating chocolate?

    How long can my puppy be sick over eating chocolate? Could his diarrhea be from the food or is he still recovering after eating chocolate? My puppy is 14 wks old & ate 2 Hersey's kisses on Fri. He started throwing up & having diarrhea. He ended up throwing up all night. The next day he was back to his personality, but still had diarrhea. He ate normal for the next 2 days his personality was normal he just had diarrhea. Today, 3 days later he threw up once & still has diarrhea. About 2 wks ago I started incorporating new food into his meals. I gave him equal parts of both until i started running out of the old.

  • My male cat is loosing weight and fur on his legs

    my male cat is loosing weight and fur on his legs and it looks really sore, some of the patched are bleeding n raw looking. what could this be? sore spots, some bleeding, loosing weight and fur especially legs and spreading to belly.

  • How long does a female dogs first heat last?

    How long does a girl dogs first heat last? ie bleeding my 8 month old boston terrier has been spotting for 1 week plus on her first heat. Normal....

  • Can I give my 60lb rotweiler dog mix 200mg of ibuprofen for pain?

    My dog is showing stiffness in her hips and knees, she was struck by a car 2 years ago. I have her on a glucosamine supplement but she's very sore after a walk today can I giver her ibuprofen?

  • My chinese sharpei dog has a huge bump on his face

    my chinese sharpei has a huge bump on his face and now is spreading on his face with smaller pink bumps next too it what is it? He got the pink bump a week ago now its huge and it looks like its spreading can we cure it our selves and or take him too vet and what is it?

  • My dog had brain injury, worried about quality of life

    My mini pinscher was recently bit in the head by my sister's bluenose pitbull. His skull was fractured and so he underwent surgery to treat the bacteria in the brain which was introduced by the bite and the shards of skull which punctured his left frontal, parietal and temporal lobe were removed. The removal caused more bleeding. I just don't know what kind of quality of life to expect for him. He is only 3. Is it plausible he will recover to be a happy and functioning pet? It's very costly.

  • Neurological condition in a 4year old Female Pit Bull dog

    I have a 4 year old Pit-Bull ( Kira ) and suddenly she appear to be blind en dizziness and she stop eating , the Vet does not know the diagnosis and told me that the all the basic blood samples were normal she remained in the I.V hydration for 3 days then she appears to be better but still having difficult y to eat and can't chewing the food , and the food remains all in the water bowl ...then she is getting worst, could be poisoning or any neurological condition she might be developing??? tks

  • How much Prescription diet food should I be feeding my dog a day?

    How much Prescription Diet dog food should I be feeding my 10 yr old, 5.2 lb toy poodle a day? Should I be giving her another kind of food with it.thanks,Mary

  • My dog licks the air, very clingy, and catches flies, why?

    I have a 2 year old dog that licks the air, he has been very clingy, and he catches flies, why? My papillon licks the air constantly like a snake. He tends to be very clingy to only one person and becomes protective. He has a tendency to go after flies. I always see him trying to catch flies.

  • Seven week old Husky dog with one ear erect and one ear folds over

    Hi I have a husky 7 week old he had both ears erect and now one of them stands and the other ear it is slightly erect with just the tip of the ear folding over, will it stand back up? Also does it have to do with him teething. Although he is teething I never see him bring the ear that folds straight up.

  • My 2 wk old lab dog has a swollen toe

    My 2 wk old lab puppy has a swollen "toe" and a bump on the top of it's foot. I think it might be from dragging it's back leg before it could walk as it can now. But I'm worried it might be something else. It doesn't seem to hurt though. The bump almost looks like a callus. But the toe is what worries me because it is getting too big for it's nail. Thanks.

  • What can cause loss of control of back legs in a litter of kittens

    We recently got a new kitten. At around the age of 6 months old he started losing control of his back legs. He stumbles and has trouble walking and doing the things he had no problem doing previously. We contacted the previous owner and she too said that her other kittens from this litter have started having these problems as well. Is there any diagnosis for this particular problem in kittens around 6 months?

  • Cat is laying down then it starts breathing heavily

    what does it mean if a cat is laying then it starts breathing heavily,poops where it is still laying and started drooling i dont know its a emergency

  • My dog has been on antibiotics for over a week and still has a fever.

    Good Afternoon, My dog has been diagnosed with pneumonia and bortonella after having many tests coming out negative and no lymphoma! He isn't breaking his fever of 103.8-104 even though he's been on doxycycline & Zithromax for the past five days. I have him home after being hospitalized and I'm using ice packs, steam vapor, a bit of cup-page. When and if should his fever break?

  • My dog is having difficulty walking and standing

    My 11 year old lab is having difficulty walking, standing,and going upend down stairs. His hind legs are weak. I When he walks it almost appears he is drunk or on ice. This has been going on for about 1 year. In addition he has a strange cough. It often looks like he is trying to throw up but the cough is always unproductive. Any thoughts to what is going on. He is not overweight and has always been exercised..

  • Scabs on tips of my dogs ears

    My peek-a-poo dog has two lump scabs on the tips of her (floppy) ears. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, but doesn't want anyone to look at them. The scabs are crusty-looking and a little larger than pea sized. She came from the groomers and had a full trim of all of her fur, which had too many clumps to comb out, so we're re-growing her coat. What do you think those scabs are [& caused by]?

  • Dog's testicles has a black spot and it is flat?

    My boyfriend's chihuahua is about 10 years old. We noticed a few weeks ago that his testicles had a black spot and were flat. Now it has gotten worse. It looks as if bacteria is eating away at his testicles and they bleed. He keeps licking at them and he wont lay down because they hurt him. Instead, he'll rest his head on his paws but keep standing on his back legs and he's so tired he can barely even do that anymore. Whats wrong with the dog?

  • My dog has a small open wound on his shoulder

    My dog has a small open wound on his shoulder about the size pen opening, how should i take care of it. My dog ran into something sharp while running around the house, on his shoulder there is a spot that is an open wound. It's not bleeding but did have a little bit of puss come out. I cleaned it with peroxide and covered with neosporin and a bandage. Will that help it heal and keeping it wrapped?

  • My dog has a sudden behavioral change... Is she ok?

    My vet said I could give my dog frontline after 21 days, because I've seen a few fleas on her in the last couple of weeks. A few hours after I applied the frontline, around bedtime, she was acting really strange hiding in the kitchen in the dark, running into rooms she never does, hiding in the closet refusing to be touched. Gave her a bath and today seemed normal til we got back from our evening walk (where she played & ran as usual) and then repeated behavior like last night. Is she ok?

  • Two yr old cat wont eat and her ears are yellow

    i am trying to find out why my 2yr old wont eat and her ears are yellow w/o paying for it she has been with us for about 2mos. and she was about 95lbs but she was not eating the way she should have been for her size. her last owner said that she feed her 9lives and walmart brand cat food the walmart brand and the 9lives but now she is not eating anything not for the last week at least

  • Why is my dog vomitting one week after birth

    my dog gave birth one week ok,everything went fine she has been eating and drinking fine until today where she as been throwing up undigested food ,and not drinking much,we are worried as she has nine pups to feed,she seems ok in herself seeing to the pups going out to use toilet wagging her tail ,shes just not keeping food down.

  • My 3 year old dog suddenly started trembling with loss of balance

    my 3 year old dog suddenly started trembling and loss of balance that lasted about 15 minutes. She also kept licking her lips during this time.

  • My Dog becomes occasionally dioriented and loses her balance

    Hello there... my 6 year old Jack Russell has been having these strange episodes for a couple years now... every now and then (around every 6 months or so) she suddenly cant walk without stumbling and continually falls down... her eyes look like she is staring off in the distance and then she shakes uncontrollably, occasionally she freaks out and will run straight into a wall as if she cant see or cant control where she is going. These episodes last for about 5 minutes, what could be wrong?

  • My dog is off balance and running into walls

    My rat terrier is off balance and running into walls she woke up this morning acting funny like she cant see very off balance and running into walls

  • Dog has swollen and Sensative eyes

    My Shitzu is 7 years and her eyes are swollen and she seems to be sensitive to light. Could this be allergies?

  • Our dog has a huge tumor on the top of his back

    Our dog has a huge tumor on the top of his back. It doesn't seem to bother him, but it looks scary. (approx.4"Hx6"Lx3"W) Tumor on spine He is a sweety, a rescue dog, and it's always been hard for him to get up from a laying down position since we got him last fall. He's 2 years old. Since the tumor has grown from zero to where it is now in a month, we don't have much hope for him. We are also people of limited finances. We just would like your opinion of what it could be, why is growing so fast, etc. Thanks

  • My dog started showing some very disturbing behavior

    I have a 3 year old Manx started showing some very disturbing behavior which I think might be symptoms of something worse. I thought it was due to the fact that we just moved recently, but we've been in the new house a month and she still hasn't gotten better. She has massive hair loss, an extreme loss of appetite, and I'm not sure if she's losing bladder and bowel control or if her legs are just too weak to get her inside the covered litter box. Concerned that it's cancer or possibly FIV, and because I just got laid off and don't have the money to do a long term medical regiment. Any advice? Laura Smith

  • My dog got a cut on his head what should do

    somehow my dog got a cut in his head, it is hard now, It feels hard skin or scab, i cant tell because of the hair what should i do, i have no money at this time

  • Where can I find treatments for my dog after cancer surgery?

    I found my dog wandering the streets five years ago near a grade school. At the time I was concerned for the safety of the children so I got out of the car and distracted the dog while the children crossed the street. Sabrina waged her tail and licked me and as I opened the car door she ran in to the back of the car and as I was driving she licked my face and the rest is history. Please help us her skin cancer will be removed but I don't know any place in CA for treatments.

  • My dog has some scabs on his head. What do I do?

    I never noticed his head was bleeding until I wiped it. I have no money, what should I do?

  • My Dog has a growth in its nose. What should I do?

    My 8 year old Samoyed Shadow has a mass in his left nasal cavity that is obstructing breathing. It started out as bloody mucus discharge back in February. After 3 ct scans and 2 biopsies (both biopsies negative for cancer) the mass has gotten larger and has destroyed a small amount of bone between the sinus and brain. Shadow has been on Prioxicam 10 mg for 3 months, along with Chlorephenerime 4 mg. Shadow is otherwise healthy, eating, drinking, playing. Please help-any suggestions?

  • What should I do for the worm treatment for my dog?

    My adopted dog received the two shot regimen instead of the three from the rescue organization three months ago. How concerned should I be that he will test positive for adults when I retest in 6 months? I heard the 3 shot regimen is better. He is negative for Microfaria and is on preventative.

  • My dog has scabs at the base of it's head. What should I do?

    At the base of my dogs scalp there seems to be what I would call scabs in his fur. What might this be from and what should i do about it? It is on his head only.

  • My cat had a scar on her nose

    i noticed that my cat had a scar on her nose and as couple of days passed it keeps growing its like a mole but bloody, what is it?!! please help it looks like it hurts her, and she scratched it off one time and it grew back bigger!

  • Could my cat be having an allergic reaction?

    For the past few weeks, my cat has been retching like he's got a hairball that he can't get up. I've taken him to the vet and they gave him a dewormer (even though he tested clean) and something to get rid of the hairballs. He's still doing it. However, we just realized that he only does it when we are drying hot peppers from our garden. Particularly, the habaneros (which makes the humans in the house cry.) Could this be a reaction to the smell or the capsaisan the perfumes the house?

  • Lumps on Boxer's Leg Is there some treatment I could try

    My 7 year old boxer has developed 6-7 marble sized lumps on the back of his right leg. They are dry and scaly on the top and they appear to itch occasionally. I have tried to get into our local vet, but they can't get him in for 10 days. Is there some treatment I could try in the mean time to help relieve this?

  • Female German Shepherd dog with unusual symptoms

    i have a 3 yr old female german shepherd she takes fits blood tests show no epilepsy she has taken epiphen, gabapentan, epilepsy, and now she takes 6 epiphen a day 60mg and 2 500mg keppra she started keppra 3 wks ago she has started taking fits again 3 in two days waiting to hear from my own vet he appears to think this could be a space occupying growth in her brain she is a healthy looking dog other than these fits the only other thing is when she fits one of her feet tends to drag when she walks do you have thoughts on this

  • Old dog's coat turned ginger and has not shed

    My chocolate lab's coat has gone ginger and he has not molted. He is 13yrs old on carprieve for arthritis.

  • Lung defect as kitten allergic reaction to anesthesia?

    Kitten under anasthesia did not make it. Did necropsy said it was lung defect explained as allergic reaction to anesthesia. Is that common? Ever heard of it? Doing declawing procedure. Have little boys who are devastated and scared of drs and vets now

  • Dog sitting in praying position

    My dog seems lethargic and is sitting in a "praying position". Should I be worried?

  • How do I know if my dog has acid reflux?

    My 5 yr old shar pei seems like she has acid reflux. It looks like she regurgitates (not vomiting). Does not seem like food is coming up, which is why I'm wondering if it is stomach acid. She did have stomach surgery about 2 months ago.

  • Dog vomiting after surgery, should I be concerned?

    My dog recently had gastrotomy 4 days ago after eating a ham bone. She vomited a few hours ago. I just fed her a small amount 1 hour ago and hasn't vomited. Should she be okay now?

  • Puppy ears are goofy while teething?

    My puppy is a 16 week old Australian Shepherd, her ears are wacky right now. One is up and the other is down. Is this typical

  • My dog is breathing heavy after being bitten by an ant

    My dog was bitten by an ant and now is breathing heavy

  • Can humidifiers help dogs with laryngeal paralysis?

    I have an older lab with laryngeal paralysis and I was wondering if a humidifier at night would help him with that?

  • Kittens eyes seem to be stuck shut.

    my kitten was stepped on by accident, our vet said that it looked like the front of her head was very swollen so that must be where she was stepped on. He gave her a cortisone shot to reduce the swelling. She is beginning to take water & move around a little. My concern now is that her eyes seem to be stuck shut. I have put water on them but wondered if there is a better solution?

  • My dog may have a tumor, what are my options

    Hi i really need some options hi i have a 9 year old german her name is chey enne i spend almost every hour with that dog since she was 3 weeks old , i recently took her to the vet and he said that she has cushings i think my vet is not telling me all my options for treatment . what are some good treatment options , there running test to confirm the disease they THINK its a tumor on the gland in the brain is it removable and am i better off treating her or getting the surgery done if they do that also how much cost?

  • Different ways of treating cushings disease for dogs

    Where can I find research on different ways of treating cushings disease for dogs using lysodren?Can/ Has anyone ever seen it done where the one week induction is skip and instead the weekly maintenance dose is commenced straight away and a ACTH test is done 6 months later to check if dosage is correct. I know it will take longer for results this way but it will also be cheaper as we are struggling with costs. My dog is 14 yrs, had bad reaction to lysodren, just want to make him comfortable, unfortunately we can't afford main treatment method.

  • Cat with residual symptoms from pain meds

    Yesterday my cat had an x-Ray of her hips. To facilitate it, they gave her a shot of "pain meds" about 10 mins before. When I got her home she was drooling excessively, but that's pretty much stopped. It's 20 hours later though, and she's still restless, pacing, purry with dilated pupils. She hasn't really slept at all. I don't know exactly what they gave her, but when will it wear off?!

  • Are there any dissorders that act similar to a seizure for a dog

    My lab is shaking, still walking around, but eyes and body twitching and drooling, is he having a seizure? I had a different lab years ago that did have seizures and from what I remember he layed down every time. Thank you! Cindy Berglund

  • Litter has a puppy with a heart murmur

    Hello, I'm planning to get a puppy this weekend and I have just heard from the breeder that our puppies sibling (another male in the litter) has a heart murmur. The puppy we are planning to get was vet checked in perfect health and will have his vet papers. Is there any fear that the puppy we are planning to get could also develop a murmur? Is it something the parents could pass on to all puppies? Or would it of had it at birth? Is it still safe to adopt this puppy? Thank you!

  • Cat is only 6 yrs old, can stress cause these symptoms

    I have 3 cats and a dog, my 1 cat is only 6 yrs old with no medical problems other then the anxiety disorder. she has been pooping out of the litter box for bout 7-8 months now. she stopped when my boyfriends son was away this summer except for 3 times, which he was home for 2. now he has been home the last 2 1/2 weeks and shes has been doing it again except for the 2 days he was gone. one of my other cats has been using the box and not using, hit and miss. could my stepson be the reason?

  • Chihuahua is really uncomfortable plus 3 weeks from due date

    Have a small chihuahua is really uncomfortable is about 3 weeks from due date up and down yelps and then seams ok very needy does not want to go outside for anyone but me how do I comfort?

  • Lumps on dogs nose?

    I have a Lab and German Shepard mix that's a year and half old, just yesterday these large lumps about 3/4 of an inch wide appeared on her nose it started out as two but this morning when we woke up she has three more that's appeared, one on her nose, a smaller one on the side of her nose, and one on her mouth, that's red. Can anyone tell me what these are? Nothing has changed, she ate the same food, shes an inside dog so she hasnt got into anything that we've seen, we do have a kitten but we had him for 2 weeks and nothings changed on her till now

  • My cat has a corn on her paw

    my cat has a corn on her paw she was fine this morning but this evening she is favoring that paw and is limping what should i do she was fine this morning but now she is favoring and limping shes getting around but i am worried shes never been like this what should i do

  • My cat has raspy breathing, non-productive writhing

    my cat has raspy breathing, non-productive writhing "hacking" fits, an X-ray with many white donut shaped areas scattered throughout the lungs, and doesnt appear to be improving with higher dosage prednisolone. one injection was administered and the vet felt that would cause noticeable change. that was the first visit. He has X rayed twice and we have spent a good amount of money. upping the prednisolone seems to be his only answer.

  • Large open sore inside part of my dogs leg

    Recently got a dog she had been attacked by other dogs, now has large open sore, seems like a cyst that has opened up. There is a large knot in the area.

  • My Dog ate my horse feed

    I was in the barn and had mixed up horse feed molases and bute for my horse I had started to give it to my horse and my dog got into it and ate half of a bute, She is a 2 year old golden retriever, What will happen and what should I do?

  • Can my dog take aspirin for temporary pain relief?

    Shes had surgery on her right rear leg previously and has been limping on it. she has a bar on her leg from the last surgery almost 2yrs ago and the vet said then that she would be able to live with it. its been 2 days and she hasn't moved except for me carrying her outside to do her business. im waiting until i can get her in hopefully tomorrow... but until then is aspirin ok

  • I have a 2 yr old golden retriever dog who slipped off my landing twice.

    My Golden Retriever mix slipped and fell of my landing twice and I noticed a large clump of hair stuck in the wood where he slipped. The skin was not injured in any way, it is just a bald spot, no scraps,cuts,etc. Will the hair grow back and what can I do to make it grow back faster? Any ideas will help. Thank you!

  • My cat has some dry skin just before her tail, what might it be?

    She also sheds constantly. She hasn't been to the vet in awhile, so I don't know if she has any particular problems. She is indoors constantly, usually hiding in the closet. What could this be, if fleas aren't a probable cause?

  • Could you use a little lime dust for a cat litter box for odor?

    Is it safe to used a little lime dust for a litter box to keep odor away?

  • Five year old standard poodle leg is swollen

    5 year old standard poodle leg is swollen at the knee and fire sign of a wound. We thought he strained his leg jumping 2 days ago. He could hardly walk. Made him rest over the weekend and he is walking much better and putting weight on the leg. However this morning the leg at his knee is fire red. It is not sensitive to the touch nor is it hot. There is no visiable sign of a bite or wound.

  • My dog is 17 years old has become intolerant of walking

    my dog is a 17 year old mongrel from Asia. Over past six months, she has become intolerant of walking far. Shivers and rattling of teeth are relieved by regular snacks. her back legs are failing and she is bothered by her tail end but cant reach it. Aspirin helps here. 17 is a good age - dont want her put to sleep/invasive treatment. She still has enough quality life. She has been healthy since I rescued her at 5 years -the normal life expectancy for dogs in that country Can you suggest any more I could be doing - palliative care?

  • Can you put flea medicine on a cat that may have parasites

    Can you put flea medicine on a cat that may have parasites found a stray cat would like to know if i can put flea medicine on this cat if it has parasites

  • Eight weeks old kitten, how often should she go to bathroom

    I just got a 8 wk kitten. she used the litter box once in 2 days. I feed her every couple of hours. she very playful. how often should she go. My kitten doesn't defecate after every meal. She did go once in 2 days. I have a 3 yr old male cat but they are separated.

  • Dog's right hind leg is sore. She's 4 and need advice

    My doberman has been limping on her right hind leg for 6 days now. When I press on her toes gently she is fine. Then I move up the leg, and half way between the Knee and the joint she pulls away from me. What would you recommend? Thanks for any advice!Julie.

  • Side effects of steroids injections for a 10yrs old male cat

    My cat was diagnosed with a nasal lymphoma 2 months ago, and has been on chemotherapy(tabletsonce every 3 weeks)and short acting steroid Prednisone tabs(7.5mg every second day)About 2 weeks ago he stopped taking the steroids.I tried hiding it in food,treats,directly into mouth etc.he spits it out or just refuses to take them.The vet has suggested giving him steroid injections every 36 hrs instead.Will the injections have worse side effects than the tabs?He is hyperactive,overeats & drinks a lot

  • How to treat 1 yr old dog with enlarged lymph node under jaw

    We have hot packed for 3 wks waiting for it to point. Vet says he will then drain and antibiotics. L.N. gets bigger and smaller. Second opinion please.

  • Can a dog (great dane) with dwarfism survive?

    I have a pure bred 6 week old great dane that only weighs 5 lbs and has several deformities in his upper joints. The vet is afraid that he may have dwarfism. What are his chances of having a healthy life if we run the test and they confirm dwarfism?

  • 14 year old mixed dog with coughing and incontinence

    I have a female dacha/terrier mix. She is 14 years old, almost totally blind from cataracts, almost completely deaf and a bit overweight. Lately, she has started coughing (mostly in the evenings). She has been having accidents in the house - almost as if she doesn't know she has to go until she has to go right that minute. I let her out all of the time, and she wanders around the yard. What could be causing the cough and the accidents?

  • Red spots on my dog's behind

    red spots about nickel size all over my dogs rump their are about 8 of these spots what could it be? He is continually licking at his butt can i put a cortisone cream on the little spots they are moist but not pussy or bleeding.

  • What is the best way to introduce an aggressive dog to a young calm kitten?

    i have a 3 year old border collie fox terrier. i just adopted a kitten. my dog is very aggressive and has had bad reactions to cats before. she tends to want to eat the cat. the kitten is very mellow and friendly, and has no problem around dogs. what is the best way to keep the dog from injuring my kitten without either getting hurt.

  • My dog's nose has green discharge. Does he need a vet?

    I have a german shepard with green discharge in both nostrils and eyes are tearing a lot. Does this require a vet or are there any home remedies to cure it?

  • Water leaking in the hind leg of my dog

    Hi, My dog's hind leg is swollen and a clear fluid leaks all the time but he doesn't mind that at all, he walks, eats and does everything like a normal dog. His vet says, nothing can be done about this and it's a good thing that the fluid is draining out. He says there's no treatment for this but eventually in most cases the dogs die suddenly with a heart attack. One of the tests showed that he has a slightly enlarged heart. Could you please tell me what's going on with him. He's 11 yrs old.

  • Pain Medication for Miniature Schnauzer

    My miniature schnauzer that weighs about 32 lbs apparently sprained his leg or ankle joint while running. I have Robaxin (500 mg tablets). Should I treat him with it until he can see a vet?

  • Are these cat constipation symptoms?

    I recently brought a kitten home from the farm my daughter rides horses at. They said she was three months old but is very tiny, supposedly 3 months old, but the definite runt of her litter. She has weepy eyes and her belly is bloated. I assume she has worms which will be treated shortly. She had been taken home by another family but returned because they had dogs that scared her. She apparently had a visit to a vet who said the weepy eyes may be caused by stress.

  • Drontal plus and Albon, and a puking dog. What can I do?

    Lab work came back today, vet called and began treating my dog. She's puking, and thirsty. What a miserable combination! I will call the vet when he opens in the morning. But the next 8 hours are likely to be miserable for the dog. I figure cleaning it up is easy compared to her state. Anything I might do for her to make it less unpleasant for her? Thank you!

  • What to do with a Hyper dog in heat

    My dog has been acting incredibly hyper lately. She has been in heat for the past week and a half however, her behavior is much more erratic. Taking her for longer walks and extra play isn't helping. Is there anything specific I can do?

  • My cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in May.

    When we started medicating him, he got 1/2 5mg tab of Methimazole 2 time a day. After 2 weeks, dose increased to 2 tabs 2 times a day. He had gone from 14-9 pounds -has regained 1 1/2 pounds. He also has a heart murmer. His energy & muscle increased. His breathing went from 60 breaths/min -to normal-about 38. In the last week or so, his breath rate has again increased to about 48-50 breaths/min. His energy level has decreased again. He doesn't seem in pain. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • My dog's toenails that separated between the nail and quick

    I have a weimaraner puppy (14 weeks) I noticed that she has two toenails that separated between the nail and quick. The nail has recently tuned white and today she broke one off. She has seen a vet and I was told to "Watch" . Is there anything that I can do for this?

  • Can draining a dog hematoma cause a black eye?

    We have a dog who has unexplained bruising on its side which resulted in a hematoma which must be surgically drained. The dog also seems to have a black eye. No known trauma has happened to the dog. Is there something else that could be causing this?

  • What could be causing my dog to limp?

    I have a four month old German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix puppy. A few evenings ago, I noticed she started limping on her back left leg. I palpated it, and it seems as though she feels no pain in it. I checked her paw to make sure she had no cuts or anything stuck in it. I'm starting to worry. What could possibly be causing her to limp?

  • Sharp knot under my cats skin

    I noticed a sharp knot under my cats skin (on top of his head) I thought that was where he fell and hit his head,,,well like 2 days later the little knot disappeared and went to the side of his neck,,,then the next day it was back on top of his head,,,could it be a chipped bone or a parasite? mrs. cody

  • Is something horribly wrong with my kitten sneezing?

    my kitten is 7 weeks old. I rescued her from the shelter about two days ago. We took her to our local and they checked her for worms, and she tested negative for worms, but gave me deworming medicine just in case and also an antibiotic because she possibly has inflamed intestinal tract. however yesterday when i brought her home from the vet maybe several hours later she started sneezing. she woke up this morning and sneezed like three times . should i be worried

  • Why would a dog testicle pop out during mating?

    Our yellow lab's testicles came out of his sack with his penis and were protruding (red) as he was humping another dog. Is this normal? They went back in shortly afterward.

  • Cats not eating, growling at food.

    We just took in two 13 year old cats. They are hesitant to eat, which is probably normal as they are still nervous in the new environment, but one in particular is hissing and growling at his food. Not at any other time. The other did this a little, but not as much. There are a myriad of things that are possible, especially since I don't think they were cared for well in their former home. They will go the vet as soon as possible, but I'm looking for ideas. Mouths look okay.

  • Is an ER visit necessary for sneezing kitten?

    We recently added an 8 month female kitten from the local humane society to our home. She has started to sneeze and has her right nostril appears to be red. Does she need to see ER Vet or can I wait until Monday? It also appears she is trying to cough up a hairball with no success.

  • Why is my puppy shaking?

    We have 11 puppies about 6 1/2 weeks old. They are eating dog food with baby formula mixed in. One of them started shaking and yelping today for no reason that we know of. Any help would be appreciated!

  • My dog threw up after drinking milk. What do I do?

    My dog drank milk and threw up. What should I do now?

  • Can a ten year old dog have puppies?

    I have a 10 year old female jack russell. We are about to get a 6 month old unfixed male jack russell. Can a 10 year old female get pregnant and have pups, and if so how dangerous is it for her and the pups?

  • How old is too old for dog breeding??

    Is 10 years old too old for a female jack russell to breed?

  • Persian cat having problem with back legs

    My Persian has been struggling when jumping up onto the bed, or the couch, almost like his hind legs just aren't working well. He walks fine....just not jumping well. He also seems to be breathing more heavily than usual.

  • My Cat foot Problems

    My cat is about 5 years old and lately (within the last month) he has been limping. I notice it's mostly his front left paw that he tends to not use at times. It is off and on pain and feels discomfort when i move it upwards ever so slightly. At first i thought it was due to running around and jumping off things, but I have been noticing him just start limping while walking. Is it his joints/bones bothering him? What could i give him to help him? He is my baby and i wanna help him out. Thanks.

  • Is it safe to give two rabies shots to my dog?

    My dog had his first shots done in March. I didn't receive a rabies cert. So when I got him neutered in June, they said they had to give it to him again. Is that safe?

  • What is causing my dog to vomit?

    My 5 year old blue pit bull has been throwing up for 2 days now, about 7 times in total. Just yellow bile yesterday, and a big pile of food this morning. He does eat grass, but hardly ever throws up after. I am worried that he might be sick or something. Do you know what could be causing this?

  • Does my dog have allergies to dust?

    Everytime my dog goes outside to play in my backyard (which is nothing but dirt) she scratches at her eyes and they appear to be puffy and watery.

  • Is a broccoli stem toxic to dogs?

    I gave my dog a broccoli steam. I was watching her chew it and look away for 5 sec and it was gone. Is she going to be ok. She is only a 6month old lab. I was just starting to research the effects of broccoli in dogs and now I am little worried. There are too many different opinions on the web!

  • Did my dog have a stroke?

    My dog has black stuff coming out of his mouth. His face is tilted and swollen along with his paws and he can't walk.

  • How often should you use flea shampoo on a puppy?

    Just wondering how often you should use flea shampoo on a puppy

  • Why do dog's legs shake when sitting?

    Have a 2 1/2 year old belgian k-9! vet says healthy but legs shake when sitting and peeing on one side with leg up! Why is that?

  • Bad breath in dogs

    Dog's breath smell like dead rat.

  • Cyst on penis of dog both sides near his balls

    My dog's penis looks like he has a cyst growing on both sides of the penis area closer to his balls. What do I need to do?

  • Pet vaccination shots for a Savannah kitten?

    Hi I have a Savannah kitten, and was told that I would have to have the killed virus vaccinations for her. And no FIP, or FELV. Also no modified live vaccines. I am in Yakima Wa. and need to find a vet that will administer these. I was told that the live virus could kill a Savannah. Please help. Patricia

  • Can dogs treated with Frontline still get Lyme disease if bitten by a tick?

    I have a 3yr old mixed breed that has been on Frontline since she was a puppy. She has never had any ticks on her, but I am planning on taking her camping this fall. From what I understand Frontline doesn't prevent tick bites, it just kills the tick. So is it possible for her to contract Lyme disease if she is bitten even if the tick doesn't remain on her? If so is there anything else I can do besides checking her for ticks right after hiking? Thanks for your help.

  • Dog has two small lumps

    My dog Jack Russell, he s full brown with white spots. I started noticing that he has two small moles or lumps developing to big ball. He starts to be very weak this year at sixth years of his age. What food shall we feed him? Two lumps on just very top of his body and one under his back leg. I am so worrying about him, my mother and brother says he s fine I know he's not fine. I am getting him in on Monday to check him out.

  • Can I give calcium carbonate to my dog?

    i want to know if i can give my dog calcium carbonate for upset stomach

  • Dog has a bump on his side by rib cage, hard, feels no pain. what can it be?

    dog bump on side, by rib cage, hard, feels no pain. what can it be? still eats same and drinks same amount. sometimes active but not like he used to be. cant jump like he used to.

  • My dog has a very swollen hip and foot

    My dog has a very swollen hip and foot, but I cant a bite or injury. However, he has a cut on his right leg. Can I give him doxycycline 100mg tablets? He is walking, but not putting weight on the hide leg. It's twice the size of his other one.

  • Is this an autoimmune disease or possible cancer with my dog

    My dog was diagnosed with cushings disease about 6 months ago and was started on trilostane. We have increased the dose to 60mg since his initial diagnosis. About 2 weeks ago he his ACTH test was checked again and showed his levels to be within normal limits, but he has progressively started to feel bad again. He has developed lameness in his back legs, fever, lethargy and decreased appetite. These are the same signs we saw before he was diagnosed with cushings, Is this an autoimmune disease or possible cancer with my dog

  • Can formula milk be drunk after deworming of kittens?

    I have an orphaned kitten and she is just about 2-3 weeks old. Our veterinarian had just performed deworming on her. Will she be able to drink her formula milk right after deworming??

  • How can I tell if my dog is in pain from a malignant tumor on her adrenal gland?

    I do hospice care for old dogs and my 15 yr old shih tzu-cocker mix has an adrenal gland tumor that is malignant. She also has non malignant tumors on her adrenal gland. The tumor has begun to spread. I want to know how I can tell she is in the final stage of this disease. How will I know she is in pain? She is such a sweet dog I want to keep her as long as I can.

  • Home treatment for dog with cyst, cannot afford surgery now

    My bull mastiff has a cyst on his back that has started weeping watery blood, not huge amounts but I need to clean it daily. The vet said it will cost ?700 to remove to cyst which I can not afford right now. Will it be okay if i keep cleaning it? He doesn't seem to be in pain and it hasn't grown. Please advise. Thanks

  • Great Dane has developed lupus-like sores on one paw

    Our adult Great Dane (male) has symptoms similar to Lupus, per recent vet visit. Started with cracked pad which fell off; two sores appeared this week and one has since healed. He is taking combo of an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic which has resulted in decrease in swelling of right front paw (injured Feb 06 during encounter with car resulting in broken leg). Eliminated exposure to hot pavement. Someone recommended calendula cream. Drug combo has helped a lot except for occasional sores.

  • Cat Eye Problems

    My cat is just a little over a year old. I just moved into my apartment so he was being held for me at a friend's house with other cats for about a month. I noticed that the pupil of his left eye was a lot smaller than his right eye and it looks glassy or cloudy. He's been holding that eye shut too. Last night, there was some discharge coming from it and after I cleaned it out, his pupil was the same size as the other one. This morning he seemed normal but his eye was very watery.

  • My dog is shaking and acting abnormally.

    It's a dachshund, he vomited about 3 times during the past week and today he didn't even want to get out of his cage.Whenever I try to pick him up he does a weird noise like if he can't breathe. He looks in pain and very sad.

  • Does my dog have cushings disease?

    My 14 year old border collie Mac is confusingly labeled 'transient diabetic'. Could he just have Cushing's disease? The vet ruled out Cushing's because general blood tests (those 2 hormones) came back normal. Further, she said our dog responded to his insulin well. He recently went off insulin for a few weeks and was fine. After a week at the kennel, he had a seizure and his glucose was high (about 300-400) again, now he's on insulin again.

  • Dog has a wound by the shoulder, why doesn't my vet try to bandage the wound?

    I took my dog to the vet after she was injured. We don't know how she was injured but she has an open wound about size of dime but 1 to 2 inches deep that hasn't stopped bleeding in almost a week. The vet has seen her twice and neither time did they try to stop the bleeding or bandage it. Told me not to wash it or bandage. Gave me panalog cream but said don't use neosporin. I saw one day larva crawling in her wound and picked them all out with tweezers what should I do?

  • How do I know if it's time to put my cat to sleep?

    How can I possibly know when it's time to put my cat down? She has been diagnosed with cancer but she is still eating & drinking - very little but still doing it. This morning she came in from the garage, into my bedroom to let me know she was hungry. She is having difficulty walking and is extremely thin. Reality is - I don't want to have to make that decision. She's 15 years old. Please advise.

  • How quickly do snake bites adversely affect small dogs?

    I found a snake by my pomeranian this morning but I am not sure if the snake bit her or not. I just got home a few minutes ago this evening and she appears to be swollen around the face. However, she is walking and seems to be fine. I was going to give her some benadryl but if it is a snake bite, I didn't know if I should take her to the vet. Can I wait until morning and see if the benadryl helps? Or should I go to the emergency room?

  • Curious pup has open sores on his nose

    I have a german sheppard who has recently gotten open sores on his nose and it's gotten worse over a 24 hour period. The sores have opened up and keep bleeding, not a whole lot but still bleeding. I think it could be fire ants since we live in southern Alabama, but it doesn't look like any kind of fire ant bites I've ever seen. The swelling keeps getting worse on the sores, and spreading all over his snout. He doesn't have them anywhere else can anyone tell me what this curious pup has gotten into

  • Blackish film over my dogs eyes can it cause blindness

    i have a Pomeranian she is 9 months old, she has got a blackish film over her eyes can it cause blindness, what is it can it be corrected

  • Does excessive dog shedding occur with addisons disease?

    my dog is being treated for Addisons. she has started shedding excessively. is this related to the disease?

  • How to stop my dog from eating cicadas

    My dog eats as many cicadas he can find. He has his own fenced in yard and we cannot watch him all the time. They are giving him terrible gas. What can I do to help him with the gas?

  • Dog's fur has change after being spayed

    Why has my 2 year old cockers coat has gone fluffy and dull since she was spayed? She had a smooth coat. People commented about the sheen, now she looks like she's having a bad hair day. Someone even mentioned thyroid problems. She's on 100g of iams dry food and 1 pack of wet food a day. She seems a little constipated sometimes and also seems hungry most of the time. She is also lazy.

  • Can Prednisone side effects bring on pain for DM

    My 9 yr old male German Shephard was recently diagnosed with DM, has been on Prednisone for almost 3 wks, & Tramadol this past week due to showing signs of pain in front legs/paws intermittently, only in evening & after barking or getting excited. He yelps extremely loud & randomly holds up front paws/legs. Almost appears to have bad cramps in his legs. It goes away quick,within 3 minutes he goes back to how he was before. Is this part of DM? Was told its painless for him. I'm confused.

  • Is this treatable?/regarding private parts

    He has a white bump on end of penis (only when "stimulated") and doesn't ejaculate. I have noticed as well it's almost like his penis doesn't line up.

  • Cat w/collapsed trachea and enlarged air sac

    13 year old male cat was first diagnosed with congenital heart failure.was given lasik and a steroid to give. Feeling this was not right, took to another vet who did 3 x-ray views and said cat had collapsed trachea, a enlarged air sac and emphysema. He offered no medication and suggested we euthanize my poor boy. I feel sick-What can I do?

  • cat with the emphysema/breathing problems

    I just wrote you about my cat with the emphysema/breathing problems-If nothing can be done-how long might he live?

  • Does my dog have a cancerous tumor?

    Hi. I have a 2 1/2 yr. old male Boston and he has a growth just above his "wrist" on his front right paw. It started out looking like a zit which he has gotten on his muzzle before, but 2 weeks ago it started growing rapidly and looked more like a cauliflower, wart-like growth and is now the size of a pea. It's white and crusty on the surface but pink at its stem. It doesn't seem to bother him. He doesn't lick at it. We recently moved to New York City. What could this be?

  • My dog has bumps on her back. What are they and how should I treat them?

    My dog has bumps on her back that started by her tail and have now spread up her back. when I pick them away they form a scab and return. When I saw that they were spreading, I left them alone. What are they and what should I do to help her get rid of them?

  • How is the dose of radioiodine therapy calculated?

    My cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism approximately six months ago. We started with 5mg of methimazole, then recently upped the dose to 7mg after blood work showed a slightly elevated T4 level. I just scheduled her for radioiodine therapy. The vet who will perform the procedure has reviewed her records, and my vet wrote a referral, but it seems like he should want another blood sample one taken while on the 7mg dose. How does a vet determine the correct dose of radioiodine?

  • lump on dog neck/cysts

    My english mastiff puppy is 9 months old. I noticed a few lumps under her skin on the side of her neck a month ago and took her to her vet. They were in a line ( kinda like a varicous vein and a little bumpy but no fur on top of it was normal.He aspirated it and said the fluid was clear and it was a cyst. It has now grown longer and I have notice two other spots on the same side. Is that common for cysts? what causes it? and should I get a second opinion? She is not in any pain , is eating and playing but i have noticed her scratching at the first one lately

  • can cats properly digests peas?


  • how many 5mg diazepam tablets should i give my dog

    i need to take my 4yr old very hyperactive german shepherd on a long journey by car. How many 5mg diazepam tablets should i give my 35kg dog to calm her down

  • my dogs displays symptoms of cyst and warts on the body

    i have a 10 yr old king charles spaniel, he has what i can only describe as cysts/warts on various parts of his body he is currently taking banacep for an enlarged heart and frusemide for water on the lungs the cysts vary in size from time to time is this anything to worry about ?

  • My puppy ate my high blood pressure medication

    She's about 25lbs - 30 lbs. The medication was a 80mg Diovan (valsartan)pill. What should I do?

  • Alternative treatment for canine with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia instead of prednisone?

    My Maltese, who is 9 years old, has Cushing's and AIHA. Since steroids can cause Cushing's, it is obvious prednisone is not a possible treatment for the AIHA. What is an alternative treatment other than steroids for the AIHA? Thanks!

  • Cat mucus in diarrhea?

    My cat has been throwing up for day plus has mucusy diarrhea and now is not eating anything. Been vomiting for 24 hours about 5 times not eating has diarrhea mucus in stool.

  • My cat is not eating or sleeping well. What can I do?

    My cat hasn't been eating or drinking water and the only place he will lay down is in the litter box, should I be concerned? He threw up a night ago and I just want to make sure it's nothing serious. He will be 2 years old in December. I'll take him to bed with me and when I wake up he is back to sleeping in his litter box. Please help I don't know what to do. Thank you.

  • Stray dogs and mange. Contagious?

    A stray dog is hanging around in our yard for a day. He has hair loss on his ear and legs. I think it may be mange. Could our dog pick mange just by going outside? We are not allowing our dog to even get close to this stray.

  • What can I do for dog allergies?

    My 8 year old springer spaniel has been sneezing in reverse for a week now; he also seems to be congested. I took my dog to the vet and was told that he has allergies. I have used saline to moisten his sinuses. Can I give him Children's Benadryl to see if that helps with the congestion and sneezing?

  • How do I treat canine hypothyroidism?

    My beagle, Chloe, was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. The vet said it was borderline low. I would like to take a more natural, holistic approach to treating this. I would like to start making her food myself. Any suggestions on what supplements to add?

  • Puppy lethargic, no worms, no diarrhea

    I have a six week old chihuahua who is lethargic but not vomiting. No worms in his feces and no diarrhea. What could be wrong with him?

  • What can I do for my dog with bloody diarrhea?

    I have a 3 pound 3 year old miniature pincher that was acting fine this morning. When I got home from work and took her out of the crate there was a lot of bloody diarrhea. I cleaned her and the crate. Later there was a lot more; mostly blood this time. I have always vaccinated my dogs myself, and she is not due until late September. But I have recently changed brands of food from Purena to Natures Choice. What can I do?

  • Cat throwing up undigested food. How to make it stop?

    I have a 7 year old Siamese cat. We've had him about 3 years now, we adopted him from a family friend who had developed asthma. He has done this since we got him, it is not very frequent, but we seem to be cleaning up undigested food. It usually happens after he eats, but it isn't every time. It can happen two days in a row or happen twice a month. We never have drawn much concern to it due to the infrequence of it. However we would like to know what would we should do to help the issue.

  • Dog vomiting and body uneasy

    My dog is vomiting from past 3days, and also some time feels uneasy in her whole body,and make hua hua sound...plz help me......

  • How do I apply Lyme treatment lyme dip?

    I was given the Lyme dip but all it says is wet dog and apply. Do I pour it on, use a sponge or a cloth. I'm not sure?

  • Dog has eye discharge after killing a snake, could this be serious?

    Two days ago my 11 month old shiba inu killed a snake and now his left eye gums up within an hour, not to the point where he cant see, but it is significant. Due to the fact that it's just his left eye, I don't think its a grass allergy. Should I take him in to a vet or can I just wash his eye gently with a wet cloth? Is this urgent?

  • Does giving an unaltered dog more exercise help his penis stay in?

    Considering a 22 month Eng bulldog, unaltered. When inquiring about health, breeder said "He only has one issue. When he was born he was the runt. He ended up on the bottom most of the time, & other puppies laid on him some. He became lazy and wouldn't keep his penis in. Took him to vet. They decided to help him & tighten the skin around it. He's still lazy & won't get exercise so it sticks out about a half to an inch. Vet said if he got more exercise he would keep it in. Can this be accurate??

  • Dog licked Amitraz dip concentrate, what to do?

    amitraz dip concentrate liq B.P> vet 12.5% 5ml in 1lt of water to kill ticks & fleas and I think that my dog lick it. Now she is not feeling good plz tel me what to do

  • Maximum calorie iams for a cat with megacolon/constipation issues?

    My cat has megacolon and doesn't each much and is thin. What do you think of a food like Iams maximum calorie? I think it would be good since he doesn't each much and it would be less chance of constipation with less food and more nutrients, right? I just want to make sure the higher fat or whatever else is in it doesn't make the megacolon/constipation worse. He is one that gets worse with more fiber, by the way.

  • Why does my cat have weird shaped pupils? One of my kitten's eyes has a triangle shaped pupil and the other looks more like a square. What could be wrong with his eyes?

  • Transferred infectious feline disease to older cat causing bloody stool?

    We have noticed over the past few day that our two year old cat has bloody lines running through his stool. We have adopted a kitten over the past few weeks who has not seen a vet yet. My older cat is up to date on all his shots. Could the older cat have caught something from the new kitten that would cause the bloody stools?

  • Temorary state of cat paralysis in kitten?

    My mom found 5 stray kittens that were only a couple days old and are now approx. 5 weeks. She has been caring for them and they all seem to be in normal health except one. He goes into a state of paralysis and can't be waken. During this time he purrs when he is petted and will even eat from a bottle. Eventually he wakes up and goes back to running, playing, etc. What could be the cause of this?

  • A few dog stitches bitten off

    My dog had stitches from surgery due to a groomer cut one week ago. He bit the bottom few stitches off and a bit of bleeding occurred. Can I bandage him until tomorrow when I can see my vet or should I get him to animal emergency?

  • Dog behavior change: ears pointed back, stays in bed, walks slowly, no appetite and yellow vomit

    My dog, as of toda,y has been acting very strange. All of a sudden he wants to stay under my bed, which he only does in the winter. He may slowly walk back and forth in the main hallway; this is very unusual as he always runs. He is a mini pinscher. All day he has had his ears pointed back as though he's scared. Can you explain to me what may be wrong, and he also doesn't seem interested in eating or drinking, lately every now and then he would wake up at night and vomit yellow stuff?

  • Found a stray with diarrhea. What should I do?

    I found a kitten that hasn't eaten in awhile. I gave it hard kitten food with some milk mixed in. When I first found her the stool was fine, but now it is very runny. What do you think? Thanks I really don't have money but I didn't want it to starve.

  • What do we do if our cat's eye seems irritated?

    He doesn't seem to want to open his eye all the way. He doesn't mess with it and he is still active and doesn't cry when you touch around the eye.

  • What can I give my dog for nausea and vomiting?

    My dog ate something outside that caused her to vomit several times. Now she is lethargic but no longer vomiting.

  • My kitten's eye is swollen. What should I do?

    My kitten's eye just became swollen and red and I cannot go to a vet right away; is this dangerous. Should I be really worried? If I give her antibiotics will this help? Can I give this a few days or is this an emergency?

  • Kitten vaccination for Bordetella not done as liquid via the nose?

    Is there a vaccination for Bordetella that is not done as a liquid via the nose? I raise Persian kittens and after getting this vaccination my kittens often develop a cold and end up on antibiotics. I am told I must give this vaccination to be able to sell the kittens and get a health certificate but I am worried it is making the kittens sick too often.

  • Is a bottle of pet-eze calming support pills by 21-century toxic to dogs?

    my dog ate app 50 tablet of pet-eze from 21st century. Is there anything dangerous about this?

  • How do I add muscle on my dog?

    How do I add muscle on my dog? Is there any medication or training? If so, what kind?

  • Safe flea treatment for kittens?

    4 1-week old kittens at the barn all have fleas. I won't be able to give them a bath, so I need to know of a treatment that I can use.I would like to know of a product that is safe to kill fleas on week-old kittens.

  • Rash on dog's belly, like acne?

    My 4-year-old Coton DeTulear has a rash that comes and goes on his belly which started awhile ago. Some days it looks like it's clearing up, other days it's back. Nothing has changed with his shampoo or food. It looks like acne, small puss-filled bumps, some redness around them, they sometimes crust over, yellowish. He doesn't excessively itch the area but will sometimes lick it. Does this sound like some sort of mites? (although it doesn't seem to excessively itch). Any other ideas? Thank you!

  • Is zyrtec okay to give dogs?

    My dog has horrible allergies. She is a mix of golden retreiver and cocker spaniel. Her allergies are so bad and benadryl no longer works. She sits up and scratches all day. Along with allergies she has cushings disease. I was wondering would it be safe to give her zyrtec. she is approximately 50 lbs.

  • Can Clomipramine Hydrochloride also be used for Cushing's disease?

    have a doxie that has been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. She has dark skin under her front legs and on her belly. The main problem is her weight, she is extremely obese. Due to the cost of other drugs our vet is trying Clomipramine Hydrochloride. In my research, I see that this is an anti-anxiety drug. Was this an error or is this drug used for treating Cushing's and is it effective?

  • Is one Hall's cough drop toxic to dogs?

    My 16 pound dog just ate one Hall's mentholyptus cough drop. Is there any reason for concern? He is a 5 year old, male/neuter, cavalier king charles spaniel.

  • Small breed dog doesnt eat, loose and smelly bowel movements

    I have a small breed female dog, for two days she has refused to eat and many bowel movements which are loose and have a sickly smell. I bathed her to get the poop that matted on her backside out and when i was drying her I lifted her tail to check and it looks like the skin is torn around her rectum...please help

  • Painful dog penis with 2 hard swellings on the side

    I have a two-year old Alaskan Malamute. He has pain in his penis. Symptoms are him crying for a while, licks his penis and goes on crying. The penis at such time looks sore and does not slip back easily. I don't know if it is normal but there are two hard swellings on either side of his penis. He has not been neutered yet. He sleeps indoors and is let out early morning (without fail). Up until now, I have thought that he is well trained but perhaps he has been holding in. Please advise.

  • Dog with bumps that look like bubbles on face and inner leg

    My english bulldog has these tiny bumps that look like bubbles up her inner leg and a couple on her face and I am wondering what they can be?

  • Nasal allergies in cat - treatment options

    My 7 year old pure bread Siamese cat (sadie) has been suffering from nearly year round nasal allergies for several years now. Allergies Sept - May. We have tried chlortrimeton and zyrtec antihistimines but they don't relieve the itching or runny eyes. Now the dermatology vet wants to try cortisone pills. Atopica would have been a better option they explained but there is a problem with the supply this year. How safe is it to put a cat on cortisone pill for 9 months of the year? Side effects

  • Cat has black-gray lumps embedded under the skin in his ears- what are they?

    He is about 13 years old, and otherwise relatively healthy. We clean out his ears, but the lumps are still very prominent. There are so many a quick glance makes it look like his ears are almost black (he is an orange cat). I can't find anything online similar to this problem, and over the phone the vet suggested that it might be blackheads. But nowhere else is there an example of blackheads inside the cat's ears. What are these? And how do we treat them?

  • Why is Terramycin's direction for dogs different for cats?

    Why does the page on Terramycin for dogs say, "Terramycin ophthalmic ointment can be purchased only with a vet prescription. " But the page on cats says, "Although terramycin is available without a prescription, pet owners should obtain prior vet approval before using the medication on pets." Why is there a difference?

  • Dog sneezing with discharge from eye

    My 13 week old beagle/boarder collie sneezes a lot and has green/yellow discharge from her right and is it blood shot. Her right eye has regular drainage and the eye looks good. what can I do to help her with her allergies?

  • How long does it take for a dislocated dog hip and leg to heal?

    A couple of weeks ago my dog was hit by a truck. The vet had to pop her leg back in its socket. Said she had dislocated it. She was at the vet's for 10 days and was released last Thursday. She's a 2-3 year old Yellow Lab/Pit Bull mix. I'm wondering how long it will be before she can walk on her own again. She needs help getting up and can walk with only a slight wobble once she's up. When she first got home, she was dragging that leg but now is stepping and using it almost normal. Just an estimate in how long it will be. Thanks!

  • Puppy trying to hump my arm, normal?

    hello! my uncle got a male pup a few weeks ago, it is roughly 14 weeks old! and recently it has started trying to hump my arm! is this normal for such a young dog? and how can i stop it?

  • Quality of life for dog with severe congestive heart failure

    Our dog has been diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure what is the prognosis for any kind of qualithy of life? The congestive heart condition was rated about a 5 on a scale from 1-6.

  • Kitten constipated after deworming?

    My kitten was dewormed about four or five days ago (for the first time), and probably had worms prior to deworming, and now I think he's constipated. He pooped a large soft stool yesterday and a small one last night but has not gone at all today, even though he's been extremely hungry and we've given him a good amount of food. His belly is really swollen and I'm nervous that he's constipated. I'm also unsure as to whether I should allow him around my other cats if he had worms, or is that okay once he has been dewormed?

  • Dog poops in his crate despite going outside

    My two year old pomeranian chihuahua mix can't go even a day with out having a bowel movement in his crate. He has a bowel movement outside around 6 a.m. and I am gone from 7:15 a.m. until 12:15 in the afternoon. He always makes a mess in his crate during this five hour period. Any suggestions on a food that might help with this problem?

  • Dog eats grass, should I be worried?

    My dog has been eating quite a bit of grass for about a week now, her personality is still okay, and she eats her food as normal and drinks plenty of water. The stools have been filled with grass and she throws it up every once in a while. She also sounds like she is hacking up a fur ball sometimes. Should I be worried?

  • Golden retriever health: what is the cause of weakened hind quarters?

    We have a 7-year old golden-retriever who has become very weak in his hind end. He is on phenobarbitol and potassium bromide for cluster seizures. He has skin allergies for which he takes Claritan or Benadryl. Weakness started gradually with shaking in his hind legs about 3 weeks ago. Vet ran blood tests showing reduced liver and thyroid functions and an elevated Chloride count. X-rays normal. He is now on Soloxine. No change. What could be causing his near-paralysis in his hind legs?

  • Is palm tree bark toxic to dogs?

    When I let my dog go outside, he likes to go and eat the palm tree bark right off the tree. Can this harm him in any way?

  • Can my dog contract feline aids from my cat?

    I have a cat who might be infected with feline aids who has not been treated for it yet. Can my dog contract feline aids from my cat?

  • Fixed dog bleeding from vagina

    My 10 yr old dotson is bleeding from her vagina and she has been fixed. What's wrong?

  • Cat licking and biting base of tail until it's bleeding

    3 weeks after moving from Vegas to Sacramento, my 8 yr old cat started licking her abdomen and more severely, the base of her tail, to the point that the areas were raw, red, & bleeding. A collar fixes the problem but the 2 cortisone shots she got from the vet (2 weeks apart) didn't seem to matter (collar off, she goes at it again!). Does this rule out stress, rule out allergies, rule out anything? She's like her old self w/ the collar on, but can't be nearly as active. What's wrong with her? :(

  • Cat medicine that sounds like "buponet" for pain?

    My cat got prescribed, buponet. Am I spelling that right because I cant not find it any were and it worked great.The medication was used for pain do to what we think is cancer. I threw out the bottle and my vet is so expensive just to tell me what I already know, that my cat is in pain. Are you aware of this medication?

  • Will muscle tone in dog's rectum return?

    My dog was hit by a car, now has no rectal muscal tone. Will it return? His left pelvis was fractured, a lot of swelling and bruising. I know this is something that he has to have, but I do not want to give up on him to soon.

  • Does my dog have kennel cough or reverse sneezing?

    My dog a 1 year old pitbull female has been snorting a lot lately. Instead of snorting by blowing out like most do she is breathing in. Does she have kennel cough or is she reverse sneezing? Or is something else going on with her?

  • Treatment for bleeding dog paw pads after a hike?

    The underside of our dogs paws were rubbed raw while we were on a hike, how should we treat this? His paws are bleeding a little.

  • Can a dog give another dog a cold?

    My lab has a cough, not kennel cough. The vet said give him kids cough syrup now my beagle has a cough too. Could he have given it to her?

  • Cause of cat vomiting, fur loss, weight loss, blood in vomit and weakness?

    I have a 7 year old female cat. I have recently moved and she has now started vomiting her food, some digested some undigested. She has had severe weight loss and fur loss on her stomach and hind legs. She now shows additional signs of weakness and blood in her vomit, the blood is usually at the end of her vomit. The cat food is kept in the laundry room beside of the litter boxes. There is also air fresheners located in the laundry room and throughout the whole house (I currently am living with a relative and have complained numerously about moving the food & water out of the laundry room because of the chemicals from the detergents and dust from the litter boxes with no luck). Please advise.

  • Why has a lump grown in after my dog was neutered?

    What does it mean if my dog has been neutered and something has grown back? Something is growing in my dog's scrotum but he has been neutered. The growth looks like two testicles; one is bigger and the other is a little smaller. What is this thing in my dog?

  • Can my six-year-old beagle recover after severe kick to the back?

    My six-year beagle was kicked in the back by a donkey; she was still able to walk after. I took her to a local vet and she showed no broken bones but was given a prescription of pain killers. After the day progressed she was unable to walk but capable of wagging her tail. She could pull her back legs under her, seemed to stand on one leg but not the other. On day 2 she was unable to move her backside. On day 3 she was not walking and the vet found that the last vertebrae was broken and swelling. He wants to put her to sleep; are there other options?

  • 8 week old puppy with vaginal discharge

    Today my puppy started having vaginal discharge, she is a bit down, and when she walks she kind of curbs up her back like a cat. What could be the problem? Anything that you can advice me, I will greatly appreciate it.

  • Normal for a cat who had bladder stones removed 24 hours ago not to eat?

    My 10 yo male started vomiting three days ago and was found to have bladder stones. My vet removed them yesterday and seems concerned that he hasn't eaten. Wouldn't he still be groggy from anesthesia and pain meds? They gave him three tube feedings because he wouldn't eat on his own.

  • Cerebellar hypoplasia in dog, but maybe not?

    We adopted a kitten at 5 weeks old who was found alone in the woods abandoned. He was pretty active for a kitten but did show some lack of coordination and had a bit of a bobblehead. During our vacation, he was being watched by my mom and when we returned he was not the same kitten. He was now very inactive and could not walk straight. It looked as though he could not keep his back legs up and he walked sideways falling down all the time. His purring also had diminished.My kitten is losing weight and it was previously thought he had cerebellar hypoplasia but now the vet is not so certain...

  • Signs of kidney failure in dogs from poisioning?

    My dog has vomited three times in 48 hours. Could she be poisoned and what are signs of kidney failure??

  • Can puppy knee ligaments heal and tighten on their own?

    My 8 mo old pom was diagnosed w dislocated knee cap, symptoms are he hops on 3 legs but not all the time. The pom fell off the couch immediately preceeding his hopping. Until that fall he never hopped this way. The vet is recommending surgery immediately. My question is whether Carte Fox could have ruptured his ligaments holding the cap in place and can that heal on its own therefore fixing the popping knee?

  • Dog vomiting blood after liquidy water

    Dog vomiting bright red blood after throwing up liquidy water.

  • Male dog having hard time getting penetration for breeding

    I am trying to breed my bitch and the stud is having a hard time getting penetration. Help

  • Photodynamic Therapy on Cats - correct dosage?

    My cat has SCC on her nose. It has not gone through the dermis. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. My dermatologist, in conjunction with my vet, is going to perform PDT on her nose. I need to find out the quantity of chemical to be injected and the amount of time that can be used on a cat. PDT is not used on animals in SA yet.

  • My 8 week old puppy has diarrhea, is this parasite related?

    Hello. I have an 8 week old Beagle & up until this morning, his stools have all been normal. However, this morning my sweet boy had a bought of diarrhea & at one point, only had tinges of mucus coming from his rectum. My daughter spilled her ice cream last night & he got a few tastes in before I could clean it all up. Could the diarrhea be from that or something worse like parasites? I am very worried!

  • Cat with IBS: ok to feed small amounts of food to prevent vomiting?

    My 6 yr old cat was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Pancreatitis, skin infection, and allergies back in May. Since then, she has been treated for everything (6 meds or more) and is now on claritin and pepcid daily. She is def. doing better; however, for years, she has had an issue with throwing up mins after eating. While on prednisone for the probs prev. mentioned, this stopped. Now off prednisone, it has returned. Is it okay to make a lifestyle out of feeding your cat small amounts of food to prevent vomiting?

  • Is Mr. Clean toxic to dogs?

    We think that our dog may have licked mr. clean with water. Lots of licking, panting heavy, restless

  • Dog skin infection contagious?

    Should I let my dog go outside with her skin infection condition can she play with my other dog? Is it contagious? I took my dog to get a haircut and the groomer told me she had a skin infection.So, i took her to the vet asap. The vet told me he needed to run some test to know if it is fungus or another infection starting with a M. Unfortunately, I only had enough for the medication and shots. The medication is to stop her from biting and licking but it's been a day with that medication and she does not stop. If the wound does not go away when should i take her to the vet for the test? Is it bad if she bleeds?

  • Effectiveness of dog seizure medication and quality of life?

    My Miniature Dachshund, 5 YRS OLD, takes medication daily for thyroid and weekly for Cushings. Now, she is beginning to have mild seizures. I trust my vet who stated we need to watch her to see if the seizures get worse stated that the tumor is probably growing causing the seizures. However, I want your expertise on the effectiveness of seizure medication-will she have quality of life if the medication works and will her life be cut short with having seizures. I love her very much. Connie

  • Skin growth on dog testicle

    My dog has had a piece of skin growing on his testicle for about 8 months. Today it has grown to the size of a grape and looks kind of like its scratched open. no blood or puss coming out and it is soft and not hard. He's 13 years old, a little overweight but in great general health. thank you

  • Treating malassezia dermatitis on my dog over-the-counter?

    My dog has malaessezia and was wondering if any over the counter products are available to help him.

  • Medicine to help with dog gas cramps?

    My dog is very "delicate" when it comes to her digestion, and I think she can battle sever gas cramps at times. (just guessing based on her freaking out and trying to run away from her hind end as she's "popping" them off) She also has a prelim diagnosis of a possibility of IBD. Would it be safe to give her Tums, or something that can help with the gas? We just lost 4+ hours of sleep two nights ago because it was so intense. (scary, almost landed us in Emerg Vet) She's fine now, but...

  • Chronic dog ear problems

    My vet recommended TECA ($3000 for a 9-year-old dog) for my immune challenged Cocker. He has had problems with episcleritis and very low platelette count. These have been successfully treated with prednisone. When we stopped the pred, he developed ear problems. I would rather treat with medication, diet and regular cleaning. He currently has one ruptured ear drum. What are you thoughts?

  • Dog ear infection: during treatment should ears be clean and dry?

    I've been giving my dog baytril Otic 3 drops into each ear twice daily for about 7 days now (with baytril pill and Pred 5mg (steroids) for inflammation. He has a ear infection according to my vet. I was looking at his ear canal and realized he has white solid gooey stuff inside of his ear canal in both ears. Is this normal? It's either white or yellow but it's definitely there. Shouldn't his ear canal be clean and dry? Ear infection 1yr 8months old dog (12 lbs)

  • Dog mast cell tumor removed, should radiation be considered?

    Hello,My 6 year old German Shep mix recently underwent surgery to remove a mast cell tumor.The pathology report describes it as:Excision appears complete.The closest that neoplastic cells extend to a natural margin is 5mm. This is at the deep specimen margin.There is no attachment of tumor to muscle.Low chance of recurrence.Is well differentiated like grade 1 but invades subcutis like grade 2.Low chance of metastasis due to low miotic index.Should I consider radiation in addition to op?Thank you

  • Are bird feces toxic to dogs?

    I have a dog that eats bird feces and can this be dangerous to his health??? Bird droppings and bird feeders. Can either be dangerous to my little dog.

  • Gingivitis in cats, is it hereditary?

    My cat is only one year and have gingivitis. She's treated with the toothbrush and clorhexidine gluconate. Since she's supposed to become a breeding queen I'm worried about the risk for her kittens. Do you know if there is such a risk?

  • Commonly, do dogs throw up when they are in pain?

    I cut my dog's toenail too short yesterday and it bled for a while. Last night she was throwing up quite a bit. Is this normal?

  • How to stop a cat from overeating?

    I have a 12yr old cat. We just got a new cat and now the 12yr old one is eating so much at one time that she throws up. How can we stop this?

  • Dog rabies vaccine gone wrong?

    My dog was given a rabies shot about 2 weeks ago.She is still lethargic, having trouble walking and cannot get on the couch, whimpering and has a golf ball sized lump under her skin that is moving lower down her back. The vet said she is having back problems because she is a doxie. Well, shes only 4 and has never shown any signs of back trouble before nor has she ever had trouble with vaccines. I mentioned I think the rabies shot was given incorrectly and she said "Oh no." Should I be worried?

  • Dog coughing from vomiting while under anesthesia?

    Lately my golden retriever has coughed about ONCE a day or less.It doesn't sound bad, but I am just making sure.I would say that it is more of a dry cough.For her history, I was thinking it may be because of the damage that occurred when she vomited while under anesthesia.Our vet said there may be a risk of aspiration pneumonia.We looked over her for a few weeks and she seemed fine.It has been about 5 weeks or even more since this has happened and I am just noticing the coughing.

  • Cat nails have black film

    My Russian Manx cat gets a black oil film on her nails that's hard to clean off. I got her from the SPCA a year ago - she's a senior - and I have yet to solve the problem of what causes the problem or how to clean the nails. The cat freaked out when I tried to clean her nails with a nail brush and dawn dish detergent. It can't be healthy to have such a dirty film on her nails, especially next to the nail bed. How can I clean it and stop it from reoccurring?

  • Dog eyes are red around

    My dog eyes have red around the outside of each eye. She is a yorkie and has reddness around each eye. It is bloody red. What could it be? What can I do for her I will take to the vet tomorrow.

  • Dog spinal injury?

    My dog is a beagle mix and is about 10 years old. While playing, my labradoodle who is much larger landed on her back. She let out a huge yelp and has been injured for two days now. Her back is hunched up a little near her rear and when she walks her hind legs cross. When you touch her she is trembling all over, but she dosent whine or yelp because of pain. I don't have the funds to take her to the vet right away, but she looks as if she is very hurt and I believe she needs x-rays.

  • Can dogs get bacterial vaginosis from humans?

    This is a very embarrassing question, but I must ask for my dog's sake I have had bacterial vaginosis and I did not think of this until today, but my dog sometimes will get into my laundry basket and steal my underwear. I will do something with them from now on, but is there any way she could have received a bacterial infection as well? She is not acting abnormal, but her snout smelled "off" earlier and I want to know what signs to watch for. I am terribly embarrassed, but I don't want to ignore the possibility. Thank you!

  • Dog losing hair, weight and has odor

    my lab is losing his hair , weight and he smells very badly for last 6 months. The local vet has not brought relief . Now worms have been found in the report. Please help

  • Cat shaking and breathing heavily after bath

    My 3 year old cat just had a bath and is now shaking and breathing heavily. She seems uncomfortable based off her body position and facial expression. Why? and what do I do?

  • Newborn kitten very weak

    I have a kitten. It seems a little small. It was born 3 days ago and at first it was meowing a lot and moving around. But the mother refuses to care for it. So I have been bottle feeding it. And now he doesn't move around as much, doesn't meow and doesn't wanna eat like it used to. He just sleeps. Doesn't move very much and I'm getting worried. Is it possible it will die or is it normal for this to happen sometimes? Will it eventually want to eat??

  • What is a commonly used antibiotic for a canine dermititis?

    10 year old mixed beagle with a history of flea allergies which go directly to severe hot spots. Dog has a awful oder. I am retired and cannot afford a $200-300 vet bill, but I love this dog. Can you make any suggestions?

  • What are the symptoms of dog heat stroke?

    He is a 2 1/2 month old mini pincher. He is throwing up and wont eat or drink plus he is sleeping lots and not as playful as usual and his nose is cold and wet

  • Tip of dog's ear is swollen and its not going down

    My 5 year old boxer just recently has had the tip of her ear swollen. I think it may be an insect bite but I'm not sure. This is like day 4 and it's not going down. She doesn't act like he's in pain, but I just didn't want to rush her to the vet if there is something I can do.

  • Is it normal for some swelling after a dog tick is removed?

    Last weekend we took our 7 month old Golden Retriever for a hike in the woods. The next day we noticed a large tick light brown in colour above his eye and removed it. We think we got it all but it's been a few days now and the site off the bite has gotten bigger and looks like it has a head on it (almost like a blackhead pimple). There has been no puss from it and it doesn't seem to bother him. We are trying to get him into the vet but it's taking some time.

  • Dog infected with E. Coli. How to fix?

    My Bulldog pup broke out with a skin infection 5 months ago which started as a small patch of hairloss and has since spread to other parts of his body. He now has them all over, some more prominent, revealing more skin than others. Redness inside of the ears and redness and swelling between his paws exist. Numerous visits to the vets alongside various medical treatment (antibiotics, ointments, powders, shampoos) have proven unsuccessful. His skin scrapping results show E. Coli. What should I do?

  • Is this a cat skin disease?

    When I went to scruff my cat its fur came off and along with it skin, leaving an open sore. I noticed under the tail and back of legs fur is missing. His fur is VERY easy to pull off.

  • Cushings disease dog lifestyle: What should I do?

    Hello, I have an approx 9-10 year old Border Terrier who has just been diagnosed with Cushing's disease, luckily no liver/kidney/thyroid/diabetes present. He has just started Vetoryl treatment. I am looking for advice to help with his general care. Should I reduce exercise, are there any dietr recommendations to help him be more comfortable? As he pants a lot, should I reduce exercise levels (he really loves his walks)? Does he pant because he is too hot? Should I reduce the house temperature?

  • Dog heart murmur in year-old Pom. Will she be okay?

    Our year-old Pomeranian was diagnosed before we got her with a grade 2 heart murmur. Subsequent vet visits suggested it may have gotten a little worse, though she is a very playful & happy dog. She recently had an episode where she ran full out and collapsed suddenly, and took some time to come around. She has returned to her old self, but is it time to put her on meds? Is the murmur a significant danger now? Should we limit her to quieter play?

  • Sudden dog blindness for Rottweilier (DOB:Jan 4,2010 female). What do I do?

    Tues Jul 27: Noticed reduced hearing and eyes had some discharge.Wed:Dog very weak, refused to eat, massive hair loss began.Thur: Dog wont move, difficulty breathing,V et treats for worms with levamisole, and possible poisoning with atropine.Fri: Looks better. No appetite, drank small milk.Sat: Atropine, prenisolone & B-complex. Eyes still heavy with discharge. Sun: Dog's sight is gone! Eyes cloudy white.Mon: Vet shocked, gives prazivet & Terra Cortril eyedrops 3x/dayThurs: Not better. Inject with Ivermectin?

  • My dogs nipples are falling off. Is this okay?

    12 yr old Jack Russell Terrier un altered is losing his nipples. His nipples have all fallen off at this point except for 1. He is not sick by any means but he is 12 yrs old and unaltered due to being infertile.

  • Dog scabs and itching around neck. What is it?

    My dog recently was boarded at a vet for two days. When I brought her home I gave her a good bathing and brushing. I walked her after and made sure she was well dried. I then noticed excess hair, but assumed it was just stress from boarding. Over last week I noticed her hair was extremely coarse, and I saw little scabs around neck. She's itching a lot more. What could this be?

  • Are these dog stroke symptoms?

    i was walking my 4 year old rottie today and his rear right leg stiffened and tremored, then his whole body curved and locked into a crescent moon shape. While in this state he sidled sideways and fell over. I massaged him and rung for a taxi to take him home. His leg is still stiff and he is limping, and he seems unusually anxious. I am waiting for a consultation with his vet but I am really worried. What has caused this?

  • Puppy leg problem: My 6 month pit bull is limping. Why?

    I have a six month old american pit bull and like two days ago I noticed that my dog was limping on his front left leg. When I first noticed that he was limping I started feeling around on his leg to see if he would react to anything but he didn't. All he wanted to do was lay down and that wasn't like him at all! The next day he was still limping so I started feeling around again and I noticed something: the muscles in his left shoulder were getting weaker. What is wrong?

  • Dog swelling in leg. From Adequan? What to do?

    My dog has been getting adequan shots since last September, and now has developed swelling in his right leg. Last week he could hardly walk but he responded to the adequan shot and is able to walk okay, but now his leg is swelled up. He has arthritis very bad and has been taken previcox and tramadol. The swelling in his leg doesn't seem to be bothering him. What should I do? He's a rott/shephard 11 years old and 120lbs male.

  • Can my dog with cancer have Vicoden?

    My 8 year old St. Bernard had bone and lung cancer and I am out of the Tramadol she was on. Can I give her some of my husband's vicodin?

  • Can hot spots enlarge a dog's neck a lot? Can it grow very quickly?

    My dog has spent this past week in the vet and ER off and on. Last week he had bladder surgery and was recovering well for the first two days. The vet gave him food with Chicken (which he is allergic to). It's the 2nd day on Steroids and Benadryl, but he seems to be getting worse. His neck is very enlarged, The top area is oozing with puss. How long should it take to get better?

  • How to clear up fungus & yeast in cat's ears?

    Is there a home remedy, or inexpensive solution that works well and quick? I just read an article about using mineral or baby oils as a start. The pain associated with the dryness and cracking of fungus is irritating my cat so badly that he is scratching his face and ears very badly. Dr prescribed antifungal cleansing solution in the past but we can't afford to go to dr. Antifungus ear drops OTC?

  • Litter box problemmy cat misses it. Why?

    My 11 yo cat has recently been eliminating (feces) out of the box. No changes have occurred to precipitate this action. Spent $200 @ vet & they said all is normal--sans urinary test they did not do. Can you help?

  • What are common illnesses that give dogs weight loss and hair loss?

    My one year old female pit bull had 9 puppies on June 13th. Since than she has lost alot of weight and her hair has thinned out.

  • Is it okay to put ice water in a dog water dish?

    my dog likes to have ice water in his bowl, is that bad for him? I was told it makes there stomachs cramp and could be life threatening.

  • My dog's penis is bleeding. Why?

    My blue pitbull has been bleeding alot from inside his penis pouch. Been 2 days now and he has lost alot of blood. I'm scared.

  • Housetrained dog pooping and peeing in house

    my house broken poodle just started to poop and pee in the house. even after he has just been outside, he is 8 years old. what could be causing this to happen?

  • Feline health: calcium deposit on cat?

    I have a 10-year old indoor cat. He has a very large lump on the side of his lower jaw, which the vet diagnosed as a calcium deposit. We do what we can to keep the mouth area cleaned out, but the lump has continued to grow. It is now about the size of a child's fist. The cat now drools, seems incessantly thirsty, and has difficulty grooming. Do you think there's anything that can be done to help him? The vet says surgery isn't an option because the jaw bone is too thin.

  • Best food for an italian grey hound?

    my italian greyhound does not want to eat her food she is so skinny that we can see her back bone, we have given her vegetables and fruit. she eats them but she is still very skinny, what is the best food for her?

  • Dog Kidney Failure, Pancreatitis and Lyme's disease

    Hi, We just had to hospitalize our 7 year old German Shepherd on Sunday. Her bloodwork is off the charts for kidney failure. She also tested positive for pancreatitis and Lyme's disease. It's been 48 hours on an IV with fluids and antibiotics. She has perked up some, but her numbers are still way up their for the kidneys. Can we expect that we could bring her home and she would have some quality of life with all this stacked against her?Thanks,Denise

  • Dog Liver injections for gall Bladder Inflation?

    Hi Doc, My pet pomeranian has low albumin & high globumin count plus billirubin count of 0.30 & slight hig ALT level. I was told he has liver issues & slight f jaundice thus we had a sonography done tdy,v found out that he has enlarged Gall bladder about 2 times the normal size.My vet has advised us to start the liver injection for him which is every 3rd day for 4 days.Why liver injects in case of gall bladder inflation & what diet can i give him.He likes chapatis, can i give him eggs? Please help

  • Dog trouble breathing and licking everything

    My dog Kallie is a five-year old beagle mix. She has never had any skin allergies, but recently has been waking up in the middle of the night with attacks of trouble breathing, licking everything in sight including the carpets and walls, and throwing up. Is this an allergy? I rushed her to the emergency room fearing bloat or something terrible, and they could not find anything. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • Home remedy for dog's ear cleaning and drying

    Question Angy is a 20 week old lab pup. Cucomber melon OTIC, by ANM PARM was giving for the drying of angel's ear, rinse, (ever other day) to keep the ears clean and dry. Is there a home remedy for this. Also, is there a home remedy for a yeast infection RX was for Mometamax. Is there any thing to do without a prescription Thank you

  • Sick kitten. What s wrong?

    My kitten is weaksleeping alot. Won't eat and is throwing up. What's wrong?

  • Dog drooling, panting, scooting her butt and shaking her ears?

    My two year old lab, chow, and shepherd mix started drooling a lot then suddenly threw up and was panting. She soon stopped and is acting okay now. Recently she has been shaking her ears and scooting her butt. Can someone please help with what is going on?

  • Dog licking tail like he got a bite

    I have a pit bull dog that has been licking just about his tail. The hair is gone. it looks like he was bitten by a spider or ants. But he has had some bleeding. I can't afford to go to the vet is there anything i can do for him

  • Seven week old puppy with comprised dog immune system, can you help?

    My daughter is fostering a puppy from a rescue who is sick & after seeing vet & doing extensive bloodwork is told the puppy has a compromised immune system & there is nothing the vet can do. Puppy's sister died of parvo a week ago but her tests are still negative. She is lethargic, vomiting and has lost a pound this week. She is approximately 7 weeks old and now weighs 9 pounds. Is there anything else you can suggest?

  • Off kelp for thyroid testing. What should I do?

    I have a 5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch. She was tested 3 years in a row for thyroid disease; all have come back with an equivocal reading on tgAA. I will retest again this year. The tests were all done at the same lab; this year I will change labs. She has regular heat cycles. She shows no sign of thyroid disease. She is a raw fed dog supplemented with kelp. Previously, I took her off kelp two weeks prior to testing. Is this necessary, and is two weeks the correct time?

  • Leaking odorless fluid after dog pancreatitis treatment

    My female miniture pincher was hospitalized for a week with pancreatitis. She was released yesterday and seemed to be fine. However, several hours ago, she began to leak a clear odorless fluid when she sits or lay down. It does not appear to be urine. The vet hospital is closed.What can this be? Should I take her to the 24hour emergency vet hospital?

  • Dog shakes and throws up, is this an emergency situation?

    I have an 8 yr old jack russell. he always shakes a little and throws up from time to time. i just got home today and he is shaking more & has some blood in his stool. he is usually very excited to see me but is very sluggish & wants nothing to do with his food. it seems like he needs to throw up but when he tries it ends upstarting to come out the other way. what should i do er vet or appointment

  • What can I do for my extremely aroused male dog?

    3 days ago my male (unneutered) elderly beagle was nuzzling faces with our 2 year old beagle/chihuahua (spayed) and became aroused. He has had an erection ever since and has even tried to "mate" with an unneutered male cat, our legs, our beagle/chihuahua's name it. He is panting, whining and barking because he is so aroused. What can I do to help the poor guy? He's very old, around 8 or 9.

  • Mucus coming from dog urethra

    My Boston Terrier's urine was orange for a little bit, her urethra was kinda swollen, and she would shake at times as if she was cold. We thought it was a bladder infection of some sort so we gave her something for that. She seemed much better but now she has a mucus-like fluid coming out of her urethra all the time, not just when she empties her bladder. Can you tell me anything?

  • Dog with upset stomach with normal tests

    I have a 5 yr old Shar Pei who has not eaten in 4 days and has thrown up water a couple of times today. Her blood work from the Vet came back normal. Any suggestions?

  • White foam in my cats urine. Is this something serious?

    I recently treated my cat for worms a couple of weeks ago. Since then he has been very lethargic, hardly eating or drinking, white foam in the urine and having accidents in the house. Also the very next day after I gave him the medication he was vomiting and had diarrhea. He was a stray that we adopted, so I do not know if he has ever had vaccines or all of the recommended shots. I want to take him to the vet but we just don't have the money right now. Please help!

  • What is chiggers in dogs?

    How do dogs get chiggers?What is the treatment for them? How do you prevent them?

  • What can I give for mild dog swelling until I can get her to a vet ?

    Our 9 month old american pitbull terrier has some swelling near a dog bite/strained muscle....not sure which could be causing it. Is there something we can do before getting her to the vet to ease the discomfort?

  • Dog vomiting and after medicine eats but hides and doesnt want to be touched

    Two weeks ago my 6 year old lhasapoo started vomiting and wouldn't eat. We took her to the vet who thought it was food poisoning and gave him anti-biotics and electrolytes. Since then he will eat and drink when offered, but will hide in a corner all day, doesn't want to be touched and his head twitches. He shows moments of perkiness, but then will go back to his corner for the rest of the day. It's been two weeks now and doesn't seem any better (or worse).

  • Dog bites human with hepatitis, will dog get hepatitis?

    If a dog bites a person with Hepatitis and breaks the skin, can the dog contract Hepatitis from a human?

  • Dog eyes problems from pest spray?

    The day after the bugman sprayed for pests, my dogs eyes have been swollen(swelling is gone now), cloudy and have had discharge.

  • Why does my dog have inflamed lymph notes?

    Inflamed lymph notes and swollen eyes?

  • Is my cat leg sprain or broken?

    My indoor/outdoor cat went missing for a couple of days and showed up at my doorstep yesterday, barely able to walk on her left hind leg. She'll walk on the foot when she needs to or is walking on my bed to lay down. She'll take a step on flooring and slip and lay down. She won't complain when walking or when we touch her feet, but she whines when lifted. Is it possible she has a sprain in her leg or could it be a break?

  • Dog Hot Spots and Hair Loss: Related?

    A couple of months ago my border collie spaniel mix, Teagan, began developing hot spots and I treated them with a trusted product that worked. With the typical hot spot symptoms came some hair loss in the affected areas, and in areas that were later affected. I'm still treating areas on her belly and inner part of her legs. However, none of her hair seems to be growing back, even in unaffected areas! Are the two related? Will the hair grow back once the hot spots are gone or ever?

  • Best daily combo of medication for asthma cat?

    My cat had surgery two years ago to remove an object which he digested, nearly costing him his life. He shortly began having coughing episodes and diagnosed with asthma. After treating him for a year and half with prednisone we switched to an inhaler with great results as he was free of an attack for 4 months. Upon an attack follow up xrays were taken and the lungs looked worse. The vet added theodur at night which I believe made him lethargic so I discontinued it. Can he get worse without it?

  • What is this irritated bump on my cats back?

    What's wrong? She is 13 years old.

  • How can I help the dog shivering?

    My dog is shivering, we keep blankets on her, she won't eat, and does not want to interact with us. We took her running last night in heat for 1/2 mile, she's not used to exercise. We we also gave a cold bath prior to shivering. She has been shivering and lethargic for 8 hours.

  • Is my dog allergic to something?

    My dog is agitated and twitchy and keeps licking its nose and biting around her tail area. Is this allergies? She was fine last night but this morning appears to be uncomfortable. Will not stop licking her nose. She may need to have her anal glands expressed but we are concerned with the licking.

  • Hit my dog with car. What do I do?

    My dog's a rat terrier mix. There does not appear to be any broken bones or swelling, and no bleeding. However he is favoring his front leg. The vet office where I live is closed. What should I do?

  • How much is safe Benadryl for dogs?

    My Shih Tzu only scratches in the summer. I think he may be allergic to grass. How much benadryl can a 12 lb dog take and how often?

  • Dog with swollen lip. What is it?

    IF my dog has a swollen lip and it itches and she's in pain what is it and what should be down?

  • What types of illnesses would be good reasons for a dog put to sleep?

    I am working on a report for school and was wondering what specific illnesses would be incurable for dogs that would cause them to be put to sleep?

  • English bull dog that has dog rashes. How do I take care of it?

    He has a rash under his eyes. In a fold. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it?

  • How long should dog dehydration last?

    I believe my dog has heat stroke/is dehydrated. He will drink water and I have limited it to him in smaller amounts because at first he would drink a lot and then throw up. How long will it take for him to get back to normal?

  • My cat is bleeding from his anus. Why and how to fix?

    I have a 7 year old male exotic persian...neutered, never had any health issue. For the past month he has been straining to urinate, and defecate. He won't use the litter box. He seeks out corners, sinks, bathtubs, etc, and strains and then bleeds. He has had very little urination, and defecation. His appetite has weakened, and he is not drinking as much water. I have had him to the vet three times, and nothing. Ultrasound is the only thing left to do. Can you help me?

  • My dog breath in a lot of peat moss. Is there anything I should do for him?

    He doesn't seem to be severely distressed. He was having fun until he breathed in too much of it. Now he seems subdued. Is this serious?

  • Are these dog mange symptoms?

    My dog seems to be having seborrhea like symptoms: greasy hair, hair loss and scabbing. She hasn't been near another animal with mange, and the only thing I can come up with is the fact that she has rolled in some fecal matter in the same place she is suffering hair loss. There is a proliferation of rabbits and squirrels on the property. Could she have picked up mange from this?

  • What is a good dog anxiety treatment?

    My mother has a dog who according to our vet has anxiety/separation issues. During these episodes he experiences heightened anxiety levels, he paces and most worryingly his tongue protrudes vigorously causing him to choke. Our vet prescribed acepromazine for these episodes but it does not seem to help, do you have any better suggestions? Thanks, John

  • Kitten constipation. Is it problem with anal muscles?

    Hi There, we have a new kitten, Ripley, who is an 11 week old manx. She had some problems, sticky eyes, worms, fleas and diarrhea. She had a 3 night stay at Vets. She seems to have problems with her anal muscles. She is constipated now. The Vet thinks she may have to be put to sleep as we have tried all sorts, anti-b's, enemas, changing diet. She came back from Vets all bright & so lovely. But she cannot get the poo out and strains. What comes out gets stuck on her bum. Can you help? Thank you.

  • My dog ate burned wood chips (actually Bradley smoker bisquettes)

    My miniature schnauzer ate burned wood chips (actually Bradley smoker bisquettes) and spent the night regurgitating some of them. She is now licking her rear. I think the chips would be small enough to pass, if broken up. We are ~12 hrs since ingestion, should I be concerned?

  • Side effects if give dog sulfametoxazol-trimetroprim?

    Ok, so we're new pet owners in Guatemala and my boyfriend's mom decided that we needed to give the pup a small pieces of a human pill of sulfametoxazol-trimetroprim. He has already consumed 2 dosages of 200mg sulfametoxazol-35mg trimetroprim. I just want to know if we are going to kill the poor thing and what we should do. He's got a cold with mucus and all. Thank you and please help!

  • Home remedy for dog with projectile rectal bleeding after taking Previcox

    My dog has projectile rectal bleeding after taking 2 57 mg Previcox tabs. How can I stop this? Her gums are still moist and skin tent test is good. I just want to stop the intestinal bleed until I can get her to her regular vet on Monday without going to the emergency vet.Please help.

  • Info on canine lymphoma chemo treatment

    My dog has lymphoma,early stages .Do you have any idea what the price of chemo would be and if so does that come in pill form? How many treatments are required and does this pull drop energy level way down?

  • Dog urinating frequently with stones. Emergency situation or can wait?

    Today our Yorkie started urinating in the home very often (every 5-10 minutes). We found what looks like small white stones (kidney stones?) in the urine and a small amount of blood. Should we take her to an emergency vet or will it be okay to wait until tomorrow to take her to our normal vet?

  • Cat urine with no smell?

    I have a 12 year old cat who has been spayed and in the last two weeks has started urinating in the center of the bed. She started drinking water in high volumes about march and filling litter box with urine three of four times a day. There is no odor to urine?

  • Dog with hemangiosarcoma bad near children?

    My dog Carolina was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. Should I be concerned with her saliva getting on my young children?

  • Dog testicular cancer treatment options: chemotherapy or surgical castration?

    We have a 14.5 yo white german spitz who had enlarged testicles & was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Otherwise he seems to be in quite good health. It is hard to do biopsies or x-rays where we live. The 2 options are chemotherapy and surgical castration. Does his age make surgical castration especially risky with anesthesia-related complications? How long will he take to recover? Is chemotherapy safer? Will it make him feel very sick? Thank you.

  • Dog with fluid between skin of ear flap

    I just noticed that my dog has some type of fluid that's in between the skin of her ear flap. What is this caused by?

  • Cat is limping on right side, tests normal

    cat is 2yrs.old.started to limp on right side.Blood run,came back normal.He's being tested for FIV&lukemia.He's young indoor cat. His left leg seems lowered a bit also vet said he could just be compensating for limp on other side.There's no apparent clots/blockages in legs upon exam. Urine tested,came back normal. hasn't really urinated much in several days & seems to have only passed 1 bowel. Eating less.He's in good spirits, still playing, just no running around. Whats wrong w/ my baby?

  • Dog behavior: puppy won't eat because of older dog?

    My puppy is 7 weeks old and we have another dog who is 7 years old. She doesn't like the new puppy and the puppy looks like hes scared to eat cause of our other dog. Is that possible?

  • Constant licking with missing bottom dog teeth and bad breath

    My 10 yr old yorkshire terrier doesn't stop licking anything in her sight from the sofa to me. This can go on for hours. Also, I have noticed that she has lost some bottom teeth and her breath is awful, please help.

  • Hertz bath side effects for puppy?

    I gave my 6 week old puppy a bath, in hertz flea and tick rid. And now he's having trouble breathing. It's like a wheezing. I don't know if it's a allergic reaction to him drinking some of it or not. And since I don't have enough money to take him to the vet, I was hoping there would be something I can do from home..

  • Cat pregnancy: kitten not coming out

    hello my cat had a kitten last night but still has not had the rest they are moving in her and she tries pushing live every 30 or so mins but no more kittens coming out yet. What can I do?

  • Loose stool in cat with white specks

    My male cat (~7 years old) started having loose stool a few weeks ago. Some days it is just loose, other days it is diarrhea. When looked at closely, the stool has a lot of tiny white specks in it, like it's been mixed with cornmeal. The specks are dry and hard. His behavior is fine, and he does not seem stressed at all. Any ideas?

  • Treatment for dog masticatory myopothy and atrophy?

    My friend's dog has been diagnosed with masticatory myopothy and atrophy. She is wondering about the quality of life.I see the treatment is cortisone. Is that the best treatment and what is the quality of life like for a dog with this?

  • Cat behavior: Stressed cat from newly installed ceiling fans

    Hi we installed ceiling fans in two of our rooms. Now our 6 years old cat fears to enter these rooms even if we do not switch on. I would appreciate any advise...thanks in advance

  • Should I adopt a kitten being treated for feline herpes?

    I have adopted a kitten from a feral cat rescue. He has contracted feline herpes and is being treated for it. He has about a week left on his antibiotics and one or two weeks left on his eye drops. I already have a healthy two year old male cat who is up to date on his vaccines. How likely is it that my other cat will contract the virus? Also, will the virus affect the kitten for the rest of his life?

  • Treating red mange in dogs

    Got blk lab-mix in 2-2010 @ 2 mos old. Soon after developed parvo.Treated asap& she was hospitalized(7 days)& has been fine.Now has generalized red mange.Vet provided us w/Mitaban dip-we tried once(was nightmare-dog wouldn't cooperate).Will pay to have dips done b/c of toxicity on humans+dog of Mitaban.Have a 7-yrold son. So we are concerned about being exposed to dog after dips?Any safer,effective alternatives(for humans+dog)?Promeris(still has Amitraz)?Ivermectin(danger to dog)?Daily Interceptor$$

  • Lab with cough and yellow phlegm

    Hi. My 15 1/2 year old Lab mix developed a cough about a month ago. It almost sounds like "huff" when he coughs. He also hacks and clears his throat sometimes bringing up clear or yellowish phlem. He is still eating and drinking fine but has slowed down considerably. He is a rescue dog and is very afraid of the vet so any input you could give is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Normal for a cat to gain weight after it is spayed?

    My cat got spayed months ago and now she is gaining a lot of weight. Is this normal?

  • Do dogs get sore throats?

    Hi my 18 month old german shepard Sasha has started coughing like she has a sore throat. I petted her earlier and rubbed her windpipe this made her sound like she was choking more. Can dogs get a sore throat?

  • Mucus coming from dog rectum?

    My year old tibetan terrier -female - was excreting mucus from her rear. She has also been in the same walk, having at least 3 squats to poop. From time to time, she has also been licking back there. What do you suggest? Thanks, Cindy

  • Pug Eyes and NeoPolyDex, ok for long term use?

    New vet is at the pet hospital I take my dogs to. I have a two male pugs, one 7 1/2 yrs and the other 4 1/2 yrs. Both have discoloration of the eyes. Old vet said this was normal with Pugs. New vet prescribed NeoPolyDex for both 2-3x daily. Said it would be a lifetime medication. The medication appears to be an antibiotic and corticosteroid. It appears to be for acute use. I need to know if this is a safe medication for "lifetime" use.Thank you!

  • Can I give a cat dog dewormer?

    My cat has worms. I only have puppy paste wormer,will it harm my cat?

  • Older dog with incontinence and heavy breathing

    In the past two days I have found small amounts of my dogs urine inside. He is breathing hard but has been for some time. The vet looked at him a month ago for an other issue and was not concerned about the breathing issue. I am concerned regarding the urination issue. What could it be?

  • Dog Mammary Cancer?

    I have a female beagle mix who is 7 years old. 4 months ago she developed at least 12 tumors in her mammory glands from top to bottom of her. She has a tumor also on the front of one leg, looks like its full of blood and very hard. I am taking her in for bloodwork and chest xray to see what is going on. In the past weeks she is doing some reverse sneezing and it gets to where she gets weak and takes about 10 min. to quit, this happened 4 times. Also around this time she started looking puffier.

  • Differentials for chronic dog tachypnea

    When my 14 m.o. cat was about 5 months old, I noticed regular tachypnea (RR 40-80), worse when sleeping. She presents with no other symptoms except small appetite. She does restrict her own physical activity to short bursts of play. My vet ruled out asthma. Her Echo and ECG are normal. She had no response to steroids, treated for worms. Given her young age age & QOL, should I work with my vet to consult a specialist? My research includes possibilities for tracheal/subglottic stenosis/malacia.TY

  • Pink balloon like protrusion from dog vulva

    my small dog has something coming out of its female organ, it looks pink and like a balloon

  • Dog has Eosinophilic Myositis or maybe something else?

    My 2 1/2 year old mini is being treated for Eosinophilic Myositis with prednisone and clavamox in case of underlying infection (3rd day). No definite proof of myositis. Thorough exam of the mouth shows nothing abnormal. Blood results normal. Waiting for results from creatine kinase draw to help confirm. This is the start of the 3rd week of his mouth problem. What else might these symptoms reflect? What treatments could help?

  • Septicemia in my dog

    Gizmoe acted droopy for a couple of days. By the second afternoon he was critically ill. We took him in right away. After $3700.00 and a week in the hospital the doc said it was Septicemia,we were able to bring him home meds,lactulose 2.5cc every 8 hours,clavamox 62.5 mg tab (q) 12 hours,Baytril 68mg tab (QD) mitazapin 1/4 tab (QD), tramado l25 mg (q) 12 hours. When he will stop acting like he is drunk when he walks. He acts like someone who has had too much to drink. Why does he act like this?

  • Medicine for dog toothaches?

    My chihuahua has oversized teeth and has had many pulled. However he still has a few large ones left that hurt him and he gets infections up in his gums that hurt and make his mouth stink. What is the human equivelant to clyndomicyn that was prescribed him?

  • Wolf hybrid with bad diarrhea!

    Our 1 year old Wolf Hybrid has had diarrhea for about 10 days now. He had his rabies shot 2 weeks ago (in case that could be the problem) We have not changed his food brand, nor have we increased or decreased the amount. He has lost about 10 pounds. We are VERY worried. What is the problem?

  • Geriatric cat with urination issues

    I have a 16 year old neutered male cat, that for the past 2 years has been urinating on my kitchen counters, and bathroom floor. He has his own litterbox, since we also have two 5 year old female cats who are mostly outdoor kitties. Mostly this happens when we leave for the weekend, but not always. He has a clean bill of health other than a slight heart murmur, that the vet assures me is normal for his age. Do you have any idea why he would do this? Or how to stop it?!

  • Hairloss on puppy end of tail and paws

    Puppy has hair off of end of tail, had a lot of fleas, no redness, few dark spots, cocker spaniel mix, was rescued from human society, like hair has been shaved

  • Is it OK to use neosporin on a cat?

    My cat has a sore on his rear and I can't get him to a vet for 2 days. It appears to be a skin infection caused by a cat fight. I don't want it to get any worse. There is already pus on the wound.

  • Info on a mixed dog that is crossed between chow and labrador

    I would like to know more about chow crossed with labrador , Are they aggressive?

  • Is the potato plant stalk toxic to dogs?

    My dog chewed some potato stalks. Is this anything to worry about?

  • What to do if person is diagnosed with Cat Scratch Fever? Get rid of cat, other options?

    I recently adopted a kitten and now I have been diagnosed with a severe case of Cat Scratch Fever and spent a week in the hospital this month. Is there a way to keep the family pet without puting myself in danger of catching this again? I dont want to get rid of the cat but losing my vision is not an option. Thx, Theresa

  • Dog doesn't empty bladder regularly

    Our 11 year old chocolate lab is not emptying her bladder. We have had every test and x-ray done on her and still nothing is showing. Our vet seems to think that her brain is not telling her bladder to empty. Have your heard of this and if so what can be done? Her bladder is always full and she doesn't know that she has to go. She finally goes but not enough to empty her bladder so she leaks urine all the time.

  • Is Formby's Lemon oil is toxic to cats?

    I believe that Lemon is an essential oil and I have read that essential oils are very bad for cats. I have told my mom to stop using the Formby's. Is this a good judgement call and am I correct that the oil is toxic to cats? Also, are ripe tomatoes bad for cats?

  • Can I give my dog diazapam to sedate him?

    need to keep him quiet

  • Symptoms of dog stroke?

    I have a 10 year old Rott/Shepard mix, She is 100lbs and quite lazy. She woke up this morning with red eyes that were pointed out to the sides. What could be wrong? She will focus for a min then the eyes will go back upwards.

  • Common side effects of dog dewormer?

    Hello. Could you tell me the more common side effects for canine de-wormers including but not limited to heartworm? Also, are there more side effects after using an otc medication v.s. one obtained at a veterinarian's? Thank you

  • Rimadyl recovery time for dogs?

    My 5 1/2 yr old Lab was on Rimadyl for 14 days. His last dose was 7 days ago. In the past 7 days, his appetite has decreased and has been non-existent for the past 3 days. He has eaten nearly nothing in 3 days and I have tried literally everything in the house . He is also extremely lethargic and drowsy. He only gets up to go outside and drink water and he drinks a lot of it lately. Assuming the side effects are associated with Rimadyl, how long will it take him to recover from the drugs?

  • Can I give a dog benadryl for itchy skin with other meds?

    I am fostering a shitzu mix that has demodex, and dry eyes. My question is can I give him benadryl for is itchy skin if he other medications. He was given an injection of ivermectin 1 week ago, and a dose of drontal plus. I am giving him baths in pyoban shampoo, and putting Animax on the hot spots. He is getting cyclosporine 2% opthalmic drops too.

  • Puppy eats dead mouse

    What should I watch for my 10 week pup has ingested a long time dead mouse? He has had his first round of vaccines and given 2nd deworming dose today.

  • Citrus fruits ok for dogs to eat?

    Our dog loves Mandarins, are these and other citrus fruits ok for dogs to eat? Thanks J.R

  • Child has fever from touching a squirrel?

    I feel like a bad parent even asking this but here goes... my 9 year old son has been holding a wild Golden Mantel Squirrel while on vacation. Two days ago my son became sick with typical flu like symptoms, throwing up and fever. he still has a fever. I realized that I have NOT been making him wash his hands after holding this animal. Could his illness and his contact with this animal be related? He has not been bitten or anything - he does pet it and one time rubbed his nose on its fur.TX

  • Dog fluid build up

    12 year old springer spaniel dog has fluid build up as her heart not able to work strong enough to clear her vessels. Scans all clear. Tablets and medication not clearing fluid. She is passing water but not eating or drinking. Is there anything else we can do for her?

  • What can help cancerous tumor in dog liver and intestines?

    Took dog to vet. Lost weight, white blood cells jumped from 35k to 42k within week of them giving antiobiotic. Clavamox was treating for uti, also red blow low. Ran xray said he had tumor kind of by liver/intestines, can't really tell. Dog was getting around fine basically happy until those antiobiotics. Now they prescribed prednisone and zeniquin. Dog shows no pain but since then he lays around will get up to eat and does still get burst of energy.

  • Dog tail has growth that looks like a claw

    My 4 year old border collie has a small growth that resembles a claw on her tail. It broke off today when I was brushing her - first time I noticed it and I thought it was a sticker she had picked up somewhere. Any idea what it is?It stopped bleeding when I applied pressure and left a tiny spot. Thank you.

  • What can I wash my dog with?

    Hello, I live on a remote caribbean island and have just rescued a dog here. What is best to give her a wash with as she is rather smelly. I don't have access here to dog shampoos just basics. Many thanks

  • Permanent damage for kitten recovering from severe ear mites?

    I have a 4 week old kitten that was just taken to the vet yesterday for severe ear mites. She is a foster so I just got her a few days ago and she could have had this infestation for a long time. The vet cleaned out her ears and applied medication. The kitten still is still acting the same and very lethargic as she was before seeing the vet. She barely moves but to lift her head occasionally. How long till she starts to perk up? Should I be worried about permanent balance and ear damage?

  • Growths on upper kitten lips and sides of mouth

    Hello! A kitten outside our house has visible brown growths on his upper lips and sides of his mouth (they are expanding). The only tumors in cats' mouths I've heard about are cats of advanced age. This kitten is only 6 months old, what does he have?

  • Puppy paw bends with a crook

    I have an eight week old bulldog pup whose front leg just above the paw bends with a crook in it. Is this something that can be fixed? Other wise the pup is full of life, fat and healthy.

  • Correcting bowing rear dog legs since birth

    My dog Hayden, he's an almost 2 year old minpin/chihuahua and about 10 pounds, was born with bowing rear femurs. I adopted him from a rescue at 12 weeks old, and when he was removed from the cage so I could see him, my mother and I saw that he was bow-legged in the rear. I was informed he was born this way. His vet said both knees are fused, and most likely developed this way, due to lack of space in the womb. Is there a way to have knees fixed and correct the bowing? Jaymie

  • Can supplements for arthritis in dogs damage the liver?

    My dog is a 9 year old, mix breed (dalmation/beagle) with osteoarthritis. We've tried Deramaxx and Tramadol, but I'm looking for something safer. I've been researching sea cucumber products and green lipped mussel products, all of which sound great. My concern is that she has elevated liver enzymes (going on about a year or so) with no other symptoms of Cushings, or any other liver related illness. With elevated liver enzymes, are these supplements safe? We already avoid MSM for this reason.

  • Is a PET scan an option for dogs with cancer?

    Our beloved Golden Retriever mix (spayed female, 7yo) recently had surgery to remove a large subcutaneous mass from her belly that was ID'ed as myxosarcoma. Lateral margins were good, but the lesion extended to the abdominal wall, and an oncologist we have consulted with recommends a more extensive and difficult follow-up surgery to remove muscle tissue that was beneath the lesion. But is a PET scan an option for canines? I know they are effective in early cancer detection in humans. Mid-atlantic region.

  • How can I tell if my dogs vagina is infected?

    How can I tell if my female has an infection in or near her vagina? I wiped off s substance that looked like apiece of poop and then continued to wipe her clean. She was more than uncomfortable as I got closer to her private area. Any ideas?

  • Did my dog get chlorine poisoning?

    I think my dog drank the water when my husband was backwashing our that much chlorine toxic to him? He seems okay just acting a little different.

  • Is vomiting usual during the dog heat cycle?

    I have a boxer female and she is in heat but she is vomiting. Is that normal?

  • Did my dogs muscle spasm? Or something else?

    Today she is still tender but walks without limp, eats and drinks fine. Tender area is on her body right behind R leg. She does lay on it today but it is still tender. She yelped yesterday 1X and once today when I picked her up. She's rescue dog, 3-4 yrs old and this happened for the 1st time yesterday. When I was holding her I could feel the spasm. Seems to be just under the skin in the fleshy tissue.

  • Cat lump, bump on shoulder. What could it be?

    My cat had a small bump just over her shoulder blade. It's been there for at least a week, it was mobile just under skin and when petting my cat you could pinch the skin and lift the bump away from her body. I was petting her today and barely applied pressure and out oozed a thick white pus. It seemed to be very thick, with small almost hard balls in it. I have another cat, but they get along. I don't know if it was just a wound from the other cat or if it's more serious.

  • Feline renal disease. What can I do at home?

    Dear Doctor, Thank you for taking the time to read my question and hopefully answer it.My cat was diagnosed yesterday with Chronic renal disease, was given fluids, special food and had to be sedated for a full check up. This morning she still doesn't want to eat or drink. She also has had her tongue stuck out a little since last night. The doctor says its nothing although he knows that she has a minor mouth injury. What do you think? Is there anything I can do at home to help her? Thank you so much.

  • My dogs tooth was removed. Why won't it stop bleeding?

    Dog 7 months mixed breed- alaskan husky malamute and shepherd. Sick since age 6 weeks. Vet diagnosed with lymes disease traveling joint pain and lumps forming over joints and treated for this. Then had loose tooth causing profuse bleeding and it was pulled but cant stop bleeding, blood clots but clot seems to break down too quickly. Has been treated with antibiotics and antinflammatories since 6 weeks of age for lymes.

  • Dangerous to use Revolution without a dog heartworm test first?

    Is it dangerous to use revolution without a heartworm test for my dog first? If so what are the consequences?

  • Will puppy legs be able to go back in the sockets?

    My puppy was dx with strangles at 15 days old. He was put on antibiotics and steroids. His abdomen was distended and his legs ended up in the splits, out of the sockets at 4 weeks.

  • My dog ate cigarettes, will she be oK?

    My dog ate a pack of cigarettes and I worried that this will hurt her. What should I do?

  • Dog diet: should I cook string beans before giving them to my dog?

    My vet suggested I give my puggle string beans with her dinner. Should they be raw or cooked?

  • Diet for dog with UTI and Pyelonephritis

    I have an English Bulldog who was just diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection. We were also told she may have Pyelonephritis, but not a serious case of it yet. The doctor did a lot a X-rays and blood work. She does have a bad infection that showed up in the X-rays. She was put on Antibiotics and Pain Medication. We have been giving her the medicine like we are supposed to but she is not eating at all. The Vet prescribed "Prescription Diet" Dog food but she will not eat it. What do we do?

  • My dog's head shakes, tremors after accident. Why?

    We recently took our dog camping with us and she ended up falling down a hill and then ended up skidding to a stop on her head, had few cuts but other than that she seemed fine. We got home about 3 days later, bathed her & cleaned her ears. The next morning she started having these head tremors when lying down. I have been trying to look some information, some say its head trauma others say its ear problems. I'm just wondering what it could be & what I should do for her? She is a 1yr old boxer.

  • Issues with cat vaccinations under anesthesia?

    I had a 2.5 year old cat put under anesthesia for grooming at my vet. (My cat is very aggressive and can not be groomed without being under). She was given her distemper vaccination at the same appt. Over the course of 5 days,.she went from just being lethargic to now vomiting, diarrhea, not eating/drinking or cleaning herself. I took her back to the vet, they state there is no connection to the previous visit and did blood work. Are there issue with vaccinations given under anesthesia?

  • Dog keeps losing weight

    My 2yr. old boxer wont keep weight on . One day I can see all her ribs so I get her to gain about 5 pounds and a week later I can see all her ribs again should I worry?

  • Dog lumps in boxer's mouth. What are they?

    I have a 5 year old boxed named Max that has lumps in his mouth that have formed around his teeth. One is fairly large and one is in the front and has made one of his front teeth push out. We have asked our vet and he said that if they are bothering him and he doesn't want to eat they should be removed and sent in for a biopsy. (I don't remember the name that he called it). Do you have any ideas what this could be? Does it sound like something that should be taken care of right away? Thank you!

  • Toxoplamosis for an animal rescuer?

    I have recently become pregnant and I'm worried about toxoplasmosis. I know about cooking meat and not changing the litter box, but my situation isn't that simple. I work in animal rescue and can not completely eliminate my exposure to strange cats and their feces. I can wear gloves, but they do break etc. I realize now I could have had an antibody test 6 months BEFORE I became pregnant, but it is too late to do that now. What is the advise that is given to female Vets? Certainly no one is telling them to quit work, so what do they do?

  • Cispride and Metroclopramide side effects?

    My 11 yr female lab spayed has IBD currently taking 1 ml cisapride and 10 mg metoclopramide 3 x daily and 3 mg budesonide 1 x daily. Are there any adverse side effects with cisapride and metoclopramide together? Vet says no, but I'm seeing listlessness, heavy panting, lack of interest in walking.

  • Tips for dog breeding

    I have a dog in heat staying at my house hoping my dog will mount her. There are signs of bleeding from last night as there is blood on the concrete in the garage. Please provide suggestions or what to look for. The male is not showing interest. He did show interest over the weekend.

  • Dog's anus red and raw from constantly licking

    My dog's anus is red and raw. He is constantly licking the area is there something I can do to relieve the irritation?

  • Will this canine hair loss not grow back?

    My 1 1/2 year old chow/sheltie mix has lost considerable hair since I adopted him 2 months ago. He used to be full and fluffy, now his coat is thin and wirey. He was recently scratching/biting a lot, the vet said it was probably allergies and he took allergy meds the past 10 days. The scratching has diminished greatly, but why the significant change in his coat? Will it grow back? He seems normal otherwise. Thanks! -Sarah

  • Veterinarian schooling needs?

    Just need to know the basics... costs (how to deal with them), what to do as a high schooler (job, Experience, etc.) to get into vet college.

  • Dog moaning, dashing, and biting back area

    My dog keeps biting and licking her back area, dashing about at times and moaning, what could this be? Thought it was due to the hot weather, have flea-ed her, but it's just happening more and more often. Pls help

  • Is it ok for cats to eat a little raw ground beef?

    Will my cat be okay if she ate a little raw ground beef?

  • Dog symptoms: dog acts drunk after mild physical exertion?

    Our 2 year old male lab has started to have some very concerning symptoms this summer. When we take him out to play fetch in the evening, we will walk him back and he acts like he is drunk. He stumbles and falls, seems disoriented at times, and when we get home he will walk and lean on walls to keep his balance. After he cools down and sits for a few minutes the symptoms disappear. He has just been tested for a hereditary muscular disorder (meyopothy?) but it came back negative. Thoughts?

  • Causes of an angry cat?

    Hello, recently my cat has been very angry, and I am not sure why. She hisses at everyone, other than me, and attacks my other cat quite often. She was once very close with my other cat, but now if she even sees him she will growl and fuss. We believe she is carrying babies, because her belly is growing, but she has had kittens before with other animals in the house and not been like this. Is it because he is a male cat? Is something wrong or is this common?

  • Cat medicine: Is it ok to keep my cat's insulin in the fridge for 3 months?

    I am giving my diabetic cat Lantus insulin. Because he takes such a small dose (1 unit), it lasts a long time and the vet said that the insulin would be good in my fridge for about 3 months, even though the pharmacist tells me it should be discarded after 30 days. Is it ok to keep it that long? Thanks!

  • Does prednisolone affect a diabetic dog's blood glucose?

    Hi! my dog (13 years of age) Bichon, is diabetic....(has been for about 18 months now), has an ear issue (shaking head etc.). The vet gave us Prednisolone for 3-4 days. My brother said that may affect his blood-glucose adversely. Why did they prescribe this? Is it safe? They said it's ok but I'm not sure. Advice?

  • My puppy is having major balance problems

    MY puppy is 12 weeks old and is having major balance problems. She sways her head back and forth when she is sitting still and when she walks she trips and runs into things. She can't seem to keep her balance whether sitting or standing. She also tilts her head to the left when she walks and her left eye is a little droopy. We don't know what is wrong as she has been happy and healthy up to this point and has had no trauma or injuries to her head that might lead to dizziness or balance problems.

  • Dog lethargy, sore front paws and weepy eyes

    Hi, I have a 5yr old female boxer cross pig dog.Most people think she is a sharpi cross.For the past couple of years she has shown symptoms -lethargy, two sore front paws(one particularly worse than the other), and more recently weepy eyes in the morning. I have taken her to two different vets. she has been tested and treated for a mite condition about 2 years ago, but she is no better. I was told once that she could have a condition from being kept in unusual temperatures when she was a puppy. Her condition is getting worse.

  • Dog ate bone and now sick, lethargic and has diarrhea

    Yesterday my great dane was given a large roasted bone which she devoured. Within an hour she was being sick all the time and also had very bad diarrhea which did not have blood running through it but was a very dark red/brown colour. Since then she has been very lethargic and has not eaten anything, she is drinking water but now 24 hours later does not seem any better and is sleeping most of the time. Please help

  • Are dogs toxic Mesquite Pods?

    In the summer my dog loves to eat the Mesquite tree seed pods. She has never gotten sick but someone said they are toxic.

  • Hyper kitten with diarrhea and red thing coming out of anus

    I rescued a small kitten (she is probably about 12 weeks now) about a month and a half ago. She was a barn cat that was covered in fleas, and had a bladder infection. I took her to the vet and the doctor put her on an antibiotic. The kitten had her last dose about a week ago. The last couple of days, I noticed that she had diarrhea (ice cream like poo). As I was trying to clean the poo off her tail I noticed a red/pinkish thing coming out of her anus. I thought it was blood so I panicked and got a tissue to wipe it up, whatever it was it went back up inside her! Can you tell me what is could be? She is not lethargic and is hyper all the time.

  • Can inhaling the dog fur hurt my kids?

    I have three kids. The oldest is just five and I have a Golden Retriever (Dog) that is shedding very badly. Can inhaling the fur hurt my kids?

  • Pups spayed/neutered too young at 7 weeks?

    I foster for the Humane Society and they require puppies be spayed/neutered at a young age. My puppy fosters were spayed/neutered at 7 weeks of age, one went into kidney failure a day or so after surgery, could this be caused from the surgery, i.e., anesthesia, medications? They performed a necropsy and found nothing apparently wrong with her. It broke my heart and I don't want a repeat. My current pups are 6 weeks and I want to refuse the surgery until they are older, any advice?

  • My dog ate a small amount of aloe vera gel?

    He had a rash and a website said to put aloe on his rash. It worked and the rash is better but now he will not eat or drink. He did throw up this morning. I am assuming that he licked some of the aloe gel off of himself. What should I do?

  • Dog has growth under tail and anus?

    My beagle is 14 years old and has always enjoyed great health. I just dicovered a lump under his tail and under his anus last night and wondered what it might be. It is an internal growth and does not appear to be infected or to cause him pain.

  • Pain in dog's hind quarters, a loss of appetite, and will not drink water?

    My male boxer who is a year and six months old, has heartworms. He was digonosed with them about 9-10 months ago. He is now having pain in his hind quarters, a loss of appetite, and will not drink water. Could this be related to the heartworms or is a more likely a totaly seperate issue. If so what would most likely cause this in such a young boxer? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Test to see if there is a canine tumor in pituitary gland?

    My Samoyed,a 11 years male has been diagnosed first of diabetes and later on of Cushing Disease. His renal glands are just a little bit inflamed, but I don't know nothing about his pituitary gland, although the doctors gave him as a treatment Vetoryl, active substance is Trilostane after blood tests results came. Those diagnostics were put to him in the spring of 2008 for diabetes and for Cushing in autumn. In the case the result will be badly is possible like treatment to irradiate the tumor?f the result in the exceptionally case will came positive, that means is no tumor, cushing can be treatable? In advance I thank you very much for your help.

  • Small mixed breed dog is vomiting?

    She is normally healthy. I am concerned because she is so small and do not want her to become dehydrated even though she is still drinking. She will be ok for awhile and then out of nowhere she will throw up.

  • Kitten has diarrhea after deworming?

    My kitten was dewormed about a week ago but is still having uncontrollably diarrhea and her anus is inflamed. Is there something more serious wrong with her?

  • My dog's behavior has changed recently

    She occasionally shakes, not eating normally, stands in one place and looks around for long periods of time and does not play with her toys which she always does. Any idea on what could possibly be wrong?

  • What causes leisons on dog's eyes?

    My 3 year old pug has developed leisons on both of her eyes. They did a test and they aren't ulcers. The first one grew 1mm in 2 months and she has now developed a 2nd one within those 2 months, what can be causing this?

  • Pregnant dog signs: ny dog has swollen nipples and vulva but shes not showing?

    My dog had her last heat 2 or so months ago. Her teats are swollen and her vulva is as well, but her stomach isnt swelling/getting any bigger. We thought she might have been pregnant but she isn't getting any bigger. Is she pregnant? or could it be a phantom pregnancy??

  • New kitten feeding. Is this normal?

    We have rescued a kitten, this is our first cat. Our kitten is almost five months old, and she paws at the floor around her food before she eats. What is this behavior? She also eats only half of what we put out. And will not eat again until I give her fresh food, is that normal? Thank you.

  • What medication for a dog fungal infection?

    I have an akita who has a fungal problem. His fur comes out in patches, leaving the skin exposed. What medication can I get to deal with this problem? The fur comes out around his face , paws and body.

  • Dog vomits after licking its rectum. Why does it do this?

    We rescued a three year old coonhound last year. She had heartworm when we adopted her. She has started licking her rectum a lot in the last few weeks and this morning threw up all of her food from last night.

  • Do you recommend Synflex for dogs?

    I believe that my 6 yr old lab has elbow dysplasia. She has some of the symptoms like limping, personality change and difficulty rising when in a resting position. What arthritis medication do you recommend giving her? I have been looking into Synflex, is that the best one?

  • Giant Shnoodle has lymphocyte count of 14.3. What options?

    My dog is 6 1/2 years old, in may 2009 he had a lymphocyte count of lymphocyte count of 5.6. In may of this year it had gone up to 17.1. The vet put him on doxycycline for 10 days and we retested his blood and it came back at 14.8. We gave him another 4 weeks of Doxycycline and his lymphocyte count is 14.3. He has no symptoms of anything, energy level is good, no weight loss or loss of appetite. My vet says a full leukemia diagnosis will cost $1600.00. Is there another option?

  • Dog sleeps constantly and hasn't eatin in 3 days. What's wrong?

    He shakes and sleeps all day.

  • Dog paw injury: Severed tendons?

    My 2 year old springer suffered a bad cut under his paw on a large piece of broken glass on our beach. It was a v shaped cut and bled a great deal, He had 4 or 5 stitches and the wound is healing at long last.Since the cut we have noticed that one of his middle "toes" is sticking up at an unusual angle and is rather floppy , not at all like his other ones. Is there any chance that he could have severed nerves of tendons? it doesn't seem to stop him running around.

  • Cat losing a lot of hair, but no bald spots. What could it be?

    My cat is an indoor/outdoor at. He comes and goes as he pleases. We just noticed recently that he has snarls and tangles on one side of his body. We figured it was from the heat. I gave him a bath and brushed so much hair off him I couldn't believe it. He doesn't seem to be having any bald spots. I have other indoor animals. Is this something that could be contagious? What could be causing this?

  • Are dogs arthritis symptoms common?

    We're getting very good results using Multi Radiance lasers for therapy and were wondering how prevalent arthritis is for dogs in the U.S.?

  • Odd behavior that consistent training will not stop

    My cat Jet, who was found on July 9, 2009, was found behind our house being chased by a tom cat. We immediately took him to the town vet and told us he was probably around 3 to 4 weeks. After training, where he took to his litter box, he still attacks our daughter so bad that her arms looks like she is a "cutter" and has torn up our furniture. He also attacks both my husband and I but not as bad as our daughter. It has gotten to the point where he is not allowed at our vet anymore. We need help!

  • My cats sneezing a lot. Why?

    I have a one year old male cat that has been sneezing alot lately. Could this be serious or just allergies? He likes to go out side to catch mice and birds could he have caught something from them? I also have an indoor female I don't want her to get sick if its something contagious.

  • Dogs neck has swollen glands, and problem popping. Why?

    My dog is a beagle. What could this be?

  • Why would a kitten meow be weak and raspy voiced?

    He has a clean bill of health from our vet and has had 2 rounds of shots, very playful, seems perfect, but when he meows it is weak and raspy. He was a stray that just showed up, so I do not know his background.

  • Is there a bad dog breath home remedy?

    Is there anything I can do for my dogs' bad breath? They go to the vet yearly, and eat dry food. Is there a home remedy I can use?

  • How to punish when training a kitten?

    We've had the kitten 3 days and she uses her litter box. Yesterday she messed in my bed and on my couch. What should I do? Also can I feed a kitten imitation crab meat?

  • Fish oil for dogs who are pregnant?

    Can I still feed my dog fish oil even if she is pregnant? She's a boxer.

  • how to cut dog nails?

    I have a boxer female and i like to learn how to cut her nails she has them too big and scratches alot.

  • Curled dogs tail. Why?

    The tail on our 9-year-old dog is curling up on the end. It also has lost the hair on the tip of the tail. Is this normal?

  • Cat anal incontinence. Can I fix this?

    Hello. Recently our cat Tigger was hit by a car. He had terrible swelling and bruising in and around his bottom and a fractured vertebrae just above his tail. He had no obvious damage internally but the vet said there was more than likely nerve damage as his tail is lifeless now. He has not been able to regain full control over his continence and is dripping urine fairly constantly and the feces comes out randomly and he doesn't seem to have any control over it at all, or even know when it is coming. What can I do to help?

  • Is milk for dogs okay in their dry food?

    We put a little milk in our dog's dry food. We replaced the canned moist food with the milk. They really seem to like it. Is this okay to do? By the way they are rotties, 6 yrs. old. This has helped with the amount of gas they pass, it is almost nonexistent now. Please let me if they are any side effects, and if I can still do this. Thank You.

  • my 12 week old kitten has cat balance problems. Why?

    My 12 week old kitten is started having balancing problem, like when she tries to scratch she will sometimes fall over and when she tries to walk a straight line she will toward the left. I've never seen anything like this please help.

  • Dog ear problem with pink coloration?

    What is the healthy color of a dog's ear? My dog's ears are a little pink and I was told in the past by a vet that he had a ear infection. Thinking maybe it has returned. Thanks, Jack

  • Limp dog problem for 30 minutes. Causes?

    Miniature Pincher. This morning my dog vomited, and then lied outside (which is something he does not do). When I found him he was limp and losing his bowels as I carried him. He was very weak for 1 1/2 hours. He seems to be better now. Following me around the house. Can you possibly know what might have happened to him?

  • Does fixing a dog reduce aggressive dog behavior?

    I am a K-9 handler with a department and we are getting a canine for the purpose of training it for aggression use. I have been told that having them "fixed" would reduce their aggressive drive. Any thoughts?

  • One of my four cats spraying and won't stop after medication?

    We have a 6 year old spayed female who developed a spraying problem. The problem started roughly 8 months ago when our relatives stayed over for the holidays. During their stay all of our cats (a total of 4) went crazy but after they left 3 went back to normal but one kept on marking. We tried everything from feliway to putting her on buspirone. The medication only made the issue worse. Is there other any way to stop her from marking?

  • Is my Akita dogs stomach being inverted a problem?

    My 5 week old Akita puppy had a inverted stomach, been treated by vet and seems fine now. Could this lead to other health problems in the future and could this lead to a twisted stomach? As my other Akita had this as a pup too. Thanks Emma.

  • Bloated dog after giving puppies. Is something wrong?

    I have a ten year old dog, she is a heeler and collie mix, and she just had puppies about 2 months ago her stomach now is very bloated like she is still pregnant but I don't know what it is and I need help, I don't have money to go to the vet, I cant even pay my bills right now it is breaking my heart and I need to know what to do.

  • Causes of persistent diarrhea in kittens?

    Our cat had three kittens 2.5 months ago, and two of them are sick with very watery diarrhea. One of them is getting better, but the other is losing weight and just sleeps all day, with no interest in play. He has tried to vomit several times, but without success. Is there any antibiotic or medication that we can give him? We are working in West Africa, and there is no vet here. Thanks much!

  • Cat food for cat bladder stones

    Is there a type of cat food available that is okay for cats with bladder stones? I currently feed Royal Canin Urinary formula, but my cat throws up every day and I'd like to try something else that won't exacerbate his predisposition for developing struvite bladder stones. He's been throwing up daily for months, with all tests coming back fine. His only symptom is vomiting, so I'm thinking it may have something to do with the food.

  • Dog behavior change in my lhaso apso?

    I have a lhaso apso a little over a year old and has been giving me problems lately. As a puppy she never gave me problems when potty training her and recently she has been peeing and pooping in my guest bedroom and my bedroom. She understands that she is not allowed to go into either room and still sneaks off as soon as I don't have my eye on her. Her sister, whom I also have, has been whimpering a lot and constantly wants to be with me. What can be causing these sudden changes?

  • What is the best quick remedy for canine dehyration?

    I have a 6 month old Boxer that is being lethargic and shaking. The weather outside is approx 100 degrees. Any suggestions?

  • Causes of transient dog neck muscle spasms with dyspnea?

    My 3 y/o, intact male, chihuahua has had 2 episodes of stiff spasming neck muscles and dyspnea. His neck looks swollen, and the muscles over his shoulders feel rigid. At first I thought his throat was swelling and gave him Benadryl, which relieved the symptoms. Since this has happened twice I no longer think it's an allergic reaction. Activity level is normal, no lameness/favoring of limbs, no change in appetite, nothing out of the ordinary except the spasms. Any ideas what this could be?

  • Is this unusual cat aids behavior?

    My cat has feline aids it has been hissing and attacking anyone who comes near it is this normal behavior given it has the disease.

  • How fast does a dog heart murmur progress?

    We adopted an English bulldog puppy we were told that at 4.5 weeks old he was diagnosed with a low grade 1 heart murmur. We got him last week, he is now 11 weeks old and our vet said he has a grade 5 heart murmur and will need surgery. Just curious how quickly murmurs progress could it have really went from a 1 to a 5 in like 7 weeks or did we get lied too? Thanks so much!

  • My kitten urinating in his food bowl?

    My kitten tried to urinate in his food bowl. I caught him in time and put him in his litter box. What does this mean?

  • Chances of survival for dog with cancer that may not have been fully removed

    My dog had a growth removed from near his paw - he is a 9 yr. old rotti whose is greatly loved. I don't want to lose him. Per the vet he took as much as he could and still be able to close it with stitches but it i tight - hopefully the stitches won't break - but the vet told me that the skin inside is still black around the edges and it doesn't look good - but the lab takes up to 2 weeks to get the results back on the biopsy - if it is melanoma cancer - what chances does my dog have for survival? What treatments are available - I am not rich so please advise me as to where I could get him the best care for not much?

  • Can I transfer worms by touching a cat with worms then one without?

    I have been around a cat who has worms. I want to know if i can give them to my cat by touching the cat with worms?

  • Accuracy of cbc lab tests if no signs of dog sickness?

    My 10 yr. old bichon. I took him in for a cbc as his mother had an episode of diarreha & vomiting. Her labs were way off but returned to normal after 2 days of IV's. The dr. suspected kidney failure. The son had a some loose stool too after she went in so the cbc was ordered. Now the dr. says his labs are off, his liver and thyroid. The dr. wants to start him on thyroid medicine. He has no symptoms of hypothyroidism. He is active, good coat, good weight. I'm wondering about the lab tests and if they can be wrong. Also if it is hypothyroid..would the liver be affected? Thank you. Shirley

  • Wimpering and keeping dog tail down?

    My dog is a golden retreiver who is about 9 years old. He has not been eating normal. He is only eating about a half a bowl a day for the last 3 days. Today he is not wanting to eat and is whimpering and keeps wanting to sit or lay and keeps looking back toward is butt area. Let him out tonight to defecate and he did. And it was normal. Yet he is still acting abnormal. He keeps going into small spaces or corners of the house that are not his normal areas.

  • Cracked dog paw pad?

    My dog seems to get cracks in his paw pads or maybe on the sides of his pads. They're usually on his back feet. I clean them with peroxide and ointment afterwards. Is there anything else I should be doing?

  • Blood blister that releases out of dog vulva?

    My dog has a blood blister that I popped near her vagina. While I was squeezing out the blood I noticed that it was releasing out of her vagina. I had her spayed 3 years ago so I'm not quite sure what to think about this. Please help.

  • Excessive flaky dog skin?

    Please help! My 7 year old 4 pound Chihuahua is suffering from incredibly flaky dry skin. He now has bald patches all over his body, and looks absolutely horrible (so bad that people are afraid to touch him). Due to stress from post surgery (surgery in Dec, skin issues since mid Feb) complications, I believe my dogs immune system has been affected, and he is unable to control his allergy to somethings/or things anymore. He is on Atopica once/day, and medicated shampoo 2-3/week. NOTHING WORKING!

  • Fatty skin growths on dog?

    Our Jack Russell has multiple growths on her skin. They tend to be rounded, dome-like at first. Then, they inevitably burst or leak, then flatten out. They resemble a piece of chewed bubble gum. What comes out isn't pus or infection, it appears to be fat. Our former vet removed one on her collar line that wouldn't stop bleeding and getting injured, and just called them 'fatty growths' with no explanation of why they keep recurring, or what they really are. (genetic defect?) Any ideas?

  • Dog behavior change after new dog joins household

    My pit bull has been acting a little different for the last couple of days. He is still a puppy and there has recently been a younger pup added into the mix. My pit hasn't been acting like his usual self the last three or four days. He has been using the bathroom more at night in the bedroom than during the morning. He is house-trained and usually waits until we are awake to take him out. He isn't eating or drinking water either. And moping around. What could be wrong with him?

  • Cat sneezing with blood

    My dog keeps sneezing and there is blood coming out of her nose she is breathing heavy too? What can I do?

  • Cat's eyes watering and rubbing

    One of my cats gets watery eyes every spring and summer when she and my other two cats shed heavier then usual. This year it has been a little worse then usual so she has been rubbing it causing a small area below her eye (eye itself looks normal) to become a bit raw and scabby. I have been cleaning daily with a cloth moistened with warm water. What I am wondering is if adding a small amount of antibiotic ointment after this cleaning would be recommend and safe?

  • Cause for polydipsia in dog following splenectomy?

    My 13.5 year old Amstaff/Chessie mix had a splenectomy and soccer-ball sized tumor removed 3 wks ago. We did not pursue a biopsy, though the vet did say his liver did not have any visible cancer on it and the u/s did not show any additional tumors. He is doing very well, but since the surgery has polydipsia and polyuria. His renal,liver,glucose labs pre-op were fine. He finished 2 weeks of Cephalexin 4 days ago and takes 25 mg Tramadol BID for arthritis. Ideas on what might be causing this?

  • Dog is bleeding randomly from her anus only in the morning?

    Hi Vets, I have a 6 year old French Bulldog that bleeds from her anus.Temperment is great and she eats regularly.Stool is clean.Happens only in the morning.Continues for ~3hrs in waves then she is fine for the remainder of the day. After 2 days of symptoms, Vet ER prescribed metronidazole. Now here is the strange thing. The bleeding is only in the morning after she wakes up. After she has "bled", it stops for the entire day until the next morning.Any ideas?

  • Vaccinated cat shares house with cat testing positive for feline leukemia?

    We have cat that tested positive with feline leukemia and have recently brought home another kitten. I do not want this kitten to contract this. If she is vaccinated for this, can she contract this disease? Also, told by vet that it is only transmitted through fighting or sex but read that it can be transmitted through urine but was told by my vet that there were no issues with sharing a litter box? Confused and want to do what is right.

  • Is it safe for dogs to eat ice cubes?

    Is it safe for my dog to eat ice cubes?

  • Post operation- neuter- pain relief for dogs?

    I have a 8month old chow pup that had neuter 7 days ago. The scrotum has swollen to size of large apple.....and pup is in much pain. Metacam does not seem to touch pain. What drugs could be used that are effective but have least side effects. My vet does not recommend torbagesic and has pulled him off metacam after swelling worsened and he started vomiting after taking med.

  • Is it bad if my dog swallows raw hide?

    My dog swallowed a large piece of raw hide and is sick. Took him to the doctor, got xray and showed nothing was there. Doctor gave me antibiotic and stool softener, but my dog has been throwing up for two days. Taking back to doctor today.

  • Dog is trembling after moving from resting position?

    I have a Shar pai mix that is having tremors when she is getting up from a resting position or after cleaning herself(at least that is when I notice it). She tremors until she is on all fours. What could be the problem?

  • Lack of appetite after dog neutered?

    My dog is 13yrs old, and yesterday she ws neutered, and today she has a lack of appetite, is it normal?

  • Normal for a dog to be constipated after sedation?

    Is it normal for my 1o month old dog to be constipated after sedation? My labrador had some xrays done yesterday and was put under sedation. She hasn't had a stool since yesterday. Is this normal?

  • Dog tapeworms infectious after starting meds?

    My puppy has tapeworms, and we gave her the first dose of medicine for it yesterday. Is it alright for her to play with another dog tonight, as long as the other dog doesn't eat her poop? Or will the other dog contract it just by being around her? Thanks!

  • Dog giving birth

    My dog is having puppies.. is it bad that she ate the sac and umbilibcords from each puppy? How many is too much?

  • What could cause reoccuring dog urinary tract Infections?

    I have a 7-8 old, spayed, Bichon Frise. She is prone to urinary tract infections. My vet believes it is because of dirt that attaches to her vagina when she is out going potty - we have a lawn with some bare spots. The vaginal area looks dirty & is sensitive, but is also sticky & it is extremely hard to remove. Antibiotics cure the infection, but it always comes back because the "dirt" always comes back. Would a cranberry supp. help her? Please any idea of what it is and how to cure?

  • Dog cancer: hemangiosarcoma or chemodectoma?

    My 11 year old Westie has been diagnosed with a tumor on her heart. The vet has said it is either hemangiosarcoma or chemodectoma - both very uncommon in her breed. $3000 surgery is one option, but I've been told this may only prolong her life by 6-12 months anyway. If I do nothing, she'd have to be continually monitored if the sac around her heart fills with blood (which caused her to collapse before and how she was diagnosed). Any thoughts?

  • Recuperation time after cat enema?

    My cat was hospitalized and given an enema for compacted stool and IV fluids as he was not eating. How long will it take him to be somewhat back to normal? He is still extremely lethargic and not eating yet. Brought him home 24 hours ago, he drinks and is a little friendly but basically still out of it.

  • High TA levels - dog ultrasound needed?

    My ten year old lahso apso is diagnosed with very high levels ta concentration. Vet suspects cushins d or adrenal problem. Would like to perform an ultrasound. All her liver functions levels are high. What should we do? We do not to put her thru a lot of test and keep her comfortable. Thank you, Daniela N

  • Can I treat puppy sneezing at home?

    We recently tried to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, but had to take her back for various reasons. Now, my 7 month old mini dotson is sneezing a lot. Her nose is wet and she isn't lethargic. Can I treat her sneezing at home without taking her to the vet? Our vet charges $50 just to see your pet and we don't have the money right now.

  • Long-term effect of a scratched cat eye?

    My kitten's eye was scratched by another cat shortly before I got her. At first it would ooze pus and was rarely open. Luckily , the symptoms of infection went away within a week or so. It's now 2-3 months later, and the cat is about 5 months old. The only problem is that the pupil of the eye does not look right. Here is a photo: (the contrast appears more dramatic as a result of the camera flash). What might cause this? Is it likely that she has impaired vision in the eye?

  • Spayed female dog rubs her genitals till they bleed?

    My 8 year old beagle female that's fixed keeps rubbing her genitals on the ground till she bleeds. Why?

  • Why does my dog eat grass?

    My 4 year old lab/ boxer mix is always chewing on grass when we go for walks, am I missing something in his diet?

  • Eucalyptus oil for cats?

    We have started using a organic mixture of 3/4 water and 1/4 eucalypths oil mixture on our dogs for fleas but I want to know is it okay to use on our cat or is it toxic for our indoor cat?

  • Are Kosher dill pickles toxic to dogs?

    My 2 year old sheltie has developed a taste for dill pickles. I cut the pickles in 4 strips length wise and I don't give her much, just maybe a couple 1/2" pieces. Will this hurt her? She really likes them.

  • Dog spayed but still bleeding

    My dog was spayed in February, and has been bleeding ever since. It wasn't as bad in the beginning but now is very bad! I don't know why this is happening and I cant find anyone to see her without money upfront. Please can you help me. I am scared and don't want to lose my best friend.

  • Open dog sores with possible fever

    We have just found four open sores on our dogs back. She is being very lathargic, her nose is very dry, and her tongue is very hot. Could the sores be causing the behavior. Are these symptoms of a fever? Can it wait or does it sound serious enough for a emergency room. Kris D

  • Is it dog back pain or anal gland infection?

    My dog is a 9yr old dachshund. In 2004 he had surgery for a ruptured disk. He's been fine since. Recently he groans & whines suddenly, even bringing himself out of sleep. He also stretches a lot(front & back). When he rises from a nap, his tail is sometimes tucked under him. He seems sensitive in low lumbar/saccral region just above tail. This coincides with a lot of scooting. He had his anal glands expressed 3 weeks ago. Fluid was pasty. Could this be anal gland infection, not his back again?

  • Cat behavior: 2 female cats not getting along

    I have 2 female spayed cats - 1 is 4 years old, the other 14-15. They have been getting along until 6 weeks ago. Now we have to lock the older one upstairs so she won't be afraid to eat and will use the litter box. Occasionally, she still pees on the bed instead of crossing the room to the box, even when the door is shut. She is always crouching in fear and looking around for the other. Why is this suddenly happening? Nothing seems to have changed with either cat except for this behavior.

  • My dog doesn't have bowel movements after anal gland cleaning?

    I got my dog groomed two days ago and with that he got his anal glands expressed. Since then he has not gone number 2 when usually he goes about 4 times by now. Is this normal after the expression? Should we take him to the vet or just wait it out?

  • Can and should I continue to give Metronidazole on an empty dog stomach?

    My dog (2yrs) had diarrhea and was vomiting. I took him to his vet and the dog injected 2 meds and prescribed Metronidazole 250mg to be taken daily w/food (full stomach). The vet said to give him babyfood till he's better. Once my dog started eating the babyfood, I gave him his 1st pill. However, I haven't given him the 2nd dosage because my dog won't eat or drink water. He has a lil diarrhea and is going frequently although it's not much what he excretes. My question: can & should I cont to give Metronidazole on an empty stomache? He's lost his appetite and I worry of giving the med cause of this.

  • Dog lead poisoning?

    I have a dog that was shot in the hip with a pellet gun about 5 years ago. He has recently started to lick that area like it may be bothering him and he is vomiting his food lately. Is it possible that he could have lead poisoning 5 years after the fact?

  • Dry vs. canned food for canine kidney disease

    I have a 15 year old Schipperke, diagnosed with kidney disease last year. I have been feeding him Hills kd canned dog food, but have been slowing switching him to dry, due to ease of feeding while he is in a kennel or staying with friends. He has been drinking more water. I realize canned has more water, but am I harming him by feeding the dry kd and having him drink more? Thank you.

  • Why is neutered male dog humping female?

    We have a 7 year old neutered Male toy poodle that just all of a sudden started humping our 1 year old Female toy poodle. Not sure if the female is spayed. We aren't sure what he is doing, though it is freaking the kids out. Does he have extra testosterone or something?

  • Chipped fang dog tooth

    Dear Vet, My 2-year old cat seemed to broke one of his fang tooth, specifically on his left top side. The tooth looks healthy to me, but the tip of the fang has fallen off and I'm afraid that it could effect his eating habit. I hope you could advice me further doctor.

  • Potential complications for a dog that survived distemper?

    We are considering adopting a 15 month old rescue dog that survived distemper. She has tics and an occasional seizure (about every other month) which have improved over time. We think we can deal with that much to give her a nice home, but are concerned that she is at risk to develop further complications or problems. Should we be concerned with a distemper survivor dog developing further problems or her problems getting worse in the future?

  • Dog diet for UTIs

    Hello, my cat has had 3 episodes of UTI's with Struvite crystals in the past year. Last November he got a PU surgury and has recovered well. He is not a fan of prescription wet food and eats science diet C/D Dry.He currently has a UTI and I was wondering if there is any other non prescription wet food that would be acceptable to feed him? I feel that he does not get enough water and he may be a bit dehyrated, so it's probably best if I keep him on the prescription dry and find him a wet food too.

  • Bad dog dreams leading to aggression

    She is a wonderful dog, gets along well with other dogs and is inseparable to my yellow lab. However, when she goes into what I call a deep sleep at night she will dream and she whimpers and cries and will wake up and immediate attack my other lab. They have had 4 fights, most recent was just last week for which I received 12 stitches and a broken finger on one hand and 4 stitches in the other hand trying to separate them. I have tried the water trick... does not work~HELP

  • Can my dog have Children's Nyquil?

    My 16+ year old Lhasa Apso has not been eating or drinking due to nasal congestion and some slight coughing for a day and a half. She seems to have gotten a cold. It was suggested that I give her children's benadryl but it has been recalled. Can she take Children's Nyquil which has no aspirin, aceteminophen or alcohol? What about liquid baby aspirin? She is blind and does quite well normally. Not sick enough to put to sleep.

  • Is dog food made with turkey good for dogs?

    A lot of people have told me that turkey is not good for dogs but I see a lot of dog foods that are made with turkey. Are they ok for a dog to eat?

  • Cat behavior problem since moving

    Since moving about 2 months ago, my cat won't eat and all she does is hide. She has lost tons of weight and looks horrible. By now she should have come around. My other cat is just fine. I can't force feed her. Even if I close the closet door and put food in there, she still won't eat. I'm surprised she's still alive actually. What can I do?

  • My dog is too old for dental cleaning?

    When my dog turned 17 the vet refused to clean her teeth.He said she would not survive the anesthetic.Now her teeth are really bad and she cannot chew dog food. The vet said it is time to put her to sleep but the dog is active and otherwise healthy. I can't see putting a dog to sleep because her teeth are bad. The vet never suggested brushing her teeth and now they are too bad and painful. I am at my wits end. She is a wonderful animal who was blind at birth and has lived well.

  • Do dog neurological problems go away?

    My 3 year old female pitbull got spayed on a few days ago, and she ended up having internal bleeding. We took her into the emergency vet about 24 hours after her surgery. She has had 4 surgery in 3 days. We just got her home today, and the vet said that she has neurological problems from losing so much blood. The emergency clinic brought in a dog blood donor. She can't walk on her back legs, and if she does, she drags them and stands with her back knuckles bent. Will this go away?

  • What is it meant by a dog "hot spot"?

    My dog keeps rubbing this one spot and I heard someone say that it's called a "hot spot". What does this mean?

  • Eye discharge 12 week old kitten?

    Hi my husband and myself have a 12 week old kitten. She's very active plays a lot there's no problems, but about a week ago she started having eye discharge. She squints a lot and she sneezes at times. It's only in her right eye the other one is fine. What could this be ?? Thank you

  • Does switching dog food lead to higher water consumption?

    My mini-chihuahua is drinking much more this normal after changing dog food to duck from chicken?

  • Invasive tests for diagnosis on old dog with arthritis?

    My 12 1/2 year old bouvier has arthritis in her spine and possibly degenerative myelopathy. She also has elevated liver readings on last CBC. She has trouble with her back legs and her feet knuckle under. I have to help her get in the car and also with steps. Otherwise she seems very healthy and in no pain. She is on tramadol 2x day and adequan. Vets want me to do tests on her liver and spine etc. I don't want her remaining days to be stressful with tests/surgery. What do you think? Thanks

  • Glow stick liquid dangerous to cats?

    My cat just bit into a glow stick and got the liquid all over her fur and in her mouth, is this liquid dangerous?

  • Dog tongue is flicking out all the time, like eating peanut butter

    20 month old pure bred Papillon. She is unbelievable! She just had her both back luxatting Patellas done from an awesome Ortho surgeon at Penn, and now has thee most perfect back legs, has pins in one leg and wires in the other. She is spayed. The problems since day 1 have been financially terrible. Allergy testing, allergic to everything, chicken, carrots, flax, oatmeal, everything that was in a low grade puppy food Royal Canine puppy 33. She is a survivor of a puppy mill.

  • Cat joints breaking down

    Hello my 11 yr old orange male tabby is suffering from what appears to be breaking down of the joints. He has trouble walking and moving around. He is overweight and I have tried to put him on a diet. His weight is 20pds. It breaks my heart to see him walk around like he does and has more inmobility than mobility. He has been tested for diabetes and hypothyroidism and is negative. Please help me. My vet suggested that I try to put him on a diet and did not give me a lot of info to work with.

  • My kitten sounds like she is snoring

    She only sounds like that some of the time. It sounds cross between a pig and snoring. What can be causing this?

  • Dog's eyes are severely swollen. What could be wrong?

    I have a 14 month old femal fawn boxer. I know she has allergies but this has never happened. Her eyes are swollen to the point where they are almost swollen shut. I am wondering if it is just her allergies or if it could be something more severe. Please help me. I am really worried.

  • Tumor on dogwith discoid Lupus

    I have a 9-year-old Husky with discoid lupus. For the past year, we have been treating it with predisone, to which he has responded. We recently found a small tumor on the bottom of his right paw (I've read tumors are common in dogs with lupus). Our vet wants to biopsy it to see if it is cancer. B/c of the location she cannot remove it. Sadly, we cannot afford chemo. Should we still get it biopsied? If so, and if we find out it's cancer, what are some cheaper alternatives for treatment?

  • Dog's hind legs stop working while running hard?

    I have a 6 1/2 year old Labrador. When he was about 6 months old he was running around with some other dogs and suddenly his rear legs started to get very weak. Hhe was wobbling around and finally they collapsed and stopped working. He had not been running very long when this happened. His front legs were still working fine. He was panting heavily and just lying on the ground. After about 15-20 mins, he was fine. What is this?

  • Fined for missing cat vaccinations for a year?

    I didn't do my 2 cats vaccinations last year -mainly due to money constraints and now I can do them. I wanted to find out if I would be fined or lose my cats since I missed last year's shots. But this year I am getting them done at pet clinic since my vet's rate are so high?

  • Outcome if leave inclusion cyst in dog eye

    Boxer 11 years old large inclusion cyst coming out of eye ball. What is the outcome if left and how long?

  • Could my puppy have diarrhea because he is teething?

    I have a 5 month old mini schnauzer. He keeps having bouts of diarrhea that seem to be coinciding with him getting his adult teeth. He is currently getting his molars and the baby teeth are still attached. I took him to the vet 3 weeks ago with diarrhea, the vet thought he had a virus and gave him an antibiotic. (He was teething then too) The loose stool cleared up, but now he's teething again, and also has diarrhea. Could there be a connection? I can't afford more vet trips! Thanks for the info

  • Can medicine against cat worms not work against some types?

    I gave my cat medicine against worms but I don't think it worked because I see white seed-like things on her fur around her butt. Is it possible that the medicine would not treat against all kinds of worms? What are the most common ones? The medicine instructions don't list tapeworms, for example.

  • Will atropine cause permanent dry mouth?

    My dog was put under while her ears where checked and cleaned. She was given atropine and something else, and it took about a week for her to recover her balance and start eating properly. She still has dry mouth 2 weeks later, is this temporary or should we be more concerned?

  • Cat sneezing: having a full recovery?

    I took my almost 11 year old cat to the vet with constant sneezing symptoms. The vet told me that it was probably a respiratory infection but the tests would be expensive so not to bother with that. My question is, how do I make sure my cat makes a full recovery when the vet wasn't completely sure of the diagnosis?

  • Cat has scabs and bumps on her neck and under chin

    My dads cat has bumbs/ scabs all over her neck and under her chin. She is an indoor and outdoor cat. There are no signs of flees and she doesnt itch. She does act funny though. She seems more skiddish and for a while afraid to eat where she has been eating for years. She will and seems to want to eat in other areas of the house instead. My dad has been using a liquid medicine that goes on the back of her neck for fleas but it doesnt seem to be helping. What could be wrong with her?

  • Injured cat tail life threatening?

    My cat howls with discomfort when I touch her tail or try to pet her back near her tail. I can tell she is in pain. She has been very lethargic and sleeping for almost the past two days. She tries not to move her hind quarters much and had one very dry bowl movement in the past two days. Is this life threatening?

  • Excessive dog panting with swell on spine

    I have an otterhound and he is panting excessively and is prone to fits but he has been having problems with his back legs and has now got a large swelling on top side of his spine. Could these be connected his panting? Worries me

  • Saw palmetto for dog cancer?

    What dosage of saw palmetto is safe for a 35lb dog? He has a prostate tumor and I heard saw palmetto is good for that.

  • Dog rash with red, bumpy, sagging skin

    My pug often has allergic reactions where his skin and coat appear lumpy. This time, after developing the lumps his whole skin has turned bright red and is actually sagging in the chest area. I've given him an oatmeal bath and benedryl like I normally do, but nothing is helping. He is 4 years old and we recently went on a road trip to WA from CA. The symptoms developed two days after we got home.

  • hamangioma vs hemangiosarcoma in dogs

    Hello, My 11 yr old lab had decreased appetite. Took her in for blood screen. Vet determined she had a temp, anemic and had an abdominal mass near the spleen and liver consistent with a hemangioma. In our conversation I am almost positive he said he thought the tumor was malignant,however, when I researched hemangioma (vs hemangiosarcoma) there seems to be a significant difference. She has an ultrasound scheduled first thing Monday. Will both result in rupture and subsequently acute bleeds?

  • Mucus discharge from cat rectum

    We had a cat show up at our door. She was very skinny and intimidated. We eventually gained her trust and have been taking care of her for the past week. She is gaining weight and looking generally healthy. The problem is yesterday I noticed white mucus discharge from her rectum. Is this a sign of something serious?

  • Female in heat with balding mucus like patch on back of neck

    I have a 2 yr old unaltered female staffordshire terrier who is developing a small bald patch on the back part of neck. It's wet and looks like it's coated in a thin film of mucus that gets the surrounding fur crusty. She is in heat. Could that be what's causing it or is it an infection that needs to be treated with ointment? I haven't seen her scratching at it. Cheryl

  • Dog diet for high pH level

    High pH level in urine. I have a 3month old female Lab. Her pH level in her urine is high, 7.5-8.5 I have changed her food 3 times, from nutro , to innova to nutro lamb and rice, the test results came back struvite crystals, but NO I'm confused on what to do. My vet keeps telling me to keep changing foods to it levels out. There is nothing they can do about it. I give her crancaps also. Should I switch to an all natural food?

  • High dog urine pH, should I worry?

    My dog frequently suffers from UTIs (our vet told us it is likely a result of her incontenence). She finished a round of antibiotics and a recent urinalysis revealed no crystals and no signs bacteria. But the pH level was nine. It was also her first void of the day, which I read is supposed to be the least alkaline. I've read that high pH leads to problems and infections. Is there anything I can do to bring it down? Also, should I have her blood tested and an ERD done, or am I overreacting?

  • The difference between hill's prescription diet i/d and pedigree + healthy digestion

    I was wondering what is the difference between hill's prescription diet i/d and pedigree + healthy digestion besides the veterinary prescription and price.

  • Long cat travel by plane

    Dear sir or madam, I'm moving from Greece to the States and I need to take with me my 3 cats. I am very worried about the journey because I can't have them with me around my seat. I'm going to travel by Delta Airlines in about 3-4 months from now. I started train them with the cages putting food in so that they get used to them. Is it safe to use tranquilizers? What advice could you give me in order to have a safe 15hour journey?

  • Dog's nose is hairless an inch around

    My dogs are both females about 1 1/2 years of age. We live in the country and they are free to run outside when they want. The pink, hairless area is about 1 inch on either side of the nose and surrounding the nose on all sides. It seems tender, but both dogs have acted normal in their dietary habits and playing. They are sleeping a bit more. Their noses seem fine, but all areas surrounding it are hairless and tender and the areas seem to be spreading slightly.Both are mixed breeds approx.50 lb

  • Young pregnant puppy

    I have a male dacshund - NOT neutered. He was bred once...I have one of his puppies...a female. She is on her last few days of her first "heat" cycle. Up until today, I have been successful in isolating her from him....but I think he "got to her" today. She is almost 8 months old. What in the world do I need to do? I'm worried for her health and the health of the puppies, if she conceived.

  • My dog's breath smells like mold

    My dog is a 7mth old Chihuahua who has never had any health issues and comes from a healthy blood line. Two days ago he threw up a very thick yellow substance and since then his breath smells like mold. Any idea?

  • Is L-lysine a good addition to treating a cat with asthma?

    I like to try to keep my cats healthy and active. My one cat, Kirin has asthma and skin allergies, after getting a steroid shot to relieve his skin irritation, he came down with a bad respiratory infection. The vet I go to now recommended putting him on L-lysine for a few week before getting another steroid shot. After being diagnosed with asthma the vet never ended up giving him another shot. I now treat him with 2.5mg of prednisolone every 3 days. Would L-lysine also help Kirin's asthma?

  • Strange dog bowel movements

    My 6 month collie/labrador cross has had strange bowel movements since we have had him. We got him at 12 weeks and his movements can be fine one minute then a few hours be like cow pat, then a few hours later be fine. I have had him wormed and changed his food a few times but still the same. He has always put on weight and is extremely lively it doesn't seem to effect him. Is it a matter of finding the right food? What can be done?

  • Can Miralax be used safely for a cat with megacolon?

    My cat has just been diagnosed with megacolon. The medicine from the doctor has not worked. I have paid a lot of money out with not much in results. If Miralax could help him without any problems I would like to try it.

  • Reverse sneezing in dogs

    My pug of 3 years has been sneezing for a week already. At first I thought it was something stuck in in her throat, but a friend with a dog told me about reverse sneezing. Should I take my pug to the vet or does the reverse sneezing just goes away?

  • Does e.coli affect dog fertility?

    Several of my young female dogs have not gotten pregnant lately, so I took them to the vet for a culture. Nothing was found except e. coli. Would this cause infertility and false pregnancies? How do I treat it? How concerned should I be that they swim in the same body of water that my kids swim in? I should add that my dogs are all healthy, live on a farm, and it would have been a first pregnancy for the 3 dogs that missed. Two had false pregnancies, one did nothing. Thanks!

  • Pug breathing issues

    Our two pugs exhibit snorts as "hocking a luggie". Although infrequent, this looks distressing. Is this serious/preventable?

  • Dog vomit - white and frothy with ear infection?

    My 7 month chihuahua x yorkie has for the last few weeks been sick-mostly in the mornings but also times inbetween. At first there was a lot of grass and now it seems to just be a white frothy kind of substance. He also seems to have an upset tummy. I took him to the vet and he is on some medicine and also ear drops as she said he had a slight ear infection, however he is still being sick. He has been on the medicine for about a week now. Should I be concerned? Thank you.Katie

  • Dog allergies to eggs?

    If my dog is allergic to chicken, will she most likely be allergic to chicken eggs also?

  • Percentage of dog survival on heartworm treatment?

    What percentage of dogs survive/dont survive heartworm treatment? My dog is undergoing treatment and I'm worried she wont make it because of stories I've been told. Are there any statistics that pertain to this?

  • My kitten has bugs. Help me identify?

    We found a kitten under our porch. She has some kind of orangish brownish bugs. They do not bother me or my kids. In fact, I have only seen them on her. I don't want to have to take her to the pound if it is something i can treat cheaply at home my husband will allow us to keep her.

  • Red itchy dog eyes and clear bumps around mouth and head

    I have a 3 year old Boxer and he has had these bumps on top of his head which feel like scabs which when scratched come off easily, some pop like zits. Now he has itchy red eyes which he scratched raw and he also has small little clear bumps (sort of like blisters) around his mouth area. I was thinking it might be allergies. I have been using allergy meds. for 3 days now with triple antibiotic eye solution. Do you think I should wait longer or could it be something else?

  • Acepromazine side effects

    Our westie was prescribed .25mg of Acepromazine prior to being clipped.10 hours later he is still showing side effects. He as been having seizures(like epilepsy),which he never suffered from before. How long does it take for the Acepromazine to wear off and will he now continue to suffer seizures in the future.He is 14 years old.

  • Dog has front paw pain when it comes into heat?

    Every time my shepherd comes in to heat, her front paw seems to be hurting her. She is only three years old. Limps on it constantly. I give her a buffered aspirin but that does little effect.

  • Unusual dog behavior: gathering toys and laying in closet?

    We have a 2 year old Fila.She stays in the house a lot but also enjoys being outside.The past few days she has started gathering her toys and trying to lay in our closet.This is very strange for her. We took her to her vet Monday and he said she had a virus. He gave her shots and medicine to give her at home. He said she would be better in 24 hrs. She isn't.Don't know what else to do.

  • Dog biting due to separation anxiety

    We have a eight year old Papillon that has started biting us when we leave him alone. We started taking him everywhere we went in a bag and still do even to this day. But there are times that he cannot go with us and so now he has become aggressive to even biting us when we leave and having separation anxiety.I know we created this behavior and now need to know what actions are needed to help him. Marlene

  • Cat eye with single constricted pupil?

    What could it indicate if a cat's right pupil appeared permanently constricted while the right appeared normal?The cat in question has been a severely underfed stray for many months now, likely with problems associated with starvation and parasites.

  • Info on feline heart murmurs

    I have a 15 y/o domestic cat, female, who was diagnosed with a heart murmur about 6 years ago. It has grown in intensity since then, from a Grade I to, presently, a Grade IV (ish.. as my vet says). I am intent on gathering information on feline heart murmurs, and I understand that heart murmurs are well documented in dogs, but not in cats. Are there websites, or articles, or any information that you could recommend to read for those of us working with our cats and their murmurs?

  • What is a cpan test?

    My dog has Cushings. What is a c pan test?

  • Why does my dog eat my other dogs' poo?

    I have 2 chihuahuas and a poodle. The male chihuahua will eat the other 2 dogs' poo if I don't pick it up immediately. Poodle is 4 . Chi's are 8 and litter mates.

  • Other than seizures, what are the possible causes of dog facial twitching?

    My dog occasionally has a facial twitch that looks like a snarl. The twitching has lasted for 20 minutes to 12 hours. Other than seizures, what are the possible causes of the facial twitch? Twitch was first accompanied by barking on first onset but not in subsequent occurrences.

  • Dog behavior: How to make a dog less timid?

    Is it possible to make my dog less timid? He is really submissive and always wants too much attention. He will come up from behind and put his nose on people's hand and then when they try to pet him he shys down. He won't even play fetch or tug-o-war.

  • Inverted dog nipples that are bloody with scabbing

    I notice my bull mastiff cross american bull dog has 2 inverted nipples and one has blood and is scabbing! What is the cause?

  • What is acute abnomality in cats?

    My cat is 6 years old and blacked out and was very unresponsive. By the time we got to the pet ER, she was slightly meowing and moving her tail a tiny bit but was still very lethargic with her tongue hanging out of her mouth and her mouth open. They have determined her lungs and heart are good and it's not antifreeze. They said it could be an acute abnomality. What does this mean and what do you think it could be?

  • Does Revolution for dogs cause behavior changes?

    I gave my 6 yr old husky revolution on Sunday and since then she is soo out of sorts..does not want walks (which she loves); nose is warm ; drink water but over much (and it is warm) wants to be left alone; always wants outside;and breathing takes time to settle when walked

  • Treating a dog that my have ingested blue green algae toxins?

    I think my dog (6 lb Yorkie) may have ingested blue green algea toxins. This would have been nearly 48 hours ago, she is very lethargic but no seizures. She doesn't want to eat. What do I need to do and what can a vet do?

  • C section versus regular birth for English Bulldogs?

    I have a pregnant english bulldog. She mated with my rat terrier. I keep reading she will die if she doesn't have a c-section. Is this true? I don't know if I will be at home to take the to the vet if she does have to have a c-section. Both my husband and I work.

  • Puppy swallowed some sea water and maybe sand

    My 4 month old puppy drank some sea water and possibly ate some sand. She had diarrhea last night, but today I walked her three times and she didn't poop. What should I do?

  • Dog covered in what looks like flea bites?

    for the past two days i have noticed a growing number of what appears to be flea bites on my dog. i have combed him throughly several times and found nothing. i gave him a flea bath couldn't find anything in the water. now i have shaved half of his coat and can see just bites every where but nothing crawling around on him. what could be biting him, or what could possibly be the cause of this.

  • ACL repair on dog who has bilateral hip displasia?

    My 2 year old golden who has bilateral hip dysplasia tore her ACL. She already had trouble getting up prior to this and the concern is the ACL tear was in her stronger leg. Therefore they are not sure her other leg will be strong enough to handle recovery time. We are heartbroken at the thought of putting her down and will be seeing a specialist next week. Will an ACL repair on its own if we opt out of surgery? We can not afford a hip replacement so trying to decide if it is worth the ACL repair

  • Demodex treatment after Ivermectin Toxicity?

    I have a 1 year old golden Retriever who was being treated for Demodex with high dose Ivermectin. A few days ago she developed Ivermectin Toxicity after being given her monthly dose of Comfortis. (The Vet said this was safe to do) Needless to say, it will be a while before she is fully recovered so what do we do about the mange and the monthly flea treatment and the heartworm prevention? She did well in the past with Revolution, but I am a bit concerned. Her neuro toxic symptoms were severe.

  • Red bumpy rash on the inside of dog's ear?

    My 2yr old Lab/Retreiver started scratching at his ear a few days ago. I applied some antibotic ointment to see if it would clear it up but now it has turned into a red, rough rash on the inside of his ear. I went out of town for 5 days and left him with a friend who's dog is now showing the same kind of rash on his neck, except his is scabbing. What is it and how do I cure it?

  • Does Balance It dog supplements have a safe record for quality?

    Does Balance It dog supplements have a safe record for quality? control since many of their ingredients are imported {China}. I'm concerned about the ingredients since this company imports many ingredients from foreign countries. It was recommended as a supplement to a homemade diet.Thank you

  • Is Adequan Canine recommended beyond 2 months?

    Is Adequan Canine recommended beyond 2 months. If yes, under what circumstances would you recommend long term use? I have a 3 year old Border Collie- Australian Shepherd mix who broke his left leg in an MVA 2 years ago. He is sore when vet checked his range of motion on the right side. He is going for X-rays tomorrow to assess.

  • Surgery options for trauma related loss of cat bladder control?

    My little cat Kulotte was hit by a car in February, and lost her capacity to urinate by herself. We have evacuated her bladder manually since her accident, and today she is in otherwise perfect health. I am wondering if there are any surgery options that could help recover her bladder control?Thank you

  • Cat running problem?

    My 15 week old meine coon has a problem when running. She doesnt run "normally". She doesn't run straight but diagonally (like bishop in chess). She does that only when she runs.She has no other problem. Should I be worried?

  • Can dogs eat vegetables or fruits?

    If so, which ones can they eat and which ones can they not?

  • Aside from a CT scan, other ways to detect a dog brain tumor?

    Our dog is a 5 year old golden retriever. She is loosing her sight quickly, and was on a medicine because they thought it may not be a tumor. The medicine did not work and they say it is most likely a tumor. Besides a ct scan to detect a brain tumor in a dog, how else can it be detected?Can this be detected with an x ray and blood work?

  • Dog medication for nausea?

    My Yorkie was prescribed medication for what I think is nausea and I cant remember the name. I would recognize it if I heard it again. Can you help? I wanted to find out more about the medication before giving it to my dog.

  • Aspirin alternative for dog pain?

    My 8 year old lab has arthritis and is taking Dasuquin. He still has bouts of severe pain, but cannot tolerate aspirin, or even coated buffered aspirin. Is there another product that will not induce vomiting?

  • Normal time for a broken dog leg to heal?

    On a normal clean break how long should it take for a dog to heal a broken leg ? My dog has a broken leg and has seen a vet but I need help.

  • Adaptive treatment or operation for deaf dogs?

    Hi I have a 2 year old deaf staffordshire bullterrier. I have had him since a pup and he has been deaf since birth as far as we are aware. Recently it has been playing on my mind... is there any tests that can determine his deafness and is there any treatments such as hearing aids or operations to correct hearing???

  • Can I give my dog Vicodin?

    I Have 500mg Vicodin, and a 50 pound dog. Can I give it to her for pain until I can get her to the vet? She's having some hip discomfort.

  • Red spots on lower dog lip

    My dog has red spots on his lower lip. Two of them are on both sides of lip by his fangs and one is in front of his fang. He has had blood work and a removal of one to sent out for testing. Everything has come back normal but the spots have come back. He has also been on meds. They help by reducing the size but it never goes away. Is there something I can do? I would really like to know what is going on with my dog. Please help. Crystal

  • Dog shaking her head back and forth

    My dog keeps shaking her head back and forth. She has been doing it all day. I cleaned her ears thinking it was an infection, but they are clean. No redness but she is sensitive when i touch her left ear. Is this something I should worry about or will she eventually stop?

  • What to give a fussy elderly cat eater?

    Inherited my mums elderly cat about 18 years old. She is generally well but is very fussy eater. Give top brand of senior food, milk egg, raw steak, tinned fish, difficult sometimes as to know what to give her to eat?

  • One undropped dog testicle?

    Dear Doctor, I have a 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. I was dismayed to find out when I got his AkC papers that he was inbred. After his usual medical visits we have determined that nothing is seriously wrong, except he only has had one testicle drop to date, and the one that has is very small, about the size of a grape. Will this affect him in his development into an adult? Is there anything that cab be done to boost his testosterone so he develops into a healthy adult? Thank you Chris

  • Treatment for reoccuring abscesses on dog prostate?

    What would your treatment be for a dog with reoccuring abscesses on the prostate. He has been neutered. In the past we were able to treat with antibiotics, IV fluids, etc. However, this time nothing seems to be working. He has spent over a week at vet's office. Our vet says surgery may be only option, but we cannot afford to travel out of state and the surgery. Any suggestions?

  • Dog seizure symptoms or sleep walking?

    Our 18 month male has what appears to be seizures. Doctor has tested his blood including for Leukemia and HIV, blood work is normal, has had a neurological exam, that too is normal. He received all vaccinations and booster shots. Noah is healthy, active with a good appetite. When he's having a seizure he runs clock-wise and salivates, skin appears to be rippling. He's never lost control of bladder or bowel function. Doc thinks sleep walking or dream state.Can anti-seizure meds help?

  • My doberman dogs legs have trouble standing up. What's wrong?

    The dog walks and runs ok. Just trouble getting up from lying down.

  • Elderly dog breathing problems. Euthenasia?

    My dog breathe very heavy and can't stand on his hind legs. He is 15 years old or 105 dog years. At what time would he be put to sleep?

  • What causes dog aggression problems?

    I have four dogs one shitzu and two of his pups they are mixed with dachshund and two years old. I also have a six week old lab. Three boys one girl. All fixed but the new pup. The girl is becoming very aggressive she is biting me and fighting she has been doing this since her mom passed two days before Christmas. I don't want to have to find another home but she has bit my face and three or four times on my leg if I cant get her under control my husband said i will have to get rid of her.

  • dog balding in spots. Why?

    she doesn't overly scratch the patches its almost like they don't even bother her. I can't figure out why this has happened, she does have flaky dry skin but no really in the spots that are bald.

  • My dog itches on anus. Is it because of antibiotics?

    My 4-year-old cockapo chewed/licked her foot pad raw until infected. She was put on a 14-day course of antibiotics 6 days ago and is wearing a cone. It is driving her mad because she wants to lick/scratch at her genitals and paws but cannot with the cone. She just began dragging her anus on the rug while whimpering and when I checked it out it was swollen (could be from dragging). Do you think it could be a yeast infection? If so, what do you suggest I do?

  • Cat anxious and poor appetite. Why?

    Our cat is 1 and a half years old. In the last 4 weeks he has slowly gone of his food, been vomiting and seems more anxious and skittish. He has been an outdoor indoor cat but recently I have kept him inside. He was recovering from broken back legs when we got him at 6 months old. He has had metacam on and off since. Xrays and bloods have come back clear. He responded for a bit to an appetite stimulant and is on Zantac and antepsin in case of an ulcer. He still isn't eating much but is drinking+.

  • What are symptoms of cat diabetes?

    19 year old cat has lost his hearing and sight. Eats and drinks alot but is just skin and bones. Is this normal for an older cat?

  • What is the best diet for dog kidney disease?

    My great pyrenees is almost 9 yo and has had a slightly elevated bun and creatinine for a couple years but no other symptoms of kidney disease. A recent test has shown they are elevated more so they are going to run specific gravity in a couple weeks. What diet is best for him to be on to control any further strain on the kidneys? Something homemade or one that can be purchased. What is the brand name and where can I purchase it? Should anything else be done for him? Specialist? Thank you, Heidi

  • How can I stop my dog chewing on her leg?

    I have a 5month old blue nose pit. Lately I have been noticing her constantly gnawing away at her legs. Also it seems that there are spots of hair missing from her arms and legs. Almost seems as if shes going bald just in those areas. I'm just a little concerned hoping she hasn't caught some form of a skin infection. I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

  • What is the best heartworm medication for dogs small in size?

    Looking at adopting a dachshund/schnauzer mix puppy about two months old and would like to know what medicine is the best and how any times I should delivery the medicine?

  • Dog nose bleed and cloudy eye. Why?

    His eye started getting cloudy a few days ago then tonight his nose started to bleed.

  • Dog feet licking. Is it dog OCD?

    5 weeks ago our dog was hit by a car. He lost three teeth, no broken bones. He is almost fully recovered,except he now licks his feet front and back until they are wet and whatever he is sitting on is to. He never did this before. Does it have something to do with being hit in the head so hard?

  • Why is my cat limping?

    My son says she is overweight I don't think she is but she just sleeps and eats and when she gets up to go outside to the toilet she limps on her back leg. She doesn't have any injuries that we know of.

  • What form of garlic for dogs can be used for immune building?

    My dog is getting over kennel cough. The vet gave antibiotics, the that course is complete. He is much better, but I want to build up his immune. Can I use a little garlic oil, or garlic and parsley perls? I didn't want to use raw garlic.

  • Can I brush dogs teeth with baking soda?

    I have a puggle who has really bad breath! Can i use baking soda will it hurt him?

  • Dog eyelid growth. What does my beagle have?

    Should I have a growth (approx. 2mm x 2mm) removed? It is slowly getting larger and my dog does not seem bothered by it.

  • Ear mites and cat weight loss. What to do?

    My cat has ear mites and does not seem to be getting any better, losing weight, Dr. has done blood work and was almost positive she had thyroid problems but came back negative. Please do you have any idea what else could be going on?

  • Dogs breathing is difficult from congestion while sleeping. Why?

    My dog is 14 and this year he started to get a chronic stuffy nose when he lays down to sleep. It doesn't matter if he is on his side or curled up. He has a hard time breathing. He is a JRT, so I am pretty sure it is from years of digging! Is there anything we can use to clear his nose? Alkalol? Nose drops? He seems to use his whole body to breath and sleeps more, possibly from having a hard time sleeping peacefully. The vet just said this is an older dog problem, but is there any relief?

  • What are common dog pregnant signs?

    About three weeks ago i noticed my dog was producing milk she continues to suck on her nipples and lick herself she really is not that big but she sleeps and lies around all the time. and her nipples hang more then they did before how can i tell if she is pregnant she was in heat about 6 weeks ago i never saw her with another dog but my neighbor has a dog that let loose do they have to get stuck together to get pregnant and her stomach is a little darker around the nipple area.

  • Giardia dogs treatments? Change his diet?

    He tested positive for giardia about a month ago, but after two rounds of treatment tested negative. Since then his stool has been back and forth, firm, soft, and mushy like pudding. I never know what it will be like. He goes at least 4 times a day, sometimes more. We have pigeon coops in the backyard, which we have fenced off, but occasionally he gets into one of them. We also have a koi pond which he has recently discovered. He also finds and eats cat poop. Is this why the loose stools? Gina

  • My dogs penis bled yesterday. Why?

    My 2 year 4 month old dog's penis bled yesterday. The amount of blood was not too much. This is the first time it ever happened.

  • Cat eye problems. What's wrong?

    My cat is 13 yrs old and for about a month now she has been keeping her right eye shut, and I noticed it looked a little weird. I recently looked at that eye, and now looks red. I was wondering what could be wrong.Could someone please help me by letting me know what could be wrong or happening.Thank you.

  • My old dog hyperactive in evenings. How to treat?

    a 17 yr old dog gets restless in the early evening, wandering around and whining. Taking her walks , feeding, etc. doesn't make a difference. She is currently on cantharis for an ongoing bladder problem which is working well.

  • My dog is up all night. How do I deal with this?

    My 1yr old pom gets me up al night long. I have figured to play. I don't want to crate him because he is crated all day when i am at work . Any suggestions i even bought over the counter anxiety meds. I give him bones, but he still chews on clothing and shoes, and the cats help.

  • Bad food for dogs?

    Can broccoli or cauliflower make dogs ill?

  • Are these just dog allergic reactions? What's wrong?

    We rescued a pug in late January. She went into heat the day after we got her. The heat cycle lasted 3-4 weeks, ending in feb. Another heat cycle started 4/2 (5 weeks since last heat cycle). She went for vaccinations 2/18 and had allergic reaction (vomiting/diarrhea). When she was to be spayed on 3/22 she turned blue when the general anesthesia was administered (she did get the pre-meds), hence the procedure was aborted. She tested negative for heartworm and no heart murmurs heard. What's wrong?

  • Canine penis sticking out treatment?

    my toy poodle's penis is still stuck out after breeding. It is sticking out about 1/2 inch. We tried last nite to lubricate it and push it back in. It would not stay..hoped it would go back on it's own last nite. It is still stuck out and he is trying to breed again this morning. It doesn't seem to affect him.

  • Is it okay for a dog to take rimadyl and glucosamine concurrently?

    My 13 yo basset hound is on Rimadyl and has never had problems with it. Her blood is tested every 6 mos to make sure all is okay. She seems to need more help though than the Rimadyl can provide. Her hind legs shake when she's doing her business and she has a difficult time getting up sometimes. I know she's an older gal but want to keep her as happy and pain free as possible until I'm ready to let her go. Is it safe for her to take glucosamine/chondroitin and the rimadyl?

  • Are roundworms and ringworms the same?

    My nephew got infintigo from my cat which was caused by ring worms. I bought dewormer but it says roundworms. Will it work?

  • What should the incision site after a spleenectomy look like?

    My lab mix just had a 5-lb tumor removed that was in his spleen, so his incision site is very large. He had surgery Friday afternoon and is just starting to lick at the area a lot and it is getting red and discolored around the area (like where he was shaved). The incision site itself looks alright - is this normal? Thanks!

  • Dog behavior: snapping

    I have a 5 year old female cockapoo that was a rescue. Lately she has been snapping for no reason. Example: my cousin and her family came to visit and her 16 month old son was crawling around. I don't know if she thought he was going to attack her and she snapped at him. Another example is i went to scratch the side of her ear and she snapped at my hand. She later came up and loved on me. It would brake my heart if I had to get rid of her, I just don't know what to do. M.L.

  • Uknown cause of cat aggression

    Started about a year ago. Closest description is the sound of cats fighting with growling and hissing. The closer you get to him, the louder he gets. First started on others when they came over, now does it to me too with no reason. Progressively getting worse. I've tried a fairmone plug in from the vet, not working. Nothing different in diet or home. Male and neutered 3yrs old. If you leave him alone after minutes or hours, he'll come over purring like nothing happened.

  • Can a dog take lorazepam for firework anxiety?

    My golden retriever is afraid of loud noises (fireworks, storms). Can I give her Ativan? If so, how much for a 65 lbs doggie?

  • Are frogs harmful to dogs?

    My puggle was chasing a frog and ate it and had foam in his mouth...what should be done?

  • An antioxidant for dogs with some signs of canine dementia and diminshed eyesight

    I am looking for an anti-oxidant supplement for my 14 year old lab/mix. He also takes 25 mg Deramaxx every other day for arthritis. Can you recommend any specific product that would be safe for him to take while he is also taking the Deramaxx?

  • Cat losing hair with open body sores

    My brothers off at college and left his cat home for me to take care of. Within the past few weeks I noticed when I pet him that his tail was lumpy, I pointed it out to my father and everyone else here and they didn't think twice about it. Well, it became worse when those lumps turned into open bloody sores. The sores spread from his tail to his feet, back and chest. He is also losing his hair as well as his appetite. Hes also been vomiting.

  • Dog digestive problem residuals?

    My 10 year old female dog (normal dog) ate a paper serviette which was used to wipe the bottom o fa charred deep frying oil pan. Took to vet as she lost appetite. Treatment : injection and oral - sporidex and prednicilon for 5 days. Now active, eats well but drinks gallons of water. Passing urine and stools normal. but tummy is very hard to touch. Worried. Does the bloated tummy describe any sickness? I wonder if she didn't pass the paper serviette & if it got stuck somewhere in the intestine?

  • Tremor and loss of balance side effect of cat steroids?

    My cat is around 7 or 8 years old. She has a lot of allergies and over-grooms herself to the point of fur loss or sometimes bleeding. At the recommendation of our vet, we have been giving her daily steroid pills for the past few years, which helps the fur loss, but she has recently developed a constant tremor, and is losing her balance. She has a wobbly, weaving walk and picks her feet up very high. She falls off furniture. She seems happier and friendlier than ever, but I'm worried.

  • Cat seizures return after remission

    Hi. My cat is three years old. About one and a half years ago she began having siezures. She spins rapidly in a circle salivate falls on her side than wets herself. Our vet offerred no diagnosis but perscribed valium to control the siezures about six months later she jsut stopped having siezures. She stopped for a full year but had one two days ago and two yesterday. She eats the same food as another cat in the house who is perfectly healthy (A much larger 9 year old male). Please help

  • Old English Mastiff with first dog seizure

    I would like to start with a big thank you on this site- I have a 7 or 8 year old, Old English Mastiff, we are not sure on the age because he is a rescue dog. He is about 190pd's and is in good conditions - However this weekend at the lake he had his first seizure Saturday Night- We live in NV and was told by the vet is was related to the heat, stress and drinking the lake water which is high in mercury. Just wanted to see if you would agree with this?

  • Painkiller other than Meloxicam?

    What painkiller can my 14 yr. old lame lab be prescribed that does not cause blood in the urine? After 10 days of 7.5mg of Meloxicam, she started to show a dark red patches of blood in her urine. She was doing very well on this medicine until this morning. She has severe arthritis, her back legs are not functioning, but her spirits are high. Thank you! Will

  • Understanding puppy distemper

    My puppy has had distemper for about a month and it recently went neurological. She is doing better and eating and drinking on her own but has a very bad stagger and cannot balance very well. I was wondering if this is permanent or temporary and does neurological distemper stay with them all their lives. Also what is the distemper actually doing in her body that affects her balance and coordination? Can the neurological symptoms get worse over time? Thank You.

  • Kitten has diarrhea and vomiting

    We found a kitten. The past 2 days it has had very runny stool and throwing up. I have other cats in my house and very worried he may give them something. Can you tell me if I should be worried?

  • Are tomatoes harmful to dogs?

    I gave tomato sauce to my dogs. Is that harmful to them?

  • Is it dog lymphoma or something else?

    On Thursday we realized our dog had swollen lymph nodes in the neck and chest. On Friday we took him to the Vet and he said it was lymphoma. We decided on prednisone treatment. By Saturday, the nodes were completely unswollen (is that a word?) We had no other test done, since the nodes are normal. Could it be something else?

  • Can a dog who is on temaril take metronidazole?

    Bichon is on Temaril for ear but has bladder infection. Can she take metronidazole antibiotic I have?

  • Understanding kitten bites?

    My 9 months old kitten smells my face @6am for a bit then bite my forehead, hair or hands if I dont wake up n aknowledge him. I've tried to pat him but he keeps wanting to bite my arms until he settles a bit then get off the bed. After a while he comes back and this time goes straight to my arms and his bites are more painful then.Funny thing is that he just does it to me even though I am not the one who feeds him but my husband.How can I stop this behaviour n would it mean he has a bond with me?

  • Dog eye is cloudy and the other red

    My dog has had eye problems ever since we have had him. Our vet has no idea what is wrong with him though. One is a little cloudy but the other is pure red. They just tell us to keep giving him eye drops and that just doesn't seem to help anything.I am just really worried about him. he always runs into things. it makes me sad just looking at him. What do you think it could be? What is some advise that we should do for my dog? -Jen & Beans-

  • Telling the sex of a cat?

    I need to know if this cat is truly a male or not. I see the balls hanging down and yet I saw a pink little tit when he rolled over. The kitten looks just like him and it was sucking the tit. The kitten is big enough to eat dry food. So, I have been told that Tom cat will not allow other cats or kittens around him. What have I got? I am dumb struck by this...

  • Home remedy for missing adult dog canine?

    My adult dog lost her adult canine tooth. She is 10 years old and up to date on shots. She now has a hole in the top of her gums. I can not afford to suture the hole or get her teeth cleaned. I recently was laid off. I know this is close to her sinuses. Is there any over the counter/at home things I can do? Maybe an antibacterial mouthwash I can rinse in her mouth with a syringe? Help. I feel like a horrible dog mom. But I just can't afford to get it sutured.

  • How can I stop my dog being mounted by other dogs?

    I have a 19 month old male black lab who I have had for 3 months. He is a rescue dog and is quite small in size. He was neutered by the RSPCA. When I walk him over to the park, other dogs seem to love to mount him and he finds it quite distressing. Is there anything I can do to make Charlie not a target by the other dogs?

  • Smelly dog despite bathing?

    6 month old male Great Dane has started smelling. He is bathed on a regular basis and powdered, but still smells. I am in Hyderabad, India where climate is hot. Monsoon is about to arrive. Could it be weather?

  • Crusty lumps on dog ears?

    My dog has hard crusty lumps at the ends of her ears. Do you know what this is? The lumps seem to be inside the ear but the crustiness has just started to show up. It seems to be getting worse and I'm worried.

  • Kitten shampoo?

    We just adopted a 4 mo kitten from an agency and she is biting and scratching a lot. What can I use to wash her?

  • Older cat behavior and bowel movement changing?

    0ur cat is 14 years old. She is starting to meow a lot more and now her bowls are running. What could this be? Is it just about getting old?

  • Home remedies for kittens with fleas?

    4 week kittens have fleas, as well as the mother. Any home remedies I can use? I read that olive oil, baby powder or baby bath soap helps?

  • Cheaper way of ridding dog mites?

    We just got a black lab that is 4 months old the vet says that she has mites she offered us some expensive stuff to cure her that added up to 300 dollars for just one visit! Is there a cheaper way to get rid of mites?

  • What to do with a hemangioma on top of dog's back foot?

    My dog has a tumor on her foot that has been present for just about a year. It started out looking like a sore that soon grew into a lump ( a year ago in July). We had it biopsied last August, and the results were that it was not cancer but that it was a hemangioma. After the biopsy, it increased in size and looked "angry" for a time. It reached about the size of a half a ping pong ball. It has a sort of mushroom structure. It has a trunk that has not really increased in size.

  • Dog constantly chewing its paws

    Our dog constantly bites/chews her feet and legs. What does that mean? Is it just because shes bored or is it a medical issue?

  • 5 week old kitten without a tail

    my cat had kittens 5 weeks ago one kitten doesnt have a tail or nub at all when she runs she hops i just seen that around her rectum is bulging just wondering if she could have spina bifida and could the bulging be from that? she eats canned food drinks water fine

  • Paint in dog water bowl

    Would it be ok to let me dog use her watering can for her cage if it had been misplaced in a sink that had paint in it for a period of time. I cleaned it with soap and hot water, but I am afraid she might get sick from the paint that might have been left that I didn't see. Thank you, Annelle

  • Great appetite with liver cancer in dogs?

    Is it possible for a dog with advanced liver cancer and liver three times its normal size have great appetite for food, shiny coat, and no body odor?

  • Cat eye has cysts?

    I am worried about her vision. The vet said as long as they don't seep she should be fine, but now it seems to be affecting her vision quite a bit. Is there anything that can be done? She is still able to eat, drink, find her litter box etc, but she seems to be more anxious.

  • How to disinfect house after dog parvo?

    Our puppy is in the hospital to be treated for parvo. Our adult (vaccinated) shih tzu is so far fine and at home. What is the best way to disinfect carpets and upholstered furniture? Everyone says chlorine bleach is the only thing. Basically: we will do whatever's necessary to disinfect from parvo, but would like to not destroy carpets & furniture if possible. (Parvo puppy was never on furniture, but our adult dog has been) What would you do? Thanks, Case

  • Intravitreal gentamicin injections for dog glaucoma?

    I have an 11 yr old cocker spaniel who has been diabetic for 2 1/2 years. He had cataracts which have now turned into glaucoma. He is blind in both eyes and the vet opthamologist wants to do Intravitreal Gentamicin Injections in both eyes as his IOP was 69. I want to know if I should do this procedure or put my dog down? What will his quality of life be given his current conditions?

  • German Shepherd on Adequan treatments?

    I can find a lot of info on how it works and side effects, but how long should I expect the treatment to last once the 4 weeks and 8 treatments are completed? Will it last 3 months, 6 months, a year, forever?

  • How to stop dog from chewing?

    I have 110 lb lab/new Finland mix that is chewing all of the time. We have taken her to the vet and they said to change her food, we did. They said to put her frontline on her every 3 weeks, we are. They give her cortizone shots which help, but only for a short time. I don't know what to do. We are thinking about getting rid of her because we can't make her better. She has no hair on her sides and around the base of her tail and her butt.We have been dealing with this for about 2 yrs Any advice?

  • Cat skin allergy? Skin peeling and the eyes are also have sores. What is it?

    I adopted a new born kitten. Since it has no mother, I fed her with a normal milk. It's been 2 weeks now and it seems she responded well... except that her eyes are having sores and her fur was starting to peel off one by one. It's on her face only. I wonder, is it the spillage of milk that cause her skin peeling? Can the spillage cause irritation? But I usually wipe it after i feed her.

  • My cat walks with a stagger suddenly. Why?

    She has weakened over the past 2 months and lost weight, but with some intermittent good days. Tonight, she staggered and cannot walk, and cries. This is the first of anything like this. She breathes shallowly and rapid. I see she is in pain and it is hard to breathe. I am afraid of not making it through the night.

  • Puppy vertebrate problem. How can I take care of the dog spine?

    We rescued a 5 month old puppy. Less than 24 hours after picking her up from transport, she sneezed and began crying frantically. That stopped, but we could tell she was in pain. The next day our Vet x-rayed and found thinning between two vertebrae. She has a pinched nerve. She's on pain meds for 1 week. What are her chances to avoid surgery. We can't afford MRI's and surgery, but we love her deeply and would hate to have to send her back.

  • My dogs paralyzed partially after bladder surgery?

    In your opinion, is it common for a 13yr. old dog to have 1-paralyzed front L-leg and semi paralyzed R- hind leg after bladder surgery?Vet thinks blood clots passed giving the dog a stroke putting her in this way.Dog can't stand herself up and doesn't want to eat.The two legs seem numb/cold,like when you sleep on it for too long. Do U think it can get better or be permanent?You think the vet screwed something up on my dog?There anything I can do to circulate leg blood flow to move? (massage,etc.)

  • Is metacam for cats right for me?

    My cat (7.3kg) Has recently become disoriented and was pacing in circles, recently went missing . After blood tests and xrays,his organ function was normal. It was proposed that he possibly had a brain tumour, which could not be diagnosed properly without expensive tests. He has been prescribed a 0.4 ml daily dose of Metacam with the view that it might regress or halt the tumour. Is this a likely outcome from Metacam which is predominently a anti-inlamatory/ pain killer

  • How long after having puppies does a female dog bleed?

    My beagle had puppies 5 weeks ago, 1st litter - 8 puppies. The father is a rat terrier, same size as she is. She is still bleeding off and on. It's not a lot, doesn't have an odor, she doesn't have a fever. No complications with the pregnancy or labor/delivery. I assumed it was from the trauma of having 8 puppies, being it was her first litter, but for 5 weeks after? I guess it's more of a spotting, not like a heat cycle.

  • Is not dilating one of dogs eye problems?

    IMy dog was bumping into things so I asked the vet who shone a light into them and they do not dilate completely. He wants me to go to a specialist. I am very nervous and it takes a while to get an appointment with the specialist. What might this be?

  • Swollen dogs ear problems?

    The ear flaps of my Cocker Spaniel are swollen. Both ears are the same, the ear feels soft to touch as though there is fluid in the flap. Our dog does not appear to be in discomfort but does keeps shaking her head.

  • Can a pregnant woman come in contact with a cat with Feline Infectious Peritonitis?

    My sister's cat has been diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis. I am pregnant. Is it dangerous for me to come in contact with the cat?

  • Why does my cat whine and crawl on its belly?

    She started crying and crawls around on all four but drags her belly on the floor. She just started doing this the last 3 days

  • Is it dog choking? Struggling to breath, what is the problem?

    I was feeding my little dog a small piece of almond when all of a sudden she swallowed it and started to gasp for air. After a few seconds she seemed ok, but the gasping continues on and off especially after walking. Xrays have been taken and her lungs look clear. Could something still be stuck in her upper air way?

  • What are dog poisoning symptoms from easter lillies?

    How long would it take for signs from ingesting easter lilly?

  • can I use spray neosporin on my dog

    Can I use neosporin neo to go spray on my dog?

  • Natural dog diarrhea remedy?

    My dog has had diarrhea/upset stomach for going on 5 days. I made her chicken and rice and tried giving her canned pumpkin with her regular kibble. She won't eat much.

  • Is a siberian kitten good with dogs?

    we are looking at buying a siberian kitten and want to make sure he/she will be able to adapt to a home with a golden retriever dog. any thoughts?

  • Which labs can test nutrition with blood work?

    My vet is unfamiliar with the Nutritional Blood Test. Will Antech perform this test?

  • Coco my dog pees hen she lies down and gets up. What to do?

    What is my answer to Coco's bladder? She pees a little when she gets up. How can I make her stop?

  • My cat's tongue sticking out, and why is she drooling?

    Shadow, 17, is probably OCD about cleaning herself. That hasn't been a problem until recently when she started drooling excessively, which means her fur is always wet from cleaning. Her tongue is also sticking out about 1/2" all the time. She's eating normally, drinking a lot, acting fairly normal for her age. A little more clingy, even with strangers and the dogs who are afraid of her.

  • My dogs bowel is having problems?

    My dog ate a ball of string which he produced by throwing up, along with bile like juice. Now what should i give him to ease his loose bowels? i have amforol and metronidazole on hand. But should I give pepto bismol?

  • Can dogs see color?

    Do dogs see black and white, or in color?

  • How to make a shiny dog coat?

    How do I keep my dog's coat shiny and also improve its appetite?

  • What is wrong with my cats poo?

    I have seven cats that live indoors but have access to a large cat aviary. A few weeks ago i noticed granules or gritty looking cat poo, and now the same cat has poo with blood on it. This cat poos outside the litter tray but i cant catch him or her to identify.

  • Dog swollen leg. Dog injury? What is it?

    The ball that connects my dog's lower leg to his upper leg is swollen and hurts when he walks. What could this be? It's his left rear leg and he has trouble walking.

  • Cat penis has developed scar tissue?

    My cats developed scar tissue around his penis and can only pee from a very small opening. My vet has tried to make the openning bigger a couple of times, but the tissue grows back, is there any treatment other than a perineal urethrostomy for this condition. This happened because they were taken from their mom when they were 4 weeks and the sibling suck on his penis creating scar tissue around it.Please help!

  • Does L-Lysine come in eye drop form for cats?

    My cat is a himmie with runny eyes and sneezes constantly in my face. She does not take pill medications well. I have heard that the L-Lysine may be of benefit to help with this problem, but I will need it in eye drop form.

  • Helping dog with panosteitis?

    My german shepard is 4 years old and has the symptoms related to PANOSTEITIS. What is a good way to help him through this?

  • What causes a cat to fall when jumping?

    My cat ,Baci, is a mackrel tabby. His weight is normal although I think that he doesn't eat alot. It seems like only 1/2 c of dry food a day. He doesn't appear to be losing weight or to be in pain. In the last week, he has fallen several times when jumping from one piece of furniture to another. He has always been quite agile. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this?

  • Dog in hot tub ok?

    Is it OK to let our two Bischon's get into our hot tub with us? They are 1-1/2 & 2-1/2 years old. Thanks!

  • Home recipes for canine chronic hepatitis?

    Our 6 yr old Collie male has been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis following repeated bouts of gastric distress, poor appetite and a weight loss from 56 to 47 lbs in the one year he's been with us. After fruitless treatment at a reg. vet, we self-referred to a specialist in gastroenterology who did bloodwork, ultrasound and a liver biopsy. He's on meds and a high carb/low-fat diet of chicken and pasta/rice. As we're tapering off the Pred, he's becoming picky. Any suggestions for other foods?

  • Severe cat weight loss?

    I have a 4/5 yr old male sphynx.In the last few months he has lost severe weight- he weighs 3.11kg right now. I had him at the vet, they took blood samples and everything was fine. He eats Royal Canin Sphynx dry cat food and tin food twice a day. He eats alot - he has a good appetite. He drinks alot of water. He has recently started urinating in the house - something he has never done before. We have another Sphynx male - they have been together for 3 years. His weight is fine. Plse help.Yolanda

  • Dog respiratory: What is collasping mainstem bronchi in dogs?

    I have a 11 1/2 year old toy poodle that has just been diagnosed with both mainstem bronchi's collapsing. The vet says there is nothing they can do, but use meds to control the cough such as rx Lomotil and Hydrocodone on a daily basis and sedation pills if needed. Is this correct information that there is no surgery for this specific problem? How long will this breed live with collapsing Mainstem Bronchis?

  • Dog lumps on a Sheltie

    I have a 6 year old Male Sheltie. He has a huge lump on his back inner thigh. Is it soft but seems to keep growing. He also has a small about the size of a dime - about 1/2 inch down from his rib, on the outside. It is hard. Should I be concern with either of these?

  • How long does cat FIP stay infectious in the home?

    We just put our cat down 6/12/10. He was diagnosed with FIP.If you have one cat who died of the disease, how long does your house remain infectious? How long should you wait before giving another cat a home?

  • What can be causing my cat's vomiting?

    My 4 year old cat has thrown up about 3 or 4 times in the last week. At first it was his food, but now it's like a yellow liquid. Bile maybe? I gave him hairball meds yesterday thinking that might be it. What could be causing his vomiting?

  • Helping a blind dog cope

    My dog has gone blind over the past 9 wks. She is 8yr old lab/pit mix. Please help- I dont know what to do for her. What can I do to help her until payday?

  • Olive oil versus fish oil for dogs?

    Is it safe to give my adult and puppy westies a teaspoon of olive oil per day? Or is fish oil better? Is one teaspoon too large for the puppy (approx 5.5 pounds and 12 weeks old)?

  • Before Grain Dog Food

    Is this brand a healthy, balanced diet for dogs? The same food can be used for puppies and adult dogs - would you give it to a puppy?

  • Perianal cysts on dogs?

    Hello, My 13 year old intact Shih Tzu just developed peri-anal cysts. I was wondering if there is anything else I can do besides neutering him. He has heart problems and because of his age and stress, I don't really want to put him through it. Also, if hormones decrease with age, why have they suddenly started to develop? Thank you

  • Typical cat tumor testing procedures before surgery

    My cat has a bumpy tumor on shoulder blade. Vet took cells with a very small needle, looked under microscope, and said there's definitely abnormal multiple nuclear cells. Surgery is scheduled to remove the entire lump at which time it will be sent off for pathology. Shouldn't they do a biopsy first to see what it is before performing such a major surgery on the animal? Is there a chance it's NOT fibrosarcoma and can be cured? I feel I am being rushed into surgery without enough information.

  • Encouraging dog appetite?

    My dog was born with diabetes, started having occasional seizures about 4 yrs. ago, was put on phenobarbital for them. Went 2 yrs seizure free until his past April. My dog will not eat! Never has been food driven and has no appetite. 99% of the time I have to open his mouth and put the food in, hold it shut til he swallows it. What can I do to stimulate his appetite so he eats instead of having his insulin and phenobarbital in him on an empty stomach? How should everything be correctly done?

  • Cat hissing

    My husband and I just moved into a house a month ago and now all of a sudden one of my male cats have become extremely afraid of my husband for no reason. He will hiss and hide from him. He acts perfectly fine around me though. What is going on with the cat and how can we get him to not hiss and hide?

  • Dog lump that changed appearance?

    My dog has a lump on his stomach. It first looked like an abnormal extra nipple but has changed in appearance. Now my friend says it looks like a tick bite. He does tend to scratch a lot too

  • Typical administrative procedure for dog tests?

    My dog's vet told me that my dog needs an ultrasound and I made an appointment for it,; also the receptionist did not gave me a time for the ultrasound just told me to drop my dog off at 7 AM because the vet that does the ultrasound stays from 7AM to 2PM in the clinic.Now my questions are why they do not want me to be there to see what they are doing to my dog? why they do not give me a specific time ? It this legal?? I would appreciate your time to answer my questions.Thank you

  • Where to give methylprednisolone shot on cat?

    Do you give a methylprednisolone shot to a cat in the neck or on the back of leg? I have the shot but forgot to ask?

  • Cat attacking and charging at me.

    I have an American Bobtail Male. He was raised in a farm. I got him when he was 3 months old. At 6 months old he had a baby tooth that never fell out, so the Dr. removed it and at the same time my cat was neutered. He would bite me a little before this happened. When he got well from the tooth extraction, he started really biting. There are 5 people in the house and he attacks me only. He attacks me mostly when I am asleep. He goes for my face first then once I get him off me, he keeps charging and doesn't stop.

  • Older dog health problem? Panting and pain in older lab.

    My dog is experiencing excessive panting, hanging his head down, walking like he is in pain and his shoulders and or hips are weak. He is a lab and almost 11 yrs old.

  • Was it a cat stroke? Or did my cat have a seizure?

    Last night my cat vomited right after eating. About an hour later, he was sleeping on the bed and I placed him on the floor to make the bed but he did not stand on his feet. Within minutes he was walking funny, not being able to be balanced, falling over himself. His eyes every now and then would shoot back and forth like he has following a laser pointer. He seemed very confused. His head was also moving around alot, his pupils were huge. He was not purring or making any noises that he has ALWAYS done. This came on suddenly and the eye moving happened three different times until we finally got him to settle and go to sleep. He is purring this morning and making his noises, he is a few months away from a year old. Did he take a stroke? A seizure? What happened?

  • My pug cross jack russell dogs breathing stopped for a few seconds. What's wrong?

    I came home from work and my dog fussed me as usual then he went floppy and stopped breathing. He came round but he was a bit off it for a while. What is wrong and what do I do if it occurs again?

  • What is this dog skin condition my dog has?

    I have a 2 years old golden retriver and he has some sort of skin condition. He has bruises on his skin that are infected. At some point they heal but more appear frequently. He is scratching the bruises so I guess he's itching. We have gone to a vet many times and he gave us some antibiotics (enroksin), the wound is treated with hibisept and some iodine. In winter he's fine though. Now for about a year he's eating only briquettes without grain.

  • My puppy has strange out dog toes. Is this okay?

    Looking to by a puppy but the dog stands with his toes outward not straight. This is a golden retreveir.

  • Is this one of the liver problems dogs get?

    My 13 yr old setter was put on rimadyl 2 wks ago because I was told he more than likely has bone cancer or a tumer in his back left hock & at his age I need to look at pain management.His liver levels have always been off but didn't change. Today was his 2 week check up and his liver levels have changed I think from 291 to 271? The vet wants him to stay on the meds and recheck in 1 month instead of 6. He's also on Tramodly & siloxine. Should I pull the rimidly?

  • Dog bump on side. Like a lump. What is it?

    Male maremma 2 years old, has lump on side feels like firm jello under skin. What is it?

  • What are the causes of swollen dog eyes?

    My dog Chihuahua is swollen under her left eye and can hardly eat.

  • Cat eye problems in 10 month old cat. What is it?

    We have a 10 mo. old domestic long hair and we have noticed just recently that once in a while his eyes will move to the outside of the eye socket and up, and appear king of glossy. The next moment his eyes look totally fine and straight ahead and clear, any help with this situation would be greatly appreciated.

  • What is this cat lump on my cats head?

    My cat has a sorta soft lump on top of his head that wasn't there less than a week ago. It goes from a little ways above his eyes to between his ears. It doesnt look like any kinda trauma due to the absence of any type cuts & abrasions. He seems to be acting fine so far. Could this be some type of fast growing tumor of some sort? Or perhaps an insect or reptile bite?

  • My dog ate chocolate, can't afford vet. What to do?

    My 75 lb 7 year old mutt (supposedly at least part pointer) digested around 2 lbs of semi-sweet toll house chocolate chips approximately 12 hours ago. He has the symptoms of chocolate poisoning: fast heart rate, vomiting, abnormal behavior. Some muscle twitches have happened, but they are not constant. No seizures have happened yet. I just wanted to know how long do you think my dog has left to live, and do you think there is a chance he will make it through?

  • Can a meningitis infection pass from one dog to another?

    Can it be passed from one dog to another?

  • Marble sized knot bump on dog. What to do?

    Noticed this week. Was soft, now hard and a little larger. Pomeranian is 6 yrs old.

  • Were can I get a herpes intranasal vaccine in the uk?

    I have been advised to vaccine my 2 week old kittens with Heska intranasal FVCR VACCINE as I have had a minor case of cat flu in my cattery. I have had negative herpes tests done on all my cats but I know that hese could be false negatives and therefore wish to vaccine all my new kittens at 2 weeks as a preventative, especially as one of my pregnant queens has started sneezing. However this vaccine does not appear to be available in the U.K. Even my vet has tried to obtain it.

  • What is the bump on my cats neck?

    I chose a 10 month old kitten as a companion for my 3 1/2 year old kitty about a month ago. My new kitty now has a bump on her neck that sort of looks like a scab, but has more depth (like a wart), and I've never felt it before. Could this be a bite from my other kitty, even though I haven't seen her bite her or any blood anywhere, or could it be something else? She is up-to-date on all her shots and is spayed.

  • What is this issue of cat balding?

    A large patch of my cat's back is naked. The skin is red and also has an open sore. He is an indoor cat.

  • Why is white blood cell counts low in my cat?

    I have a dsh 10 year old spayed female cat. During her yearly checkup, it was discovered that her white blood cell count was low. The vet tried Baytril and it only raised her count to 3.0 from 2.5 after being on it for 2 weeks. We're now using Interferon 1cc every day. She has tested negative for feline leukemia. All other aspects of her health are good. What might be some of the other causes of such a low white blood cell count?

  • Bloating dog problem. Why is my dog's stomach bloated?

    How to figure out why my dogs stomach is extremely bloated and looks like it's going to pop.

  • My dog shakes when there are other dogs in the house. Why?

    He shakes and tries to climb on your lap, but when he is out for a walk and see's another dog he wants to fight it.

  • My cat ate ground beef grease, will she be ok?

    A bunch of it. I strained the grease back into a container to freeze but before I was able to get it into the freezer she licked it all up. Like a 1/2 cup of it. I feel awful for not putting in the freezer right away. Will she be okay?

  • Dog leg pain from muscle sprain? My dog fell down the stairs.

    My dog slipped while going up stairs and now favors his rear right leg. I'm hoping it is just a temporary strain or sprain. I cannot afford a vet at this time and was hoping to find out a good painkiller for temporary relief. If he doesn't get better in as couple of days I will take him to the vet regardless of cost.

  • Small llapso mixed who is a very heavy dog

    He still gets 2 meals a day. Wet food in the morning and a handful of dry food at night. He is solid as a rock but I am concerned because he gets out of breath easy. The vet said that he is healthy. I don't know how much to feed him in the morning. He does get exercise.

  • Cleaning pollen from dog's eyes

    Dog's eyes are full of pine tree pollen. What do I clean them with?

  • Signs of a dog stroke?

    My dog had hip surgery a few yrs ago & seems to be ok. However, yesterday she was running around with the kids and fell off the retaining wall. She then had a droopy eye. Could this be a stroke? She doesn't seem like herself at all today. She is wobbling more then usual, which I understand. I am not sure why she lost her footing...she always jumps on & off this wall. Please help.

  • My dog's nose is turning a brownish color

    My dog's nose is turning a brownish color and is severely cracked. What can I do at home that might be able to fix it?

  • Can anything be done to treat CDRM?

    My 14 year old collie cross has CDRM she can still walk but wobbles and falls a lot. I am trying to get her walking with wheels but I wondered if there is any other treatment she could have. My local vet did not suggest anything. She already takes glucosamine. She does not appear to be in pain and eats well and wants to be active.

  • What to expect from exploratory dog surgery?

    i have a 13yr old spayed female who has extremely low protein levels. she started with lack of appetite and bouts of diarrhea. it then progressed to constant liquid diarrhea at every bm. we did flagyl and amoxi and it helped her improve but only for a few days. ultrasounds provided no answer and maldigestion panel is still pending. we tried flagyl again with keflex but nothing is stopping the diarrhea. what can i expect from the exploratory surgery?

  • Location of dog lymph nodes?

    I was rubbing spoogie's (the dog) right armpit while he was laying on his side with his head in my lap. When I ran my hand in the armpit crease from his chest towards his shoulder, just past the crease I felt a lump, it feels like a cyst.He didn't mind my probing the lump and it didn't feel super hard it is about the circumfrence of a silver dollar. Is there a lymph node in that area or could it be an abscess? Either way not good, but I want to be prepared when I take him to the vet...

  • Staining on young puppies' faces

    Can puppies with white faces get stains (similar to tear stains) around their mouths and paws from nursing? What else could be causing the staining, and will it go away with age?

  • Puppy head shakes?

    I have a puppy, he's not even one yet. I have noticed that sometimes he will be looking up at us and his head just starts shaking. The best way to describe it is that it's like the shake a human with Multiple Sclerosis has, but only his head does it. It did not last but 10 or 20 seconds, but it has me concerned. He has not showm any other weird signs, just the head shake. Any ideas?

  • Dog incontinence?

    My dog, I think has a problem. He pees as he walks just like some dogs would do when they are angry, but I dont think he is angry. He has peed on the ocuch and all family members, could this be a medical problem? He is less then a year old, and it happends some times after he is just back from a long walk.

  • Lab with lots of dog phlegm

    Hi I have an 11 year old Labrador and for the past month she's been having problems. Long story short she's always coughing, hacking, and making sounds like she's clearing her throat.Along with this she brings up a good bit of phelgm.This to me is the big issue.I say this because she's constantly vomiting it up along with food and water.Plus when she's sleeping she starts to sound congested and eventually when it sounds so loud and bubbly she sits up and starts hacking.Any help is appreciated.

  • Excessive licking of dog paws

    I have a large (103 lbs.) 12 year old yellow lab. He is not overweight, both parents were 90 lbs. He licks his feet constantly, but stops when I tell him. He's been doing this for years but it's getting worse. HELP!!!

  • Lump with pus on dog paw

    My 5 year old Sheepdog cross has a small pea-sized lump on the top of his paw which as started to ooze a white/yellow pus. I was just wondering what this could be?

  • Dog nail trimming tips?

    Have a chihuahua who is 12 years old. I have had always had problems cutting her nails. I have taken her to get them cut and no one will cut them because of how she acts. She poops all over, shakes and is aggressive. I have tried touching the paw, having someone else do it, give treats, and benadryl (which didn't work for her). I have talked to my vet in the past and he always sedates her (once a year). Help!

  • Home remedies for dog muscle spasms?

    Our Newfoundland has been on Steroids for the past 5 months treating some spine compression. We took him to a chiropractor last Monday and he was doing well. The chiro told us to wean him off of the Steroids slowly. He also gave us Vitamins to give him. Last night he didn't want to eat and today he is having muscle spasms throughout this body.

  • Cat's meow is gone?

    Hi - my cat is 9 years old. She lost her voice on sunday. We have a kitten who was sick and had to go to the vet. She might have gotten the virus form him. We had a few friends over on saturday night, some of them were smoking, not sure if this might have been the reason for her voice going away. She is on anti-biotics now. She eats her food, butk I feel so bad for her when she tries to meow and nothing comes out. Thanks

  • Cat's leg paralyzed after injection

    My one year old cat was not feeling good. He was having vomiting and liquid motions.he was also not eating any thing. So I called a VET. the vet gave him two injections in his back leg. After these injections her vomiting and motions are cured but her back leg is paralyzed. He is still very weak and not eating food but I am feeding him with liquid diet with a feeder. Please tell me what this paralyze leg is about? can his leg be again normal like before?

  • Could Bartonella be one of hypercalcemia causes in cats?

    My cat has idiopathic hypercalcemia & Bartonella. He was started on Zithromax & Hill's Prescription W/D to lower his Ca++. 6 weeks later, his ionized CA++ is down. Could the Bartonella cause high Ca++? Could his old food (Natural Balance Light dry food?) Our other cat now has hypercalcemia as well. Bartonella pending. Could Natural Balance have caused the hypercalcemia in both? Could Bartonella cause increased Ca++? Or is it a huge coincidence? They haven't been exposed to excess Vitamin D, etc.

  • What is the best recipe for a homemade diet for dog kidney failure?

    I need a recipe for a homemade diet for a 4 year old shih tzu with kidney disease/failure. Please advise.

  • Why is my 12 year old Labrador dog panting so much from no exercise?.


  • Are there any natural supplement that will stimulate cat appetite for cat with pancreatic cancer?

    He is not eating or drinking so we need to know if we have other option so that we can push him to eat.

  • How can I treat my hyperactive dog?

    My beagle is so active and won't settle down, my two grandsons dont play with her cause she wants to attack and jump all over anyone that trys to pet and talk to her. What kind of over the counter medicine can I give her?

  • Cat breathing problem in throat. How to fix?

    My cat has been throwing up for the last few hours and seems to be having breathing problems what could be causing this? She is trying to cough something up and is making a wheezing sound.

  • Why are my dogs attacking my cats?

    About a month ago the dogs attacked one of the cats again. They do this when we're not home so i have no idea what caused it or who started it. We've been in this apartment for 2 years the one dog has lived with the cats for 3 years and the other dog for 2 years. We even had a litter, nothing happened then either

  • what does a dog hookworm look like?

    Can you see evidence of hookworm or are they too small to see? Does it require a visit to the vet to verify?

  • How do I keep my cats off furniture?

    I've heard that cats will not sleep on aluminum foil, is this true? My cat is shedding hair all over my chairs and I've heard that they wont sit/sleep on aluminum foil.

  • Why does my puppy cough only after drinking?

    8 week old schnoodle only coughs after drinking from her water dish.

  • Why does my dog drool so much after exercise?

    I have a yellow lab who is almost 5 years old. For the past 6 months after he does strenuous exercise he has excessive salivation. I took him to the vet and he had his teeth cleaned and they scoped him. They found tonsillitis. He has finished his round of antibotics and is still on temoral P. Today he was out running for a couple of hours and is drooling excessively. He is not overweight and is in pretty good shape. Any suggestions?

  • Why my dog is vomiting yellowish snotty stuff?

    My dog is not holding anything down and is vomiting yellowish stuff and has been that way for days now.

  • Causes of feline asthma? What is going on with my cat?

    My 7 y/o Manx was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis and pneumonia in January. Soon thereafter he had an asthma attack and went on steroids. He finished his antibiotics, but still has problems. He gets steroid injections every few weeks and is on Brethine and now another antibiotic. He never had problems before we moved into this house, and I'm wondering if something there triggered it, or if the toxo never got cleared up & could be the cause of his problems? We're at the vet every week or two.

  • Why is my cat drooling at the mouth and eyes?

    My cat was drooling at the mouth, eyes and a little by nose last night. She is not anymore. And was really thirsty. What might this be?

  • Are there insomnia remedies for insomniac dog?

    I have a 13 year old shar-pei who, other than an acl tear, is in good health. Her meds include Rimadyl and glucosamine. She has, in the past two weeks, began to awake at midnight, 2AM, 4AM and so forth. She may go outside be mostly paces the house, wanting to go for walks. She is obviously less active since the acl tear in January. Benadryl 50 to 75mg does nothing. I thought of trying Xanax. Any better ideas?

  • Is the hair loss from a cat skin allergy?

    I can't seem to find the specific allergy the cat has, but seasonal pollens seem to make the cat's skin irritated, causing bad sores and bumpy rashes with itching. We have tried the steriod option before with some luck but I think it is a constant allergy that may need . We have also tried special cat baths that do seem to help but if used every week, if there is a lapse in time or a possible insect bite, she goes crazy. It is not fleas! PS older cat

  • What is a good diet to treat a dog heart murmur?

    I have a 2 year old miniature schnauzer and have just been told he has a heart murmur. Is there any special diet I need to put him on or can I just carry on with naturediet? Can he do the agility classes that I have just signed us up for too?

  • What cat skin problem could this bump on his neck be?

    my cat has had this little bump on the back of his neck for a while. when i move the fur to look at the skin i cant see anything, but the bump seems to fluctuate in size, and now is bigger than before. almost the size of a pencil eraser. nothing is oozing out of it, and it is not pop-able (my mom tried without my knowledge) should i be worried?

  • what causes cat hair loss?

    My cat is losing hair on her lower back near her tail and down her back legs and i'm not sure if it is serious or not.

  • What causes hives in dogs?

    Our bullmastiff broke out in bumps (hives) and even her eyelids swelled up. Our Vet gave us hydroxazine to give her, but we were wondering what could have caused this. She was going crazy trying to sooth the itching I guess, all over her body.

  • My dog is vomiting a think black liquid. Because my dog swallowed toy?

    My 3 year old pitbull hasn't been eating for maybe 4 days and was vomiting a black liquid and she had diarrhea, by the second day she somewhat stopped I believe she swallowed a stuffed teddy bear and am wondering if that might be what is affecting her.

  • Swollen eyes on puppy taking steroids. What to do?

    He is now being weaned off the steroids but we notice that his eyelids are sometimes swollen and red. I think this is because he has no hair around his eyes to protect them from dust and dirt but my husband is worried that it is a continuing illness or another cause. Should we wait until he is off the steroids to see if his immune system kicks in and heals? He is currently down to one dose a day for a week, then 1 dose every 2 days for 3 doses.

  • Dog stomach blister? What could this be?

    In my golden's stomach I found something on its stomach, the size of a quarter, round and had a green color to it. It looked like a blister. I squeezed it and a green pasty substance came out of it. I wiped it and now there is a red spot which looks like a blister looks after it bursts. I wiped it with peroxide and sprayed Lanacane on it. What can this be?

  • Do I need to sanitize my home of dog distemper?

    Do you have to wait six months after a pet has died of dystemper to get a new pet? Do I need to clean up somehow?

  • What is the surgery name for tracheal collapse?

    What is the name of the surgery to fix a collapsed trachea?

  • Should I get my dog with elbow Dysplasia evaluated?

    Is it worth getting your lab re evaluated if he got 1 bad ED score and his hips were excellent?

  • Dog ear: vasculitis symptoms?

    For the last month I have noticed that my Italian Greyhounds ears have crusty lesions on the periphery of her pinnea. On the left ear it looked as though an animal might have bitten her and then upon further examination it just fell off with zero bleeding and did not cause pain or itching at all. On the right ear there is a crusty area were the hair willingly falls off and appears to be almost necrotic or dead. Do these symptoms sound like potential vasculitis or something else?

  • What are dog constipation symptoms?

    My dog is lethargic and licking his butt area. Is he constipated?

  • Discouraging puppy humping after neutering

    Even though my puppy has been neutered, he still humps. Is there a way to discourage this?

  • Weak back cat legs, walking on hocks?

    My cat is 9 years old and has recently been walking on the hock part of his legs. He has lost a lot of weight, but has beeen eating like normal. He slips when he jumps down from places and avoids jumping up anywhere. I also suspect that he cannot go up the stairs anymore. Previously, he was overweight, but always active. I was wondering what might be wrong with him and how I can make it better as he is a very loved companion.

  • Bacterial infection on dog nose

    I have a lab/boxer mix. He is 1 1/2 years old. For the past year, we have been trying to cure a bacterial infection on his nose. It is only on one side of the nose, but also is spreading to his eye. We have tried antibiotics for the past year. They do help with the infection, but as soon as I stop the antibiotics, the infection is right back again. Any suggestions?

  • Slipped disc dog surgery recovery?

    My dog has been diagnosed with a slipped disc in his neck.He is on tramadol and gabapentin for pain relief till his operation in a couple of days.He has always been an active dog. How long will it take for him to be his old self.He's a 5 year old labrador. How can I help him recover faster?

  • Colon restricted: common cat spaying side effects?

    I had my kitten spayed and about a week later, the kitten could no longer defecate. After x-rays and rectal exams, it was concluded that the kitten must have a stricture in her colon. After 3 colon ballooning procedures were performed to no avail, surgery was performed. It showed that there was no stricture, but instead,trauma to the colon as a result of the spay (scar tissue formed a 'belt' around the colon; thus not allowing the cat to defecate). Is this a common side effect?

  • Can Mitotane/Lysodren cause liver damage in dogs?

    My dog was being treated for Cushings disease. About 2 months after starting maintenance therapy, his appetite became very poor and we tested him for liver function. The ultrasound showed significant liver damage (looked like liver cancer to the vet). Could the mitotane have caused this?

  • Introducing new cat into household

    My fiancee is moving in with me this weekend. She has two cats at her place now, and I already have two cats in my house. What's the least stressful and best way to introduce her cats to my cats for them to get along?

  • Follow-up dog chemotherapy after tumor removal?

    My 12 year old female black lab recently had the middle toe on her right front paw surgically amputated due to a small tumor that pushed out the claw. My vet sent the tumor for analysis. It came back that it was a malignant melanoma, however, the tissue that was connected to the tumor showed about 2cm of clean healthy cells, so my vet is confident that he got all of the tumor. Should we pursue any follow-up chemo or radiation? She is otherwise in excellent health and very active. Thank you

  • Dog medicine: what will help my dog recover better from a partial torn ligament?

    My dog has a partial torn ligament. With the advice of my vet, we decided to go through a holistic recovery. What medicine/vitamins will help in her recovery?

  • Dog cancer diet: flax seeds ok?

    My beagle had a stage 2 mast cell tumor removed from her foot a couple of weeks ago. I would like to start putting fresh ground flax seeds in her food. Are chia seeds ok, too? What other foods help fight cancer cells?

  • Cat pregnancy: what does a cat mucus plug look like?

    My cat is pregnant and she recently has a light greenish type substance that is protruding out of her vagina. It's a thick substance and it's not leaky or runny or discharge like. I've tried to gently wash it off with a warm rag and it wont come off. Behind the plug looks like some grey matter type stuff.

  • How can I stop my dog biting his leg?

    Our dog has an itchy sore on his back lower leg that he keeps biting and it gets a little bloody and looks swollen. I have tried to put antibiotic ointment on it and cover it, but he just bites it until it comes off. He can still reach it with a collar on.

  • Are these lipoma dog tumors?

    I have a middle aged, mixed breed dog that has several lumps under the skin around the under chest area. They are soft but rather large and don't seem to hurt when touched. Does this sound like lipomas? I've been massaging the places when brushing, is this good? What else can I do to help?

  • Skin darkening in dog belly and anal area

    My 2 year old puggle has developed dark skin in the abdominal area where it used to be pink. Also, her anal area is black? Can this be serious? She acts perfectly normal otherwise.

  • Helping dogs with colitis

    My cocker spaniel has some blood and mucus in his stool. I know he has colitis as my first cocker spaniel also had these symtoms, special food didnt help. What can I do to help my spaniel now? We feed him chicken and rice, he always had a delicate stomach and could never digest dog food. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Side effects of dog rabies vaccine?

    After she got the shot, she has vomited twice and cries in the night. Is this something to worry about?

  • Dog gums are red or purple color, why?

    My Yorkie's gums are redish to purple. What causes this? What can I do? Should I take him to my vet?

  • Dog lymphoma that burst? dog chemo?

    My dog had 4 tumors removed. 3 turned out to be lipomas but one was malignant (on his leg). The vet suggested to talk to an onc. re: chemo since that particular one had burst and possibly sent cancer cells to other parts of his body. I'm not sure I understand the "burst" and whether chemo is the right next step. He's an 8 yr. old Golden. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

  • Loosening a dog penis tip

    10 month gordon setter pup whose mother overly licked the tip of his penis and made it start to heal over. At 5 weeks had surgery to correct the problem. He was having difficulty urinating. Now, the opening is pulling in on itself, like the skin is too tight, and urine is pooling inside and causing infections and discharge. Any advice on how to proceed from here or who to see?

  • Chapped dog lips

    My dog licks her lips all the time and is starting to get little red sores right below her nose. What can I do to stop the rash from getting worse or what can I do to help it get better?

  • Alternative to Predisone for dog back pain?

    Our small (15 lbs.) dog has been sufferig from some sort of back problems...She has been on predisone for 2 1/2 wks. and there seems to be no change. Is there another drug that we might try? Thank you.

  • Perianal Fistulas and diet?

    I have an 11year old german shepard with perianal fistulas. The vet has put him on medication and we have also kept him on Hills Science Food, which seems to have kept his problem at bay. I have tried to change his food to Eukanuba, but he immediatlly flares up. So it seems that the Hill's food helps his problem? Is it not possible to find out what he is allergic to, as the Hill's food is rather expensive?

  • Dog fecal incontinence?

    I have a 9year old Akita male who has for the past six months had fecal incontinence. He will just drop stools as he is walking or crawling out from under the bed. He sleeps under our bed and sometimes in the AM we will find stools at the edge of the bed. it seems like they just come out. in the past month or so this has increased in frequency to at least once or twicwe a day. the stool is well formed and not runny or anything. can u please give me some advice. e is of good weight about 105lb

  • Dog pneumonia versus distemper

    Three weeks ago I adopted a 2 year old male basset hound from the local shelter. Since then he's been coughing and has thick nasal discharge (yellowish). He's been in and out of the vet and been on a variety of antibiotics. My vet thinks it's pneumonia, but possibly distemper. If it is distemper, is it possible that it will not progress to the neurological stage and my dog will recover just fine? If it's pneumonia, why hasn't he responded to the antibiotics? How long can pneumoia last? Thankyou!

  • Correlation between Interceptor and seizures?

    Has there been any correlation between long-term usage of Interceptor for Heartworm preventative and seizures? We have two older dogs, both goldens, that started having seizures and within a few months had to be put down from physical complications due to the procedures.

  • Dry dog nose?

    Dear Dr..... Recently, my dog has got dry nose and he's depressed, as well. The appetite is normal, but I'm worried about his health. What shall I do?

  • Skin discoloration on dog's stomach and groin area

    82lb Golden Retriever / Hound5 Years oldMale named VegasHe has recently developed a dark skin discoloration (blueish) all around his belly/groin area. He doesn't seem to pay it any attention or be irritated by it. What could it be?

  • Traveling with dogs?

    I'm moving from California to Arizona and am worried about driving with my 3 year old dog. She likes short drives in my lap but I'm not sure she can do a long ride in a carrier. What are some options I have?

  • Post dog pregnancy symptoms?

    Our Dauschand had puppies yesterday (5). What can you usually expect her symptoms to be afterward? She has to go to the bathroom quite often and is not eating very well. Should swelling be down by now? It appears the she is having some level of pain and moves around very slowly. The father is a larger dog the she is. Could this have posed a problem in the delivery of the puppies?

  • No dog erection?

    My two years old male AmStaff can't have erection even though my female is in heat. He keeps chasing her, licking her area, and sometimes humping her, but with no erection. They had mated and she got pregnant eight months ago. Now, she is finishing her third week of her season, and he could not manage to have one right erection to mate.

  • Pregnant dog has sticky brown discharge?

    My dog is 6 weeks pregnant and has a sticky brown discharge. Are the babies dying? Is this normal? I have always bred Jack Russells and have never seen this before. The bitch is 30 months old and this is her first pregnancy, 4th season. Thank you

  • Low fiber, low residue dry cat food?

    My manx has been diagnosed with Mega Colon. I am using Hills Science Diet wet food but am looking for a dry now. Can you recommend a low fiber, low residue dry cat food?

  • Treatment for dog hip dysplasia?

    My puppy fell off a step and he has been crying and limping on and off. They said it was Hip Dysplasia and I want to get if healed. Was wondering if a cast or something could just heal it if he doesn't use it as much?

  • Treatment for split dog nail?

    What should we do to treat split toe nail?

  • Are terra cotta plant plates safe to use as a cat food dish?

    I'm trying to find shallow plates or bowls for my cat to eat from. The only thing I find suitable is the terra cotta plates that go under pots. Are these safe?

  • Is an ultrasound necessary to diagnose dog pancreatitis?

    My 18 month old Boxer was given a diagnosis of pancreatitis but the vet wants to perform an ultrasound and consultation with another vet. I am concerned it's an unnecessary procedure and expense. Her blood showed it was pancreatitis. Can you advise if the ultrasound is necessary?

  • What do dark circles around dog eyes signify?

    The dog has dark cirlces aroud both eyes and looks like a racoon.

  • First aid procedure for a dog snake bite?

    My dog was bit by a copperhead. Common cure? What to do?

  • Is flaxseed good for a constipated dog?

    Our beagle strains going to the bathroom. Would flax seed be beneficial?

  • What to do about two female dogs in heat and fighting?

    I have two sister dogs who are both in heat. They are fighting visiously with each other. Is there anything I can do to make it stop?

  • Kitten constipation- when does it become fatal?

    I have four two week old kittens and 2 of them have cat flu so I have been keeping them away from the other 2 kittens that don't have it. They've been away from their mom too. I've been bottle feeding them and rubbing their bottoms so they can poop and pee but they only pee not poop. I'm afraid they might be constipated. I've put them back with their mom now so hopefully they'll poop. How quickly can constipation become fatal and how can I help them become un-constipated?

  • Bruised dog penis

    After breeding a bitch, my male has developed bruising around his penis sheath and groin area. Any cause for concern?

  • Does laryngeal paralysis ever cause a dog to suffocate?

    My 13.5 year old Golden has a mass on her spleen and laryngeal paralysis. I don't feel surgery is a good option after having her seen by 2 different vets. I do not, of course, want her to suffer or eventually suffocate. Does laryngeal paralysis ever get to the point where not air can pass and the dog suffocates?

  • Dog with metallic odor

    My dog is a four year old pit bull and just recently she has been coming inside with this foul smelling metallic odor. Would you happen to know why or what is causing this?

  • Red bump on dog lip?

    I have a four year old Beagle and he has a big red bump in his lower lip. It's been there for a week just to see if it would go away. It doesn't bother him. Is it something serious and how can I make it disappear?

  • Will glucosamine for dogs raise or lower blood sugars?

    I have a 14 year old diabetic Westie. Her sugars have been fairly regular for two years. I started her on glucosamine about six weeks ago, and recently her sugar levels have been extremely low. I'm having some blood work done, but am wondering about the glucosamine.

  • Red dog bumps with a dark scab?

    My roommate's dog has recently had about 5-8 random bumps appear on his belly and neck. They are almost half a centimeter in diameter, and we noticed them first as red, raised bumps on his skin that were either already dark scabs, or developed into them quickly. At first we thought they might be bug bites. Now I would just like the knowledge of a professional! Just need to know if this is something simple, from him being a puppy and exploring the yard, or if he needs to see a vet asap. Thanks!!

  • Puppy diet- how much protein should be in it?

    I am feeding my border collie puppy Origen dog food which is 40% protein. Some people say that is too much protein. Is this true?

  • Treats for a dog with renal problems?

    Are there any treats,bones or biscuits we can give our female yorkie who has been diagnosed with renal problems? She loves her rewards and is feed up she can only have her 'renal diet' which is royal canin renal dry.Many thanks, Julie

  • Can a dog be immune to the parvo/distemper vaccine?

    Can a dog be immune to the parvo/distemper vaccine? My dog had to get a booster because his blood work showed that he was not protected against parvo/distemper. Had the booster shot last week and I had to bring him for another blood test, and again is showing he is not protected. The vet wants another blood test in 2 weeks to see if it changes. Have you ever heard of any dogs being immune to the parvo/distemper vaccines? Thank You.

  • Will ES Clear delay cancerous growth?

    Kitty has growths on tongue that may be tumors/cancer. Unable to afford to have them cut off and biopsied. Would ES Clear give kitty a bit more time as I try to come up with the funds?

  • Is a parathyroid dog tumor dangerous?

    My dog needs a parathyroid tumor removed. Is this an invasive operation and is it a difficult recovery?

  • Dog osteoporosis, anything I can do about it?

    My 10 year old Alsatian was diagnosed with osteoporosis around the head of the femur. Can calcium help? She limps a great deal. What else can I do about it?

  • Thickand clear cat vomit

    Our cat is acting a little ill and has left us a nice mostly clear, but quite thick (almost like egg whites) vomit with just a little bit of white in it. It kind of looks like mucus. Any ideas?

  • My dog is licking his penis, should I take him to the vet?

    For the past few days my 1yr old dog keeps licking his penis. My husband looked at it and notice some yellow fluid at the tip and some irritation. My dog has been just sleeping and laying around the house not his usual self. Is there anything I can do at home for him or should I take him to the vet. We are pretty tight with money right now.

  • How long will seizures last after a dog ingests toxins?

    I have a 4 month old black German Shepherd that just started having seizures 3 days ago. Results came back normal for organs but toxins were evident. What I think may be the possible toxins are either fertilizer stakes that were well in the ground around our trees even before we got him (he is a digger), OR a hornet's nest that he apparently got into the night before. How long will these reactive seizures last with those kind of toxins? Is this something that he will live with for now on?

  • Probability for recovery after cat disc surgery?

    I've already done the MRI and will get the result tomorrow. I think it will probably be a ruptured disc, since she got her symptoms after a fall. What is the probability for recovery? She is now 10 years old, not that old for a cat, but not super young either.

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