Puppy vertebrate problem. How can I take care of the dog spine?

We rescued a 5 month old puppy. Less than 24 hours after picking her up from transport, she sneezed and began crying frantically. That stopped, but we could tell she was in pain. The next day our Vet x-rayed and found thinning between two vertebrae. She has a pinched nerve. She's on pain meds for 1 week. What are her chances to avoid surgery. We can't afford MRI's and surgery, but we love her deeply and would hate to have to send her back.

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    By: Erika Raines El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    From how you describe her acting and the appearance you describe on the X-ray, your puppy may need back surgery. There are, however, medical methods of managing the problem which may be effective, especially since she is so young. However, this medical treatment will take much longer than a week. If at any time she loses function in any of her limbs or loses the ability to feel pain in any of her toes, she may need surgery on an emergency basis. If she loses pain sensation or mobility, you should have her re-evaluated immediately. In order to help her body try to heal this injury without surgery, your puppy needs to be on strict kennel confinement and will likely need to stay confined in such a manner for a month or more. This helps to reduce the movement in the injured area of the spine and reduce injury to the nerves there. She may be allowed out of her kennel for toileting purposes, but should be carried to the area and carried back to her kennel. She may be allowed out for family time, but during these times she should not be allowed to jump up or down from anything and should be kept very still. She will probably need more than one week's worth of pain medication as she will need to be kept comfortable while you are attempting to help her heal. As she is still a young puppy, you may also need to ask your veterinarian for a sedative such as acepromazine to help her remain calm and quiet in her kennel so that she does not injure herself more. Another thing you can try to actively encourage healing is alternative treatment. Acupuncture therapy may be very helpful in promoting her recovery. Your veterinarian should be able to refer you to a local veterinary acupuncturist if these services are not available at your clinic.

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    My Samoyed,a 11 years male has been diagnosed first of diabetes and later on of Cushing Disease. His renal glands are just a little bit inflamed, but I don't know nothing about his pituitary gland, although the doctors gave him as a treatment Vetoryl, active substance is Trilostane after blood tests results came. Those diagnostics were put to him in the spring of 2008 for diabetes and for Cushing in autumn. In the case the result will be badly is possible like treatment to irradiate the tumor?f the result in the exceptionally case will came positive, that means is no tumor, cushing can be treatable? In advance I thank you very much for your help.

  • Accuracy of cbc lab tests if no signs of dog sickness?

    My 10 yr. old bichon. I took him in for a cbc as his mother had an episode of diarreha & vomiting. Her labs were way off but returned to normal after 2 days of IV's. The dr. suspected kidney failure. The son had a some loose stool too after she went in so the cbc was ordered. Now the dr. says his labs are off, his liver and thyroid. The dr. wants to start him on thyroid medicine. He has no symptoms of hypothyroidism. He is active, good coat, good weight. I'm wondering about the lab tests and if they can be wrong. Also if it is hypothyroid..would the liver be affected? Thank you. Shirley

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    Is it normal for my 1o month old dog to be constipated after sedation? My labrador had some xrays done yesterday and was put under sedation. She hasn't had a stool since yesterday. Is this normal?

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    My dog has Cushings. What is a c pan test?

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    Our dog is a 5 year old golden retriever. She is loosing her sight quickly, and was on a medicine because they thought it may not be a tumor. The medicine did not work and they say it is most likely a tumor. Besides a ct scan to detect a brain tumor in a dog, how else can it be detected?Can this be detected with an x ray and blood work?

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    My dog slipped while going up stairs and now favors his rear right leg. I'm hoping it is just a temporary strain or sprain. I cannot afford a vet at this time and was hoping to find out a good painkiller for temporary relief. If he doesn't get better in as couple of days I will take him to the vet regardless of cost.

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    My 18 month old Boxer was given a diagnosis of pancreatitis but the vet wants to perform an ultrasound and consultation with another vet. I am concerned it's an unnecessary procedure and expense. Her blood showed it was pancreatitis. Can you advise if the ultrasound is necessary?

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    How and where do you give the shot?

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