What can I do to stimulate my cats appetite?

I have adopted a sick kitten. Who is 2wks post op from an exploratory laporatomy and neutering. He was eating thinned(with water) recovery can food. Now I can't get him to eat anything. What to do?

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    By: Julie Ann El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    If your kitten is 2 weeks after a surgery and is not improving I would have him re-examined by your veterinarian. A decline in your kitten's condition needs to be investigated. You didn't mention why the exploratory surgery was done but normally within 2-3 days after surgery eating at least small amounts begins and the recovery continues from there. If your kitten's exam is normal your veterinarian may have you begin syringe feeding. There are also several medications that can be used to stimulate an appetite. Julie Ann, Vet Tech

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    He is not eating or drinking so we need to know if we have other option so that we can push him to eat.

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    He is 7 years old and does not drink water (even from his fountain). I give him 100% wet food, but his urine is very highly concentrated off the charts, and he has started urinating outside of his litter box again. The last time he did this was when I switched him over to wet food and that seemed to help for a while. Is there anything I use supplement his diet to get additional fluids into his system? Thank you very much. J. Varsho

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