What can I use for pain relief for apparent toothache in my dog

what can I use for temporary pain relief for apparent toothache in my chihuahua? Dr cannot see him until friday

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    By: Julie Ann El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    There are not good over the counter pain medications for dogs. Aspirin even in low doses can cause stomach ulcers and delays the ability of the blood to clot. This may become important if a tooth extraction becomes necessary. I would contact your veterinarian and explain the symptoms of tooth pain you have noted. Depending on the severity they may either try to get your pet in sooner for an exam or may be willing to send pain medication home prior to the exam. In the meantime offer soft food or dry food that has been soaked in warm water to minimize the need to chew anything hard. Julie Ann, Vet Tech

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