dog bladder infection and we don't have access to a vet ?

Our dog is not eating, drinking and can hardly walk. From her front paws down is extremely tender. We are hundreds of kilometers from a vet and they are not open at night. what would you suggest we do tonight ?

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    By: Sara Joann Meritt El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    For the time being make sure she is warm and comfortable and in a quite place without much activity. A kennel or crate would be a good place if you have access to one. Water should be offered at all times. It is important not to give your dog any medications you may have at home without instruction from your veterinarian. Aspirin and Tylenol, while it can relieve pain, is extremely dangerous if given improperly. First thing in the morning she should be taken to the nearest veterinarians office where a clinical diagnosis can be made. Radiographs will likely be taken of the front limbs to check for any injury or abnormalities. Due to the lack of eating a drinking, the vet may also wish to order a blood panel to check for any internal issues that may be present. These tests can normally be completed in the clinic itself within an hour.

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    My chow bitch was sterilized at 6 months - our vet recommended this. Since then, she is urinating in her sleep. She is on this incurin tablets, but this do not help at all. What else can we try, because before this sterilization she never had a slip up in the house?

  • Dog UTI treatment question

    My dog has a UTI (lower) and one course of antibiotics (2 weeks) has not cleared it up entirely. She is eating, drinking and has her normal amount of energy but there is still some frequency and her urine is slightly pink. Does it take more than one course of antibiotics to clear up UTI's? 6 year old cock-a-poo-poo. Has always been healthy. No fever now or lack of energy. Nose is cold.

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    please help I have a 4 yr.o boxer bitch recently i had her at my local vet as she was leaking from behind, he did scans, a kidney test, a urine test, etc. They were all clear but he said she had a new bone developing near her bladder. He gave me medication to tighten her bladder but it really hasn't helped much. What else can I do? Would nerves make incontinence happen? I rescued her 2 years ago as she was being badly treated. She has also started to bark a lot recently, she never did this before.

  • Does my dog have bladder problems?

    My miniature Schnauzer is 7 years old and was fully potty trained. He has his annual shots, and is in optimal health, minus him being a bit big for his breed (19lbs), and no matter how long we let him out before we leave, every time we come home he has urinated or had a BM on the floor. He wasn't like this before, and I'm concerned it could be something wrong with his bladder or stomach, or is he just upset with us leaving him? Thank you, Adam

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    He is having a slight lite green discharge that I have noticed for the last couple days. What is the problem and how can I fix it?

  • Can I give my dog pain medicine for his urinary tract infection?

    I have not taken him to the vet yet, but I will in the morning. He is whimpering loudly while urinating and has had blood in his urine. He was given pain medication for and injury a few weeks ago and I didn't know if it was good to give him one of those to help with his discomfort.

  • Doxie my dog does not urinate?


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    What would you recommend for a 5 year old greyhound bitch with urinary incontinence? presently using propanol but with limited success

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    I havea 2 yrs old Min Pin and just recently she will be laying in bed with my and just urinate all over me, the bedding,everything. Could she have some kind of infection? she seems to be in perfect health in everyother asspec. I am very concerned because this is new behaveior.

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    My dog penis leaks so much when he lays down he gets the stuff on his legs....could this be a infection? Is it normal?

  • Can i use cipro to treat a bladder infection in my dog

    Can i use cipro to treat a bladder infection in my dog, and what dosage, for how long? specific dosing for bladder infection using cipro for a female standard poodle, 44lbs

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    My 9 year old shitzu-pom was recently diagnosed with an enlarged heart, heart failure, and put on medication (Benazepril). He has just, in the past week or so, begun urinating in the house. Could this be related?

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    I have a 5 year old male golden retreiver who has yellowgreen discharge from his penus.He is healthy and otherwise acts normal.Any idea what could be causing this condition? thank you

  • My dog of 9 months leaks out yellow discharge from his penis

    My boxer of 9 months leaks out yellow discharge from his penis. Is this normal? My 9 months old old male boxer excessivley leaks out yellow discharge from his penis. I was wondering if this is normal?

  • Dog urinating in house even though housetrained

    We adopted a German Sheperd from my sister. Ever since we have had him he knows to go outside and has never deficated inside.Yet, he keeps having really bad accidents right in front of us despite us making loud noises while doing it he just doesn't stop until he's finished.We have scolded him,made loud noises, tried picking him up to take him out and all the while he is still peeing all over us. I have raised about ten dogs in my lifetime and never seen this.He was to the vet.Checked out good.

  • My Bali dog has been dripping blood from his penis

    My Bali dog has been dripping blood from his penis esp. at night. he is 2yrs old & spade He had a previous onset of this 5mths ago. 2 wks of Antibiotics 1500 mgs per day seemed to help but reoccurred 2 mths later. This time I regularly pulled back the foreskin so he could lick clean & it cleared up after 1 wk. Now again we have the same problem. There are no lumps to be felt. The blood seems to coming from the tip. back on Antibiotics for 3 days now & no improvement. Eating well but very sleepy.

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    My 4yr old Labrador Dog has blisters on the end of his penis (possible the prepuce). He has just mated around 6 weeks ago for the first time but we don't know if this is related.

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    my dogs testicles have disappeared We have a Border Collie and his testicles only show when he gets excited. There is no scrotum and the only visible evidence is when he gets excited and they come up where his penis is?

  • Is there something wrong with my dogs testicles

    if something is wrong with a dogs testicles can it make him keep his tail down? My 1yr old frengle always has his tail up and wagging. Today I came home to find that it's down still wagging but down. He keeps biting his testicles and crying. I can touch his tail and he seems fine

  • Seven week old puppy started to pee blood

    Blood in puppy's urine 7 week old puppy started to pee blood 3 days ago. Vet put her on an antibiotic for a UTI but she does not seem to be getting any better. It seems to me that she is getting worse. It looks like just blood - no urine. Is this normal or am I not being patient?

  • Why is my 3year old chi dog peeing blood?

    It started Sat. and Sun he started pooping blood.

  • My puppy has swollen genitals and is bleeding, is this normal

    hi i am a little worried my puppy has got swollen genitals and is bleeding wanted to know if this is normal for a puppy of about 6 months. she has been bleeding for a few days now. what do i do

  • My male dog has a dark grayish blister like bump on the outer skin

    my male dog has a dark grayish blister like bump on the outer skin of the penis. It was not there two days ago. What could this be? What could this be. How do I get rid of it. Could it be contagious to my other dogs?

  • Puppy and his penis has not fully grown outside

    Puppy penis problem I have a 4 week old jack Russell puppy and his penis has not fully grown outside. When he urinates it just drips out what do u think is the solution?

  • My dog ate several ibuprofen four weeks ago

    My dog ate several ibuprofen 4 weeks ago, he leaks urine at night, what can we do? Our dog ate several ibuprofen about 4 weeks ago. He has no visible signs of damage, except that he leaks urine at night. We took water away around 7pm and let him out a couple times each night, but still leaks. Will it return to normal, or is there something we can do?

  • My dog is still bleeding due to penal trauma

    my dog has penal trauma My dog is already on meds but my question is will he stop bleeding and will his penis ever look normal again?

  • My six month old dog has urinary problems Wht do I do?

    In the last day or two, my puppy has started squatting frequently and trying to urinate. She passes a small amount of urine each time-sometimes only a few drops. She seems to have no pain when passing urine. When I palpate her lower abdomen, there is no sign of pain or swelling. She is eating well and acting normally except for the urinary symptoms. Thanks for your feedback on this.

  • Treatment for old dog incontinence?

    I have a 13 y.o. female Chocolate Lab who is the love of my life. Other than some arthritis, she is really quite healthy. The past 6 months she has become very incontinent and I feel so bad for her. Is there treatment available for her at such an age? Thank you.

  • Why does my dog have urine leakage?

    She's a 12 year old border collie. This dog has been almost illness free! She had skin allergies when we got her, but responded to high quality food and has been free of that too until the last 3 months. Leakage occurs when she is laying on her side and is profuse, maybe a cup or more. It is so dilute as to have little odor or color. She is taking 25mg of Proin twice a day and it seems to help some days. She eats fine and is trim and active. Love my vet of 32 years, but he seems perplexed. What can I do to help him track down the issue?

  • Why does my diabetic dog have green urine?

    I have a 11 yr old Siberian Husky that has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and is receiving insulin injections for it. Blood test has been done and it only indicated a enlarging of the liver which I've been told is most likely from the diabetes, and her urine test was good apart from high blood sugar level. Now I've noticed that about once a week her urine is green. She is also on antibiotics for heat spots. My vet doesn't know why. Any idea why her urine is green?

  • Dog hasn't gone to bathroom all day

    have a chihuahua terrier mix last time she went pee was 3am and it is now 8pm she has barely eaten a thing or drank any water all day and all she wants to do is sleep. what could he wrong with her?

  • Is this a serious dog bladder problem?

    My 3 year old German shepard and husky mix can't control her bladder. She weights about 45 lbs. She has a rash on her stomach that has blisters from her scratching. She lies down and just pees where she is, and her eyes are very glossy. What should I do ?

  • Dog with incontinence sometimes. Is this serious?

    She is 10 years old. She's also drinking an awful lot.

  • Is this treatable?/regarding private parts

    He has a white bump on end of penis (only when "stimulated") and doesn't ejaculate. I have noticed as well it's almost like his penis doesn't line up.

  • UTI Treatment- 4 year old male maltese

    my 4 year old maltese was just treated for a UTI, has finished all medications and special diet. He is still peeing in the house mainly while I am asleep at night, do you think it is a behavior problem? he was treated for fleas too about a week ago, lately its been a very stressful time with my little boy.. please help thank you

  • My young neutered pit bull has a leaky bladder. What could this be caused by?

    I have a neutered 3 year old pit bull mix that recently has been having some bladder issues. He seems to leak small amounts of urine when he is relaxed. I often find wet spots on his bed, my bed or the floor after he has been laying down. This has been going on now for about 6 months. There is no blood in his urine and he is not in pain when he pees outside. He also gets excited and loses control over his bladder when my fiance comes home. This is the only person he does this for.

  • Does my dog's penis require vet attention?

    I have a two year old, neutered lab/golden retriever. Lately, I've noticed that he's licking his penis often. When I examined him, I found a small amount of frothy, yellow discharge which smelled strongly of ammonia. He's urinating normally (amount, color, frequency). He's also eating and playing normally. He plays with other dogs and swims in local rivers and streams. Will this resolve naturally? Should I give it more time or take him to the vet? Thanks, Julie.

  • Incontinence, dog urinary infection, or what?

    Our 13 year old girl dog has been having pee accidentssome drips, some puddles. quite a few times in the last 2 weeks and mostly in last couple days

  • Incontinence as a result of dog eye medication?

    My dog, a rat terrier, who is 7 years old has had accidents inside only at night for the past 5 days in a row. What could have caused this? He recently had an eye infection and was given medicine, a sort of gel like substance that goes in his eye. Could this be the cause of his accidents?

  • My five year old Laso Apso has blood in his urine, What can this be a sign of?

    The blood started showing up on Sunday. My vet put him on antibiotics and took a urine sample. They still have yet to call with the results and it is now Saturday. Should I be concerned? The bleeding is less, but still appears.

  • Why does my 3 year old weimeraner pee in her crate almost everytime she is in it?

    I recently adopted a 3 year old weimeraner from a rescue organization and she pees in her crate almost every time she is in it. The only time she does not do this is the occasional time that I am up and put both dogs out in the middle of the night. This also happens if I leave her in the crate during the day. She has been tested for diabetes and treated for a UTI just in case. I noticed on her paperwork that she was looked at by a vet with her previous owner for the same reason. When I am home during the day she pees every time I take her out which is almost every hour. What can I do?

  • Mucus coming from dog urethra

    My Boston Terrier's urine was orange for a little bit, her urethra was kinda swollen, and she would shake at times as if she was cold. We thought it was a bladder infection of some sort so we gave her something for that. She seemed much better but now she has a mucus-like fluid coming out of her urethra all the time, not just when she empties her bladder. Can you tell me anything?

  • Dog doesn't empty bladder regularly

    Our 11 year old chocolate lab is not emptying her bladder. We have had every test and x-ray done on her and still nothing is showing. Our vet seems to think that her brain is not telling her bladder to empty. Have your heard of this and if so what can be done? Her bladder is always full and she doesn't know that she has to go. She finally goes but not enough to empty her bladder so she leaks urine all the time.

  • What could cause reoccuring dog urinary tract Infections?

    I have a 7-8 old, spayed, Bichon Frise. She is prone to urinary tract infections. My vet believes it is because of dirt that attaches to her vagina when she is out going potty - we have a lawn with some bare spots. The vaginal area looks dirty & is sensitive, but is also sticky & it is extremely hard to remove. Antibiotics cure the infection, but it always comes back because the "dirt" always comes back. Would a cranberry supp. help her? Please any idea of what it is and how to cure?

  • High dog urine pH, should I worry?

    My dog frequently suffers from UTIs (our vet told us it is likely a result of her incontenence). She finished a round of antibiotics and a recent urinalysis revealed no crystals and no signs bacteria. But the pH level was nine. It was also her first void of the day, which I read is supposed to be the least alkaline. I've read that high pH leads to problems and infections. Is there anything I can do to bring it down? Also, should I have her blood tested and an ERD done, or am I overreacting?

  • Coco my dog pees hen she lies down and gets up. What to do?

    What is my answer to Coco's bladder? She pees a little when she gets up. How can I make her stop?

  • Dog incontinence?

    My dog, I think has a problem. He pees as he walks just like some dogs would do when they are angry, but I dont think he is angry. He has peed on the ocuch and all family members, could this be a medical problem? He is less then a year old, and it happends some times after he is just back from a long walk.

  • Is strong odor a symptom of dog urine problems?

    My dog's pee smells almost rotten and is very strong. She is a 4 year old mixed breed. She drinks a normal amount and does not seem to be in pain when she urinates, but there is a lot of it when she does. So much that it will actually puddle.

  • My boxer puppy has bloody urine. Why and how to fix?

    I cannot afford to take him to the vet unless absolutely necessary. I believe it to be UTI. Any home remedies or human antibiotics that would work? I have penicillan tablets. Dog weighs 15 to 20 lbs.

  • Dog has brown urine smelling. Why?

    I have just taken custody of a dog that was rescued. The urine has a very unusual odor and is a very dark color.

  • Cranberry juice for uti in dogs

    Can I give my adult Pug cranberry juice to help with a UTI? Will it work the same as it does in humans? Or citrus juice?

  • Loosening a dog penis tip

    10 month gordon setter pup whose mother overly licked the tip of his penis and made it start to heal over. At 5 weeks had surgery to correct the problem. He was having difficulty urinating. Now, the opening is pulling in on itself, like the skin is too tight, and urine is pooling inside and causing infections and discharge. Any advice on how to proceed from here or who to see?

  • Treats for a dog with renal problems?

    Are there any treats,bones or biscuits we can give our female yorkie who has been diagnosed with renal problems? She loves her rewards and is feed up she can only have her 'renal diet' which is royal canin renal dry.Many thanks, Julie

  • Incontinence after being spayed?

    Is it a possibility that a dog can get incontinence after being spayed? Is it an error in the procedure where a nerve gets damaged or is it unrelated?

  • How to prevent canine UTI from reoccurring?

    I have a female pug which first developed a UTI in December. The urine test determined she had a moderate UTI with E coli bacteria. She was treated with antiobiotics. Two months later she developed the same problem. She was again treated with antiobiotics. Two weeks later the infection was gone but she has a lot of crystals. She was placed on prescription food and I was asked to check back with them. I suspect she may have a problem again. What more can I do to prevent infections?

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