My 13 year old Cat is exhibiting odd kneading behavior

My 13 year old cat is exhibiting odd behavior. He will jump on me to lay down on my stomach or chest (normal for him) and will start kneading. He keeps kneading and lowers his hind quarters into a crouch almost like he is going to defecate (though he never has) and continues to knead. He won't lay down and relax. If I try to touch his hindquarters to encourage him to lay down, he cries out and jumps off me. He does have hyperthyroidism and takes 5 mg of methimazole twice per day. He doesn'

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    By: Kara McCarty El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    It sounds like he is very attached to you. Is he neutered and if yes was he neutered young? He seems to be enjoying himself immensely with a game that simulates sexual and nursing behavior. Cats that were neutered young and didn't have any sexual experience may do this. Male cats will dance around a female up on their toes waiting for her to present herself for mating. When she does the male will mount her in a hunched position with his rear end tucked, bite her scruff and wrap his front paws around her, which stimulates her to ovulate. Obviously he doesn't want anyone to bother him when he's mating so touching (helping) him isn't what he wants. Kittens will knead the queen's mammary glands to stimulate milk let down. This is obviously a pleasurable memory and many cats will knead (move their paws up and down while flexing and relaxing their toes) as a way of showing happiness and pleasure well into adulthood. It sounds as if your fella has found his way of bonding with you. I don't think that his hyperthyroidism is related to his behavior in this instance.

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