How long will it take till Dexafor will start to work on my cat

Dexafort How long after being given an injection of Dexafort for IBS will it take to work in my cat. I was told it would also help her appetite but, as yet, no difference?

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    By: Kara McCarty El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    Dexafort is a combination of long and quick acting Dexamethasone. Dexamethasone is a potent steroid with 10 to 20 times the anti-inflammatory properties of prednisolone. It should become maximally effective within 48 hours and the effects should last for 7 to 10 days. Most of the time animals given steroids get very hungry and very thirsty. Occasionally steroids can be irritating to the gastrointestinal tract but that is less likely with an injection, which is likely why your veterinarian chose to give an injection. If your cat hasn't responded in 72 hours I would have her rechecked and bloodwork drawn to look for other reasons for her loss of appetite. If all looks well discuss other appetite stimulants like cyproheptadine with your veterinarian as it is important for cats to eat.

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    Earlier this year we took our cat to the vet due to grooming issues. (She is a long hair and was significantly overweightapparently could not reach herself well.) The vet cleaned her up and put her on clavamox (and we put her on a diet!). Since then she has been vomiting. Sparingly at first and then almost every day. Due to this we recently took her for an exploratory (biopsies consistent with ibs). She was put on clavamox again. She did not vomit at first, but now does every time we give meds.

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    I noticed worms by my cat's butt and gave him one dose of dewormer. He still has worm pieces by his butt, should I give him another dose so soon? Can i give my cat another tape worm tablet, after a couple days if i still see worm?

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    My cat had surgery two years ago to remove an object which he digested, nearly costing him his life. He shortly began having coughing episodes and diagnosed with asthma. After treating him for a year and half with prednisone we switched to an inhaler with great results as he was free of an attack for 4 months. Upon an attack follow up xrays were taken and the lungs looked worse. The vet added theodur at night which I believe made him lethargic so I discontinued it. Can he get worse without it?

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    Do you give a methylprednisolone shot to a cat in the neck or on the back of leg? I have the shot but forgot to ask?

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    I have just confirmed with my vet that one of the stray cats in my neighborhood has sarcptic mange. I now see that several other strays are coming down with the same exact symptons and I can't touch them. I had read online that there is a vet approved oral medication for cats and would like to find out what the name is and where I can get it. I want to treat these strays by giving them can food with a dose of the medication in it to try to eradicate the mites. Please help - I want to save them.

  • Will ES Clear delay cancerous growth?

    Kitty has growths on tongue that may be tumors/cancer. Unable to afford to have them cut off and biopsied. Would ES Clear give kitty a bit more time as I try to come up with the funds?

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