Cat licking around anus-hair missing

My one-year old kitten had a freak accident last weekend and dislocated her jaw. She was taken to a vet on an emergency basis and she was given a shot of a pain killer, then we took her to the animal hospital right after that and she was sedated and had her jaw relocated. I have her oral pain meds for the next several days and switched her over to wet food. I noticed a few days ago she seemed to be licking her butt a little more than usual, and while I haven't noticed it very recently, I have

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    By: Julie Ann El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    Licking around the anus in a cat is the result of some source of irritation.  This can be anal sacs that are too full or infected, diarrhea, fleas or other allergies.  Since your cat just had a major injury and surgery there is the possibility of trauma to the area.  A sudden change to canned food was necessary in your cat's case due to the jaw dislocation, however a sudden diet change can cause diarrhea.  Check your kitty's litter box to see if this is the case.  If so be sure her anal area is clean after using the litter box.  If diarrhea or licking persists check with your veterinarian for recommendations.

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    lump on kitten's back for 1 week; seems to be getting a little larger; outdoor cat and found as stray; Had his 1st two set of shots 2 weeks ago and also dose of revolution and dose of oral medication for worms; Anything I can do for him at home?

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    My cat (female/9 lbs/ appx12-13 yrs old) has a 4 mm x 3mm wide and about 4mm long purple lump on the front left side of her bottom jaw. A few months ago she had a scab (what looked like a scab to me) and after watching it for a few days I noticed it getting flakey so I pulled it off and she has been fine since but now this weird purple growth is in its place. It seems to hurt her when I try to touch it and examine it. She eats, drinks and acts normally. I'm taking her to a vet once I find one!

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    I have a cat that is approximately 9 years old. He came to us as a wild cat. The problem is that he seems to have no hair under neath his belly all of a sudden. Its hard to tell if he has been licking it off or the hair has just been falling out! Now he has started limping on and off for the past 3 weeks. I checked his paws for prickles, there was nothing. He doesn't act as if he is in pain, he still seems happy.

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    I noticed a sharp knot under my cats skin (on top of his head) I thought that was where he fell and hit his head,,,well like 2 days later the little knot disappeared and went to the side of his neck,,,then the next day it was back on top of his head,,,could it be a chipped bone or a parasite? mrs. cody

  • Does dander get worse as a cat gets older?

    I would like to know as cats get older does their dander get worse?

  • My cat has scabs. What can I do?

    One on the back between shoulder blades, and one on either side of base of neck)and it's itchy to her. I also found a tiny brown bug (about the size of a pencil point maybe a mm) crawling on it's nose. I don't think it's fleas but what causes it and what might be the bug and treatment options?

  • Sudden lip color change with my Siamese

    1 yr old kitten, looks like a Siamese although her parents were not. Her blacks lips having, in the past week, started to turn pink. Is this normal? She eats normally, acts normally, they do not seem to hurt her, just color change. I have another cat with pink lips and a black freckle, I've seen and heard of animals developing black spots on their pink pigment but black to pink ?

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    My cat gets scabs on her body mostly around her neck and down her back. When I apply frontline or advantage the scabs go away for a while but then return. Is this a mite or allergy and what can I do for her. thank you

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    I went to the vet a few weeks ago and was told he is allergic to the SUN. These bumps open and look like sores. I have noticed them on his ear also.

  • Photodynamic Therapy on Cats - correct dosage?

    My cat has SCC on her nose. It has not gone through the dermis. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. My dermatologist, in conjunction with my vet, is going to perform PDT on her nose. I need to find out the quantity of chemical to be injected and the amount of time that can be used on a cat. PDT is not used on animals in SA yet.

  • Is this a cat skin disease?

    When I went to scruff my cat its fur came off and along with it skin, leaving an open sore. I noticed under the tail and back of legs fur is missing. His fur is VERY easy to pull off.

  • Small grayish bumps on back of cat's ears. Is this a fungus?

    The bumps are only on one ear, and only on the back of the ear. The cat has herpes that is flared up at the moment (just sneezing a lot). He doesn't seem to be bothered by the bumps in any way.

  • What is this irritated bump on my cats back?

    What's wrong? She is 13 years old.

  • Cat losing a lot of hair, but no bald spots. What could it be?

    My cat is an indoor/outdoor at. He comes and goes as he pleases. We just noticed recently that he has snarls and tangles on one side of his body. We figured it was from the heat. I gave him a bath and brushed so much hair off him I couldn't believe it. He doesn't seem to be having any bald spots. I have other indoor animals. Is this something that could be contagious? What could be causing this?

  • Cat has scabs and bumps on her neck and under chin

    My dads cat has bumbs/ scabs all over her neck and under her chin. She is an indoor and outdoor cat. There are no signs of flees and she doesnt itch. She does act funny though. She seems more skiddish and for a while afraid to eat where she has been eating for years. She will and seems to want to eat in other areas of the house instead. My dad has been using a liquid medicine that goes on the back of her neck for fleas but it doesnt seem to be helping. What could be wrong with her?

  • Cat losing hair with open body sores

    My brothers off at college and left his cat home for me to take care of. Within the past few weeks I noticed when I pet him that his tail was lumpy, I pointed it out to my father and everyone else here and they didn't think twice about it. Well, it became worse when those lumps turned into open bloody sores. The sores spread from his tail to his feet, back and chest. He is also losing his hair as well as his appetite. Hes also been vomiting.

  • Cat skin allergy? Skin peeling and the eyes are also have sores. What is it?

    I adopted a new born kitten. Since it has no mother, I fed her with a normal milk. It's been 2 weeks now and it seems she responded well... except that her eyes are having sores and her fur was starting to peel off one by one. It's on her face only. I wonder, is it the spillage of milk that cause her skin peeling? Can the spillage cause irritation? But I usually wipe it after i feed her.

  • What is this cat lump on my cats head?

    My cat has a sorta soft lump on top of his head that wasn't there less than a week ago. It goes from a little ways above his eyes to between his ears. It doesnt look like any kinda trauma due to the absence of any type cuts & abrasions. He seems to be acting fine so far. Could this be some type of fast growing tumor of some sort? Or perhaps an insect or reptile bite?

  • What is the bump on my cats neck?

    I chose a 10 month old kitten as a companion for my 3 1/2 year old kitty about a month ago. My new kitty now has a bump on her neck that sort of looks like a scab, but has more depth (like a wart), and I've never felt it before. Could this be a bite from my other kitty, even though I haven't seen her bite her or any blood anywhere, or could it be something else? She is up-to-date on all her shots and is spayed.

  • What is this issue of cat balding?

    A large patch of my cat's back is naked. The skin is red and also has an open sore. He is an indoor cat.

  • Is the hair loss from a cat skin allergy?

    I can't seem to find the specific allergy the cat has, but seasonal pollens seem to make the cat's skin irritated, causing bad sores and bumpy rashes with itching. We have tried the steriod option before with some luck but I think it is a constant allergy that may need . We have also tried special cat baths that do seem to help but if used every week, if there is a lapse in time or a possible insect bite, she goes crazy. It is not fleas! PS older cat

  • What cat skin problem could this bump on his neck be?

    my cat has had this little bump on the back of his neck for a while. when i move the fur to look at the skin i cant see anything, but the bump seems to fluctuate in size, and now is bigger than before. almost the size of a pencil eraser. nothing is oozing out of it, and it is not pop-able (my mom tried without my knowledge) should i be worried?

  • what causes cat hair loss?

    My cat is losing hair on her lower back near her tail and down her back legs and i'm not sure if it is serious or not.

  • Cat hair loss by eyes from floor cleaner?

    We have used a Mr Clean floor cleaner and the cat will walk on the floor afterwards. Can the cat licking his paw and wiping the eye area cause the hair to fall out?

  • Cat hair loss by red spot-What could it be?

    I noticed that he started scratching and licking an area at the base of his neck. The area is circular, red and has no fur on it.

  • Cat acne on chin?

    The descriptions I've read of cat acne lack detail & what may on the surface look like cat acne of the chin may very well have something more sinister going on beneath. The'blackheads'build pressure underneath & rupture into a lesion shooting out tiny,white perfectly round seeds or cysts of sorts.After those emmisions come what seem to be gushing blood of an inordinate amount for a minute or two.H2o2 has been used in an attemt 2 clear it up. It is increasing N number.Please comment & advise!

  • Why is my cat's fur oily?

    Why does my cat have such oily fur?

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