How common is it for a cat to get ticks?

I want a cat, but do not want a cat to get ticks. What are the odds of a cat getting ticks? How can this be prevented?

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    By: Erin Broersma El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    Cats seem to rarely have ticks on them, many say this is because they clean and groom themselves so meticulously. There are many types of topical preventatives; Frontline, and Advantage are two products that do a great job of killing fleas and ticks. If you do decide to get a cat, using this prevention on a monthly basis will ensure that if he/she goes outside any fleas or ticks that decide to jump on your cat will die quickly. Other products, such as collars, and sprays have proved to be quite ineffective, sticking with a topical oil that you put between the shoulder blades will soak into the skin of the cat and cover the entire cat for 4 weeks.

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