What are black worms in a cat?

I saw a black worm on the floor this morning. What kind of worms are these? I have three cats.

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    By: Julie Ann El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    The only black worms you may see in a catcould be flea larvae. They are very tiny and are usually only noticed when the pet is laying on a light colored surface such as a sheet. Since you noticed the worm on the floor I am assuming it is larger. Pets can bring different kinds of worms and insects in the house accidentally if they have been laying outdoors in an area where the worms or insects are and they are on the pet's hair. If you still have the worm and are concerned put it in a container and take it to a local veterinary clinic. They can look at it and tell you if it is a parasite of cats.

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