My cat may have worms, Any suggestions?

Looks like a worm, has puss coming out. When you push on area looks like worm is going to come out. But when you try to get it out what ever it is goes in.

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    By: Erin Broersma El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    This sounds like a grub, these are picked up when they are outside walking through the grass and the grub latches on to the cat (or other mammal), and burrows into the flesh. It starts off very small and can grow to be quite large feeding off the cat tissue. Your veterinarian can remove it for you and clean the area, oral antibiotics will be necessary if the infection (the puss will indicate the infection) is significant. The grub can be brought to the surface by pouring hydrogen peroxide into the hole, then when the grub surfaces grab it with a tweezers and pull carefully. If the grub breaks open, infection will be a definite issue. Once removed, flush the wound with hydrogen peroxide and apply triple antibiotic cream. It is a good idea to trim away any hair that may get into the wound. If the area isn't significantly healed by the next day a trip to the veterinarian will be necessary. -Erin, Vet Tech

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